Topic: Goji Berry

Anyone else eat these? i think they are really tasty, they have more vitamin C than per weight than any other friut as well as other good things.  Quite easy to grow too so if you have some land or garden consider growing some.

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Re: Goji Berry

Yup goji berriea are yummy. They're kind of expensive for a pack but they're supposed to be one of the superfoods, toss some in your smoothies and trail mix. I think the super foods work better when you combine a few together rather than just getting one super food and adding it here and there... When I juice veggies with kale, and get a bunch of raw fruits and veggies... make a big salad and a smoothie with a bunch of superfoods like the raw chocolate, maca, fo-ti, goji berries, acai etc... I feel really good.

Re: Goji Berry

I need to get me some of those. Those are the only berries that have protein - 21 amino acids!

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