Topic: Anyone else have this number sighting since the new year started?

I have been having really odd number sightings lately. I realized that it's been just since the first of the year.  This wasn't happening last year.  I've read here that everybody has their own little personalized sightings, but I'm wondering if I'm the only one having this one or if it's kind of like 11:11 sightings. 

So, every time (nearly) that I look at the clock, it has the number 44 in it.  Like it will be 8:44 or 12:44 or 4:44.  I do not intuit that this is a good number sighting--at all.  I just started having them out of the blue. Not just a couple times.  More like several times a day, and including the times when I wake up in the middle of the night to relieve myself.  Sometimes, it's sneaky-like in showing up.  I'll see 11:55 (5-1=4, 5-1=4), or 4:22, or some other weird combo that you could translate to 44.

At other times, when I look at the clock, it will be straight up on the hour--1:00 or 6:00, etc.  And another one I'm having is a number sandwich, like 6:16, 8:28, 4:14, etc.  Neither one of these sightings are predictable in the specific numbers, just in the pattern.  They don't feel creepy to me; just strange.

But that number 44.....I am really getting sick of seeing that number!!  It feels very bad to me.  I thought it odd at first, but nothing more. Then after I had seen it happen for over a week, at least 4 times each day, I finally asked myself, "Okay, so is this a good number sighting? It is, isn't it?"  To which my gut says, "Nooooooo, not really." 

Sooooo, just wondering if anyone else is having this exact number sighting?? Does anyone know what it means (as in generalized, like 11:11), if anything?

I am somewhat concerned about this. This year has been rather strange.  I could even jump on the conspiracy bandwagon with this one, if I stretch it a bit.  When I saw the closing date for the forum, I felt some bad vibes about it and wondered why. I looked at the date, 2/22, and thought 'no big deal'.  No number sighting there. Then I wrote it out (in my head) to 2/22/2008.  Hello?  44 again!!  I was like NO way!  Okay, so that may be stretching it, but it sure fits into my strange experiences....

This is really kind of freaking me out.  Do people get this sighting before they croak? Is it some cosmic thing like 11:11 or my own unique situation?  I mean, I know I've been sick and still haven't come out of it fully yet, but I didn't think it was my time to die now (though it feels closer than I would have ever imagined).  Surely I'm not the lone 44 number-seer.  Hopefully...

Any input would be greatly appreciated. smile

Re: Anyone else have this number sighting since the new year started?

That's so weird - I've been seeing the number 44/144 seriously ALL THE TIME lately! It's usually clock numbers like x:44, 14:44, 14:41, etc. What does it mean?!? I've noticed it too many times for it to be coincidence. It's freaking me out.

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Re: Anyone else have this number sighting since the new year started?

I've been getting 1:41's all over the place (or 11:41 I think is even more frequent).  This has been going on for at least a couple weeks... and it's starting to bug!  I was even trying to rationalize it at 11:41 this afternoon... thinking well backwards it's almost 411 .... like information --- so maybe 114 is bad information?  Generally I've gotten the impression (after reading about Lyra's sightings) that 141's are bad news..  so I'm not happy about that. 

I'll have to pay more attention to the 44's... because I'm not positive how frequently I've been getting those but I'm thinking I've at least gotten a few.  They haven't been as noticiable if I have. 

I have gotten those number sandwiches A LOT but that's been going on for ages already.  I'm not quite sure what they mean. 

Oh and it's funny that you mentioned your 11:55 = 44 thing... just because I've been getting lots of 11's and 5's lately also... 11:05's and 11:15's a lot.  Maybe the 11:55 too hmmm - gosh I sound like a clock watcher, haha.  Can't really remember my biggest ones, but thought I'd at least mention the 141's because they're the ones bugging me the most as of late. 

I remember from the Doreen Virtue book 444 was supposed to mean something like your angels are with you... so I've always assumed the repeating numbers to be fairly good... but they're different for everyone and just 44 maybe something else entirely.  I googled it and the first thing that I found was something on a dream site that was indicating 33 was truth and 44 was absolute?  Yeah I have no idea but I really hope they're something good.  Try not to think about it being a sign of death unless you've got a good reason (besides being ill) to think that.  Doesn't sound like a good thing to be dragging through your mind everytime you look at the clock.  Plus since you don't feel like it's your time, maybe it's just optimism but the death theory just doesn't sound right to me.

haha just before I clicked submit I looked out the window and tried to really think/remember how often I've been seeing the 44's  .... only to look back at my computer screen to find the time to be 4:41.  LOL!

Re: Anyone else have this number sighting since the new year started?

That's crazy, prances!

I wonder if we'll be unable to look at the clock without seeing this kind of synch by 2012...

Re: Anyone else have this number sighting since the new year started?

Lyra has discussed her own 141 sightings at great length, both here on the forum and also on her website.   I'd suggest taking the time to review her comments on the subject.

Re: Anyone else have this number sighting since the new year started?

Yes, really strange. I've been seeing a lot of numbers like 21:12, 13:31, 11:11, etc lately.

Interessting how it reminds us that we are part of something bigger than we can understand.

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Re: Anyone else have this number sighting since the new year started?

Since I've started paying attention, I've seen lots of repeats. 1:11, 11:11, 22, 222, 33, 333, 44, 444, and on the downside 666 (kinda expected given I'm wary of that and kinda look out for it -- mostly saw that recently in large decimal numbers in video game script code for object placement coordinates), but also strange ones like 166, 266, 366. 3 is apparently a huge number with me. Seems to signify change or something. My name here equals 33 according to this calculation table by SiriArc. (Real full name without spaces = 88.) No more numbers are coming to mind so I need to pay attention more to less obvious numbers.

