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Topic: Dreams of flying and dreamworlds

When I was a kid I remembered my first dream of levitation.  My parents and I lived in an apartment complex on the second level.   I was around 4 or 5 at the time.  In the dream I walked out of our door and saw a large black feather floating just over the balcony.  I climbed over and sat on the feather for a few seconds when i was overcome with fear of falling.  Both the feather and I fell towards the ground as I woke up. 
From that point forward I would continue to have flying dreams, in some I would launch from a tree, float for a few seconds and the fear of falling would send me back to the waking world.  As I grew older I could see improvement in my ability to fly.  Once or twice I was on a ferris wheel and as it came over the top I would lean forward and fly, each time it seemed I was more confident and could stay airborne even float into the clouds but inevitably I always gave in to the fear of falling and that would be it.  I soon was able to run and leap for great distances as if sliding above the ground.  Eventually I began using my arms to fly, as if swimming towards the surface in a pool of water.  My flying dreams bordered on lucid as I flew over homes and trees.  Different elements introduced themselves as well.  In one dream I was with people from work and tried to show them I could fly and my powers were gone.  At the time I took that as a message of feeling repressed by working for this particular company/group of people.  Other times I would try to fly but get caught up in wires.  I mostly stopped having flying dreams about 6 years ago.  I can remember one or two and I always take a flying dream as a good sign and it usually is.  Recently however while practicing meditation (in bed) I had an excellent, quite lucid flying dream.  I had just moved to the mountains and had only been here for a couple months.  As I was dosing off I felt a strong feeling of bliss and almost instantly I was standing outside of my bedroom in the driveway.  I began to float over my house and this time with no flapping arms.  I simply spread my arms and floated.  I hovered above the trees as I moved past them, branches rubbing against me.  I tried to fly higher but was restricted to just above the trees.  Trying to hard to get higher woke me up.

It is my experience that my dream world belongs to me and is real, existing inside my head.  I often think the places and people I create are stored somewhere to be visited again in another dream.  I would like to hear other's opinions of their dream world, did you find your lucid skills improving with age? Were there places you created and then returned to in other dreams?  For instance, once I dremt I was driving down a street and passed by a place I recognized from a dream I had a week earlier. 

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Re: Dreams of flying and dreamworlds

Wow, cool stuff.  I am had similar dreams of flying as well.  I won't go into depth, but they were very, very realistic.  One was actually flying a helicopter or airplane.  Some person in my dream took me to a forest with wide open space in the middle.  I can't remember exactly what type of aircraft it was...but he started teaching me.  The cool thing was, I would go back to this same place every night for a while.  Towards the end of this dreaming period, I snuck into the aircraft and flew it without the aid of my instructor...I remember waking up and having the impression that I knew how to fly.

Another set of reoccuring dreams, where I would go back to the same sort of place was me learning to fly with just my body.  At first it was hard.  Subsequent dreams I'd get better and better.  I was in some sort of flying training dojo, with, from what I remember, people who were kind of 'goth' in their appearance.

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Re: Dreams of flying and dreamworlds

I often have dreams of flying - probably every second night actually. They are so regular that they don't feel strange at all when I'm flying.....it's as if it's the normal thing to fly from building to building.

I also have dreams where I'm in a completely different location to anywhere that is familiar in the waking world. It's a different city, or even country - yet in the dream I feel like I know exactly where I am, and exactly where everything is and should be. I know where the shops are, where the parks are, where everything is literally - yet when I wake up I think 'hang on, I've never been to any of those places in real life, so how could I know where everything is?'

I also meet a number of famous people in my dreams. Usually they are just sports stars, or whatever.....I might have a chat with them, or even train with them in whatever desired sport it is. Never do I feel overawed by being in their presence, yet when I wake I feel like 'wow!'. Sometimes these meetings aren't so nice. Last night for instance, I met George W.......and all I can say is, it made me feel in a yuck kind of mood all day long, like I had been drained just based on that one dream meeting. Whether there is something more sinister going on, or not - I don't really care. On the whole, dreams are a positive thing for me.

Some are strange but I wouldn't change this situation at all, my dream world is my second world. Just like life - there are ups and downs.

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Re: Dreams of flying and dreamworlds

Dreams are amazing, I often wonder how I could possibly create certain worlds in my head yet can't imagine or create nearly as well when I'm awake.  I've even had dreams that can only seem scripted, like not knowing what's behind a door when you are the one who put it there.  I am often humbled by my dreams.  During my journey through life I realized that dreams are there to tell me something, when things go wrong they become more confusing and restless.  I used to drink and smoke a lot and realized I didn't dream as much, 4 years in fact.  I think it was a combination of my job and my escaping into inebriation that made me feel less clear.  I was working in sales at a music store and was spending a lot of time with a variety of people, it was a great feeling to be lost in other people's lives.  Countless acquaintances, meeting places to distract me on my path, yet learning so much about people.  Half a year ago I quit and now I'm refocusing back to myself.  I've noticed the dreams are back.  I feel more focused and I'm continuing what I started seeking so long ago, finding my bliss.