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Who knows what will happen....but if something does, I hope its something wonderful.

In man's analysis and understanding of himself, it is as well to know from whence he came as whither he is going.   Edgar Cayce

Beliefs are tools for social conditioning, rather than expressions of inner realization or inner truth.   unknown
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Re: Final Predictions, Please :)

Hi all,
newbie to NR here.....having heard of 2012 for quite some time and also learning that all that we are told can be possible dis/misinformation by TPTB and by their masters, the super strategists, the hyperdimensional STS forces, i am wary about
ignoring it and wary to preconcieve anything about it. Having said that though, it is near impossible for me to not, at times,
conjure up all sort of scenarios about 2012.

i am trying to blend logic with feelings/intuition and i came up with the fact that the physical changes in the earths climate will continue (regardless of the gov'ts efforts to pretend to us that they are cutting back on emissions etc). For example in the south
uk,(lLondon and its surroundings) the winter was definitely milder than previously and some decidous trees did not shed leaves
completely, some spring birds are out chirping,periodically. Not even one flake of snow so far..but floods occured up north.
There are islands in the East Indian Ocean(?) which are observably going under water etc.

So, i think, on a physical level, changes which may increase in magnitude ala the domino effect, could occur. Humans will be forced
to react to these changes in ways which though unpredictable will surely be very interesting and different to what we are
accustomed to accept as 'normal'. The shrinking value of money for the majority, will also take is toll on the vast population of city
and urban dwellers in particular though everyone will be affected who depends on money to eat or trade and also those of a
decidely materialistic nature.

The fringe thinkers meanwhile, may react or act in different some may intensify their fear and apprehension by being
addictively unable to control the "self-fulfilling prophecy factor" i.e. actually seeing the changes and reacting by giving energy to
indecision and expectation rather than seeking plausibe/practical solutions. having written that , it does not say which category i will be in, at this moment (hah, laughs nervously). This is not to deride such actions but to emphasise some important statements
made by other posters above  (haven't practiced using the quote tech yet), regarding the observation of our thougts ,feeligs and actions ..remaining in a state of balancewhile we decide AND act.

i do not have a clue, at this moment about the 'precise moment' but i do honestly believe that the next 5yrs 10 mths approx, will be an acceleration of harsher changes and strange decisions by individuals and TPTB, leading to a more 'lock down' on the society as a whole and simultaneously a greater desire on the part of some to break free.

i have met a few guys who call themselves "jesuschristians" (with their own website ) who live communally by SCOURNG THEIR FOOD FROM SUPERMARKET THROW BINS. they are called freegans of them told me that
they are in prearation for the upcoming 'mark of the beast' which they see as microchipping of people in the present/ future leading to that fateful time.....oh well.

expect nothing but be pleasantly surprised
tomorrow the sun may never shine....enjoy today---my father

Re: Final Predictions, Please :)

I see a huge die off in the population of the world by the worldwide economic collapse and lack of oil (peak oil, whether it is purposely engineered or not.) I see much turmoil occurring because of this. There will be tons of riots and enormous social upheavals that will call upon change.

We may or may not have nuclear war. Maybe aliens will interfere and disrupt all the nuclear silos in the world, if us humans do decide to launch them.

The weather may or may not get terrible all over the place caused by the combination of global warming (induced by humans) and global warming induced by outer space conditions. Evidence suggests our entire solar system is heating up. This is due to the entire solar system heading towards an energy dense region of space.

If we are heading towards an energy dense region of space, then I think the planet will definitely expand more causing massive earthquakes, chaotic weather patterns, and advances in our evolution of consciousness.

I think it is possible for us to completely ascend out of this 3D existence and into 4D. Whether this happens or not, I do not know for sure. If it does happen, then I will be overjoyed. If it doesn't happen, then oh well.

Whatever happens, I will make the best out of every situation.

Strengthen your microcosm. Love. Knowledge. Faith. … ion-part-i

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Re: Final Predictions, Please :)

[I think that] 2012 won't be the date when everything changes; that's when it'll all be over. The time is, as others have stated, now. Although the real turmoil hasn't started yet, it will, technically, tomorrow (this year). TPTB will fall like dominoes when their oil is taken away because they'll try to impose totalitarian control top-bottom (global) while people, sick of the system and its money (as the trend is rapidly showing), will be building healthy loving communities / tribes at the local level and fend off that control. Those who are going to ascend will do so. The Earth may also clean itself up, through increasingly chaotic natural elements and maybe finalize that with a pole swap that will wash away everything (hope not)... The light at the end of the tunnel is one of pure bliss, but there's a dark, monolithic train to get past first and the only way to avoid getting hit by it in the dark is to follow intuition...


