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I didn't sleep last night because I watched nearly every single youtube video that had David Wolfe and raw food. He is incredible.
It was in the youtube thread and discovered him a while ago then today I just went crazy with the videos. I also managed to
download selected chapters of his book the Sunfood Diet Success System. HE IS GOING TO CHANGE THE WORLD with this stuff.
It's amazing how everyone has eaten chocolate but has not eaten REAL chocolate - from raw cacao beans - the highest antioxidant
on the planet! An antioxidant is a pigment of colour. If the level of antioxidants in blueberries is 40 and wild blueberries is 60, then
raw cacao is 612!!!! He also likes to go crazy about goji berries, spirulia, SEAWEED!!!, how honey is the highest spiritual food ever
(honey has antiviral and antibacterial properties), how raw garlic has omega 3 oils!!! oh man this guy is awesome I favourited
like most of his youtube vids in my youtube account:

I'm really tempted to go more vegetarian now, eat less meat and transition into a raw food diet. I already take spirulina everyday.
Since I'm overseas in China - people like eating meat over here... it's kind of hard to consume what I normally have in Australia -
flax seeds and berries. Although I'm currently eating strawberries smile

If you see some of the stuff people do to animals, it just puts me off eating FLESH. Also the sustainability issue. It takes like 500 gallons
of water to produce 1 pound of meat and like 50 gallons of water for 1 pound of veges. Animals also need land so de-forestation and
the reduction in biodiversity are issues along with cruelty towards animals issue. Would you go to an animal like a cow and kill it
without emotion and then cook it? Unlike an tree with fruit, you have no guilt coming up towards the surface when you pick ripe fruit.
Also quoting Erin Pavlina "They explained to me that an animal carries its torture and death with it when it is slaughtered, and that when we humans eat that energy, it lowers ours. "

Everyone check out David Wolfe's stuff. He is one incredible guy. We need to connect back to the Earth.

Go Veg and cruelty to animals:
David Wolfe:

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I also wanted to mention that David Wolfe supports raw foods. In the Dr David Jubb Unleashed youtube vids
Dr Jubb shows us Kirlian photographs of raw food and cooked food. You can barely see any aura from the cooked
food. You guys probably all know this but that was just interesting to point out.

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I've been buying honey from a produce market next door.  It is a six inch square an inch thick that appears to simply be cut from a honey comb.  I suppose it is more accurate that it comes from a sort of mold they make for the honey bee's to use as the structure for their home.  I take a spoonful size chunk out of it each day.  It is really sweet, I get a lot of beeswax in my teeth.  Its a little daily treat.  I just washed my mouth with 50/50 mix of hydrogen peroxide and water.  Sheesh!  The idea's I pick up on this forum!

You just reminded me why I buy blueberries.  I had forgotten they had anti oxident value.  I knew there was an originating reason for it though, if I only bought the fruit that I liked best, I'd only be buying cherries and oranges.

I rarely use garlic.  I take fish oil capsules every day.  I suspect echinacia is bad also if taken regularly.  The US federal government has been doing experiments with beans with the intention of removing the aspect that causes flatulism.  That caused a grim vision to arise in me.  Having to resort to eating beans as a mainstay.  You eat beans all the time only if you have to.

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Hey Antaeus

That's awesome that you're eating honey every day. I want to get into doing that too. Honey is best when it's the darkest - that's when it's most nutritious I've heard. David Wolfe keeps saying how it's the most spiritual food on the planet! Yippee!

Interesting about the beans. I suspect a lot of veges and fruit these days have been tampered with. That's why organic is the way to go although a bit on the expensive side. Alternatively you grow your own garden if you have the space. If not then have sprouts like montalk does. I might get into gardening sometime in the future.

It was interesting too when David Wolfe talked about seedless fruit - how they've obviously been tampered with. They are 'unsustainable' seedless fruit. If you eat those kind of seedless fruit, you will likewise become seedless if you know what I mean... I also want to get into coconuts more too. Did you know that coconut juice is very similar to a blood transfusion? There's a high concentration of electrolytes in the juice. It's an amazing piece of work by nature. But most of all I want to get into raw cacao beans big_smile

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This guy is cool.

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I put raw cacao(pre-chocolat) in the smoothie, it is a dark powder with a strong smell and taste.
There are colonies of honey bee here on the neighborhood, but I do not use because is too
much sweet, my smoothie is already sweet by the fruits...
Very good to have healthy and tasteful stuff.

BTW, I miss the USA blue berries

Bye, Pictus


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Yep...Great Stuff!

Here is David's quick talk on "royal jelly" ...
such a beautiful food for us to injest,  just a teaspoon a day ! smile

Thanks Hildegarde!

And Thanks, Natural Mystic,
for Your David Wolf video today in Your
"collections from the magic journal" thread!

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Question: To escape the of reincarnation, or to incarnate as a higher density being/to reach higher densities, is it compulsory to avoid eating meat, thereby not taking part in the cycle of suffering?

