Re: hi everyone!my second weird experience...

to titmouse:
wow! i almost cried, you do have a way with how you write and express, i thank you so much for your words, and invite you to do research on angels please do so, i'm not the only one that experince stuff like this, and a healer told me the same thing, along time ago, he said that i was here for a purpose, and that i need to get ready for something, oviosly didn't believe him, i thought he was crazy or somthing, i just laugh, but i'm always feeling that different ghost or i don't know what in my house, i try to get over my fear, i really do, and i just sit where i heard something or feel something and just try to talk, i tell them that i'm scare and if they want to tell me something, they should tell me in my dreams, so i think it's working, i been dreaming people and kids, i don't know and telling me that they are dead, which i don't get scare at all, they tell me how they die, and that they want something, but i always wake up before they tell me, it keeps happening all the time. I think there's alot in this world we don't know about, and we just have to open our minds and hearts, nothing is impossible, if i told you about everything that has happend to me, you would think i'm crazy, and that i need help or i've taken drugs, but i'm clean, i do think that theres a God, that created our souls, and that one day we will meet him, but i think we are trap in this world, i don't think God we let bad things happend here, if he was here, but i also think that we do have some "helpers" that he sended i think they are angels or something, that's why the miracles exist, i do believe in miracles, and i hope all the people that is reading this, open there mind, for possibilities, and things or beings that are here but we cannot see, just like air, we know it's here but we can't see it, and i just don't mean aliens, demons, or ghosts. I think they are more beings we don't know about, i have no idea, how to get over my fears, i am scare to meditate, thinking that i would see stuff i don't want to see, i need help from somebody that knows more about this, but i know that most of the people are not what they  claim to be, they charge people just to help them out if i had my gift develop(if i really had a gift), i wouldn't do that, i will do it for free, you know i'm talking about psiquics, and mediums and healers that charge for services, i know becuase i asked them for help, they want to charge me, and don't think it's cheap! i know that theres good ones too, and it's hard to find one, well thanks for your comment i hope i keep hearing from you titmouse.
thanks titmouse! and happy new year to every body!!!