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Re: Where would you live if not the US?

I myself dream of tropical isles... smile I've lived here all my life, so of course the contrast of a warm tropical climate appears tempting. But despite that, I was thinking that it would be a viable suggestion for people who don't mind actual seasons and a little cold in winter. Yes, Norway is cold, but it's less cold than most other countries this far north (Canada, and northern U.S., is colder in winter), due to the gulf stream bringing warmer waters up our way. On our west coast, temperatures below freezing are actually not that common, even. In the northern part of the west coast, they occasionally have hot air streams in a few very local areas, a couple of years ago they experienced almost 80 degrees over a couple of days in that area, in the middle of winter. Away from the coast and inland, it might get colder.. So really you can choose between "true" winters and a more barren and milder winter season.

Another thing I thought I'd mention is that Norway is situated on quite old bedrock and not near any fault zones. When it comes to volcanoes or earthquakes we have to go to Southern Europe to experience them (Italy, Greece, Turkey). In fact, I must say we're very lucky when it comes to all types of disasters or natural calamities, only thing is there can be an occasional storm or two, and they usually impact only locally (usually somewhere along the coast exposed to the Atlantic/Norwegian sea). Overall Norway is a very safe place under normal circumstances, when it comes to EQs, volcanoes, tornadoes/cyclones and so on. Also, I find it less likely that anyone would try to attack this country in the event of another huge war, compared to many other countries - of course due to our relatively remote location. Russia might pose a bit of a threat though, if I'm to be honest. On another note, we're connected to the Eurasian mainland through Sweden/Finland/Russia, and this might provide a good opportunity to move eastwards in case of a societal breakdown causing conditions to go in a unforeseen direction. Eurasia is the world's biggest continent and should provide a chance to stay away from the worst trouble (In the North-Am. continent, I'd say that even though it's huge, the possibilities of escape are rather limited considering a breakdown "mad max" scenario, if you go southwards, the width of the land shrinks as you go south (a chance for some agency or authority to stop you), and in the north you'd have to go for Alaska and Siberia - which would bring you into an extremely cold zone that even I find chilly wink).

Unfortunately I'm not aware of *all* the details regarding your inquiry but mainly, if you have an education that is in demand, you should not find it too hard. However it would be even better if you already had found employment somewhere - that would almost ensure that you'd be admitted entry, as Norway has a very low unemployment rate and has a need now for active working immigrants. I'd say Norwegian bureaucracy can in fact be quite streamlined in some instances (others, not so), and I think you might find it easier than you expect if you want to try it. In fact I've heard that some US nationals find several bureaucratic matters easier to handle here, than at home. For example, I don't even fill out my tax return papers most years - they're usually automatically correct. Norway has actually done a considerable bit to streamline a lot of governmental matters or matters where individuals apply for things, etc. Also we're among the most developed nations in terms of IT/mobile and some other modern technologies, this has also contributed to making life easier in terms of bureaucracy. I can deliver that tax return form using the internet or phone, for instance.

As I said I don't have all the details, but I was able to find out that you (and all foreign nationals) should contact your closest Norwegian embassy or consulate to find out more and get the appropriate info. From the U.S. Norwegian embassy: Residents in the greater Washington, D.C., area may contact the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Washington, D.C. Residents of other regions should contact the appropriate Consulate General in Houston, Minneapolis, New York or San Francisco.
The Norwegian embassy in the US website is at: http://www.norway.org - where you can find out more (section "visas and passports" for example).

One last comment to proto;

I honestly can't think of a place other than America, maybe Canada, since I don't really mind the cold much. I must agree with LightingEye (sup!! haha) and MorningSun because they are right in regards to Western civilization going to s*** in terms of government. It's pretty much the same everywhere.

1. Norway is for the most part less cold than Canada or the northern U.S. I'd like to hear your rationale for thinking there is no other good place for you - not cause i care so much for Norway alone, but considering there's a whole world out there in general. AFAIK, a lot of Americans and the national culture as a whole is far too self-absorbed and lacks knowledge of the outside world, not that ALL are like that, but too many. In my eyes this is a negative trait w/the U.S. (and following that, the general attitude that there's no place that can match its good points and level of freedom -- nationalism). Also I think if TSHTF, the U.S. is at huge risk for DOOM (to use a little GLP terminology wink.

2. Yes, things are worsening everywhere. I'm sorry to report that to my knowledge, the slide towards worsening conditions has impacted the U.S. possibly the most of all western countries. Also according to my knowledge, the plan is to crash the worlds lone superpower first, as a part of achieving the NWO. When the last superpower is severely weakened, this leaves a space for new powers, i.e. a NWO, to arrive on the scene. This is not to bash the U.S. or anything, merely stating what I see as facts.

Of course, there's probably a few fairly safe places there as well. But i'd personally not dare move *from* where I am to anywhere in North Am. considering the current situation, trends and generally looking at what's going on.