This is what most Buddhist readings besides Nichirin Daishonin suggests, but there are so many different groups of people and schools of thought both for and against. I could argue this point all day, but I don't care about justifying the consumption of meat morally, I just want to know if there is knowledge out there that says it is a karmic lesson.

David Icke does not eat meat (It doesn't have to be like this, 1990), but in Fringe Knowledge, it says matrix foods can be avoided by a diet on a number of different foods, one of these is light meat.

Also, if he answer to the above is 'yes', does this include all food types that exploit in someway? This can be thought of in two categories 1. Eggs and milk are not directly meat products, but they beget life, thus consuming them takes away or hinders its creation or development. and 2. Buying from an exploitative corporation that will be supported by our money, and contiue to use this money both battery farming and free-range farming (amount of each of these varies between corporation).

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For heaven's sake, what's important is to KNOW THYSELF. Everything that exists in this material world is just what it is. It means nothing unless you give it meaning. So why waste all of your awareness listing off what's good and what's bad, what to avoid and what to run to... when the plot is inward, to who you truly are? When you know yourself, you'll quickly realize that nothing you take in materially has much importance at all. And more to the point, if there were anything inherently incompatible with the truth of you in the material form/food you take in, your consciousness is sufficient to put it to rest without so much as a "what was that?".

And from then on, you would not feel drawn to that food or drink or thing, nor would you "accidentally" run into it in any unpleasant manner... simply because your relationship in self is aright and your experience has filled in a previous gap, about what is precisely right for you in this world. One experience with something is all it takes... if you know how to trust your Self and your form. IT will tell you what to do and what to avoid, you do not need to carry a list in the head. The whole beingness will resonate to or away from what is right for you... if you trust it. Mentally deciding what's what for you is a great way to display a lack of trust in your beingness, btw.

So that is where to place importance... on the relationship you have to your greater self. You must know how to feel the aversion your body may feel toward something, or it's indifference, or it's craving. Forget about mentally ticking off things in your mind about life in material form. It will never free you or guide you properly. It can't. It's not designed to.

Your body is not your enemy, it's perhaps your greatest ally in this journey. You don't need to learn how to handle your form by using your head, you don't need to control it or mistrust it or treat it like an object. It is built of the finest consciousness, designed to guide you through the material world. Learn to listen to its wisdom, not to someone else's. It speaks in feelings. Learn to pay attention to that, it's your own wisdom, available in every moment.

Let go of paying attention to someone else's possible clues or what seems to work for them, but rather focus on what your own beingness tells you in every moment. You learn to hear it by focusing on your relationship with the greater you (which operates tangibly through your heart and body, bypassing the mind with purpose). You'll know what you need to know through that practice, and the rest... is just the "stuff" of other people still not having found their right relationship in self, trying on mental ideas of reality that seem to work for a while...

There are few things to be concerned with at the food intake level, and those only by genetic matrix of birth (allergies, for instance), until you grow beyond it (in your consciousness, btw, which is what changes your form).

Talk about diverting consciousness! This world is uber focused on so much that has so little value or import in truth. The best use of your mind is to ask questions of your greater self, witness life with intent to discover, and to make decisions. Mundane decisions of course, as well as the decision to listen to the body over someone else's input, and also the decision to defer to a higher awareness than the mind itself carries here, by choosing to step back from being in charge of your divinity and instead listen/learn.

Know your divinity. It is not in the human mind. It is in the wholeness of your beingness. Discovering this, becoming intimate with this... is what brings you higher in frequency. Not what food you eat. And focusing on foods and other external matters tells a great deal about what frequency you're at... so consider that. Our divinity, the truth of our being, has an inherent trust in life and in our beingness. It inherently trusts its form, as well (it created it! From full awareness and harmony, btw)... to perform as designed by the Divine Self. This is why there have been so many esoteric messages about witnessing. If you truly pay attention... watch and listen... to your own being as it experiences anything here... you will discover what you need to know. About anything and everything. If you can get out of your head, that is.

"The most important decision you have to make is whether you live in a hostile or friendly universe."
~ Albert Einstein

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. ~Marcel Proust

The evolution of humanity is an evolution of the heart. The path is through the heart.

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Pictus wrote:

BTW, I miss the USA blue berries

[don't want to derail the thread, but since Pictus who's from Brazil mentioned this, I just had to comment on a synchronicity - tonight we were at IHOP...eating blueberry pancakes that come with extra blueberries and sauce on the side, served by a Brazilian waiter who'd just arrived in the U.S.  wink  ]

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Thanks for the reponse, that has made it abundantly clear what I was failing to do in the area of food.

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I'm not a vegan because I love animals, I just hate vegatables.

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Hey Solewu

Nice post. I'm going to think about that some more. Thank you.

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Balance is key.  Your body gets certain things it needs from animal products that it can't get from vegatables.