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Topic: What I have learned since coming to Noble Realms

I thought I would share in the final moments of NR as many things as I could from my journey over the last 3 years.  I started my journey as a scientific Athiest and through the verfication of the existence of Extra Terrestrials began to discover that the most likely truth to reality is that much of what we are taught is false, and that this is done on purpose and not as an accident.  The main reason for this to happen is to control us through our largest weakness, our minds.  On top of simple false beliefs we also contain programming which are conditioned responses to certain events and stimuli that hinder our spiritual progress.  This is done because there is some "entity" that has a vastly greater intelligence than us that is ruling us here, and we are producing some sort of valuable resource for it.  It does not have physical control over us, and it does not even have a mental control over us.  It only has the power to deceive us, and with its vastly greater intelligence it has engineered a web of deception to keep us from achieving any level of awareness that would allow us to break the mental bonds it has on us.  Imagine it as a spider and its web is things like circular logics, self aggrandizement, and an endless desire for conflict with other selves here.  It also has some ablity to manipulate my thinking.  Regardless of what the cause of this manipulation of my thoughts, I find it is important to identify what things inside me trigger anger towards others, deep depressions, confusions, any feelings of hopelessness and cut those thoughts or actions off before they lead to their negative consequences. 

It has become slightly easier to deal with the constant self imposed negativity I experience in my life once I realized that this is programmed response from the system that was put there to derail any striving towards progress that I might attempt. 

I am personally striving to attain a 4th Density level consciousness.  If you don't know what this is do some research on the "Ra" material or the Cassiopean material.  It seems to me that 4th Density consciousness has to do with increasing our awareness, specifically of the "mind"  I use mind for the soul mind, or the god mind, that is not limited in power or complexity as is the brain.  This leads back to the mysterious them who decieve us.  They have taught us to think with the brain and not the "mind" as the brain is limited in ability and capability, and is infinitely easier to controll.  The brain gives thoughts of vengance, jealousy, anger, and many other programmed emotional responses.  It is important that you not try to shut off the brain, or other emotions, but rather as Ekhart Tolle describes to learn to let them exist but not to react to them.  Just as if you are walking down the street and someone is shouting at you, you don't have to stop and react, you can continue to walk.  If you shut the shouting person out of your awareness then you become susceptable to attack by them. 

To expand consciousness, it seems that one of the things that can be done of great importance is to focus intently.  The longer one can focus and the more energy that can be applied to this focus the greater power one has in this place or any.  If one can apply focus for long periods with great periods and without succumbing to distraction, then they can accomplish whatever it is they set there minds too.  After all, the main modes of the controllers are to confuse, distract, misinform, deceive etc, and focus is a good way to become invulnerable to these attacks.

It is very important not to fall into negativity.  It is okay for me to focus on the many negative things that are true to reality and are common to the fringe literature, but for me negative concepts must be addressed as one would address a homeless person on the street.  It is okay to aknowledge that they are there and be aware of their poor condition, but to stop and try to take care of every homeless person on the street is a never ending task.  Likewise to allow yourself to feel pity for them will drain your emotional energies.  It is ok to allow fleeting emotional connection with their plight, but to dwell on their condition will drain you.  So unless you plan on doing something to help their condition it is unwise to allow yourself to become emotionally attached.  There are multitudes of negative things in reality and when I allowed myself to connect emotionally to these things it drug me down energetically.  I felt depression and despair at the "hopelessness" of the situation.  I tried to go back into ignorance to forget about the negativities of reality, but that left me with a nagging feeling that I was missing something, in this case I was ignoring the true nature of reality.  This was an important find for me, and hopefully it will help anyone else who is feeling down when discovering the true nature of reality.   

Another way to connect to the etheric is to use the imagination.  The imagination is a doorway to the etheric.  That is why guided meditation is very helpful.  Reading fiction books is a very good way to expand your awareness because it both exercise the imagination, and helps practice focused awareness. 

A great way to clear my head is to try not to think.  If I try to force myself to think then it does not work.  The technique that seems to clear my mind that works the best is to not follow thoughts.  I think it is a common meditation technique.  Thoughts will always arise in my mind, and trying to stop all thoughts is futile, but to practice bringing my focus away from thoughts that arise will eventually cause distracting thoughts to stop arising.  It is a very good focusing technique to improve concentration and even improve thinking.  If your interested more specifically in this type of thing, Ekhart Tolle describes it in better detail in "The power of now". 

Got to go for now, more to come.  Below are personal notes until I polish this up a little better.

The mind

Beings in your mind


non physicality



Third Eye


The wave may be us

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Re: What I have learned since coming to Noble Realms

I have learned that (contrary to popular opinion) the internet is not an "escape" out of real life. The people here at Noble Realms are just as real as any person I might actually see. In many ways, more real.

Montalk has administered with a quiet wisdom and a generous spirit. His modesty is an unmistakable mark of that very same spirit that compels all of us. We find ourselves when we disappear.

So glad I found my way to Noble Realms.

Re: What I have learned since coming to Noble Realms

Hi Captain,
Im a rather new to NR but Ive spent the last months to dedicated growth and expansion to my mind. When I found Montalk.net+ NR I was astonished at how "real" everything suddenly felt, after applying these ideas to the surrounding world.
At first I was afraid that I had REALLY lost my mind. Just like the Christian/Muslim/Mormon etc. fanatics I´ve alway criticed to be on the wrong track (I´m more humble about others beliefs nowadays)

When I read your post, regarding that we must gain control over our brain and mind, I suddenly remebered "Ambres" an entity channeled by a Swedish guy named Sture Johansson.
Ambres talks about the "soul" being "the rider". It came to me now as I read your words: WHAT A WONDERFUL METAPHOR. It would then be like us riding a wild horse, that if not under control will take us to unwanted actions and places. If we tame it we have a powerful vehicle.

