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Re: What We Must Do To Ascend

zenden wrote:

.  the state of the human there is a mess.  what a muddle for the muddles.  what a tangled absurdity and still wreaking havoc.  the war in heaven, whatever EXPLANATION (of the players) is THE DEAL. as u have outlined.  we differ in the sense that i think/feel/know (went out on a limb with that one  by saying 'know') that indeed, NOUS somehow, some kind of instigated nous and and epinoia, injected in occurs somehow after time all the above events u outlined, in certain sectors, for some of the humans, and and an overall lifting to another realm reality for the ex-human or human players occurs in a slightly greater number.  and with slightly difft forms. all that matters not though.  humans have to keep evolving somewhere, since they were so engineered and i think nous breaks them out of the mold, that they eveolved anyway even tho it wasnt planned, or expected and they shed that engineered role.  get/become higher in the herarchy as a breed, a species.  and im partially a de-humanist.  (they can be so disappointing).   its  so worn out how the cycling goes.  i think the warranty is out/up on it.  i say this after reading the Pistis Sophia, the padgett channelings more recently.   altho skewed they had the master backing uop much u said.  now, the kumaras (are they truly brothers?) and could u explain more on that for us here,  please?

several works (lots gnostic), myths legends explalin this ascension phenomena.  i looked up Barbelo and was amazed at how these players in this cosmic gam are known to mankind and to other beings from interplanetary courts and schools.  history has stored all this.  all can be found.  i think some will definitely make it past many realms, really jumping them and not in order like the egyptians have said, and im thinking some wiser egyptians way knew better.   i cant see tho how ppl that dont know who they are will, since i think the plan is imprinted on some, in some, to do so.  and that that decision was made and installed by that being somehow.  as its been seen and done already kinda sorta.   the reality will change here for these humans, more than suspected is what im thinking.  in the whole sector.  so that the games like they have cant be played as rotten again, as overall evolution keeps speaking and this is so worn out, here.

It feels good to be swept up in the updraft of the mighty Zen's blouse, oh thou monumental one, thanku for your kind words....  I would actually have written a book if my previous post had gone on for much longer.  It had to stop somewhere and  that was only a thumbnail of an even bigger picture.  May i fly straight into it? 

The 4th root race on earth fell (in consciousness and vibration) from the etheric plane and progressively took on denser bodies until they too were physical.  They then intermarried with human beings who were already in a very low state of consciousness.  The "sons of god married the daughters of men" as it is written in scripture and this inter- breeding accelerated their own decent in consciousness.  Also, the 5th and 6th root races are here on earth in various states of spiritual awareness.  Then there are the UFO beings here on earth and in the astral plane.   As i understand it, souls have been incarnating on earth in various planes for a vast period, so this has all taken place during vastly different epochs.  This planet is crowded with "evolutionary variety" because of those diverse origins and because relatively few souls have awoken to the indwelling Presence of God and ascended.  But at the end of another Great Cycle (now) some on earth are ready to ascend.  At the other end of the spectrum, others are wearing out their welcome on this planet.  I'll explain what i know of that a bit further on.

I agree Zenden, that "nous" must come and is coming.  It is being injected again as the solution to all this pathos unfolding on planet earth.  The earth and her evolutions desperately need personal and planetary solutions and that's what this current 'wave' of the holy spirit is all about.   It is not simply a way of escaping a world in decay, but is an opportunity to anchor the light of spirit, first in ourselves and then in our world.  A Golden Age is planned.  The players on the chessboard are being repositioned and some are being removed.  Nevertheless, a Golden Age is not guarranteed.  We must ratify the plan of hierarchy by playing our part and that means consciously remembering and becoming who we really are.  For us, that "nous" you speak of is a remembrance of our divine consciousness... something we already are at inner levels.  Way way back, a measure of that "nous" was first "breathed into" early man after long cycles of evolution through the lower kingdoms.  The intelligence of spiritual intellect was bestowed, and with it, the faculties to realise the fullness of that gift of life, through self- mastery in matter and eventual ascension into spirit.  At that early stage, the home-evolutionary-run had just begun and eventual union with spirit was in evolutionary view.  But that divine act of will was curtailed [in at least one of these evolutionary epochs by at least 2 separate evolutions of 'angels'] by the genetic and psychic tampering with those souls for reasons pointed out earlier. 

Throughout that process of tampering and conflict all "nous" was lost by everyone including the angel devas who were provoked into defending their field of action.  [I use the term "nous" as it relates to the "divine reason" of the "divine mind" in man and woman... ie.. "numinous", which is not merely the human reasoning faculty of the lower intellect or lower mental body]. The fallen angels who came and provoked all that conflict, had already perverted their "numinous" into a self serving shadow of true selfhood long before they came to earth.  They were very familiar with destruction as a philosophical approach to life and had totally destroyed "Maldek" their home planet before coming here.  Evidently, they literally blew it apart.  It is now an asteroid belt in a 'trillion' pieces.  Nice work.  They are called the "laggard race" because aeons ago (must have been before Maldek) they failed to keep up (in evolutionary terms) with the evolutionary cycle on their home planet and they failed to ascend with that planet and with the souls who ascended with it.  For them, knowledge (and all it's corrupted uses) has long replaced wisdom/numinous and they are here on earth still outplaying the old deep conflicts within themselves,, still playing demigod in the footstool kingdom.  But the soul's opportunity is not eternal.  They will soon meet their maker again and be called to account for their crimes against humanity.

