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This is my first time on the noble realms forum. I would like to have an inspiring time up here. My look on life was mainly formed by the experiences of Robert Monroe and the thoughts relating to the possibility of biological ascension.

The last couple of weeks I revived the Robert Monroe-concept of loosh again. I am trying to integrate it into my current reality-perspective and I tried to do it with a small fantasy tool this time.

Back in 2004/2005 there has already been a topic on loosh at

I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Here it is:


Sarah was a little girl when she realized that there was something strange about the world. People were going everywhere, doing this, doing that and then eventually they would die. Like many other people she started to wonder what could be behind all this. She felt as if some part of her knew that there was more to this world than was apparent to the eyes.

On her tenth anniversary she received a small booklet from a niece. The booklet was all about the power of imagination: how you could use your mind to create worlds upon worlds. Sarah was thrilled and she started to experiment with the information from the booklet as soon as everybody had left from her little birthday party.

She read that her powers of imagination would be at their best just before going to bed and right after awakening. She would gain better results if she refrained from too much disturbing influences from the outside. Her parents soon got a little worried about their daughter when she would desire to go to bed early almost every night.

When she lay in her bed she imagined that she could see why people were here in Earth. And after asking this for a couple of nights something seemed to form in her imagination: she saw clouds coming from people's heads, ears and even from their belly buttons. She soon picked up this idea and decided to excercise with one of the rules in her booklet: to use different colors. So, she imagined that these clouds would have all kinds of colors: green ones coming from behind, red ones out of the mouth, yellow clouds from the skin and these clouds could take all kinds of forms as well. She made some clouds look like elephants, others like big rabbits and others turned into airplanes or trees.

After a while she got a bit bored with these clouds and started to ask a new question: what was the use all of these clouds? What did this have to do with the meaning of life?

The next evening new agents appeared in her imagination: people in different clothes with different colors who would fly and run around with trap nets. These trap nets were able to actually catch the various clouds that were produced by the people. The awkward thing was that nobody noticed these collectors. Sarah imagined that many of these collectors made funny faces and some blew big bubbles with the clouds that they had caught. They were all having a great time together.

It didn't take long before Sarah posed some new questions: what were all these collectors doing with these different colored clouds? She suddenly saw the appearance of an elevator. The collectors all stuffed their clouds in that elevator and after they closed it, it vanished, only to return empty a few seconds later. Sarah was curious and she decided to enter the elevator herself. Somehow the collectors were too busy to notice her and when she saw the elevator doors close she wanted to run out of the elevator, but she was too late.

When the doors opened again she walked out and was amazed at what she saw: many people were putting the various clouds into all kinds of openings and channels and there was a sense of joy surrounding the place. A man walked towards her and handed her a special suit that he said was necessary to protect her from the high density of clouds. She asked the man who was responsible for all this cloud-processing and the man pointed towards a small house in a tree nearby.

She didn't hesitate for a moment and climbed the tree. She knocked on the door and she heard someone say: 'Come on in'. She opened the door and the room immediately increased in size. She saw a big shiny ball that was dancing in the waters of a fountain. She raised her eyebrows and asked: who are you? I am the one who started this experiment, the ball answered.

Would you like to be a ball for a while as well? I could activate another fountain and we could talk in oneness and equality. She didn't like the sound of that, it reminded her of something that she didn't trust. The ball smiled and said that it was only joking. It closed down the fountain and sat down on a couch and asked her to do the same.

It then went on to tell her how there was a need for clouds in the country where it came from. He devised a system in which these clouds could be produced. At first it didn't result in a high production but after the creation of human forms there was more than enough cloud production to satisfy the needs of its country.

When Sarah asked the ball what they did with all these clouds, the ball said that she wouldn't understand. If she would read everything she might gain a better understanding. She frowned again and the ball turned into a smiley. Just kidding!

The ball coughed after this joke and kept on coughing for about ten seconds. It turned pale while coughing only to regain its shiny colors when the coughing had ended. He apologized and told her that it hadn't thought about one aspect when he created humanity and that little aspect started to have a serious health effect on itself.

'When I decided to place a piece of myself into you humans I did this so that you would realize that you were part of something bigger. This realization and the ensuing desire to reconnect would prove to produce clouds from a special color. It seemed like a good idea then but I had forgotten about this rule from 'the creators guide to creations', namely that once you put a piece of yourself into something alive you will remain connected to it.

To put it into other words: I started to experience the same emotions, thoughts etc - albeit in a lesser intensity - that my human beings experienced. Since the loosh-production was ever increasing I just ignored this aspect, but the effect has increased during the years, to the degree that it has even affected my immune system. If I keep on ignoring it, I might even develop a disease.

"Why don't you do something about it?", Sarah asked the ball. The ball said that it had various options, but it didn't really know the outcome. It could shut down the creation instantly, like pulling the plug out. The disadvantages of that approach might be that the ball wouldn't be absolutely sure if all parts of itself would return to it and secondly its country has gotten used to the cloud production level of its creation.