Re: Final Predictions, Please :)

well, yeah thats an very interesting topic. First of all before i begin I would like to write on what basis am I thinking of what am expressing in my understanding.
I understand that we live in a world of verbal prison.
I understand we live in a world of chaos where there is no law but an illusion to keep us in check.
I understand that not everything is as it looks.
I understand we are automotans whoz dreams and everything is kept under observation and are cloned all the time to keep us grounded.
I understand we are products of how we have been assembelled in the name of family and relations specially the beautiful cover of love.
I understand we are the system who has the fate in their hands but we are too stuck being a software and not accepting our higher understandings.
I understand every actions of ours no matter if its a smile or a laugh is the product of what we have been taught.
I understand that we have freewill just like we have eyes but as our eyes are blinded from the truth so it the freewill from its source and we are prisoners and owners of our own prison.
I understand that the world needs people who are more ONE and of Christ concisouness with love in their hearts to have an unconditional undestanding which doesn't have to follow a strict law or paradigm of knowledge.
I understand our believes are the strongest intents of ours which gives us our identity from being a man and transcending to a higher dimensional being its the believes that shapes our identities in the struggle.
I understand that the system runs on divide and rule policy of two different sides who can only influence us.
I understand we are influenced in every second even by the very nature or envoironment that we live in.
I understand we are made machines by polluting our minds with all kind of crap that runs and shapes our world every second which looks impossible to cut off but not hard to accomplish.
I understand as an individual you cannot trust anyone but the source that strengthens you in every momment of your struggle that keeps you awake and running. And its the same source that lies inside of you not outside of you.
I understand that the only way out of this system is to become complete and ONE. Which of course doesn't mean control over mass but a loving heart of unconditonal understanding and a mind that is pure as the christ conciousness.

Now, 2012 it is right.... Well, 2012 was according to me set up to address a side of the entity. When a man takes concept inside the womb of a mother. It takes 23 pairs of chromosones from each parent. Meaning from Father and Mother. Meaning Angelic mother and a demonic Father according to the present state that it is in. Now, every entity that is born is ultimately a GOD but not self realized and still under the influence of higher understandings that gave him concept. Basically if you add those pairs of chromosones you get 23+23 = 46 => 4+6= 1 (ONE). Now, the whole concept of 23 is this
1- The God (the undivide) (conciousness and force)
2- divides himself
3-projected himself in physicaliy (conception)

23 speaks to the projected individuals of GOD. Parts of GOD that are projected in physicality.

Now, It was already predicted that human kind will be extinct by the 2012 where you will have two sides and everyone who is born as man a product of evolution will be divided and veiled from the truth of higher understandings. Now, 2012 addresses the entity who is the last one left between two polarities and will decide the fate of the world and the rule that will take over the world. That is why we have NWO upon us.

This is something on a personal note about myself I have been awakened since 2 years now and I have been bothered so much and besides I don't want to complain in simple words I learnt it the hard way. Now, I am still in this struggle of 2 sides trying to divide me and am trying to become ONE. Good thing is My love is strong on both the aspects of mine wether be it from my heart of from my mind. But the problem is since I feel like the last one left I really do'nt have people expressing their true love to me on this plane that I live now. They fail when  love comes in a form of attack or a choice to be with them. No one loves you for who you are they know they don't want a person becoming ONE on this plane that will descend the powers of the unknown to the earthly plane.

But this is more irrelevant to what I was going to say. I see intelligent designs in everything and I see how I live in this world is am fighting every second in every aspect of my reality. Now, the mat that I sleep on is some intelligent design I tell you. I drank this weed tea and a meg nut in it and I know I wasn't hallucinating I have never hallucinate I see into anything clean no matter how f*cked up i am. Now, this mat that i sleep on I was sittin on one side and the other side had this alien sitting and in the center its a very beautiful intelligent design in flowers that represents angels and demons. Believe me if i had a camera i would have taken a picture and pointed out all the characters in them but too bad i don't and i can't affoard one. but yeah now I go into this thoughts that tell me to become ..well its irellevant once again....

but yeah....thats what 2012 is all about....and what is going to decide it this election. Where as democrats have two participants runnig head to head a female and a male. That is the same aspect of that entity that is complete. Which ever side of him is to be hatched is the one who will run for president. Going into more detail Hillaray AKA ( CHRIST) MARRY MAGDELENE...and OBAMA AKA (ANTI_CHRIST) Go check out his pictures and that ariham thread ont his forum you will know. Now, whats really funny is Christ is a complete entity and this system is trying to divide that certain individual on stupidity of divide and rule policy. I just posted somethinga bout the sign of CROSS if you look at it +,- when you add them and flip it you get a cross that is the negative pole and positive pole together becomes a cross. + positive pole represents the conciousness of ONESS and teh chirst Conciousness. But for this conciousness to transced and manifest is Negative pole his feminine aspect. And I see more influence for the princess sophia on the website than for that conciousness.

