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Tuesday, 08 January 2008

By Nadine Linge (no kidding)

Comic Russell Brand fears he has made an enemy of President Bush after outrageous comments on his radio show. Russell, 32, was horrified when oddball David Icke, 55, claimed the US President’s father was a “notorious paedophile”.

Brand was so worried by the live comments, he tried to ridicule them, saying they were “bonkers” and “not the view of the BBC”. But when Icke offered to send him proof of the allegations against George Bush Snr, 83, Brand hastily added: “Don’t send it on my computer.”

A source at Brand’s late Saturday night Radio 2 show said: “Russell was absolutely horrified when Icke came out with the stuff about Bush live on air. He said afterwards he had enough problems without making enemies of the most powerful family on the planet. Russell was really worried there would be a US backlash.”

Icke, who claims to be the son of God, insists he has researched the Bush family, including current US leader George W Bush, 61, and has proof the former President abuses children. Icke said: “He’s a notorious paedophile, father George Bush.”

A spokesman for the BBC said: “We have had no complaints.”

Source: Daily Star

Will the Daily Star do any investigation into whether Father George Bush is a paedophile? No.

Will they continue to fill their pages with naked women and mind-insulting 'stories'? Of course.

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I've seen, heard and read that Icke accuses a pretty expansive list of people, including politicians, media tycoons and business men, of being reptilliens, and in some cases peedos. But I am as of yet to actually see evidence, I mean, what kind of evidence could he have? Witnesses or Bohemian Grove recordings?

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Re: Bush Sr = Peedo?

There is an obscure video floating around the web which might serve to provide more evidence that many top political officials are indeed pedophiles. I believe it is called Conspiracy of Silence.

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Re: Bush Sr = Peedo?

article wrote:

Icke, who claims to be the son of God,

Love the not-so-subtle slant going on there.  roll   Icke never claimed to be the son of God.  This claim was born out of a comment he made back in the early 90s which was misconstrued, and which to this day his detractors love to still use.  It doesn't matter how many times Icke has clarified and reclarified and explained and re-explained it over the past 10+ years.....they still latch onto it and use this slant.  It's ridiculous.  If someone has explained themselves dozens of times and made it clear how it was misconstrued, then it needs to be dropped.  So, just shows where this publication is coming from. The name "Daily Star" sounds like a tabloid.

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Re: Bush Sr = Peedo?

I'll watch that in a bit.

Heres Icke vs Wogan Round 2. It shows footage of the original interview that discredited him in the eyes of most of the public, and shows Wogan for the tool he is.

Theres a proper good video of David Icke somewhere where he's trying to do a lecture and book conference in Vancouver and it captures on video all the forces being massed against him.

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Re: Bush Sr = Peedo?

I downloaded the podcast of this show and there was no mention of George Bush Sr, so they obviously edited out that part. Still, the rest of David's interview was excellent, and is sure to have given Radio 2 listeners some food for thought - it's good that non-mainstream people are getting mainstream exposure. Clearly someone out there is still desperately trying to discredit David with that whole "son of God" thing, so there must be some validity to his claims...

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Re: Bush Sr = Peedo?

Well take a look at the Daily Star website, its a disgraceful paper.

All David said was that we are all Sons and Daughters of God in that we are like droplets in an infinite ocean if consciousness, all parts of the same whole. But he said he was a son of God, so they jumped on that bit and ignored the rest.

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