Re: Alien dreams or Illuminati witchcraft ?

Hi feebaxlow,

I appreciate your thoughts, and do agree that the mind is incredibly powerful and can effect incredible physical changes within the body.

However, I differ with you in that , I am convinced beyond any shadow of a doubt that we are dealing with very real outside powers.   These things are not "created by the mind" nor are they psychological phenomena of any kind.   Parts of the experience could be, as I postulated above, but the fundamental source of the experience is an objective external reality.    I think the view that the mind creates it all is just more of the tired "you create our own reality" paradigm which is just disinformation designed to trick people into accepting responsibility for problems which the mind-controllers have caused.

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Re: Alien dreams or Illuminati witchcraft ?


"Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "Holy shit ... what a ride!"  - Anonymous
"I get by with a little help from my (higher density) friends."

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Re: Alien dreams or Illuminati witchcraft ?

(I just posted the following and immediately saw Lyra's post came online in the meantime
which echoes mine in some ways~very cool
Nice post Lyra!
I'd have to agree your vibration appears to be changing/changed!
glad to see things moving for you and to hear a relaxed positive tone in you smile

Dear m.s.76
I agree the whole "you create our own reality" thing is basically a new age misunderstanding of how consciousness works
but I didn't say "that the mind creates it all" exactly...
I'm not sure if you meant i did or not
but i feel the mind creates the whole context for it to be able to happen...
for us to be vulnerable and prone to "attack"
mainly I meant it's how we respond to it that can make a difference in the results of how we deal with it

we do things that speak to either a deep or superficial level of understanding in response
and so either create more confusion or different confusions as an effect
that somehow our personal belief system is part of the equation
That allows whatever it is to happen in being victimized.

I have no doubt that there are less than benign aliens in the universe,
but does it really make any difference whether it subjective or objective reality
when we are being attacked in a dream or semi-waking state?

There are those that say that the whole experience as an individual human being
in an objective world is an illusion
or a holographically created experience/dream world.

Is it as the C's say, only so that we can learn a series of lessons?

Re: Alien dreams or Illuminati witchcraft ?

I understand your points.   

Lyra, I agree that the FRV is important.   I kind of knew that intuitively already years ago somehow.    And I think it's a very valid concept.     I'm far from perfect at it, but I do make the effort to always maintain a stable, centered mental and emotional attitude. 

In my own case, I don't think that any harassment I am experiencing is due to a low FRV, or hanging out/corresponding with the wrong people.     I think it's simply because a lot of the things I do in my life really piss off certain forces that exist in this world whose purposes are contrary to my own.        I think it really comes down to the idea of spiritual (or perhaps not-so-spiritual) warfare.   When you're actively antagonizing an enemy, you can expect to be targeted, FRV notwithstanding.     I could be wrong, but that's my feeling at the moment.

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Re: Alien dreams or Illuminati witchcraft ?

It's worth adding after reading these posts that not only like attracts like but opposites attract too.   I have found that the experience i described happens rarely but over the last few years, when it does, i have actually been at my best spiritually.

At the risk of sounding like a "love and light-er" i felt the love and- er- light a lot on christmas and boxing day.  That's right when it happened last to me.  The last time an attack happened before that i was in the same spiritual condition.  In fact the best i had ever been spiritually was in around April last year when it happened.  That attack was completely different because my spiritual communion the night before alerted me to a foreboding to come.  Not knowing what it meant but knowing the source (not a human fear vibration) i went to sleep only to be awakened hours later to some astral ferals violently yanking at the top half of my head.  The night before, and for many days before that,  i felt the spiritual light  appear in my forehead and crown so i figure they were throwing themselves at me like a wild dog would for food. I dived out of bed, physically, and gave the calls to Michael and it was all over and i was happily back in bed and back to sleep within minutes.  The violence and fear was external to me and it was an attempt to infect me with it in order to steal the light energy.

So it's obvious to me that opposites attract too and i have an idea why.  We are meant to find our spiritual strength while we're in embodiment.  People who have found a measure of that strength in many incarnations are known to the neg forces.  Those forces are well organised psychically and technologically and can track a soul in and out of embodiment.  Not to mention they can also see the spiritual light a mile off if it flows from inner levels into the subtle material bodies . When the negs see that it is a threat to their system so they oppose that soul.  It is they who have the oppositional mindset and they can dump on anyone they choose to oppose.  That includes anyone who may not yet have externalised a greater light in this incarnation but someone the negs know has some history of working for freedom in some way.  Someone with more than ordinary potential in this incarnation.