This incarnation is the end of the left handed path for them [the path of STS] and it does not lead to ascension.  It leads to soul death at the Court of the Sacred Fire or, if they so choose, something almost akin to demonhood in the lower astral worlds.  That will be the only choice left to them at the end of this life.  Their misuse of freewill and consciousness has finally brought them to this ultimate nemesis.  During their final incarnation on earth, they are not likely to suddenly accept the spiritual breath of life and the path of the ascension in this final opportunity afforded by the law.  And if they did it would be a long road home.  They want nothing to do with surrendering the lower- ego, (and all it's accouterments of power) so once again these evolutionary 'laggards' are virtually certain to be left behind [and go to judgement] as earth rises in vibration.  The spiritual breezes are again blowing through all life and forcing choice on all the inhabitants of earth.  Christ or antichrist?  Who will reign on the throne of each heart?  For some, [the laggards] this is a final choice, and if antichrist is chosen (again, as it is being chosen) then they will be taken from the planet at death and no longer allowed to incarnate here.  In the custody of Archangelic beings of light they will be taken to the "Court of the Sacred Fire" (see revelation) and given one final choice.  They will be confronted with the record of their entire incarnational sojourn in matter (on this and other planets) and shown the unmitigated crimes they have committed.  As a witness to their infamy they will see the path of destruction they have revelled in for aeons.  They will then be given a choice.  Either, they will choose self oblivion and the instant cancelling out of soul identity (by the sacred fire) or they can choose a lower evolutionary path in a lower realm.  Either way they won't be returning to earth. 

When these beings first rebelled against the law (of loving service) they "swore enmity against the woman and her seed forever" (see Revelation).  The "woman" is the mother light within us.  It is the kundalini fire that, if gently disciplined in devotion and loving service, can rise from the base chakra to the crown chakra, giving birth to the christ- consciousness on the way.  "To him that remains faithfull unto the death (of the lower- ego) i will give the crown of life" (Revelation).... ie... "I" (the inner- Christ) will fully open the crown chakra and flood the soul in the golden light of divine illumination.  This initiation of the souls of light is what the fallen angels fear.  For ages, they have dedicated their lives to preventing it's manifestation in us.   They have waged war by all deceptive means and that includes offering their own appetites to cause souls to squander and misqualify the mother light..... the kundalini energies within us.

The fallen angels have made that light in us, their enemy.  If they can steal it, it is their "friend".  But if that light rises up within us and illumines our souls, it is their enemy.  So they do not wait for that light to rise up (in us) from the base chakra to the crown...  Because if that happened we would be able to see straight through incarnate evil and we would be empowered (in sufficient numbers) to dethrone them.  So the power elite have done everything in their power to prevent it.   If they can keep us spiritually blind, we are unable to dethrone the usurper in our own hearts (the vibration of anti- christ).  If we can't do that, then we have no power to change the world either.  We know that we must first change ourselves in order to change the world.  The problem has always been that the power elite know it too and they've done everything possible to prevent our awakening.  And so they have remained in positions of power everywhere.  Since their rebellion and fall these laggard fallen angels have devised many ways (some enjoyable and desirable and some painfull and traumatic) to pervert and steal the light from us before it can rise up and empower us in the strength of true being.  Christ is our true Self in spirit and the seed of christ is within our hearts, ready to blossom into a full externalisation of divine Selfhood..... the fullness of the incarnate 'word'.  That is why that seed of light has been attacked at it's inception.  The "woman and her seed" have been attacked (see Revelation) because if the mother light were allowed to rise up within us and activate the seed of the christ- consciousness, then the fallen angels and all their corrupt systems would be no more.  They would have no power over us.  Without blind, eviscerated participants, their systems of control would collapse.  [These fallen angels are referred to in the Edgar Cayce Atlantis material as "The Sons of Belial" who were at constant odds with "The Children of the Law of One"...... Today, nothing has changed in that regard.  This war of deception has been waged against the souls of light ever since the "fall' of the laggards (in vibration and consciousness) and their physical incarnation on earth]

Here are just a few allegorical references in "The Book of Revelation" chapter 12 which illustrate what i've written about the false hierarchy of laggards in the physical and the astral planes and their war of persecution against our souls and the kundalini light within us...ie...the "woman"  :

