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yeah shift it baby

"The universe is on fire with wonder, beauty, and ecstasy." - From the Undines to Humanity

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lovely big_smile

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MegaMetaMongoMagic>-<MassesManifestingMiracles -~-~-~-~-~-~---------------------~-~-~-~-~-~-.[Mx4=13x4=57=7>>-10-<<3=39=3x13=3xM].

Its the magic numbers - access granted

UL/DL connection initiated ,,, ,,, Its the final countdown



LOO*crzzak*VV*crk*EEE RR*crreezzk*VOOO*krk*UTI*zKRk*NNN

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SiriArc I had wanted to say this before but time is running out on us (in a good way as well as in a NR way), and what better way than to make my last post on one of your threads. Synchronistically I had just been thinking about Jimi Hendrix -one of the first star children and beings of incredible light and peace that I ever resonated with - and Rainbow Bridge -the Maui concert - maybe a bit trippy and hippy for most but a lot of good stuff between the grooves. Also the two bridges I have always felt I was between - The Rainbow Bridge and the Bridge Of Sighs.
Anyway back to what I was saying -  I just wanted to thank you SiriArc for all of your huge contributions to this forum. You have inspired with powerful words and beautiful soul stirring imagery and links to a wealth of soul food. When I used to read NR some years back before I finally joined I always noted your posts and I must say that they were one of the reasons I felt compelled to eventually sign up (of course in addition to the tone and high bar that Tom had set), so Thank You Very Much and all my best to you.

Peace, Happiness and Harmony. I guess I'll never know who all these mystery people are behind those enigmatic avatars......but then day, who knows.

You are the One's I have been waiting for.

Ok, training period and inspirational musings over and done with. Let's get this sucker on the road.

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You know how I love you SiriArc and all of the INNERGETIC beauty you use to point us in purpose-full directions.

I'll be seeing you in my noble dreams.