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Re: Financial Crash: Don't Buy Gold?

Check this link out y'all.


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Re: Financial Crash: Don't Buy Gold?

I don't know about buying gold as a hedge against a crash,
but I DO KNOW that you should never buy any gold from
any outfit that is using Pat Boone as their salesman.

But then again, if people are dumb enough to trust Pat Boone
then they probably deserve to be ripped off. 
Just like those that trust Televangelists.

Re: Financial Crash: Don't Buy Gold?

Haha, Pat Boone. Very good point, Tom P! Got a laugh out of that one, haha.

Kahn, it's funny you should post that like because I came across that site last week actually. What are the odds? Well perhaps the odds are high, but interesting info nonetheless. I was a little surprised to find that Texas was among one of the cheapest states to live in (outside the Dallas metroplex, as it says), though the fact it has no income tax is a helping factor.

I don't know, I'd like to checkout West Virginia now. smile