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Topic: Final Predictions, Please :)

Well. Since this little corner of the internet will be unwritable in a mere 18 days, I thought we could play a little prediction game... for old time's sake. smile

Much of what I have learned in the past 22 months has been linked to the year 2012. Some consider it to be a huge craptastic crudball of catastrophes. Others believe it's completely hype and not based on reality (or perhaps self-fulfilling). Still others see it as the midpoint of an immense wave of change currently in progress on the human race.

So before this group is fragmented, as it will be, I thought it would be enlightening if we all shared what we truly believe about 2012. There's nothing to lose. The forum won't be here much longer anyway.

Da Rulez:

1. Briefly describe what you think the events leading up to 2012, 2012/12/21 itself, and the aftermath will be. Cite relevant research if you wish.

2. Specifically touch on what you believe will happen at the precise moment of 2012 winter solstice (UTC 11:11), if anything.

3. Please Be Honest about what you truly feel will happen.

I foresee this being an interesting cross-section of answers.

Remember, these answers will most-likely be saved somewhere for posterity.

Re: Final Predictions, Please :)

I think a great American Revolution will occur on that day. Leading up to the presidential election of 2008, people will be feeling the need to end Republican rule and vote Democratic. Some very liberal democrat will be elected into office and attempt to change the world. As liberalism increases tenfold over the presidential term, desire to radically change the nation/world will also increase to dangerous levels. In the 2012 presidential election, a scam will put a super conservative republican into office and the American populace won't stand for it. Before the inauguration, the people will decide to put an end to the government and in late December the revolt begins. At the precise moment of the solstice, perhaps the first shot will be fired.
In the Aftermath, the influence of the United States on the rest of the world will bring about some sort of global change.

Of course that's only one idea of what could happen, and I kind of think it focuses on USA too much to be plausible for something of such global magnitude as 2012 is supposed to be, but I heard it from the devil himself so it might be true.

I also think the apocolypse will recieve a whooole lot of hype from the media/general population in that year.

Re: Final Predictions, Please :)

Nothing will happen at all. 2012 is a distraction.

Vincit omnia Veritas: Truth conquers all.

Re: Final Predictions, Please :)

Anything at all can happen.  2012 is a distraction.

Re: Final Predictions, Please :)

Well, both of you are correct. 2012 is a distraction. See the cat? See the cradle?

There will be two Ages. The first: The Age of Power. The next: The Age of Equality.

Re: Final Predictions, Please :)

Welcome to the future. The time is now, from this exact moment anything can happen.

Your mind is a powerful generator, although things are pretty dense right now things should become more liquid.
That's why we have each other, when two generators combine their power doubles.

It's like just like the saying goes, two heads are better than none. tongue

Re: Final Predictions, Please :)

Perhaps for some reason undefined to myself, humanity will find it critically important how they engage the thoughts that enter into their consciousnesses.  It is becoming clear to an increasing number of people that force and substance are essentially the same.  Many might realize that thought directs the two.  Unless of course the global population wants to believe it is random chance directing the force which in turn is substance.  I don't know how either position can be proven. 

Even though we may be described as seeing the world through a glass colored darkly, in that often we are simply acting upon impulses or reacting to stimuli, and we can't seem to submit absolute proof to any of the impressive theories we submit; we can't even submit the simultaneous position and vector of a subatomic particle.  We still tend toward order, logic and beauty.  We are made of the same stuff as the celestial bodies are made.  And because we can readily see them, we are on the same level.  This is why you see something like two bodies orbiting a planet, with gravity interaction not only between the planet and each of the orbiting bodies, but also the gravity of the larger orbiting body acting upon the smaller orbiting body, and possibly and/or inevitably flinging the smaller body off into space.  It is karmic and cosmic law. 

We are burdened with numerous laws because of our causal thought and effectual action.  Our thoughts and actions create all the laws we are burdened with.  I don't want to blemish this beatiful message I just typed by saying Duh, so I won't. 

We do not need any stupid calendars to realize we are not living in an appropriate manner conducive to continuity.  Maybe a pralaya will take us to a wonderful state of bliss for a spell.  Perhaps Loki and his Giants will settle their arguements with the other Gods.  Personally, I think Alice will come out of the looking glass and take us all to Kansas.

Good judgement comes from experience; experience comes from bad judgement.
You have to believe in the impossible in order to become.

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Re: Final Predictions, Please :)

I agree with matt_d82, nexus, antaeus (great post) and kid mongo. Nothing will happen, ANYTHING can happen from now until that date, even after it. I just don't feel comfortable with this whole 2012 because the meat of the issue is missing. All we are left with is skin and bones, no depth, no clear connection, just a naive, lazy man's delusion of having some great consciousness breakthrough that will lift his spirits without any work done on his or her part. Granted, when I first heard and learned about this 2012 phenomena, I was excited but at the same time, I felt cheated. I actually want to learn stuff on my own, I want my head and heart toyed with (as sick and weird as that sounds) and I want to garner the strength and take no sh*t attitude in fixing my problem so I can learn myself and tell people about it aka help them out. Of course, I'd like to learn in the best fashion possible like observing things/ppl and taking notes, contemplating about it, talking with others about it, not getting burned out etc. That's fine. But to sit around, waiting and waiting...is a life wasted and a shame.