"And the great dragon was cast out -(Lucifer and the fallen angels were cast out of the higher realms)
  That old serpent called the devil and satan -(with bands of fallen angels including Satan)
  Which decieveth the whole world -(perverters of truth in everything on earth)
  He was cast out into the earth -(due to rebellion they were cast out of heaven and took on bodies of flesh)
  And his angels were cast out with him"- (millions of angels fell into gross materiality with Lucifer and Satan)

And :

"Woe to the inhabiters of the earth -(the physical plane) and of the sea- (the astral plane)
  For the devil is come down unto you -(the fallen angel's arrival on earth and the astral)
  Having great wrath- (filled with hatred and revenge against the word incarnate... us)
  For he knoweth that he hath but a short time" - ( their opportunity to bend the knee
                                                                                 to the law of loving service to others

                                                                                 would 'soon' end)...(now)
And :

"And when the dragon (the laggards) saw that he was cast unto the earth (plane)
  He persecuted the woman - (the kundalini mother light in the souls of light)
  Which brought forth the manchild - (the rising kundalini light gives birth to the christ- consciousness)

And :

"And the dragon was wroth with the woman - (fallen angels hatred against the mother light within us)
  And went to make war with the remnant of her seed- (war by all means against even the potential of
                                                                                         the christ- consciousness wherever it appears)

See what this warfare is about?  It's been described in many ways by ancient and modern authors including some here at NR.  It's about the theft and plunder of the light of the soul in order to trap souls in materiality under the dominion of the fallen angels.  That explains why souls of light on this planet have been so manipulated and persecuted at every hand.  [Read all about the modus operandi of the fallen angels which is exposed in many of the topics on Noble Realms forum].  The fallen angels have prosecuted a war of lies and deception as an unending "persecution of the saints" in order to fulfill their ancient pact of sworn enmity against us.  Their hatred of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Mother has found expression against the 'word' incarnate on this planet.  They fear the christ- consciousness because it is a far greater power than their own evil.  For their unmitigated hatred and persecution, and for turning the light within themselves to total darkness, and for cavorting with astral demons in plots against the souls of light, they are about to face their final judgement.  A "Dividing of The Way" is now taking place on earth.  Their time is now very short.  For all of earth's evolutions, three doors are open.... 

1) The ascension for a minority- [a number of the souls of light]

2) The final judgement for a minority- [The laggard fallen angels who will get one final choice]
                                                            [Re- incarnation on earth will not be an option]

3) Re- incarnation for the majority on earth, free from the gross influence of the laggard fallen angels.     

This is "the dividing of the way" or "the judgement" which has been prophesied for so long.  The time has now come for Spirit to separate the real from the unreal.  In the book of Acts it says :

"And it shall be in the last days -[last days of the age of pisces and of the Great Cycle of 25800 years... Now]
I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh -[the earth and everyone will recieve the higher spiritual vibration]
And your sons and daughters shall speak the revelation of God - [will see the truth and speak it]
Your young will see visions and your old will dream dreams" - [as the soul faculties awaken to inner- spirit]

In part, all this is the fulfillment of the plan of hierarchy and is hierarchy's solution to the impasse on planet earth, where the darkest souls still hold the most temporal power and abuse it to the destruction of the weak.... and ultimately themselves.  The laggards have always been the power elite on earth.  By their mutual re-inforcement of an interdimensional false hierarchy they have almost always maintained control of earth and her evolutions.  But that game is up now.  The beggining of the end began with the coming of Sanat Kumara ages ago.  The plan of hierarchy for the saving of a planet swung into action and continues to this day.  It was only the coming of Sanat Kumara and the 144000 to earth, that "numinous" was re- infused into some among humanity.  It was essential at that time that someone with enough attainment of the light of the heart might hold the balance for the total darkness (energy) of all of humanity.  Sanat Kumara came here to hold the balance until humanity could walk again in their own light.  He consciously sent light rays from his spiritual heart to every soul on earth as a gift for who-ever might respond to that subtle call to come up higher in consciousness.  For some, it was irresistable. 

There are 7 Kumaras and as far as i know, only the names of 2 Kumaras have been revealed.  A definition of "Kuma- Ra" means "Guardian of the Divine Fire".  The other Kumara is "Sananda Kumara" mentioned in the Theosophical literature.  He does not communicate to earth souls by way of channelling.  The "space brother" entity that goes by the name of "Sananda" is an imposter of Jesus and it goes without saying that he is not Sananda Kumara.   Jesus and the true brotherhood (and sisterhood) of Adepts do not travel around in spaceships.  They have no need for physical means of conveyance.

This information was collated over the years of researching the works of the Brotherhood in various offerings since the 1800s right through to the past few years of the 21st century.  Much of this is collated in various ways in various places and is now also on a site called : www.askrealjesus.com     If you can get past the religious symbolism on the homepage and actually read the discourses which are in the form of answers to direct questions (24 topics appear at the bottom of the home page) you will find solid information there straight from the 'horse's mouth'.