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Topic: John Allegro a shill of The Rockefeller's?

John Allegro a shill of The Rockefeller's?

I think so, and if I am right, the credit would go to the Rockefeller's who are masters of disinformation.

heres the deal

After the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered a Rockefeller campaign was launched to gain total control of them, they succeeded btw. And for the next fifty or so years the only people that were allowed to study the scrolls were the eight or so people that Rockefeller picked to do so in the “Scrollery” of the Rockefeller Museum.

One of those men was John Allegro. Allegro then made many claims about the scrolls he studied claims like that the “teacher of righteousness” was crucified and exhibited the same qualities of Jesus, Im sure most of you have heard this version, one reason is because It was very liberally promoted by the BBC and the Newspapers at the time.

Although Allegro retracted his initial claims after the first BBC interview when the rest of his colleagues wrote a letter to the times saying he was making it all up.
Here is where it gets interesting, Since most if not all of the rest of the men on the scroll team were Catholic it was a knee jerk reaction to assume that Allegro was the Maverick renegade in search of the truth, and the rest were Jesuit stooges trying to save face for the Christian story. Most of us conspiracy types buy this without much question, but the reason we now know allegro was either a shill or very unqualified is because the scroll monopoly was finally broken in the 1990’s and now every scholar who wants to can look at the dead sea scrolls unedited, and Allegro was now unquestionably wrong, not only was the teacher of righteousness not crucified he wasn’t even said to be killed and this was Allegro’s main point arguably,

I submit that its much like the Bin Laden videos, which one day are on every news outlet’s front page, and the next day, the authenticity of it is retracted on the back page. It doesn’t matter that it wasn’t “real” because the public already bought it and filed it away as such.

I know this is hard for some of you to believe because we in this conspiracy world have bought a alternate paradigm that’s very cleverly been provided for us but this same principal is done often with discrediting Christianity, recent cases in point: The Da vinci code: a heavily funded book claiming to be fact. That only later do we find it to be anything but. And the Jesus Tomb etc…These things are to Joe Six pack hard facts that have never been refuted, but to even a moderate researcher (regardless of religion) are known to be unfounded.

The details and history of this scrolls thing is fascinating I did a radio show on it here
http://nowheretorun.podomatic.com/entry … 7_51-08_00

Also most of the things I stated in this post are referenced in this timeline of the scrolls here:

and for the record I am no defender of the Vatican I am sure that that’s about as nefarious an organization as you can get. But then again, I think they are about as Christian as a ouiji board too, and to me it appears their agenda is and always has been seriously anti-Christian. So I understand how all the Allegroites fell for this..its really very clever IMO.

Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important.

—C.S. Lewis

Re: John Allegro a shill of The Rockefeller's?

I agree, anyone who questions Gensix's religious beliefs must be a shill for the Rockefellers.   There are a lot of nutty people out there who try to "think for themselves" and, as a result, come to different conclusions:

Access to the scrolls was governed by a "secrecy rule" that allowed only the original International Team or their designates to view the original materials. source

John Marco Allegro   [1923-1988]

Controversial British member of the international team of 9 scholars assembled to study the Dead Sea scrolls in 1953. A bright linguist with several publications, he was nominated by the eminent Oxford Semitic scholar, Godfrey R. Driver, to aid in reconstruction & publication of the mss. found at Qumran. A fast worker with a flair for publicity, he became one of the first scholars to bring the scrolls to public attention & was the first member of the team to complete the editing & publication of the materials that had been assigned to him.

But Allegro's speculative public announcements, criticism of the slow pace of publication by others & rejection of the thesis of  the scrolls' origins championed by team leader [Catholic Father] Roland de Vaux led to ostracism & public criticism of his theses by his more conservative colleagues. His unauthorized 1960 publication of the Copper Scroll was criticized as dishonest shoddy scholarship by Fr. de Vaux, despite the fact that Allegro had played a pivotal role in enlisting experts to open the rigid scroll & in personally transcribing its difficult text. 

Allegro, a Protestant-turned-agnostic, responded by claiming that the other team members, who were all Roman Catholics, were deliberately delaying publication of the scrolls because they contained material that contradicted Christian tradition. This drew a sharp rebuke from leading British scholars [...]

... his protest against the secrecy of the scrolls team was gradually picked up by other scholars & eventually led to the release of films of the scrolls for all scholars to study.   And the recent posthumous publication of the 1500 photographs of scroll fragments that Allegro took from 1955-1962 will probably make his work, if not his theories, one of the most important resources for scholarly study of the scrolls for generations to come.

Source: http://virtualreligion.net/iho/allegro.html

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Re: John Allegro a shill of The Rockefeller's?

My point exactly, you see that line (that you highlighted for us) and think thats it, case closed, vatican conspiracy.

well, was Allegro right? remember all we could do was take his word for it for fifty years. no one was allowed to check his facts. Rockefeller made well sure of that

I think you may be disappointed when you find how wrong he was. but as I said, the damage was already done, no one cares anymore were just left with a foggy Idea that the bible was somehow discredited, but no one can seem to tell us how exactly...This kind of thing is either right or wrong...so just prove me wrong.

Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important.

—C.S. Lewis

Re: John Allegro a shill of The Rockefeller's?

Allegro is an amazing scholar.  He was dead right about many ancient mid east religions including Christianity were originated as mushroom cults.  That's where the term "high priest" came from.

John 10:34

Jesus answered, "Is it not written in your law, 'I said, you are gods'?