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Topic: Is 2008 the beginning of the end?

It's really strange the kinds of websites buy Google ads sometimes, but I just had to find out what "www.The-End.com" was all about.... Not a fun site.

A man named Ronald Weinland claims to be a prophet of God, and that the first half of the Tribulation (3.5 years) begins in 2008. And, yes you guessed it, it culminates in 2012. From what he claims in a radio show, he seems to be claiming one of the two prophets discussed in Revelation.

I found this interview to be particularly interesting and informative:


Listen to it some of it. Also, his latest radio interview from 2007.08.12 particularly interesting: http://www.cog-pkg.org/audio/radio.php

According to the interview, looks like April 2008 is going to be not so fun.
I hope he's wrong. Too many people saying the end is here.... I really don't need a nuclear holocaust...

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Your main link is not working for me

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After listening to the radio interview the prophet is not working for me either.  It's a literalist interpretation of revelation.  I don't say that some of it won't outplay in the physical but some of it manifests in the astral and higher planes too.  I've often said that 21 Dec 2012 will pass like any other day on planet earth.  By that, i don't mean that it will be sunny, mild and 72 degrees.  How does any other day pass on planet earth?  Open the newspaper and the history books.  Could be some terrible things happening today or tomorow or on 21 Dec 2012.  They're happening today.  It's armaggedon for someone somewhere at all times.  As for a WW3 type conflagration, that has been threatening for decades.  It could have happened at any time since about 1950 and may yet.  But i don't gel with the inevitable, literalist approach to prophecy.  It supposes impotence on our part and pre- destiny.  I believe that hierarchy can and would intervene if enough souls rose in consciousness to the level of christ awareness.  I believe that intervention has already begun in order to inspire that leap in consciousness into spiritual self awareness.   Jesus and many others are a part of that effort.   In that higher state of spiritual consciousness, souls would recieve the ingenuity to secure what is worth saving in this world and would have the discernment to challenge and overturn those power structures enslaving the masses.

There is a battle of ideas going on which is a part of the 'battle of armaggedon.'  The battles are waged in the astral, mental and etheric planes too.  I believe one part of that battle involves convincing the soul that NO PHYSICAL ACTION is required in order to change the world.  The fundamentalist 'prophet' plays his role in that by declaring the inevitability of the fulfillment of prophecy.  "There's nothing you can do about it".   The new age channellers play their role by insisting that the current world order is purely a projection of our own minds and that our sole focus should be to change our minds in order to change our environment.   

Both forget that action occurs on all 4 material planes and force must be applied on all levels in order to leverage change on all planes.... including the physical.  This of course must include physical action where opportunities arise to analyse and change systems.  It should be obvious that our highest ideals can be thwarted by those willing to act in the physical to secure their own distorted version of the world.  To imagine that we can mold this world in accordance with spiritual principles without including physical force is naive in my opinion.  I am not talking about war.  More like those powers that are ours under the US constitution if we will exercise them.   In order for humanity to reach it's physical/ spiritual potential  this is essential.  The foundation has been laid.   Will we build?  Or at least attempt to?  Or will we sit on the blocks awaiting the destruction of even that foundation purchased with blood.?  Has the foundation any value?

Every thought, word and feeling is applied force at more subtle material levels.   But all those karmic chickens [good and evil] come home to roost in the physical plane.  It is in the physical plane where we must secure our highest ideals because we pass the world on to the next generation and the next... and through re- incarnation .... to ourselves.   That is what we have been doing for ages.  Anything of any value which we have today has depended on that foundation of physical action in many different fields by courageous and sacrificial souls.

If not for the vision and sacrifice of the founding fathers of the USA for example, we probably wouldn't be having the many potentially world changing discussions we have here at the Noble Realms.  {Subtle hint}

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WELCOME TO 2008.   wink

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Is 2008 the beginning of the end?

How about the beginning of the beginning!

Last 10 minutes of this new 3 part interview adds some fuel for thought and action and smiles : )

http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid … 6170106419

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Thank you so much for pointing me to this. Really fascinating!
I couldn't help myself. I watched it all.
The only part that I can't reconcile is his belief that if we don't do something, we'll be stuck in another loop again, and someday we'll be the ones people write "lost civilization" papers about.

Even more, he's right. Former NASA Manned spaceflight people actually do comment on Amazon:
http://www.amazon.com/review/product/19 … Descending

Good times.

Since it's relevant to the subject, I did a search for 2012 in the Cassiopaean transcripts. (google is your friend indeed, though I have a pdf)

From page 2552 of Cassiopaean Transcript.pdf put out by Montalk.

August 5, 2000
Ark, Laura, F***, J & C

Is, in fact, our sun dying?
A:  Yes, and so is everything else.

Q:  Is it going to do it in 40 years?

A:  You do not understand our attempted allusion.  What is not dying?

Q:  Well, I KNOW that, but they are saying that our sun is dying too soon.

A:  No.  What is "too soon?"

Q:  Well... (A)  Forty years is certainly too soon!

A:  Why?

Q:  (A) Because scientists would normally give the sun much longer...

A:  But do "scientists" really know?!?

Q:  You are NOT helping here!  Are you saying this guy is right?!  I don't want to
talk about it

A:  Be patient, Laura, this is a lesson. 

Q:  Is our sun slated to burp and blink out in 2012 with the Mayan calendar?

A:  We asked YOU a question.  It is impolite to not answer!

Q:  (A)  Well, no, scientists don't really know; but they conjecture.

A:  Ah hah!  Conjecture! 

Q:  So, what's your point?

A:  Our point is: what is too soon and why?

Q:  Too soon would be... well, I guess that in completely objective terms, there is
no such thing as
"too soon."  When things happen, it is exactly the right time for it to happen. 
When something
happens, everything is perfect.

A:  Okay.

Q:  So, in the deepest sense, nothing is ever too soon... however... (C)  What
situations would
have to be in place for this to happen within forty years?

A:  There are unlimited numbers of situations...

Q:  Are any of the situations that would have to be in place for the sun to burp and
go out in forty
years actually present and activated in our present time-line?

A:  Burp?

Q:  Well, you know what I mean!  Expand, become a red giant, burn out, run out of
gas, go

A:  Some of those possibilities are always present, especially when combined with
external factors.

Q:  What would the external factors be?

A:  Energies or cosmic forces present in space at various locators which the sun
would pass
through in its journey through space, for one example.   

Q:  Are we slated to pass through any of those energies or forces?

A:  Wait and see.

Q:  You guys can't do that to me!

A:  Yes we can!


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I have been discussing the the odds and ends of 2008 here:

http://forum.noblerealms.org/viewtopic. … 04&p=2

2008 is the year of the Horned Owl and "Destruction".

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