Wow, this ended up a long post, well now I'm out, if you have any further questions about Norway or anything you could PM me - - I don't think I'll bog down this thread with any more posts like this, hehe. My intention was merely to mention Norway because as I said I believe many don't know much about it.... Anyway, good luck with whatever you choose to do...


Re: Where would you live if not the US?

First of all, thank you very much OnTrack24 for all of your fascinating info. It's true, most people don't know much about Norway, and after reading your description I know you've only scratched the surface. Thanks for the videos as well. When I visit Europe I'll be sure to checkout Norway! Definitely.

Nightwatch, you're right. "Bringers of the Dawn" did allude to this. I just hope it's true, that everything is working out perfectly.

Proto, hey dude! How's it going? Thanks for asking around a bit. That kind of info is always interesting. I certainly wouldn't want to go to Taiwan. Never felt good about that general area. Australia maybe, but not north of that on the Pacific rim. Argentina sounds good, yes I've heard plenty of good things about South America. Some pollution problems, but generally (aside from the debt they owe to the world bank) south america is a stable area. There are degrees of urbanization though. Just because you're not in a city like NYC doesn't mean it seems like one of the Dakotas. A more modest city, like say Madison, WI, can be a good balance. (Though personally I would never live there. Roads are crazy.)

poffo, Thank you so much for that. Really great message there. "America Lite" hahaa, yeah I've gotten that vibe before, though I've not been to Canada (yet). The part about warmer climates cracked me up! I'll definitely visit Canada and consider it.

So we've got Norway, Canada, and Argentina as ideas. What about Australia, Greece, or Italy? How do people feel about those?

Re: Where would you live if not the US?

LightningEye wrote:

Proto, hey dude! How's it going? Thanks for asking around a bit. That kind of info is always interesting. I certainly wouldn't want to go to Taiwan. Never felt good about that general area. Australia maybe, but not north of that on the Pacific rim. Argentina sounds good, yes I've heard plenty of good things about South America. Some pollution problems, but generally (aside from the debt they owe to the world bank) south america is a stable area. There are degrees of urbanization though. Just because you're not in a city like NYC doesn't mean it seems like one of the Dakotas. A more modest city, like say Madison, WI, can be a good balance. (Though personally I would never live there. Roads are crazy.)

Hey LightningEye! Yeah, a smaller city would def. do for me. I think I mentioned Madison when we were talking over at the chat room a week ago and asked you about it. College towns, though small, can be a breath of fresh air in the surrounding area like Madison (judging from pictures and online reading).
South America would be a cool alternative, though the economic situation is different in each country. I know Argentina, Chile and parts of Brazil are relatively safe economically.
And Norway looks STUNNING! The world looks to those Scandinavian countries for inspiration I bet because they are just too sharp and have probably the best living conditions in the world. If I ever go to Europe again, I would love to visit Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen.

Anyway, I liked Poffo's idea about moving/networking. He suggested moving to Canada with a few like minded/NR-like folk. Networking can work wonders in this case since you wouldn't be alone and the transition to the new place would be easier than on your own.

Pamelajean wrote:

proto said:

all white

I'm just going by your picture, proto, but you look like you're white...ALL WHITE!  And furry too.

haha, that made me smile. Thanks! big_smile

"We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same."
– Carlos Castaneda

Re: Where would you live if not the US?

Ontrack24 and all you gals and guys i am so fired up about relocating/travelling. It is just something i feel from
an internal 'tug'. i think that i would relish being physically closer to "sensible" like minded folk, but i am also a realist
and i know that that would be an extremely trying experience initially since we would have to deal with our
foibles and old programs(which we may think has been eradicated).

One thing i have observed over the time that i've been a seeker, is that spiritual (fringe) knowledge does not necessarily
mean a balanced ego;nor any less inclination to selfish manipulation. On the other hand, a true sense of humor
and a somewhat calm persona bodes well for integration among new company lol also get far away from laziness as

i've recently sent in my cv to two world registered companies seeking employment as ananything(?),
in places like australia and as of today norway(thanks to ontr.24).these companies are;
Compass Worldwide and www.spotless.clean. i am multiskilled handwise and also college educated with a higher
diploma, but i would really just like to make a decent living for as long as the system holds or be able to create my
own income .

One of my considerations for moving  would be the host countries gov'ts and their state policing and policies. For eg
the surveillance in the UK/ london in particular is so invasive yet the ordinary folk is becoming so desensitised to it.
i think that for the serious nomads amongst us, ie those with the calling to wander and explore, we should find some
way to alert each other if/when we relocate so as to assist the transition of any other would be traveller ;maybe
connecting thro noble dreams when this site goes down in the next 4dys or so ?!?

ps i forgot to mention that another consideration would be the 'naturalness and beauty' of the place to provide
life giving energy;);)

expect nothing but be pleasantly surprised
tomorrow the sun may never shine....enjoy today---my father

Re: Where would you live if not the US?

