Re: Anyone else have this number sighting since the new year started?

just some side comments about this:

Some big stuff happened this last weekend and I ended up spending a lot of time with my extended family this week, and one of my family members brought this subject up out of the blue... and said she had been trying to figure out all the triple digit numbers that follow her around, she talked about her friends noticing it and I was shocked!  I told her all about it and showed her some stuff online and she was amazed.  THEN to further enhance my amazement, so many people would walk in the room every time we were talking about it, and all of them had noticed seeing either 11:11 or triple digit numbers all on their own, never having heard anything about it online.  I was completely wowwed - 4 other independant people had been noticing it... and of them only one was relating it to guidance from their higher power - the others just said it happens all the time. 

Maybe it was one of those ya-had-to-be-there sort of things... but this stuff is no joke!

oh yeah and while im here omgz did everyone else notice siriarc aka 'the man' linking my post up there? that got a wow outta me, hehe  yikestonguecool

Re: Anyone else have this number sighting since the new year started?

Oh nice. "The Man" did link to one of your posts. Also a fascinating thread.

It's very interesting that seemingly "normal" people see this phenomena occur in their life with the same frequency as us "seeking" types. Reminds me of what Montalk said:

Montalk wrote:

Maybe this is true on the global level as well. If mass consciousness were about to be impacted, for better or for worse, then more synchronistic things should enter into mass consciousness somehow. I don't know what form they would take, but in my life the biggest improvements and biggest traumas were preceded/accompanied by the most numerous and bizarre synchronicities. Therefore, people who will be most impacted by an unprecedented Shift/Nexus/Wave should experience some unprecedented weirdness and synchronicity in the short time leading up to it.

These synchronicities, because they are so bizarre and point to influences from beyond spacetime, would help deconstruct the belief in linear time, thus quickening the very change in awareness causing those synchronicities in the first place, like a feedback loop. If synchronicity were to blow up to infinity, then you would see the perfect correspondence between the universe, your mind, and everything in both, which I think qualifies as enlightenment and the direct witnessing that All is One and One is All.

So maybe more people experiencing synchronicities now, including number sightings, is just the very tip of what's to come.

1,111 ones!

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Re: Anyone else have this number sighting since the new year started?

I've had a crazy amount of number sightings today; practically every time I looked at the clock it was 11:11, 14:14, 15:55 or something similar. A video I watched online had a view count of 22,222. When we were out today, I saw about 5 vehicles with 44 somewhere on them - numberplate, telephone number, car model, etc. A few road signs had 44 or 144 on them. I was with my dad when he bought something and it came to £144, and the order number had 44 in it. Is today a particularly significant day because of the closing of NR or something? I've also experienced a lot of negativity coming from the people around me today too, which was unwarranted and kind of weird. I no longer get an ominous feeling from the number sightings, however - it feels neutral or perhaps even positive to me now.

...As I was typing this, I glanced at the clock and it was 18:44. (!)

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Re: Anyone else have this number sighting since the new year started?

Hey guys.  Thanks for all the replies. I was taking a hiatus for a while; the ticker decided to try and go out on me on the 9th.  Too much strain I guess. Or maybe a heartbreak?

I wanted to get back on here and round out this post since it's the last day. I really haven't had any easing up on the number sightings.  Lots of double digits, not just 44.  I don't have a clock with the military time, so I am spared too many weird number sightings since the first two digits only go up to 12.

I don't think all these are bad omens, but now that I've been reading over at Stew and Janet Swerdlow's website, I'm learning that they are triggers. Programming triggers. So maybe not so good sightings?  Don't know.  Are they correct? Who is triggering this? Is it all part of the monarch programming? I still have much more to check out. I knew that 11:11 was some kind of cosmic trigger, or at least I thought that's what it was. So maybe no? Maybe blackops? I sure hope not, since that would mean most of the population is being triggered.

Today's latest 44 sighting was when I was attempting to drive to our sister city after it had been snowing heavy for 2 hours. I really wanted to go since it was an appointment with a chiropractor to see if he could ease some of the pain in my spine/back.  So here I am in my little light-weight Honda, swerving all over the place.  So I think to myself, "I wonder if it's okay to keep going and try make it over to the other side of town" and as I was at the tail-end of the sentence, I happened to look at the dash's digital clock, and it was 2:44.  yikes  Needless to say, I turned my car around and came back home.....Not because of fear but because I had that feeling inside.

So I don't know folks.  I had those sightings really intensely for several weeks and then I ended up having some kind of heart attack.  I wound up going to the ER and while there I overheard a nurse telling the patient in the next "curtain" that all the hospitals in town and the surrounding areas are overfilling. They are having to send patients elsewhere and open up unused wings of the hospitals to be able to handle all the patients.  I'll tell you what, that did NOT make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!!!  And guess how long it's been like that??  One guess is all you get.... Yep, just since the start of the year, around the time I started having these blatant double digit sightings, with emphasis on the 44. 

The funny part of the evening was when she said that to the patient.  I piped up and said in a semi-loud voice, "Yeah well tell them to stop spraying us with chemtrails, and we might not all be so sick!!".   big_smile  You could have heard a pin drop....

So in lieu of the information found at Swerdlow's site, I have just begun to make intentions everytime I have a number sighting. I say to my subconscious that if that was a negative trigger sighting by some nefarious creeps, I am putting a big brown X over it.  And if it's beneficial for me, well then...disregard that statement.  tongue  That's about all I know to do.  I have only just started that, but so far it hasn't made too much of a dent, so perhaps they are beneficial for me?

Ah, well. Just one more mystery to solve...

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Re: Anyone else have this number sighting since the new year started?

Seeking The Truth wrote:

The funny part of the evening was when she said that to the patient.  I piped up and said in a semi-loud voice, "Yeah well tell them to stop spraying us with chemtrails, and we might not all be so sick!!".     You could have heard a pin drop....

You. Are. Awesome.

Hope you're feeling better now! Remember to focus on the positive.