Re: the way of the warrior, what is it?

Hey, titmouse...McGiver was my adopted twelve year old yorkie.  Five pounds of rompin, stompin, dynamite.  He had a heart defect when I got him.  His original owner wanted to put him down because she couldn't afford his medicines.  No, couldn't have that, so I took him in.  The vet called him the miracle dog.  He always had a great attitude and didn't know he was small or sick.  I don't think warrior's have to be men with big bulging muscles or strut around like Dr. Strangelove (aka, senator Mccain, Bush types) with insane military bravado. McGiver was more like Don Quixote de la Mancha comical at  times and always giving with heart and clever like Don Jaun cause he could literally shapeshift around the big police dogs in the hood.  He would march right up to a big tough bully dog and that dog would run away.
My only regret is that I spent to much escape time on the computer.  He would spend a lot of time barking at me to get off.  It must seem very strange to a dog that someone would sit in a chair and just stare at a box. Time to go take a walk in the woods.  Thanks, for asking titmouse.  Still love your poetry.

Re: the way of the warrior, what is it?

Millenium--how wonderful of you to take in another warrior!  They come in all shapes and sizes. I hope you noticed the sword of truth in my poetry?

DanB has a unique and wonderful opportunity to take up that sword in the good fight over at Kitty Radio … post960353

He is also a carpenter on a spiritual quest, and I believe that many members over there think that he is me.  He'll be taking his wisdom  "to the test"..."in the streets".  I know he is worthy of the the way of the warrior.  I'll be interested to watch.

A little background:  I went on an internet spiritual journey using truths that came to me via my higher self.  I fought the battle with honor and kindness.  Last night I sent many people on that board a note that the "Sophia_ Project" was over.  Now some other spiritual warriors will have their chance at the hands of some well-educated hooligans. I sent a short message to many--"#777. Goodbye. Reincarnation excitation! :love: Sophia_".  I never post under two names, and each login name was an ascension.  It helped me witness my own growth and the reactions people have to someone who desires to expand their awareness. I was more interested in their responses than what it was that they said.  One has much to learn from those who are in opposition to oneself.  It is truly a warriors path. It is a fight against ignorance and fear. Ones own truth is a great weapon; it must be handled "carefully" for it can cut both ways.

I hope others will risk going into semi-hostile territory prepared with the knowledge, love, kindness, curiosity, courage, and compassion expressed at Noble Realms to make a difference in the cyber-world. What better to demonstrate your skills than in cyberspace where the physicalities are of little concern--but mental and spiritual qualities rein supreme. In the process will be revealed to you great riches, as has been revealed to me.

A worthy quest for warriors.



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