Anyway i have a feeling that these kinds of attacks would increase for people who are awakening to the interior light (and to the conspiracies against it) if not for positive higher forces keeping most of it at bay.  But just occasionally the higher force of light (the higher- Self and hierarchy) allows a dark force to come upon us.  We are being shown the reality of the situation we are in and we are being tested to constantly externalise a greater expression of spiritual- Selfhood.  We have to prove our self- mastery and dealing directly with darker forces is a part of that testing / learning.  We are going to need the fruit of our lessons as we advance.  I notice that these neg' encounters are very fleeting and no real harm comes to me.  No damage is sustained.  So i never fear the future on that score.  I often joke with God about it afterward in the best of humour.  So, yes ... never fear... (Smith is here!)

For what it is worth to some, it is recorded that both Jesus and Guatama were challenged , tempted and attacked by demons too.  It was their test and challenge even at their level of consciousness.  The neg force tried to tempt and putrify their attunement to spiritual Being but were put down by the Adepts.  I imagine the emotional body of the Adept was assailed in similar and greater ways than we've experienced and that, at their level of attainment in the word, they easily resisted and dispatched the demons. The SUN / Son must show him/herself to be the master of all lower forces.  "Prove me this day saith the Lord".  So these lower forces, as we can handle them, come upon us occasionally to keep us on our toes and to teach us the lessons we need.   

Some of it may even be karmic in that we may have violently opposed the light at times ourselves in the past.  Some people go quite mad with it all and i've heard it said that the personal use of black magic [invoking demons and elemental forces against others] can result in insanity of mind and great vulnerability to similar forces in subsequent incarnations.   But the present moment can overcome all.  For whatever reasons our burdens come upon us, our own spiritual strength is our shield and our word is the s-word.  And Archangel Michael personifies the pure strength of the living word and is available to assist.  He does anyway.  According to the law, the light serves those who serve the light.

Re: Alien dreams or Illuminati witchcraft ?

feedbaxlow wrote:

I feel the mind creates the whole context for it to be able to happen . . . for us to be vulnerable and prone to "attack" mainly I meant it's how we respond to it that can make a difference in the results of how we deal with it.

Absolutely. And I share in the idea presented earlier that "Everything comes from God" and that "Everything has two sides." Interestingly enough, it was a negatively-oriented being of some degree, able to move and speak freely inside of that space of where ever that place is I go when I dream, who I learned this from. I suppose it's funny to me (now) where wisdom comes from. I guess one question  that comes up for me when reading about the influences of focused negativity on human experience is, how much of their reality do you need and can you take?

I've always understood Archangel Michael as a class, and not necessarily a personified being. In the administration of the worlds, I imagine that the One Infinite Creator must keep the Michael Class of angels pretty busy and they aren't always available to stop by and lend one their sword (!), especially against beings and in situations which, in the proper frame of mind and in this density (however that's interpreted), one is able to deal with largely on their own. Congratulations are in order if one of among the Michael Class showed up. I don't really see how anyone is still breathing after witnessing such an awesome energy and presence without having been incinerated, their mind turned instantly to mush, or now engaged in a fervent process of writing something like the Revelation or the Book of Enoch. The Michael class of angels are among the Chief Princes and calling on them for protection may reap some short-term benefits, but adopting that as a regular spiritual practice doesn't seem to me like it will get one anywhere but noticed as far as spiritual development. Angels seem to me more interested in long-term benefits than short-term solutions. Why repeatedly show up in a defensive stance when through suggestion, symbol, and alignment with new ideas they can teach someone how to protect and defend themselves on their own, as in the instance of guiding me to Montalk's essay on FRV, for example? And in a serious pinch, why call on Michael when one can just easily go straight to Christ who provides for Michael class assistance? But that's probably better left understood on one's own. There are things that absolutely hate Michael, and even the sound of his name when being invoked, so of course these things are going to pick on anyone who relies primarily on him, or them, for protection.

It's of note and absolutely true that "The Lord helps those who help themselves."

Corinthians 1:11 says, "Let a man examine himself, and so let him eat of that bread, and drink of that cup." Of course, the scripture is in reference to Communion, but I think the verse speaks to much of what we bring to our experience as co-creators. Declare independence. Raise your vibration.   

morningsun76 wrote:

This past evening, I had been at the computer working on some personal projects, and had been listening to Gene Scott reading from "The Screwtape Letters," by the Christian author C.S. Lewis.