I will tell you why. No one wants an individual with chirst conciousness on this plane they want its force. The force is the feminie aspect the angelic image that they have and don't want the antichrist the demonic version. But what this is all a concept. But what ever this is all waht I feel makes sense to me and besides its not something am personally interested in reading all these am pulled into it all the time and I understand this is what I have to live now. Cuz there is no way else this is happening but the way it is.  I also understand there are certain individuals who live beyond this earthly plane and they understand most of it and I seriously do'nt want to sound like an arrogant asshole making his word heard but from the bottom of my heart and my love and my deepest respect to everyone for all the knowledge that I have acquired thru this forums and all. Thanx..

" Love is the understanding and unspoken bond between you and the creator "

"Loving is an art that is the state of creation"

..........Lyrically am suppose to SHINE.........
..........I am the ONE that makes you  BLIND........
..........And am that darkness that lets you SHINE.........

Re: Final Predictions, Please :)

Please don't get me started on the 2012 thing again!
See any of my previous Message From The Lady threads to hear my ayahuasca induced ramblings on the whole issue.

Re: Final Predictions, Please :)

Hello again.

It's worth mentioning David Wilcock's recent post about 2012. It's not so bleak, people!: … ;Itemid=70

He left an audio message this time around:


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Re: Final Predictions, Please :)

Recently just read through the entire Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series, which is an absolutely hilarious, amazing and symbolic journey.  Thought this passage was relevant, the message from the dolphins (besides "So long and thanks for all the fish!")

The deep roar of the ocean.
The break of waves on farther shores than thought can find.
The silent thunders of the deep.
And from among it, voices calling, and yet not voices, humming trillings, wordlings, and half-articulated songs of thought.
Greetings, waves of greetings, sliding back down into the inarticulate, words breaking together.
A crash of sorrow on the shores of Earth.
Waves of joy on-where? A world indescribably found, indescribably arrived at, indescribably wet, a song of water.
A fugue of voices now, clamoring explanations, of a disaster unavertable, a world to be destroyed, a surge of helplessness, a spasm of despair, a dying fall, again the break of words.
And then the fling of hope, the finding of a shadow Earth in the implications of enfolded time, submerged dimensions, the pull of parallels, the deep pull, the spin of will, the hurl and split of it, the fight.  A new Earth pulled into replacement, the dolphins gone.
Then stunningly a single voice, quite clear.
"This bowl was brought to you by the Campaign to Save the Humans.  We bid you farewell."
And then the sound of long, heavy, perfectly gray bodies rolling away into an unknown fathomless deep, quietly giggling.

Adams presents quite a few nondual concepts throughout the books.  I particularly like the phrase "perfectly gray" describing dolphins to imply the perfect union of black and white, the unity of opposites.

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Re: Final Predictions, Please :)

Nibiru is coming, the sh*t is going to hit the fan and anyone not prepared is going to die.
How's that?
Hey, we have it on the authority of 6000 year old tablets with all kinds of verifiable information that a Jupiter-sized planet is going to pass through 'our' solar system in 2012.
I have had a vision that confirms this. This planet is so big it will look like we will be sucked up into it.
Earth will stop revolving for about a week, this will cause the Atlantic to tear and a new continent to come up, followed by mega tsunamis, super hurricanes, insane earthquakes, and a 25 to 40 year nuclear winter. Oh, and the planet will tilt 90 degrees and the equator will run from what is now north to south.
When the dust is settled the Anunnaki will come to set themselves up as our so-called saviors and the uninformed will buy into this happily. Then the whole cycle of slavery is planned to start over again with an alien race ruling over mankind, or otherwise ruling through proxies as has been the case the last millennia. If we do nothing the whole shebang repeats itself in 3600 years again [not sure Nibiru cause such great destruction every time it passes through our solar system].
I would appreciate any mistakes you think i've made in explaining this in my article on my blog.

Re: Final Predictions, Please :)

S.E.E.D. wrote:

Nibiru is coming, the sh*t is going to hit the fan and anyone not prepared is going to die.
How's that?


