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I like to discuss my experience.

My first paranormal experience was involved with a negative being, called Shadow People. They look black and hazy, the one I met was tall and dark. It had a repetitive action of opening and closing the door, but no sound would come out of it. I was about 2-4 years old when this happened and something I would never forget.

I lived in an apartment building at that age with my parents. It appears in the bedroom I slept only at night.

It was humanoid shaped, but dark and facial features or anything.

The last time I met with the being was when it actually picked me up physically and dropped me on bed. Its 'hands' were under my armpits and I felt a huge ticklish feeling - Obviously it was sucking my energy.

Strangely, I had a habit when I was young of forming a barrier around me. Like when it was dark I imagine a multilayer barrier that keeps something from touching me. I also was able to see pictures easier in the dark, like imagine a picture and I see the shape. Also, aura, I saw aura a lot easier back then. Stare at an object for a moment then move and it sticks to my vision. Babies see aura easier too...

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I had similiar experiences growing up:  repetitive visits from a tall shadowy shape.  I was 5 - 7 and it would stand in my doorway.  I would always awake.
These visits preceeded my first body paralysis experiences and I recall a few attempts to lift or drag me out of bed, though I usually woke up around then.

Later in life, living overseas, I would catch glimpses of a shadow being.. much smaller.. like a corner lurker or something.  The nights I saw it, my co-workers who lived in the apartments above me complained of nightmares etc. 

Also had an experience of floating out of my bed in an OBE to wind up wrestling with a being my size (perhaps my own shadow) and being unable to get anywhere with it until I stopped trying to 'wrestle' in the astral realm and just bombarded it with light... it quickly shriveled into nothingness and I awoke in my bed.

That's all I recall of the top of my head.

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i had an experience once! but i'll post about it later! i don't know but some people believe that this are demonds, and they can be very powerful, do you know what's up with the holy water? eveytime  i've seen ghosts, my mom would call a priest, and they would go away, maybe you shoulded bless the house? but do you know why this happends? what does the holly water have in there?:/


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i don't know but some people believe that this are demonds, and they can be very powerful, do you know what's up with the holy water?

Obviously they are demons because this one picked me up and was sucking my energy! Plus it comes at midnight with its pitch black self.

I have seen a video that when you label or do something to the water, you change the structure of the water crystal.
When you bless the water, its crystals are changed to something else.

Relating to how water affects demons and ghosts... If you cross running water, it will keep the demons away.
Probably the positive blessed water has crystals with these special properties that demons do not like! That sentence was just a thought how I put pieces together right now, I'm not really sure.

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So who exactly can bless water? Your average Christian vicker? How is it done? Through some sort of ritual?

I sometimes wonder how close a reflection of the real world the TV show Supernatural is.

"I'm reaching for the random or what ever will bewilder me, and following our will and wind we may just go where no one's been."

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So who exactly can bless water?

By thought. The mind is able to change the water crystals.

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Re: Shadow People

So who exactly can bless water?

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