That's a curious book you mention, the one by C.S. Lewis. There was a time in my life when I'd find that title in odd places while out shopping, and never in the fiction or even the book section. I'd find it placed on top of a stack of sweaters as if the book had been left there by someone for me to find. I didn't accept the invitation to read it after examining the book jacket and discovering that the story seemed structured around conversations between two demonic beings about how to appropriately manipulate a human onto a darkening path. I thought, Hm.  Let's see . . . If I could overhear the conversations of demons who spoke somehow intelligently and coherently (and really, they rarely speak coherently and in a language easily understood by humans) do I really need to read an entire book about what they have to say about how to guide me into a place called hell? Is this helping? What kind of lingering effect is this going to have on my mind? I saw it as an invitation to engage. It's allowing the darkness in. There's something vaguely odd about standing around in the greying shadows and pointing at everything that moves saying, "Look at that!"

A few years ago I'd been somewhat manipulated into accepting an apartment in what turned out to be a high crime area in Brooklyn, woefully close to a very large cemetery. I was also stuffing my face with prescribed medications I didn't need for a tuberculosis mis-diagnosis, a disease I didn't really have. A double, even triple whammy. I think about the feelings of desperation that are easily instilled in high-crime areas by outside influences, and also that there are all sorts of beings that live in and around cemeteries that absorb the residual emotional and energy traces of the dearly departed. This was during a time that all manner of negative-oriented beings were convening on my location when I was manifesting a considerable amount of, for lack of a better word, creative energy. They were leaving fake pipe bombs outside of my apartment building next to the garbage cans for me to find which, along with manipulated dreams and non-human sightings, were resulting in an accentuation of already high-levels of anxiety, fear, and confusion I was feeling as to what these beings were, and why this was happening in the first place. I kept asking, "Why, why?" and  maintaining a weird idea that they could somehow be understood if I arranged my heart and mind into some more acceptable configuration of acceptance or understanding, and basically all they would do is laugh and shake their heads incredulously as if to say, "He just doesn't get it, does he?"

I finally abandoned that apartment with everything in it. A few weeks afterward I happened to pause in front of a television for a few moments during an episode of Grey's Anatomy and heard one of the characters say something that gave me a sinking feeling in my stomach and made my right ear ring as if there were a fire alarm in there. It was a woman's voice and she said, If a girl drinks poison and lays down in a mausoleum, then some would say that she deserves whatever she gets.

morningsun76 wrote:

In my own case, I don't think that any harassment I am experiencing is due to a low FRV, or hanging out/corresponding with the wrong people.     I think it's simply because a lot of the things I do in my life really piss off certain forces that exist in this world whose purposes are contrary to my own.        I think it really comes down to the idea of spiritual (or perhaps not-so-spiritual) warfare.   When you're actively antagonizing an enemy, you can expect to be targeted, FRV notwithstanding.     I could be wrong, but that's my feeling at the moment.

I suppose what's curious about this is, when you're jousting with these negative forces, are you enjoying yourself? What are your intentions? What are your objectives? What are you hoping to gain? Because it would seem to me that they can readily produce a fairly unlimited supply of distractions and opponents for you, if this is your whim.  I recall moments of many of those past encounters, and the many beings I was presented with over the years. One of them said once, "It's not as if we were trying to teach you a lesson."

I've also noticed a significant drop in negatively-oriented attention. It's strange and somewhat saddening to look back at six plus years of time gone by and everyone I knew having advanced in careers and purchased houses and such, all gone off in different directions, and what I have is a lot of stories about inter-dimensional beings and native non-humans, much of which no one is going to believe, anyway. All of that stress, the madness, the anger, the indignation, and confusion of those years, and now I sleep calmly and peaceably through the night when I can recall being woken up almost hourly from sleep by some disconcerting dream or thing in my room. I suppose it was all for something. I don't yet understand exactly what.

This shift in attention from negative beings is due in part to a continuing exploration and examination of FRV and how it applies to what happens  to me throughout the days and weeks, and a personal decision to turn away from all associations and invitations to engage with darkness and get on with the messy business of living. There does seem to be fine line between discovery and distraction. Some lines need drawing.