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Re: Anyone else have this number sighting since the new year started?

Well I've been doing some research on it, and apparently the number 144 has some kind of spiritual significance, like the 144,000 in the Book of Revelation. But I don't know...I kind of get a bad feeling from it, like you do Seeking The Truth. Had a couple of synchs today - I was reading Lyra's article on number sightings, happened to glance at the clock, and it was 10:44. I was also on the phone earlier and when the call ended, I somehow knew that the call duration would be something strange - I was expecting 01:44 actually, but no - it was 03:33.

I have made some pretty major changes in my life recently, so that could be why these numbers keep cropping up. But are they positive, as in telling me I'm on the right track, or are they warning signs? That's what I'm trying to figure out.

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Re: Anyone else have this number sighting since the new year started?

Thanks for the replies, everyone. 

I've read lyra's work pertaining to the number sightings. In fact, I read most of the articles on and lyra's site before I joined the forum. Very fascinating. At the time, though, I wasn't having any number sightings. I didn't think too much about it.  Then about 6-8 months ago I started having the 11:11 show up. I also see ascending numbers often. So that is normal to me now.  I don't have them often enough to stand out; just occasionally. So I was quite surprised to have this start happening to me since the first of the year. 

It has been very strange with the 44 sighting.  Most of the time I just happen to glance at the clock when I see it.  I am not consciously wanting to know what time it is; rather, I will be doing something and the clock will catch my eye, or I'll glance in its direction, or I'll wake up from sleeping and for some reason I'll look at the clock right away and there it will be, or I'll bang my hand on something or drop something and have this urge to look at the clock and again, there it is.  Whenever I purposefully look to see what time it is, it's usually a very normal time with no pattern, like 10:27 and 9:36 for example.  It's so weird.

When it first started happening, I didn't worry too much about it, other than thinking that it was odd that I should see that and take notice. So the first time or two it didn't bother me.  Then as the days passed I started getting them more and more often--ridiculously so.  Then it started happening in the middle of the night.  It's driving me crazy now! It's been a month of this, already....

Daisy, as far as I can tell, this is NOT a good sighting. I do think it's some kind of warning signal.  Like my solar plexus area hurting right before I pass out. It's saying "HELLO!!! Something to notice here..."  Like, I MUST notice this.  There is no option on my part.  I can't stop it from occurring. 

And talking about bad synchs, when I was starting this thread, I had several myoclonic jerks in my torso. Maybe I wasn't supposed to be sharing this info?  I have a lot of involuntary jerking of almost every part of my body, so maybe it had nothing to do with me saying this.

I do not find that there is a pattern to this, to the extent that most people are used to having them. I'm not doing anything in particular at the time.  It seriously just happens ALL the time.  At all times of the day/night.  So I don't reckon that this is a personal number sighting.  That's why I hesitated to say anything about me dying or whatever.  I don't have the feeling that I'm going to die soon, but it feels equal to it in terms of it being something at least that bad.  I don't know how to say what is fully in my head. There aren't enough words, or there are too many! 

It's sad, but I find myself elated when I do look at the clock to see the time and it says 11:43 or whatever.  I'm excited because then I know NOT to look at the clock within the next few minutes!  How bad is that?  I now avoid looking at the damn thing just so I won't see those numbers!

Re: Anyone else have this number sighting since the new year started?

I've been seeing 4:44 for the past three days. In Gematria, 444 is 'Perfect Love.' I find this synchronisitic because right after I started reading a book on Christian Mysticism, which emphasises 'Perfect Love', I began to glance at the clock at 4:44 three days in a row. It is also synchronistic due to the fact that most of the Christian Mystics teach a threefold path, and numerologically, 444=3.

The book is 'The Essential Writings of Christian Mysticism' edited by Bernard Mcginn.

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Re: Anyone else have this number sighting since the new year started?

In the book, A Gathering of Angels - Angels in a Jewish Life and Literature by Morris B, Moralies, 444 represents women.  When you see this number the divine cosmos is asking you to consider the feminine aspect of your own personality.  It seems this number simultaneously suggests that angels and devils are within each of us. Which one do you feed? The number suggests that you should float through life with undiminished zest!  If you are male the number cautiously beckons you to treat the feminine nature of life with respect and equality.  If one banishes the duality of women you will banish humanity itself. In other words in the Garden of Eden everything should be "even steven."  Do not suppress the woman through male arrogance.

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Oh weird, I've been seeing 444 a lot lately. To me, it feels like a good thing.

Makes me think of 4th Density.

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i too have been seeing 4:44 along with numbers such as 11:11, and 5:55.

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Re: Anyone else have this number sighting since the new year started?

Just looked at a clock, it was 13:44 (European so no AM/PM here). And last few weeks, I've also been seeing a lot of 33's, 11's, 23:23, and even more synch numbers. So yes, this seems to be more than just a personal fluke of some sort (when so many can report this).

Before I posted this I glanced at the clock again, 13:55 lol smile (was doing some other stuff so didn't post right away). I mean it, last few weeks I been seing various double digits and other numerologically interesting numbers like more than 50% of times I check the time, and also outside of the clock. I didn't usually see much of this just one or two years ago, with a few not so frequent exceptions.

I had a few major synchs (and almost in succession and in the same day) just two days ago now - wow it was Feb 11 (02/11 -> 2+11+2+0+0+8=23)...