I took a look the other day at my creation and I noticed that there were not only collectors of its kind going after the clouds but there were all kinds of other beings collecting clouds of certain colors. They really interfered in its creation and they seemed to create more distortion in its human beings. Although it resulted in more clouds it also increased the level of distortion in the creator ball itself.

The ball said that it was working out a plan to continue both the production of clouds and the return of all parts of itself back to itself, without taking along parts of all those that had interfered in its creation. Sarah proposed an idea: "Why don't you try to raise the frequency of all those that have a part of you inside? They will start to produce clouds of a finer color and the ones who can only 'eat' the uglier colors will either starve or move away, leading to a decrease in distortion". "Perhaps", the ball coughed while smiling, "but they aren't the main problem. The main issue seems to be that you cannot create friction in a creation without getting fractured yourself. I need to find a way to restore all this."

Sarah woke up and petted her dog that was lying at the foot-end of her bed. She was already thinking about new questions to ask the ball and herself: how could she assist the ball?

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Thanks SiriArc for the links: I'm going to go through them as soon as possible!

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Hello Gibbon, I'm Spi, I'm sure I am familiar to you.


The ocean is vast, leaving a home for many brilliant of fishes - Every fish - Large and small, with beautiful colored scales of all.  The ocean was not only white, but it had many the colors: blue, light blue, green, yellow. Every fish was beautiful, in their own way, everything was balanced and clear. It does not matter, because every swam in the same, glittering water. Sharks and eels eat the fish, crabs have to use anemone to protect itself, yes, this seems like a major problem of the sharks to the neutral fish - But the ones are think they are helped can not be helped. Out of all, the Cetaceans were the most intelligent. But there were too little for every fish to communicate and gain the knowledge. There were fish who seek guidance in this water of that the fish could not accept. Fish then seek the intelligent Dolphins and Whales for their quest to ever advance in wisdom and knowledge.

Upon the river, far away, and there was it, the pond. The pond had many fishes themselves. But most of the fish had dull scales and had the least creativity. They can not think for themselves, so the pond's creatures were unaware of its intelligent source - It was a giant, dirty crocodile. This crocodile, with its long snout, had the most devious plan ever. This crocodile did had the brains, it commanded and its minions created complex ways of the pond: Dark, foggy, dull, and mostly the color brown everywhere! The crocodile looked far in the ocean, staring at it with complete ignorance. No understanding of why living in it when one can have their own section of water and ruled secretly them self. The crocodile was proud of his own ignorance, once in the vast water, but was so lost - It thought that this pond helped himself. The crocodile was running low of its creatures, the bright scaled ones who realized that they're lost and gone to the ocean, so the crocodile commanded its devious minions to fetch some other far in the ocean.

As the alligators reached to the ocean, it first spotted the wanderers of higher meaning. The alligators remembering the crocodile's order - Played nice to the seeking fishes. The fishes looked at the alligators and questioned, "Are you the intelligent, noble Cetaceans?" The alligators answered, "Yes we are. Tell me, why do you live in this mess?" The fish replied: "What mess?" The alligators smiled and instantly got a plan, "Why... You live in a place of horror, always escaping from sharks, eels, octopus, there is no order in this vastness of death abyss - Wouldn't you like to get away from it all?" The fish, with their perception of their own home being questioned, answered, "Yes.." After a couple of truth and tales mixed together blabbered the fraud Cetaceans, the alligators flipped their body around and pointed with their small snouts to the river, "This is the pathway away from all your troubles - We, the Cetaceans, swim in its peaceful wonder."

The fish without hesitation, swam up the river realizing that this river had powerful currents, but the fish wanderers pushed hard to what they aim is what thought of up there is heaven. Some of the fish started realizing it is the wrong way, The fish wanderers pushed their beautiful scaled body, and at the point of no looking back - The fishes lose their scales. The fish then plummeted into the dark, foggy water - They were so unaware due to this foggy water, they could not see the blood and violence that is actually shedding in the water. So... The fish turned ignorant, then trapped in the area that the ruler is the crocodile. The crocodile was proud of himself even further for the work of his minions.

The wise Dolphin closed their mouths, the classes of young fish stared in amazement at the great story that they, Wise Ones, did tell.. And then finishing off.. "Becareful on which current you take on, as one river can only go in one current."

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Hi Spi, I'm sorry, but I do not know who you are, at least not yet!

Thanks for the crocodile story. I have been trying to combine it with my little tale, but it isn't easy to do. Except for perhaps the question: who created the crocodiles? Did the crocodile-creator turn a bit more distorted because he created the crocodile with the ability to create as well?

I'm venturing on the paths of 'divine dilution', perhaps this topic has been covered somewhere before? I'm going to try and introduce it in a new thread: let's see what happens!

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