There's something strangely symbolic about having a door that firmly closes. Until very recently I couldn't completely close my bedroom door. Too much paint had been applied over the years and had accumulated at the top of the door frame. About a week ago someone was finally able to take the door off its hinges and shave the excess paint from the top of the door and around the frame. I can shut the door now and oddly, I sleep better for it. I was woken up from sleep once within the last two weeks by something in my room growling close to my ear. I have no real idea how these things get in, and I really don't care. They were always there, and so what? I can no longer allow myself to be curious about such things, or their intentions. My waking thought was, this is unacceptable. There are many ways to achieve this end, but for me, there was something oddly distinctive about waking up, sitting up in my bed, and pointing to the (symbolic) door through which the thing came in, and ordering it out.

"Oh where have you been, my blue-eyed son? Where have you been, my darling young one?" - Roxy Music (B. Dylan)

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Re: Alien dreams or Illuminati witchcraft ?

hey shukaido; interesting post.
i also find this feeling rumbling almost every time i log in here:

shukaido wrote:

There does seem to be a fine line between discovery and distraction

stumbled upon this sort of by "accident", so i thought i'd put it into the topic since it's a referring directly to similar phenom
(from the wave series)
Q: (L) Okay, in the experience I felt a paralysis of my body, what caused this paralysis?
A: Yes. Separation of awareness. Which is defined as any point along the pathway where one's awareness becomes so totally focused on one thought sector that all other levels of awareness are temporarily receded, thereby making it impossible to become aware of one's physical reality along with one's mental reality. This gives the impression of what is referred to as paralysis. Do you understand?
Q: (L) Yes. And what stimulates this total focus of awareness?
A: An event which sidetracks, temporarily, the mental processes.
Q: (L) And what event can sidetrack the mental processes to this extent?
A: Any number.
Q: (L) In this particular case, what was it?
A: It was an eclipsing of energies caused by conflicting thought centers. Whenever two opposing units of reality intersect, this causes what can be referred to as friction, which, for an immeasurable amount of what you would refer to as time, which is, of course, non-existent, creates a non-existence, or a stopping of the movements of all functions. This is what we would know as conflict. In between, or through any intersecting, opposite entities, we always find zero time, zero movement, zero transference, zero exchange. Now think about this. Think about this carefully.
Q: (L) Does this mean that I was, essentially, in a condition of non-existence?
A: Well, non-existence is not really the proper term, but non-fluid existence would be more to the point. Do you understand?
Q: (L) Yes. Frozen, as it were?
A: Frozen, as it were.
Q: (L) Was there any benefit to me from this experience?
A: All experiences have potential for benefit.
Q: (L) Was there any detriment from this experience?
A: All experiences have potential for detriment. Now, do you see the parallels? We are talking about any opposing forces in nature, when they come together, the result can go all the way to the extreme of one side or all the way to the extreme of the other. Or, it can remain perfectly, symmetrically in balance in the middle, or partially in balance on one side or another. Therefore all potentials are realized at intersecting points in reality. ...
Q: (L) Was one of these conflicting thought centers or energies some part of me?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And was it eclipsed by interacting with a thought center energy that was part of or all of something or someone else?
A: Or, was what happened a conflicting of one energy thought center that was a part of your thought process and another energy thought center that was another part of your thought process? We will ask you that question and allow you to contemplate.
Q: (L) Does it ever happen that individuals who perceive or think they perceive themselves to have experienced an "abduction," to actually be interacting with some part of themselves?
A: That would be a very good possibility. Now, before you ask another question, stop and contemplate for a moment: what possibilties does this open up? Is there any limit? And if there is, what is that? Is it not an area worth exploring? For example - just one example for you to digest - what if the abduction scenario could take place where your soul projection, in what you perceive as the future, can come back and abduct your soul projection in what you perceive as the present?
Q: (L) Oh, dear! Does this happen?
A: This is a question for you to ask yourself and contemplate.
Q: (L) Why would I do that to myself? (J) To gain knowledge of the future.
A: Are there not a great many possible answers?
Q: (L) Well, this seemed to be a very frightening and negative experience. If that is the case: a) maybe that is just my perception, or b) then, in the future I am not a very nice person! (J) Or maybe the future isn't very pleasant. And the knowledge that you gained of it is unpleasant.
A: Or is it one possible future, but not all possible futures? And is the pathway of free will not connected to all of this?
Q: (L) God! I hope so.
A: Now do you see the benefit in slowing down and not having prejudices when asking questions of great import? You see when you speed too quickly in the process of learning and gathering knowledge, it is like skipping down the road without pausing to reflect on the ground beneath you. One misses the gold coins and the gemstones contained within the cracks in the road. ...
Q: (L) Okay, when this experience occurred, am I to assume that some part of myself, a future self perhaps, of course they are all simultaneous but just for the sake of reference, came back and interacted with my present self for some purpose of exchange?
A: Well this is a question best left for your own exploration as you will gain more knowledge by contemplating it by yourself rather than seeking the answers here. But a suggestion is to be made that you do that as you will gain much, very much knowledge by contemplating these very questions on your own and networking with others as you do so. Be not frustrated for the answers to be gained through your own contemplation will be truly illuminating to you and the experience to follow will be worth a thousand lifetimes of pleasure and joy

