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Has anyone tried these so called smart drugs. Ok I was going thru some channelling notes from someone named BLUE on the forum and he answerd a questiong for psycho active drugs and I thought may be I will try them and yes indeed I tried.

Hydergine had a weird effect i didn't take paracetam at that time. I felt like i was a lil drunk and I could see lights emmiting from bugs and stuff like I could see lights that i see often due to my kundalini awakening got intense and i could see'em more often. All, i had to do was hold my eye sight at one point and then i will see a light right under the spot i will focus on. I would say about 2 inches below that spot there would be a light opening. Now, it wasn't that bad only later i found out it works on the CNS centeral nervous sytem and paralyzes the whole body like melatonin with an exception of effecting the pineal gland and vivid dreams.

Second time I tried both together with a 500mg paracetam and 1 mg hydergine. Well, Paracetam is given to people with dyslexia and I don't have dyslexia but learnt about how it imporves brain damage and increases memmory and helps connect the right and left side of the brain. Now, it made me soo emotional and upset about my life I don't regret what I did but i tored all my pictures from my childhood to the present and threw'em in the garbage saying what the hell was i thinking when i was happy being a dummy slave to everyone around and stuff. It just gave me a very bad emotional kick which upset the hell out of me and it did effect my brain like how i control lot of feelings and they just surfaced. I conroled those feelings with self assurance of why i repress them and they seem to come out and go chaotic and it wasn't one of the best experiences i can recall.

Now, that was my personal experience which i doubt i will do again but has anyone else experience the same. When I read on internet people were like it helps them perform better in arts and music and they fell this and that and but why did i end up with such an emotional breakdown??

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Re: hydergine and paracetam

I remember reading about similar drugs that would heighten your senses.  They would not cause euphoria like illegal drugs, but they would do things like enhance visual receptivity of colors; I guess that would mean that colors normally seen and looked at with a humdrum attitude, would appear more interesting.  There were other features mentioned as well, such as the sense of smell, and hearing.  It was so long ago that I can barely remember the article at all.  I guess the government did not want to have these drugs available to us for whatever reason.

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I haven't done those, but I'm gonna experiment with the stuff at that link. Started with DHA/EPA in Nov and I think that made a big difference. These other things now I am curious. Got some ginko and that maybe helps but it's really difficult for me to quantify. I watched some MSM documentary on herbals in medicine that was done in the UK, and they said there was lots of evidence to back up ginko as a memory enhancer while the site I linked to above claims there isn't any reliable evidence... I also heard reports before of engineers in school going overboard with stuff like hydergine and paracetam and blowing their minds, which I don't really know how to qualify but I had heard it caused irreparable damage to their brains and their hopes for school/work in anything intellectual were over.

I don't suppose the gov wants the general populace to have working brains/memories, but a lot of educated people are clever and smart but so narrowly focused it's only applicable to their specific discipline/profession/specialization.

Re: hydergine and paracetam

Piracetam definitely "works."  It allowed me to think more critically and in depth on subjects.  I also felt like I was able to crack jokes better.  After about 6-7 weeks on it, though, I got a little emotional, if you will.  I was thinking too much and started getting depressed that I didn't have all the answers to things. 

I've tried hydergine and didn't notice too much.  It is very expensive, compared to piracetam.  I didn't take it long enough to notice any effects though...some people swear by it.

If you try piracetam, make sure to get enough choline.  You need to supplement with it.  If you don't you could get a little "fogged" up.

Let me know if you want more info about this sort of thing, I have some good links for you.