Hey Lightning, would you carry your original post over to ND?  I'd really like to keep it going, I'm learing so much from it.  Preddy plez.

Re: Where would you live if not the US?

Pamelajean, feel free to quote me and ask the same question on NobleDreams. No one is stopping you. smile

Now, synchs. I was listening to a travel podcast a few hours ago and they brought up Australia. Funny synchs! The Australian people seem more relaxed and jovial than Americans, but I guess that's not too hard. tongue

Re: Where would you live if not the US?

Well, I was attempting to get the list on ND going.  I realize that I can post it over there, it just seemed like more fun if some of the people that post threads that get going here, would help over there.  But, you're right, I'll go ahead and post the thread myself.

Re: Where would you live if not the US?

No worries, Pamela! I'm registered over at ND (you can guess the username) and I'll look for the thread when NR goes to sleep.

So, back on track, anyone here ever been to Australia or Norway? I know we have a Norwegian here. (Which is awesome!) Do we have any Aussies here? That would be great!

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Re: Where would you live if not the US?

I recently moved to Norway after I got the job offer of my life. I've been working here on and off for four years and finally decided to take the plunge. Also, I sort of recieved several 'hints' to go. Right about the time I was making the decision, the word Norway would come up from people, advertisements, or new casters who had no reason to mention it. When I finally moved (two weeks ago.) I got several more of those syncronicities that it was a good move. Now I log onto Noblerealms for the first time in months and come across this post. What did someone suggest? Norway.
   A few things in defence of Norway. It is THE single most beautiful natural place I have ever visited. There are only 4 million people living in this hug country, so most of it is untouched. I toured all the way up to the artic circle last summer and have never seen such beautiful forests and fjords, and I've been traveling most of my life for the past 16 years.
   It's  a pretty amazing place...
   A few details. The weather IS warmer than Canada. I lived in Montreal for 6 years and that was the coldest, wetest place I have ever been I remember the day it was -43 and my nose frooze shut when I breathed in. It's February and there is no more snow on the ground in Oslo. People are actually quite annoyed as they like their winters here. Thank you global warming.
   Has anyone has heard of The Global Seed Vault in Svalbad, way to the north in Norway? Sounds like a lovely idea right? Save all the different seeds in the world 'just in case'. I thought it was the lovliest of ideas and a classic sign of the socialist system at work. Till I red the fine print. The Norwegian government is doing it in conjunction with Microsoft and...dun dun DUN Monsanto. Looks like when the world goes to hell, Monsanto will get out those seeds that need special chemicals to germinate....guess who are the only ones to sell the chemicals?

   One last thing. I had a girlfriend come visit from California a few months ago. A few days before she left, she was sitting on a Kaiser operating table getting a drain put in a gland in her leg that was backed up. They botched the surgery and almost made her miss her trip. Gave her a bunch of antibiotics and say if it bothered her just go to the hospital in Norway. Sure enough, a few days after arriving, the gland backed up and we were in the emergency room. The woman at the hospital apologised but said we would have to go to the downtown emergency room because we were foreigners. She also apologised that we would have to wait a while for treatment. I thought, uh oh, here we go, a ten hour wait in the emergency room with people holding their eyeballs into their sockets with rags.
   We waited eleven minutes.
   A very nice male nurse checked us out and immedietly checked her into the Rikkeshostipalet, the main hospital in Oslo, a place that reminded me of Rivendel. Huge white art deco buildings with lots of windows and good chi.
  She stayed in the hospital 3 days and they performed the surgery. I spent alot of time there and was AMAZED at the treatment the nurses gave her. I have been in my share of hospitals with overworked, apathetic nurses. The morning the head nurse of the womans ward cam in and cupped my friends head in her hand and stroked her forehead asking her how she was, I thought 'hell, this is where I want to get sick.".
  All the nurses were tall, blond, and smiling. My friend gave her contact into to one nurse who would be visiting San Francisco. They have become fast friends recently.
  My friend figured she would get a MASSIVE bill from the hospital but was so grateful for the treatement that she gave her correct address. She even CALLED the hospital when she arrived back in the US for the bill.
   The total cost for three days in the hospital, and an operation complete with General anaesthesia: ZERO DOLLARS (thats zero Norwegian Kroner.).

   One last thing. When my friend told the doctors that she had been put on antibiotics for a simple gland blockage, the all made the same fish face. They only use antibiotics in EXTREME cases of infection in Norway. We actually had to wait 24 hours for the test results to come back as they would not operate on my friend until they knew she didn't have antibiotic resistant staff's disease. They are not stupid in Norway either.
  And thats all I have to say about Norway...