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Re: Alien dreams or Illuminati witchcraft ?

I am disturbed by the lack of cautionary responses. Morningsun76, this is a pretty radical site, and believe me when I say that most members would think I am totally bonkers if they knew everything I know. But in this case, I see absolutely no reason to jump to the conclusions you have jumped to about your dreams. To me it seems like you had two bad dreams, and also happened not to notice scratching yourself on two separate occasions. Now if you begin to consider this from a paranoid angle, I would think such is very appealing for negs to take advantage of your fear and merely encourage you along this negative mental path of your own making. Perhaps your dreams were disturbing because there is friction in your life, which may or may not be manifest to more or less focused of a degree into the specifics of your dreams. Just because a person has a bad dream does not mean that the dream is overtly significant, although you hear about it being thought to be more often than as with happy positive dreams. It seems natural to express your frustrations with life in any ways that you can realistically think of, because admittedly the world hardly makes a shred of sense unless you know a great, great, profound deal about it. But you do not really know the causes of your frustrations, so I would encourage you to consider anything and everything that you have yet to, and be a bit more skeptical with the answers that pop right out to you from new-age and/or matrix conspiracy type ideas.

I should also mention that your mind does not create your dreams, *YOU* create your dreams. That such a disconnect is present within you, and that you allow your dreams to disturb you in the first place, this suggests to me, as paradoxical as it may seem, that you are liable to take fear or offense to such silly things as you do. This may seem redundant and absurd, but perhaps it may conceal a powerful truth. Do you believe that it could just all be a misunderstanding born (primarily, at least in one sense) out of innocent ignorance? If you do not, then consider that were you to be mistaken in this way to the point of 100% belief in your present convictions, then indeed you should not think so. The problem members replying to this thread have, beyond a shortage of information leading inevitably to presumption-making, is one of expression and delivery where the medium is the message. Such silly things continue to plague so many people only because, underneath, not-so-silly variables are at play.


nothing is sacred, the deconstructing and letting-be of all things, clarity of sight, the realization of no-thing(s), Nothing

Re: Alien dreams or Illuminati witchcraft ?

You make some valid points Transix and morningsun 76 might want to consider them if he hasn't already.  But you do make your points in an unqualified way.  To do so is to mischaracterise the issue into "either / or" polarities.  As you say the truth can be wide open.

Re: Alien dreams or Illuminati witchcraft ?

Transcix wrote:

I am disturbed by the lack of cautionary responses. Morningsun76, this is a pretty radical site,

I posted the comments here precisely because the membership is generally experienced and well-read regarding these way-out-of-the-mainstream events.   As far as NR being a "radical" site, I suggest that's just a matter of perspective.   

Transcix wrote:

To me it seems like you had two bad dreams, and also happened not to notice scratching yourself on two separate occasions.

No, that's just rationalizing based on incomplete knowledge.   If this was something that just happened to me, I could buy that.   But there are way too many people who have similar things going on.    See lyra's website, she just had new scratch marks appear a month or two as well (a high FRV notwithstanding), as have other people whom I know personally.    And it's not the first time it's happened to me.    Obviously something is happening to us; we're not all scratching ourselves.

The meaning and significance of the dreams may be debatable, but the physical marks clearly indicate and external force is involved, as do the UFO sightings, manipulated synchronicities, and other strange events that are a part of this experience for a lot of people.

Re: Alien dreams or Illuminati witchcraft ?

But people report all sorts of things, about UFOs, negs, conspiracies and the like, so much that it can't all be true, if only because if you accept all of it then you are left with many contradictions. Which parts are true? Personally I've noticed some injuries on my body that I can't account for plenty of times, it's just part of being human. It happens to everyone, although lots of people probably don't give it a second thought. Doesn't it ring familiar to you if you ask someone how'd they do that and they reply "oh I don't know, it just happened"?