I think things already has changed in the last 20 years in the realm of spirituality, technology, sociology or what have you. I just think this whole 2012 is dis/misinformation, some truth, many lies, for all to choose and to decide to believe or not. I'm going to keep on truckin' doing what I should be doing, learning important skills such as connecting more with the Source (and not whore it around like religious and new age people) and respecting its true sacred benevolence, learning how to spot a bullsh*tter, practicing stalking a la casteneda, seeing the greatness of humanity and not poison myself with the negatives of humanity, yet keep it in mind. That's where I'm at.

My only hope is 2012 will produce better music and more people waking up in a sane, emotionally/mentally/spiritually grounded way.

"We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same."
– Carlos Castaneda

Re: Final Predictions, Please :)

From my readings in Theosophy, and also nexus even brings up a pretty good picture along the lines of what I want to mention right now.  Our physical body is not our only body and these other bodies being of a more sublimated matter, or energic, astral, mental, ethereal, spiritual, divine.  However the words and order of the words are placed, these other bodies are greatly affected by our thoughts and actions in that actions create further thoughts.  Possibly the quality of thought in this physical form plays an important role toward the make-up of these other bodies.  The 42 Principles plays somewhat of a part here.  These other bodies are only going to accept the very best of what we bring to light through our thoughts, impressions. 

I'm thinking along the lines that I might want to allign myself with what?  Maybe someone can throw their idea's in on this line of reasoning.  Perhaps I don't want elementals being the driving force.  They are the passions that arise within me.  Someone may rise up in defence of passion, I'm sure, and that's fine unless they rule you.  We surpassed the elemental so long ago in the past that it is beyond counting. 

I'm simply pushing the ideal that our thoughts are very important.  I won't go into explanation, but many thoughts that come to our consciousness do not originate from within us, and it is only important to engage them in a way that they are changed into something else of a more constructive or benign nature.  Sometimes things may seem futile, pointless, hopeless, but these feelings are transient and pass.  Realizing this is important.

Good judgement comes from experience; experience comes from bad judgement.
You have to believe in the impossible in order to become.

Re: Final Predictions, Please :)

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2012 isn’t a ‘date’

IT’s a Concept

And That Concept Has Everything To Do With:

The Ingression Of Novelty

It‘s Not About Fixing

It‘s About Change

As Noted On Other Threads:

Greg Bear’s, ‘Blood Music

Depicts: The Ingression Of Novelty

The Ingression Of Change

And That CHANGE Doesn't Discriminate


YOU Are.......

The Noocytes Of Freedom

Were Coded Pre-Birth

And YOU Brought That Influx

To This Zone


Free Will And The Dream

Created Destiny

Brought US To This Time

This Place:

To Change

11   23   11

Re: Final Predictions, Please :)

" We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For! "

Active Co-Creation of Love "In The Now" Becomes What We Are!
We ARE the New Energy!

Re: Final Predictions, Please :)

Leading up to 2012, I see great activity; both positive and negative in nature from the individual up to the very world itself. So many people believe something fantastic will occur in 2012 and this will drive them to act in such 'momentous' ways. Be it preparing for some sort of apocalyptic scenario (raining nuclear bombs, X-TREME weather), acting in a way to make their lives worth it before this big 'thing' happens such as achieving something great spiritually, materially, etc.

In other words, these great things happen because we believe so badly in it that we act on it and it becomes some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy.

As for 2012... we may just see the fruit of our actions, see how far our beliefs have truly taken us. The winter solstice itself... whatever happens will be determined by what we decides happen. If enough people believe we will die some fiery death from a nuclear war, then so be it or if enough people believe we will enter some sort of golden age, so be it again. But at the end of the day, we determined our '2012 fate'.

It's about choice. 2012 is about choice.

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Re: Final Predictions, Please :)

Good one persephonevii. I find the 'self-fulfilling prophecy' a fitting description of what will happen.

I think there will be challenges, all sorts of challenges that already exist, but people will be more aware of them
and start acting on them with greater consciousness. 'Problems' such as transcending violence, silencing the noise
in the mind, CONTROLLING oneself, being purposeful and aware, being grateful, having a high enough consciousness
to accept everything for what it is and to spread love unconditionally to oneself and others. 

The times ahead will be a catalyst of change because people believe there will be change and begin to OPEN.

"The universe is on fire with wonder, beauty, and ecstasy." - From the Undines to Humanity

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Re: Final Predictions, Please :)

I don't do predictions, but I hope more & more people open up their hearts
to respect & love everyone for who they are, and their differences.

I notice on TV these days an out pour of shows to belittle, conform, and break people down.
Respect people for who they are, even if they have the worst singing voice you ever heard,
or the most ugliest outfit you've ever seen.  Embrace each other's differences.  smile

Re: Final Predictions, Please :)

...2012 is, indeed, a distraction. There's an exit ahead, and it doesn't lead left, right, up, or down...it leads out. Keep your eyes open, and ignore the girl in the red dress. I know I'll be taking off, even if I have to leap out of the car and roll like a stunt man. What happens after that will depend upon each of us, hopefully in union. Robert Anton Wilson scribbled the answer on the bathroom wall at that roadside diner miles back....after all, what is "2012" but " 2_1+2=3 ....23"? One last 23 for some of us to notice. Step on the gas and I'll see you there.

...the eye, altering...alters all - William Blake