"The universe is on fire with wonder, beauty, and ecstasy." - From the Undines to Humanity

Re: Final Predictions, Please :)

I say there will be no catastrophes.  I think the majority of people will move into 4th density and we will have further guidance from there.
But really anything is possible.  Maybe it really is the end, the beginning.  The big bang.  Either way I am excited.

Re: Final Predictions, Please :)


I believe the eye at the top of the pyramid is the The Cassiopaean Experiment!

I believe getting news from a cult – or even a website owned by a cult - is as legitimate as getting it from a religion.  As a freethinker,  I don't believe in either. I've learned that  if you're not in to "group think" you will not be popular at church or in a cult.

I believe that Laura Knight Jadyczyk goes by many names and many different websites. I do hope that people will always try to be open-minded and ask questions, but be prepared for the mob to turn on you.

I hope you will take the time to look at these websites and not be offended.

I predict that in the future people will ask important questions and pehaps the teachers of the future will teach out of love and knowledge and not for egotistical gain or ill begotten profit. … dious_Cult

Re: Final Predictions, Please :)

Thanks to all who shared their thoughts here. I think these messages will be interesting, and perhaps even amusing, to read in retrospect.

As for myself, I don't feel a great dying coming. The future isn't all rainbows and roses, sure; but it's important to remember that with each small decision we make every day, we bring ourselves closer to a negative future or a positive future. The Global Consciousness Project exists to measure this effect on a planetary scale, but do not discount the path of the individual.

Remember Service to Others.

I hope to see you all in far green country under a swift sunrise someday.

Re: Final Predictions, Please :)

For posterity I'd like to share my predictions.

The polarization phenomenon continues. Dark becomes darker, light becomes lighter. There will be increasing attempts from the top down to oppress, and increasing pressure from the bottom up (the grassroots and individual level) to resist. This will make for continued disillusionment with authority and civil disobedience, social and political tensions.

There will be more and more catalysts that force people on the fence to choose. As time goes on, more people will know where they stand. Some will defend the system to the bitter end because they have invested so much in it, and denial is more comfortable than owning up to your naivete. Others will gravitate toward relying on each other, on knowledge that really works, on their own inner spiritual strength, to make it out. Adversity will bring out the best in the best. 

We didn't come here just to survive. What is the point of surviving if you stop living just to continue existing? I predict that the challenges we face won't be so much about finding food or fending off against hordes of postapocalyptic barbarians. It is not we who will fight for survival, but the system that will fight because its existence is being undermined by the uncertainties of change. We are fighting for truth and the positive future that all genuine souls deserve. So the challenge may come down to nurturing spirit, awareness, wisdom, friendship, and truth in the face of disillusionment, uncertainty, and deception. It will be more subtle, sophisticated, and a test of spiritual fortitude.

That's why it is important to keep learning, forging solid friendships with solid people, becoming more empowered and resourceful, well-spoken, and living with increasing discernment, compassion, and integrity. You didn't learn all this just for yourself. There will be others in the years ahead who will cross your path because you have something they need and vice versa, a nudge, a clue, a flame to pass on. When the time is right, you don't have to preach because the exchange flows naturally. It becomes superconductive. The hardest part of all this is patience, because anticipation leads to disillusionment when the timing of destiny does not match your eagerness. I can't nail down specific events of the future, but some things are constant regardless of the situation, which is that life doesn't offer what you cannot handle, and in the times ahead life may test your limits because only by doing so can you fulfill the limits of your potential. That is to squeeze the maximum service out of you in this one precious life.

So to sum up, things will get a lot worse for a lot of people. Economic hardship, dreams crumbling. And things will get a lot better for some people, too. If you stay in the flow, keep your eyes open and look a few steps ahead, and maintain a good-natured vibe regardless of what happens, you can create a synchronistic bubble around yourself and those in your field of influence. This synchronistic bubble will help shift the odds to better outcomes. The key will be in establishing, growing, and defending the alternatives to the system rather than attacking the system itself. The system cannot be saved or overhauled, it is a house with rotted beams that is best evacuated. And there will be many who will refuse to leave the house. You know the saying, home is where the heart is? A weakened heart stays in a weakened home and eventually collapses in upon itself. I see the future as "middle earth" separating out into "heaven" and "hell" -- both overlapping and interpenetrating, and it being a matter of where you align your heart and how you put that alignment into action that determines which one you will shift into.

The future will be fun and exhilarating because you will increasingly know who you are, who your spiritual family is, what you stand for, what must be done, and finally, how this all turns out.

Acquiring fringe knowledge is like digging for diamonds in a mine field.