You may be spot on about everything, of course, and I am just strongly offering an alternative perspective. Hell if I know for sure, however one thing that makes me skeptical about your story is that you do not, beyond this happening, possess complete understanding of spirituality and what in modern times 'the conspiracy' is. Not many at all, but some do have this knowledge, though alas it is almost never recognizable as such, the way information has been so biased and warped to make it all seem plausible and nothing certain. It is not impossible.

From my experience, the conspiracy is so personal, elaborate, and manifold, that it is almost impossible to get to the bottom of it, almost, and the first thing you realize about something is probably never true. The negs are masters of deception, it is their weapon, their arsenal. What if you did not have these dreams of your own free will but they were suggested/implanted? What if they are truly yours but you completely misunderstand their significance? What if significance is essentially subjective and you are not aware of the proper method to read it? What if you were not dreaming but in the astral? What if the negs made you forget the specific instances of getting those scratches (they are very good at selective memory forgetfulness)? What if the subconsciouses of the people in your dreams who also exist IRL are trying to call out to you? What about a mix of the above? What if different factions of negs are all battling for superior control of you (think there aren't factions, there are)? What if you were a neg before this incarnation and are attracted to them? What if you are a starchild and practically have a bullseye on your forehead? What if you manifested the scratches yourself because you thought the dreams were so real and you scratched yourself in the dreams? What if mental illness just runs in your family? What if the negs have convinced your parents that they are mentally ill (although they don't admit it) and trying to do the same to you, yet truly mental illness doesn't exist and is only ever always spiritual crisis in some form? What if your parents are actually negs? What if for each human there are six levels of parallel realities that are exactly the same except it is negs in the bodies that mimic exactly the humans' movements to the millimeter and any given moment they can transport you to any of the seven realities, and the negs must mimic like this because they are in hell (of course negs live primarily in the astral and one neg generally is advanced enough to control a bunch of humans)? What if you are in hell? You think it can't be, look around. What if you are in the middle of a theocratic band? What if your HigherSelf is evil and trying to control you? What if all humans have a good HigherSelf and a bad one that fight for control? What if dreams are a place where humans can purge their negative emotions and nothing more? What if it is unhealthy to bottle everything up and better rather to let it out in dreams? What if there are different more healthy strokes for different folks depending on a large variety of factors?

Which of these questions could you not answer if you understood everything more fully? You could answer them all. But going forwards based on anything tentative is treacherous, because one small misunderstanding can snowball into a whole faulty world model. That is how mental illness often starts lol, right? My advice to you is to put these experiences of yours into perspective, and say for now that you don't know. Anyone replying here that they definitely know, they are not aware of how tricky the conspiracy is, and are mistaken in jumping to such firm conclusions with so little to work with; even with everything you yourself know it is impossible to say. I urge you to reconsider every aspect of your life, moving far back enough to find a place where you know what is real and what isn't. If you do not give up, then eventually you will come to a place where what really matters is what you take out of every experience, not the experience itself. Remember that if you believe in negs and stuff, then do not be so naive to think that all the other things you were raised to believe are necessarily true. You have no idea how deep the rabbit hole goes. But, at least, this you know. How great a majority of the population are for themselves so blind to this gem of a truth? Sometimes going backwards is the next step.





It is always most amazing that any instant in one's life can be a Eureka moment, yet typically only a handful ever are.

nothing is sacred, the deconstructing and letting-be of all things, clarity of sight, the realization of no-thing(s), Nothing

Re: Alien dreams or Illuminati witchcraft ?

That's true, I don't know anything for sure.   I don't know for sure that the ground is going to be there in the morning to support me when I roll out of bed.   But it always has been for me so far, so it's become something of an assumption that I make without thinking too much about it.   There are a million possible "what-ifs."     So, the rational thing to do is look at all the available evidence and experience, and hypothesize accordingly.   If new information later presents itself which contradicts something we've been thinking, then we formulate a new theory based on all the available data.

For me, right now, based on everything I know, I think that the scratch marks are caused by some external source, and not by our own minds or due to our having scratched ourselves and then forgotten about it.


