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Recently my pineal gland (the spot between your eyebrows) has become so sensitive that I can hardly meditate.  Whenever I bring my attention to near that spot, it becomes really ichy.  What does this mean?  Is there anything I can do to make that go away?

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Do you feel a vibration or some pressure, or is it just itchy?

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Seriously, I did a google search for pineal cream and came across this website.

The pineal gland is a small endocrine organ found only in the brain and certain sweet tropical fruits, produced by the Sour One as temptation away from the path of cream. It is located near the centre of the brain, between the two hemispheres, tucked in a groove where the two rounded thalamic bodies join. It is often referred to as "the dark heart of the pineapple", pineal glands are actually quite light in colour. The reference to "dark" comes from the toxicity of the pineal gland. Most Cheesecakeians regard the pineal gland as the source of answers to life's most difficult questions. Although it has never been proven, the pineal gland is believed by some, such as to produce trace amounts of sweet syrupy dimethyl tryptamine, a biobaking compound believed to play a role in dreaming and other metamixing bowl mystical states.

The pineal gland is occasionally associated with the sixth chakra or Ajna, and according to Cakian theology is a a dormant organ that can be awakened to enable "metamixing bowl" communication . Ironic Cheesecakian scripture extracts from ‘’The Divine Cookbook’’ links the pineal gland to the mind control exerted in the act of intercourse. This extract from chapter two, title 5 is an example: ‘’Female Eggs with the ability to produce huge amounts of micro rays will not only pull the sperm from the testicles but the testicles from the scrotum. The testes panic and hang on to the adrenal glands for dear life. The adrenal glands panic and hang on to the thyroid, the thyroid grabs the pituitary and the pituitary tries to hold on to the tiny pineal gland. Desperate, the pineal gland grabs the prefrontal cortex which usually tears free. The destruction of the prefrontal cortex severely inhibits one's ability to make decisions on their own.” … secake.Inc

I'm sorry, Joeman I don't mean to make light of your situation. But, I was coverted, I mean converted to Buckyism awhile back. Anyway, joe if you do a google search for pineal cream you'll find a lot of information about pineal hypersensitivity. Forgive me, for I had a Ipana moment when I found this on uncyclopedia.

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Sometimes the miracle of Ipana strikes and there's no holding back. You gotta just roll with it...or brush depending on the circumstances. Jai Guru Jai Bucky Om Ipana.

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Hmmm...well if you don't like it you could just avoid focusing on that spot tongue   Seriously though, I'd be tempted to go ahead and focus gently on the spot for longer - I find these odd sensations are usually energy trying to work its way through or a process trying to complete.   The itching will probably go away once whatever needs to happen has the opportunity to happen.    If it's been a long time since I've done third eye meditations usually the first few result in an itching or pressure sensation for me, but that goes away after about three meditations.    Definitely though trust your own intuition most of all if it feels like something unpleasant is happening it's time to change tactics.    I've been recently working on some techniques that involve drawing energy down through the crown chakra and it leaves me with this bubble headed feel sometimes for hours afterward...I'm still working on how to counterbalance that with extra grounding.   Sometimes it seems that the body energetically just has to have time to make adjustments when we do things that alter the natural flow.


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I've been experiencing the same thing recently, it just means your pineal gland is activating its a good thing trust me smile. Just last night I was laying down and I felt this pressure in my head and I began seeing like these  cob webs of energy and felt like I was going to float out of my body, kind of difficult to explain , but alot of people have been experiencing the same thing I think it relates to the 2012 shift.

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I don't know.  I've received brief headaches in the middle of my forehead recently, very sharp pain.  I've never had a headache in that location before.  For some reason, when I was ten, I got migraines so severe that I was bedridden for hours.  I had a strange metaphysical event happen during one of the bouts.

I only have one lame possibility for you to attempt; try to become that part of your brain, or rather, simply welcome that region to your realm.  I was going to suggest utilizing it, to attempt the operation of it, but I won't even do that.  I never go anywhere unless I'm equipped.  You know, such as a psychic link to an Earth orbiting weapons platform.  I'm just humorously commenting on how dangerous travelling to other nations seems to be now adays.

joeman wrote:

Recently my pineal gland (the spot between your eyebrows) has become so sensitive that I can hardly meditate.  Whenever I bring my attention to near that spot, it becomes really ichy.  What does this mean?  Is there anything I can do to make that go away?

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Joeman, I've been into pineal-related trouble for more than a year now. I described some symptoms here:

A down-to-earth explanation for these might be electrohypersensitivity. See this link for causes and treatment:

For me, the trouble started a year after moving to a new appartment, it might have been triggered by meditation.

The new appartment is 140 metres from a high voltage power line and we have 7 fluorescent bulbs (Osram 35W x 5, Philips 30W and 15W) in 3 rooms and several WiFi networks around our flat.

The pineal is known to be affected by electromagnetic fileds which disrupt the production of melatonin.

I recently went to visit my brother in another city where I have spent a week. I got a lot better staying at his place, felt more mellow, far less irritable or sensitive to light and sound.

Going back to my appartment tonight I feel it as itchy and 'sharp' again.

I've also noticed some people on the same staircase acting as if they were experiencing hypersensitivity as well.

So if you think electricity my play a role in your case, go visit the link on treatment above.

Hope it helps,

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In the last month or two I've felt a vortex-like point on my forehead, near-between the eyebrows (off to one side a little bit). It has to be the Third Eye chakra (albeit out of alignment), given that doing this just makes it do the same and which is what I did to feel it to begin with (it didn't happen on its own, I started it). It's not irritating, it just feels like a pressure there. I've done the hand mudra thing with other chakras (lower ones) but they don't have the same kind of intensity, probably because they're slower-moving. It doesn't take much to make it go sensitive now (reading this thread has made it go a bit nuts again). However I have not seen or felt anything different.