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Remember during I Am Legend when the news mentions the Giants losing to the Patriots for the second time that season? I remember when it happened, thinking: "well, that would be impossible as they would only play each other once in a year and only during a year where the two leagues (AFC/NFC) paired those divisions up (I think it's like once ever 4 years).  What I didn't realize is that there could be a second time and it would have to be the Super Bowl.

Well, it's happening....

Will they lose 23-7 like the movie says and what does this all mean? … entologist

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And people thought movies were only for entertainment... smile

There is also a lot of occult symbolism throughout that movie as well. Perhaps they like to play with people who have eyes to see. I can only speculate on the motivation behind the message. There appear to be different levels of messages for different people.

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Covertmetaphor, you silly goose!  The Patriots will win because of Wes Welker!!!!!!!  You make Kitty Scared.

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this is funny dude..herez something i wanted to share. Last superbowl I was in chicago and being chicagoan for living their for like 5 year I supported Bears. Now, that period of my life was so friggin disturbed. And i was so much mentally disturbed that it was impossible for me to stop my mind for even 2 seconds. I would think every second about everything and anything that will come to my mind and like you said about movies they are not jsut there for entertainment they do have lot of purpose behind them. And you definately need an eye of the seer to see all the body language and the signs every scene has to offer. They might go smooching with some dialouge and there will be a hint on the table or somewhere with a book on it saying something. And I don't really look for all the signs but my mind just tunes into it. Anyways, thats when 300 was coming out too and I was obsessed by the movie trailors how i was in that situation fighting with not just myself but what seemed like a cold war with the whole world i was living with even my own parents. And they showed that trialer when the match was against New orleans and they played that trailer so, i thought I would find my answers and I took it to myself as challenging the whole system cuz i wasn't giving up and I wasn't listening to anyone those times.but anwyas.....

So, that superbowl colts won ofcourse. Now, colts stand for a young mind as a metaphor which I took in that situation implying on me but wasn't unaware of it at that time. Now, both the quarter backs manning and grossman had shirts one with number 8 that is grossman and 18 manning. Now, 8 is a representation of infinity the force and energy. And for some reason 18 implies to the entities who are one with their minds and can access the infinity the force and the energy.

Now, after learning and understaning that was adequate to understand my own situation, I have come to a conclusion that I have to make a choice. Now, the fool or the hanged man represents the same aspect of an entity being stuck in a situation where he can't make a choice. I understand my choices but doesn't make sense to make choice between two sides which is nothing but part of the one system. New York is a metaphor for people who are going to die and they always hit you subconciously with that word all the time a person whoz going to make a choice. And New York is for the father side of the world and New England is the mother side of the world and I don't know who would follow this or think am insane with all this but this is what i understand I can't convince myself of anything else that what I understand. My understanding is based on the same syncs that played my past and when they make sense they go back and relate to everything and make syncs inside my own mind and come out with these answers that just seemed perfect for having a metal awarness of what it is but can't be agreed or spoken about in this prison...

And this is very funny sync that was created. I was watching I am Legend on the computer and my bother pops into my room and asks me to pass him his flash disk he needs to give it to somebody. He comes into my room exactly at the scene where robert aka will smith gives his life and pass out this blood sample to the lady and that boy. Now, tell you what according to them the movie Jesus Christ will make a sacrifice and they will keep figting for this system and keep making his blood live in oblivious world making him sleep again and again and his blood is being which is to say soul alive and they are killing the conciousness of every person who is waking up.

The world is contaminated by no self awarness of the true light that is not to divide and rule but love and live. But the world is just stuck in these 3d and astral planes fighting for true sourcerer with no understanding.

" Love is the understanding and unspoken bond between you and the creator "

"Loving is an art that is the state of creation"

..........Lyrically am suppose to SHINE.........
..........I am the ONE that makes you  BLIND........
..........And am that darkness that lets you SHINE.........

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Super Bowl prophetic?  No, but what a game!  Covert Metaphor,  I really thought the Patriots would win because Welker in the lasts seconds would perform a miracle interception. Didn't happen.:(  Doesn't matter it was still great entertainment.   I don't like football that much, but I would like to announce that Fluffy later on last evening won the Puppy Bowl  on  Animal Planet.  Hey, I guess I'm mellowing cause I even like the Super-Bowl commercials.  I'm so......thirsty for some Coke right now. Snort, snort. as usual j/k. However, upon reflection must say the lizzard ballet commercial when the woman was singing/dancing with "them" kind of freaked me out. Whaaaa? I realize I'm only posting to myself now, everything has been said on this forum and Elvis left along time ago. No, on second thought I'm not mellowing, I just don't care anymore about anything and there is a special freedom in that.

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Hind sight is 20/20, but I felt that the Declaration of Independence recitation had some strange symbolic or prophetic undertones to the Giants upsetting the Pats...

Something along the lines as "if the people believe the govt. to be out of line, they have the right to overthrow it..." 

The giants overthrew the patriots...

Prophetic of what is to come of America???

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Abraham Lincoln: "...that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

Can't pinpoint the date, but it has perished....R.I.P.

Yes!  The Declaration of Independance it was rather nice while it lasted, but alas and alack, its but a fond memory these days.

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or you can think of it this way:

The New England Patriots, representing the true patriotism, which (should) stand for the declaration and constitution. (A true patriot should be outraged by our current state and should revolt almost by definition.)
The New York Giants, i.e. Wall Street, big money, the drivers of the system.

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