Re: Alien dreams or Illuminati witchcraft ?

hey!! very interesting experiences and advices...I myself are going thru something similar or perhaps something that I can't understand in my dreaming state. Now, here is my problem I sleep around 5 in the morning and when everyone else is awake at home they are all making noises and brain feeding me in my sleep from all kinds of phrases to what not but as soon as i gain conciousness i break those statements and head back into my pillow or put on my ear phones and listen to music as I sleep to avoid listening to all the crap they have to feed me.

But the problem is when am dreaming I get all this dreams just like the real life where am friggin alive and in a same situation  but everything that am pursuing is cleared. Like I know at this point my priority is my enligtenment and my love and when am dreaming i tend to forget that and live in stupidity with very people who always try to manipulate me when am awake and with them. And I don't like the whole idea that I forget about their true intentions and purpose in my dream and carry on just like them and sometimes I feel like they are probly doing this so as to get me into another life in my sleep fading my memmory of what I have discovered so far of the whole system that i call this world and universe I exist in.

Sometimes, I have dreams about people who are inside my house. Like I might have some cousin coming up to visit my family and then somehow he ends up in my dream and I wake up to find that person in the house and everything points out that he probly entered my mind. But then again everything is ONE and its all ran on ONE MIND and somehow am kind of vulnerable to these people to enter my dreams and make me stupidest things that I had rather not do when am awake like laughing with them and being like them and I hate it cuz they are all liars who alwasy lie on my face and always try to trigger things in my mind even my whole friggin family. And I can't even seem to find  one damn person who is not like everyone else and its just that I don't like the whole idea living with someone other than your own family for the physical birth sake and I tend to stay with my family.

Now, I do pray before i go to sleep to be protected in my dream and I also will and intent from my heart to do the same and still somehow these people end up in my dreams. And when I do have any kind of spiritual dreams am awakened by some bang noise either in the neighbourhood or someone dropping something outside my door or someone shouting at each other. And I don't get it that even my dreams are visible to other its just not fair but one can't ask life to be fair.

What does one think is the problem in my situation?? And anything that i could do to avoid all this?

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Re: Alien dreams or Illuminati witchcraft ?

feedbaxlow wrote:

I also find this feeling rumbling almost every time i log in here.

If you're talking about any feelings of uneasiness you get when logging in to post comments, that's probably to be expected, especially if you're somehow involved with or even discussing any level of beings associated with the alien, demonic, or the luciferian. Perhaps one of the core principles within secret organizations is a conditioning or programming toward self-doubt and silence. Early on in my membership here, whenever I'd go to log in I'd hear what sounded like gunfire coming from somewhere outside, or the telephone would ring and the caller ID would say, "Prison." That is odd, now that I think about it. Who has the resources to obtain a private number for a home phone that's not even in my name? And then construct a call from "prison" the moment I go to log in to Noble Realms and talk about non-humans? I've had non-humans got up in full old lady drag pass me on the sidewalk and say things like, "You're not supposed to say anything." Sometimes it's just necessary to break through that crap. Sitting quietly and waiting for it to stop on its own doesn't seem to get anyone anywhere.

Interesting comments by the C's. However, I could never quite get into their material for some reason as it just doesn't resonate with me, and I don't agree with them entirely on sleep paralysis, or what I grew up calling "sleep heavies." I used to get them all the time when I was much younger, but not so much anymore now. I guess it's because I used to just accept the morning paralysis and accompanying fear as something that happened to me, and perhaps to everyone, without questioning it. Personally, I don't accept the C's idea that sleep paralysis is generated by

a total focus on one thought sector to the extent that all other levels of awareness are temporarily receded, thereby making it impossible to become aware of one's physical reality, and therefore their own body, along with one's mental reality . . . an eclipsing of energies caused by conflicting thought centers. Whenever two opposing units of reality intersect, this causes what can be referred to as friction, which, for an immeasurable amount of what you would refer to as time, which is, of course, non-existent, creates a non-existence, or a stopping of the movements of all functions.

I don't discount that this may be true for some, but sleep heavies for me are more a part of some type of being, entity, or apparatus that interfaces or becomes attached to a part of my energetic body, as I note a quickening sensation around my heart (chakra) sometimes a few hours before sleep, which generally lets me know that I'm probably going to experience some type of dream manipulation or encounter with non-physical non-humans at some point during my resting hours, which may include an event of sleep paralysis. I lean more toward the idea of some kind of apparatus or device these days, although sometimes it's one thing, and other times it's another, which just adds to the confusion as to what is really happening. Most notably, I perceive that something is attached to me which triggers certain sensations of movement or an emotional response to what I'm seeing in my sleep. That is, if I don't perceive something in my immediate surroundings with a focused will attempting to restrict my movements. I generally have at least a fraction of a second to realize this is about to happen and so struggle against it, which may also lessen the frequency of occurrence instead of just laying there passively in a vague, escalating panic.

