Topic: Announcement: NR Forum Closing on Feb 22nd, 2008

After many months of deliberation, I have decided to close down the Noble Realms Forum on 2/22/08. I am giving a month's notice to allow members the appropriate preparation discussions.

The forum will still remain on the net as a searchable archive, and members will have the ability to log in and email other members, but posting and registration activities will end.

Noble Realms was established in December of 2003 to provide an informal environment for the discussion of fringe subjects. For me it was both a necessary duty to serve those who requested a forum like this, and an experiment in applying what I had learned from my prior experiences at the Cassiopaean discussion groups. On both counts it was a success. NR survived four years and remained stable long enough to produce many graduates who have become stronger souls because of it.

This open internet forum was never intended to be an endless endeavor, however. And since late 2006 I sensed the end approaching but wanted to wait to determine whether what I was seeing was just a temporary phase or a progressive trend. The trend was a shift in the vibrational, experiential, and emotional profile of the active forum membership. What in the first couple years only Noble Realms could properly fulfill has shifted toward what could just as well be satisfied on other forums. Coupled with the fact that over the past four years many other good fringe forums have sprung up, NR no longer serves a unique function. Its original purpose has been served.

Where to go from here? I am aiming for converting from a public forum to a more harmonized, personalized, individualized, and private means of networking. It’s a realm split right here on the internet. This is partly in keeping with the times... it just feels like 2008 is a critical point in terms of polarization, incompatibles parting ways and compatibles coming together. So I am advising switching to email, phone, instant messaging, private forums / IRC rooms, and face-to-face meetings with those who are mutually compatible with you. My hope is that with NR being the happy melting pot that it was, people have had the opportunity to select with whom to forge deeper friendships. Things are going to become more real, pure, and direct this way.

We ought to post links to other alternative forums to provide willing members with options for migration.

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Re: Announcement: NR Forum Closing on Feb 22nd, 2008

Thank you Montalk for all your visionary work.  I would be happy to see people at spirituality forum. There I have attempted to engage young bright minds to think for themselves, just as it appears you have here(although I believe the participation here is far more mature). Knowledge only serves appropriately when it is expressed freely without regulatory interference. KR is a worthy field for planting valuable trees and grapevines of spiritual wisdom for future generations.

Thanks for the memories!  And what Pictus might say--"good riddance" smile

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Re: Announcement: NR Forum Closing on Feb 22nd, 2008

Thanks Tom.  The only other forum I am a member of is a David Icke site.  I haven't visited it in months.  Oh yeah, also  Thelemic news and culture.  Neither compared to Noble Realms.  I would also say that you match in maturity much older individuals.  I equate the word maturity with a quickening of evolution especially when possessed by youth.   According to the Tzokin Calender, February is when I will be leaving a low energy state I've been in for some time now.

I've been to the site that titmouse mentions, and it is pretty decent. 

As they say however, it aint over 'till the fat lady sings.

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Re: Announcement: NR Forum Closing on Feb 22nd, 2008

Crap!!!  I really like this place smile  I agree, a HUGE "Thank You" Montalk for all of your hard work here.   I will miss NR, I do not feel ready to move on...:(

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Re: Announcement: NR Forum Closing on Feb 22nd, 2008

Wow !

I'm going to miss this place even though I haven't been posting for a while. I often read and used this as a launch pad to explore many topics. I really enjoyed the profound depth of many posters here.

I'm grateful.

Maybe it really is time to get closer to those we love in our everyday life and leave the computer alone.

It's a beautiful world out there.


Re: Announcement: NR Forum Closing on Feb 22nd, 2008

Well this explains why my thread in the suggestion forum about the search not working very well went unanswered ; )

It's really too bad the site will be shut down for those of us who are really in the development stage of our own personal betterment, so to speak. While some of us feel unable to contribute in a productive way, considering the breadth of what has already been thoroughly discussed/dissected, I assume many of the members (including myself) browse the site on a regular basis as a form of assistance (just wish the search had worked better in order to take advantage of all the great work the main posters on the site have done over the years).

Good luck to you and thanks for the site.  Wish I had discovered it in October 5 years ago, rather than in October 2007.

Re: Announcement: NR Forum Closing on Feb 22nd, 2008

Thanks montalk for providing this forum for all these's been extremely helpful in so many ways. Conversing with all these people and the occasional wacky idea helped me realize that I'm not entirely crazy, or if I am, I definitely have company!
It's been probably one of the most important steps in my healing process, and I'd like to thank everyone for their insights, fascinating and tragic stories, and providing an opportunity for me to do the same.
"Good riddance!"
The network has been set in place to some extent, with some key friendships formed and bonds forged. However unfortunate the closure of the forum may be, I know that greater things are to come.
I've been visiting the Divine Cosmos forum and finding it to be extremely uplifting, particularly some of the forum posters being welcoming, respectful and of high frequency. However, it is a significantly more of a controlled environment, as the moderator needs to approve your post before it will appear...I definitely don't regard it as an ideal network, but none of my posts have ever been turned down. So I welcome you there...but as always, I'm open to greater possibilities wink

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Re: Announcement: NR Forum Closing on Feb 22nd, 2008

Crap... I'm going to miss this place. I come here all the time in search of answers, but I can see why you would want to put an end to the forum. If something in life that once used to bring passion becomes a chore that bears no fruit from the labors, then it is something that must be discarded.

