Topic: My conclusion to the Bhutto mystery

Now when she was assinated you had two people (Shooter and a bomber) waiting for her to go wave to the crowd outside of the sunroof....To pull off a coup assination you need A. The people doing the killing and B. An inside person giving vital information. If I was in charge of the so called investigation I would question the person in the vehicle who probably told Bhutto she should wave to the crowd at that specific time. No way she does this on her own because this was plotted to well. One of the people in the vehicle knew when to have her wave to the crowd....Bomb afterwards was to distract and misdirection, kill potential witnesses, destroy camera phones ect. This is not a fact just my study into this type of mission and to pull this off you need someone in the inside. The rest now about her hitting her head on the sunroof (Everybody knows that is BS from he new video) is just more misdirection to have you question something else and keep you off from looking at this inside traitor...You will see a lot more goofs BTW from the Pakistan Government..that is going to be more misdirection as well...One of the people in the vehicle is the perp who will probably have a mysterious accident so he does not ever talk.

Re: My conclusion to the Bhutto mystery

Here is why I think she was killed (among other things): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zScYmvmANcA

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