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Re: Alien dreams or Illuminati witchcraft ?

Transcix wrote:

I should also mention that your mind does not create your dreams, *YOU* create your dreams.

I like all of the various possibilities you present, Transcix; diabolical future selves, some variety of star children, warring factions of non-humans, some true or all true combinations of all of the above, but I have to disagree with you that one person is solely responsible for the dreams they create. Given all the possibilities that you suggest, can you say with any conviction that the scenarios morningsun76 presents aren't, at least for him, true? I've sometimes woken up with scratches on the bottom of my foot. I have no idea how they got there. Did something intentionally scratch me during the night to muck with the flow of energy in my body? Was I walking along some rugged terrain in the astral? I don't know, but they're all possiblities. As far as morningsun's ideas about interference by an external force or non-human beings, those are possibilities just as valid. I know personally a Mother of Darkness who just so happens to believe in unity just as much as I do, but clearly a unity of a different kind. I had to look up what a Mother of Darkness was because I didn't know, and learned that it's a title bestowed upon certain members of the Illuminati. A nice lady, I suppose. When I first met her I kept calling her a vampire under my breath until someone must have told her, and she corrected me as to her appropriate title in a dream to make the most spectacular scene out of Harry Potter look like The Muppet Show.

I've seen better, but I also don't call her a vampire anymore. I call her by her name. I also know that someone like that couldn't be the least bit bothered with scratching me while I'm sleeping. That would be beneath her and probably anyone associated with her, and more to do with something else.

I don't think that a single person with a physical body and one having even complete mastery over dream manipulation can claim sole responsibility for their own dreams. For some, it's more of a cooperative effort, as I don't believe that everyone goes to the same place when they dream. For instance, I see, hear, and talk to others in a time that feels real, and I sometimes register tactile sensations of warmth, as a few nights ago an adolescent non-physical non-human held my hand. I also know that I am much taller than they are in my dreams, although some are able to manipulate their shape into greater height than I'm so far able to project. Other times I've noticed non-humans standing on boxes, or at a distance from me so as to better manipulate perspective. There are some I'm aware of who can create, with cooperation, such intense surroundings that I've woken up with my heart aching because that place seemed so much more vivid and real than this one.

Interesting that you mention the sensation of being micro-waved by a direct-energy weapon from the next apartment, Morningsun. Given the dizziness and headaches I was experiencing, I was under the impression that it was some type of sonic weaponry, and it was being directed into my old apartment from the one above. I do recall the strange smell in the air of my old apartment, something like that of an office copy room, and it was always uncommonly warm, and there was definitely something causing the paint to buckle and bubble from the walls. Well, it could have been any number of things toward the end of that scene. I've recently discovered an entire folder of old diary entries dating from that time period. Glory days, especially for that NSA freak that was coming around every other day just to see how things were going. That must have been some fun. Until, that is, all the lights went off. I don't suppose any of them were monitoring me close enough to have realized that I'd learned the word Krisis and was in proper alignment with it. Well, I'm certainly glad that they've laid off of me about forgiveness. Like hell that was ever going to happen, anyway.

I don't quite agree that it's necessary to start deconstructing all aspects of one's life to get to the bottom of things. It seems to me that all one will end up with is a brand new set of subjective rationalizations that tomorrow are just as easily subject to change. I wake up mornings from dreams thinking either, "That was odd." "I have no idea what that was about, but okay." Or, "I didn't like that at all. I didn't appreciate that and don't want it to happen again." As far as how deep rabbit holes go, you don't know and neither do they. It's more important to start from now, from who it is you want in your life and what it is you want from the now for the future. Do you want to look back on your life and only able to speak about it in the language of a world that many can't see and won't understand? Do you want some clarity, some understanding, some peace? Do you want trusting relationships with people and beings who want what's best for you, always? Decide and start creating it. The past is a puzzle, and sometimes it's a complete mess, and sometimes it's just best to take what you can of its experiences to fortify oneself, to understand what's acceptable and what is not, and leave the rest behind. For them to figure out.

"Oh where have you been, my blue-eyed son? Where have you been, my darling young one?" - Roxy Music (B. Dylan)