I definitely don't want to lose contact with most of you guys. Almost all of you are of such a high level of maturity and awareness. It would be a rare occurrence to bump into any of you in real life.

Montalk wrote:

So I am advising switching to email, phone, instant messaging, private forums / IRC rooms, and face-to-face meetings with those who are mutually compatible with you.

What instant messaging platform do most of you use? I think it would be great if we all networked on AIM, ICQ, MSN, or IRC. We should all agree on one of them.

I don't want to be on my own. This forum has the best quality members than any other forum on the planet. It would be a shame if we didn't all come together.

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Re: Announcement: NR Forum Closing on Feb 22nd, 2008

"good riddance!" smile

All things must come to an end - even the amazing NR forum. I've learnt a lot from everyone and I agree that everyone here is amazing. I'm actually transitioning into other forums such as the Steve Pavlina forums and well we'll see what we can find.
If anyone wants to add me on msn my email is

Big thanks to Tom and everyone for making NR what it is today.

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Re: Announcement: NR Forum Closing on Feb 22nd, 2008




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Re: Announcement: NR Forum Closing on Feb 22nd, 2008

I guess I'll have to find a new site to eat my oatmeal to...

I don't want to go back to!!!

Maybe I'll eat my oatmeal without the computer, and I'll work on my relationships with my roommates. The one that's giving me the silent treatment for having the powerstruggle with the other roommate who needs to be alpha male. Ahhhh shit. Human dynamics. Time to get that shit straight.

Thanks, Montalk!

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Re: Announcement: NR Forum Closing on Feb 22nd, 2008

There are some great minds here, not the least being Tom himself.  So thankyou Tom and NRs trusty anchorwoman Carissa and everyone else.  I'm attracted to this place and have enjoyed the fine people i meet here and the tone and calibre of the talks we have.  Very few ruffles around the place. ('cept i've yet to get me a soul don't forget).  Having found NR only 9 months ago my first thought was "How long's this been going on?"  My second thought after reading awhile was "I will have to learn to type" because i had only had a computer a few months.  I didn't stop to think about how long NR would go on, although i'm sometimes the guy who reminds others that a wheel turns.  Everything changes.  My first feeling about this announcement is of disappointment, i can't deny, but like any ending i will treat it as a lesson in non- attachment and enjoy what's left of NR.  Thankyou all so much.

Re: Announcement: NR Forum Closing on Feb 22nd, 2008

Thanks for all the hard work you have done, Montalk.

I am glad you are leaving the information on-line, as many more souls will find thier way here, in the years to come, and will find a wealth of valuable information to set them on their way.

Hopefully, with one month's notice, we may be able to find a common ground for us to regroup at.

Great work, the best forum I have ever seen.  Have a good life.

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Re: Announcement: NR Forum Closing on Feb 22nd, 2008

It's been wonderful being able to have a place to share ideas and experiences that are rarely discussed so freely anywhere else.  I thank you for all you've done to provide this nice little alternative corner of the internet for us all, Montalk.  Although it will be sad and somewhat of an adjustment, it's understandable that it's time to move on, too.  Change is one of life's constants, and even 'virtual' life must abide by natural laws, too.

Thanks to everyone who's shared various forums that they've been frequenting.  Even though I haven't been very active on this forum for a while, it was nice to come back to be able to read what everyone else's thoughts have been and catch up with what's been going on 'out there'.   It's been educational, interesting, amusing, and occasionally frustrating, but mostly FUN! smile  Thanks again, Montalk, and good luck to everyone!

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Re: Announcement: NR Forum Closing on Feb 22nd, 2008


The 2008 prophecy of destruction is true!

Why do I feel there is more Montalk?

Is it true I can buy the server for $500.00? ([size=22]MY MISTAKE. IT WAS NR.COM for sale not NR.ORG - edit Bhang[/size])

Are you being pressured by outside influences?

anyhow... all you well loved bloggers have an open invite to my place at wachadoo.... you can't shut down montalk... this archive is one of the best alternative information sites around and this is why I'm suspect... if it is for sale I'll be doing my damnedest to acquire it.

I feel other forces at work montalk - you better come clean or I'll get you in the astral!

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