Topic: Pre-birth memory, twin miscarriage, three weird dreams...

Hey all,

I'm just trying to get these things out there before this place closes down.  I've  never been to a site like this and feel that a lot of people that come here think like I do...although I'm not schooled in a lot of the terminology and advanced ideas yet.

Anyways, when I take a step back from my life and thing of some out of the ordinary experienced I think of these:

1.  Pre-birth memory:  It is more vague now that I am older, but when I was about 5-10, the memory was very clear.  I do remember my remembering, if that makes any sense.  I remember floating above a bunch of rows of babies.  The rows seemed to stretch out forever in both directions.  Everything seemed to be white.  I think there may have been clouds underneath.  I understand this sounds weird and that there could be a physical explanation for it.  The thing is, I have not had any memories before the age of 2-3.  I know for a fact that this seemed to precede any memory I have had on this Earth.

2.  My mother had a miscarriage before I was born.  I do not know the date...I feel like this may be a key to something with the numerology experts.  I understand that I should look into this.  Anyway, I was born shortly after.  Then my sister.  My mom miscarried twins, a boy and a girl.  Me and my sister always pondered the thought that somehow we are those twins, in some crazy way.  Any validity to this?

3.  Through out my life, maybe 3-4 times that I can remember, I've had very disturbing dreams.  I am not counting nightmares or anything like that.  It is more of a psychological thing.  It is every bad feeling that you can feel on this Earth, rolled into one feeling.  That's the only way I can describe it.  The first time was when I was about 7.  I was so happy to awake from the dream, because it felt like my true existence during the dream.  I can not fully remember the contents of the dream

Recently, I got that same horrid, depressing feeling again in a dream.  I was "trapped," in space, in some geometric cube sort of thing.  I was looking at myself in the dream...there was more to it, but I can't fully remember.  There was another dream where it was revealed to me that everything I knew was complete bull shit.  I got that weird depressed feeling.  I was in the presence of a group of people that all seemed normal to me, except one.  It was a very ugly women who no one liked.  She is the one that revealed to me the truth.  In the dream, it disturbed me very much to know the perspective of the ugly women changed once I realized that she knew the truth.  All the normal people to me suddenly were not so comforting.

I could go so much more in depth with this stuff, but I don't have the time.  I'm hoping that someone will make some sense or throw some light on some of these strange  occurences in my life.  The main theme in all of them is an insanely real feeling that I receive while experiencing them...even more real then I feel right now typing.  It always affects me greatly for a few days, and then I return back to right now...

Thanks all, peace