Re: the letter/shape O and it's signifigance?


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Re: the letter/shape O and it's signifigance?

I like this thread and subject very much.  Thanks to all of you (me?) for doing what you did/do/will do.  Love abounds in all possible reality configurations.  We is the I, it's love.......which brings me into the main topic at hand...

The following is purely an attempt at formulating into writing what I see as my present truth analysis of the reality I KNOW in relation to the significance of the shape of the letter O and its consequent numerical representation of 0.  Please take in what works for you and throw the rest in the to be sorted bin if any worth is seen.  Some might go straight to the garbage and that's cool too cool It is not necessarily directed at any post in particular.

The O or 0 only has significance because the I or 1 does.  But of course this goes bot ways as the 1 only exists in an active state because of its union with 0.

The one as the Father and the zero as the Mother or void is only half the truth.  Just as the inner is the outer and what is above is so below, the Father and Mother both have an active and a passive trait which is their reflection.  They are each polar archetypes of love and thus each have a secondary feature that is caused by their fusion (10) so that the secondary feature is activated and becomes dominant.  What is birthed and nurtured by the Mother eventually seeks the Father just as the Father's seed seeks to impregnate the Mother through the vulvic void.

The Mother's polar relationship -/+ or 0/1 or passive/active.  A woman has a vagina (0).

The Father's polar relationship is +/- or 1/0 or active/passive.  A man has a penis (1)

The Mother's primary feature is (-) while it's secondary feature is (+).  But this is only from the position of the Father before the impregnation of the Mother.  In her is where new biological life is formed and given the chance to take on levels of soul through physicality. From this point on her potential fills and is eventually birthed into the world.  This is the (+) aspect of the Mother which includes the positive or active interaction that normally befits a mother in relation to her child.  She is dominantly pure potential (0) but her mystery is fulfilled by her kinetic or active experience (1), which paradoxically is her secondary feature. 

The Father goes along the same lines but in totally the opposite way.  The Father's primary feature is (+) and it's secondary feature is (-).  From the position of the Mother, or the physical densities, the Father exists behind the veil and is passively or negatively "taking in" its illusorily finite Creation from afar.  In his positive expression He is the result of potential that has become completely saturated with being that it is has reconciled space and time and become eternal and omnipresent.  It is the highest possible development of free will and awareness and as such becomes the potency necessary to "activate" the Mother, in other words to experience itself through her ability to house and birth the Creation.  The Father's mission is active and of an ever expanding nature (+).  The Father's polarity reverses when the Child is born.  The Mother is naturally suited to the subtle intricacies of nurturing and protecting the Child, but the Father seems to provide the tools necessary for the structure and real-world of adulthood.  The archetype of the Father is of one who raises their Child passively, whereas the Mother does so actively.  In terms of cosmic creation the Father is time and the Mother is space.  Father Time "pulls" his Creation from and into the future and fulfills the expression of it's secondary or passive feature through the Mother.  The Mother in turn "pushes" forth the Creation from her cosmic womb/birth canal and cares for it's physical Creation. Something out of nothing and nothing out of something.

So, the 1 needs the 0 and much as the 0 needs the 1.  Together they form 10.  10 contains 9 fundamental numbers.  Each of these is symbolic by nature of their being.

1 through 7 are most easily understood through the 7 divisions of colour from unified white light.  That unity would be the infinity that is symbolised by the lemniscate (?) , the 8 or octave note in the scale of 7 notes.  This is where intelligent infinity discovers itself by tapping its unlimited potential and becoming the Creative force that is intelligent energy (Love).  That original Love is the estabishment between the Mother (potential before 1st density) and Father (7th density) that forms the basis of the finite Creation (1d-6d) that is their "physical procreation".  This is the physical illusion that we all love wink. One love brings them together, the other one keeps them together...ideally anyway!

8 being infinity in action must be contained by something.  The number 9 just happens to be one number that always comes back to itself when multiplied by itself (see my thread on the #9).  It is cyclical by nature and forms the necessary framework for 8 to do it's thing with the 1 - 7 illusion that is creates to do it's thing. 9 is like the womb that houses the infinite Father (8) which is ultimately held/projected/created by the unified 10. 

So at one end of the scale we have 0+1 as the void of space potential that precedes the physical 1st density Creation.  And at the other end we have the complete reconciliation or sum total of that original addition as 10.  Each are the result and inspiration of the other. The cause is the effect is the cause is the effect is the.......'nuff said.

Each and every thing shows us the polar relationship of the 1 and 0.  A "thing" is simply a 1.  It's a unified object that forms and is formed by an idea.  That original idea is Love; the Logos which speaks it's creation into being through it's Word. This love or polar relationship  is exemplified by, for example.....this computer monitor presently before me.  It's feminine or negative feature is it being a medium for the projection of light.  The screen and circuitry, the housing or womb of potential. It's masculilne or positive feature is of said potential as the projection itself of the computer's electronic input/output to the monitor's output/input of light.  They are 1 and 0 existing as/in one thing, which is itself a 1 object which is contained in space (0), and so on...

There doesn't seem to be any getting around it, 1 and 0 are permanently etched or encoded into the very reality which we see as manyness.  That perception wouldn't be possible without the gracious suffering (pregnancy/birth) and joy (raising her Child) of the Mother which allows for the experience of physical separation and eventually spiritual recombination.  It's even encoded in our sexual organs for God's sake! wink

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Re: the letter/shape O and it's signifigance?

Very interesting Poffo.  Quite a few apparantly disparate ideas given a continuity otherwise unsuspected by the casual observer.  And you made it sexy too, which they say can sell anything.  Seriously, every piece of the puzzle and every well explained separate angle, helps reveal the conceptual mosaic of truth.   Any part of that picture can stir the soul and spirit to conscious recognition of wholeness.  There's the value.  Thanks Poffo.

ps.  I've also heard it said that time is Mother and space is Buddha [Father].  See if you think it could fit.  Either way, tell me what you think.