"the wave may be us"- is there somewhere to read more on that or is it your own conclusion, sounds exciting.

With love...
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Re: What I have learned since coming to Noble Realms

Your metaphor for the horse is very good indeed. 

The idea that we may be the wave has been stated by me before on NR.  It has to do with the fact that many are waiting for a Rapture or ascension that has been mentioned in some channeled materials such as the "Ra" material and the cassiopean material.  They mention that a wave is approaching that will transform this planet from 3rd density to 4th density.  There is not too much of a discription of what 4th density is except the analogy that animals are 2nd density and we are 3rd density.  It sees that density is used to describe the density of our awareness or the level of awareness.  The channeled material never mentions when the wave will arrive for some reason.  Which is strange because the arrival of something with a fixed velocity should be calculable.  So it would seem that the when the wave will arrive is variable.  That coupled with a lot of other pieces of information leads me to believe that we may be the wave.  The it will be through our will and effort that the consciousness of this planet will transition to 4th density.  I am not positive that this is correct but right now it definately a possibility.

"...But Nothing is Lost:" "Nothing lasts... nothing lasts. Everything is changing into something else. Nothing's wrong. Nothing is wrong. Everything is on track. William Blake said nothing is lost and I believe that we all move on." - Terrence McKenna - Shpongle - But Nothing Is Lost

Re: What I have learned since coming to Noble Realms

I read in the Cassiopean material last night something that confirmed my idea that we are the wave.  It states something closer to the effect that we are creating the wave.  Which means, just as the flower children of the 60's were responsible for the first little precursor wave of consciousness expansion, so to must we be the all out raising of mass conscious awareness to the next level.  How do we do that??  I suppose that is our job to find out. 

cassiopeans wrote:

Q: There is a meaning and a __________ in this attempt to integrate this into physics, and because the concept of density seems to have something to do with psychic and consciousness, I cannot find, until now, how to put it, how to relate it...
A: It has to do with perception, and the ability to perceive, which is in larger measure determined by genetic makeup. Your realm is created by your ability to understand it. The wave comes as so many seek "graduation."
Q: Are you saying that we are actually, in a sense, creating the wave?
A: And vice versa.

It is my supposition that the the next level of awareness has to do with the dream world.  A hallucinogenic experience is one where your concious awareness is both in the dream world and in the physical world at the same time.  My experience was that consciousness is magnified 10fold, nay an unmeasurable amount greater, and the cassiopeans state that psychedelics are a window to the 4th density consciousness.  Therefor if anyone thinks that there is any credance to what I am saying, then I believe that learning all you can about the imagination, and the dream world will help you expand your awareness towards 4th density consciousness. 

Cassiopeans wrote:

Q: (L) What is it about physicality that necessitates sleep? What are we doing while we are sleeping?
A: Body recharge.
Q: (L) Where is the body being recharged from or what is it being recharged by?
A: Rest.
Q: (L) What is the soul doing while the body is sleeping?
A: Same, it taxes the soul greatly to be embodied.
Q: (L) Is this why, when people suffer sleep deprivation, they go psychotic?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Why are the results of sleep deprivation, psychosis, delirium tremens, and psychedelic drugs and some mystical states so similar in their expressions and manifestations? What is being seen?
A: Openings.
Q: (L) Well, if doing without sleep provides an opening, what is it an opening to?
A: Density levels 4 and up.
Q: (L) It would seem to me - well, why is this not good?
A: Who said it wasn't?
Q: (L) Well, apparently a lot of people who have psychotic episodes, literally go out of their minds.  They can no longer function in this world.  They LOCK them up!
A: Yes...
Q: (L) Why does melatonin induce these openings?
A: Gentle hallucinogen.

Q: (L) SV's mother took it and got all discombobulated with it!
A: Perception is key.  If you really "dig" 3rd density, it makes you uncomfortable to see into the higher densities.
Q: (L) Can one use something like this and grow accustomed to the higher densities?
A: Ask Timothy Leary.
Q: (S) It's too late now!  He's in 5 D!  (L) Ask him for us.
A: We did, and he liked it a lot!
Q: (L) Did all of his use of hallucinogenics make it easier for him to transition?

A: Yes.

I'm not advocating hallucinogens, as they are like a shortcut to the higher density or like taking steroids to get stronger.  The states you achieve on them can be found naturally (so I here).  But for me nothing opened me up to the understanding of non physicality like Ayahausca (and nothing has scared the shit out of me like it as well).  I am trying to capture the very important principal that that "worthless" imagination we have (in the western world) is actually the key to the next level of consciousness awareness, cultivate it and ye will be on your way!!!!!!

Albert Einstein wrote:

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

Our belief that we have knowledge is the prison we live in, imagination is the key to infinite.

"...But Nothing is Lost:" "Nothing lasts... nothing lasts. Everything is changing into something else. Nothing's wrong. Nothing is wrong. Everything is on track. William Blake said nothing is lost and I believe that we all move on." - Terrence McKenna - Shpongle - But Nothing Is Lost