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Re: Larry King prepares Nation for "Disclosure"

Hmm... Will this press conference on Monday be televised? That would be interesting to see.


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Re: Larry King prepares Nation for "Disclosure"

Shirley Maclaine scares me. Something doesn't seem right about her - to me.

"It's all about feelings. It's all about what goes on in the spirit of your head"

Shriley Maclaine, From Larry King video

CbsWork says he was her personal Psychic, and later he found out that she was working for dark forces.

Re: Larry King prepares Nation for "Disclosure"

This is all manipulation of the public opinion.

ufos are real, but... its prophets are manipulated.

I hope people will not fall for the trick of thinking ufos are nice space fellows!

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Yeah, TPTB's got something up their sleeve for sure!


Re: Larry King prepares Nation for "Disclosure"

druid--I agree.


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Here's a message I found from a mysterious blog section...

First Contact - November 2007 - and the ET's real intentions

Although the ET's of the First Contact, November 2007, will appear neutral they won't be.

The ET's that are coming will not be neutral.

They will be negative.

Well, what is happening now is that the Earth's population dosen't go to church anymore. Humans don't belive in God or Authorities. Humans are starting to wake up. Thus, the Illuminati and the Family of Dark have to create a new form of God worship. That's where the negative ET's come in.

They will arrive on Earth and they will seem to be Gods - they will be techonogically advanced and they will cure certain diseases (that they hepled create in the first place) and soon, most of the human population on this planet will have a new God worship - they will worship those Great Lizards, the Stargods.

The Reptilians.

However, those Lizards will not have any spiritual intelligence. They would have advanced technological toys, but it will all be an empty shell, because they have no Light or Love. They are uninformed, they are in the Dark. Their intentions are to control humans and create a New World Order. They would divide and separate.

For those of you who will see through the Lizards and see their real intentions, it will be a trying time. You will be frustrated with the ignorance of the masses.

Eventually, the masses would be deceived, as the Lizards would entrap and control them. But in order to wake up, humans must be tricked some times.

You are facing difficult times. All of you who know the Truth about the upcoming future must open yourselves to Light and welcome the Light and Love into you. The Light will protect you against the negative Lizard influence.

Know that you are in control of your life - no one else is. Know that you are fully responsible for your life - no one else is. There is no one who would come down from Heaven and save you. You can only save yourself.

Do not fight the Lizards, for you will not win. Heal them instead. Shield your mind and heal. Do not condemn all Lizards - remember that as well as there are positive humans and negative humans, there are positive aliens and negative aliens.

And at some point, in around 2-3 years, many of you will develop your new Light abilities so you would freely use them. Thus, trust your feelings. Already today, welcome the Light. Be with the Light, be the Light.

We are all facing some interesting times within the next 5 years - and what you create will affect the entire universe. (The Mysterious Blog... Very helpful for me for some strange reason)

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Re: Larry King prepares Nation for "Disclosure"

I don't know if someone will come out of the clouds openly, but I'm sure we have a very interesting pattern progressing/unfolding. It's like a huge mechanism started at last, a mechanism that we were all talking and reading about. Like you always hear about a machine behind the walls in your neighbourhood, you've heard it so much long time that you even began to think it may be an urban legend. But suddenly some creaks and squeaks and bangs began behind the wall. This also has some very concentrated effects on personal life too, at least mine.

Anyway here's another step (sorry if this is mentioned before on NR):

WASHINGTON - NASA has agreed to search its archives once again for documents on a 1965 UFO incident in Pennsylvania, a step the space agency fought in federal court. The government has refused to open its files about what, if anything, moved across the sky and crashed in the woods near Kecksburg, Pa., 40 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.

Traffic was tied up in the area as curiosity seekers drove to the area, only to be kept away from the crash site by soldiers.

The Air Force's explanation for the unidentified flying object: A meteor or meteors.

"They could not find anything," one Air Force memo stated after a late-night search on Dec. 9, 1965. Several NASA employees also were reported to have been at the scene.

Eyewitnesses said a flatbed truck drove away a large object shaped like an acorn and about the size of a Volkswagon bus. A mock-up based on the descriptions of local residents sits behind the Kecksburg Volunteer Fire Department.

Change we must, to live again
- Jon Anderson

Re: Larry King prepares Nation for "Disclosure"

If anyone finds a video link for this news conference I'd like to see it... found this on the NPC website, so I think that means it happened today... wondering if anything good/new/interesting was brought out:

NPC Day Book:   Event Details
Event Date:        Nov. 12, 2007
Event Name:      UFO Close Encounters
Event Type:       News Conference
Time:                11:00 AM
Sponsored by:    FCZ Media
Event Location:   Ballroom
Details: Contact: Leslie Kean @415-250-9791,

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Re: Larry King prepares Nation for "Disclosure"

All I could find was a CNN mention (silly laughing and x-files music under it) where the lady even said they followed it all day, but CNN video shows nothing.
They talked over the small bits of video they showed, merely saying that it was a panel of respectable folks coming out to say they think UFOs are real, or to relate personal sightings. The announcers kept a jocular tone and expressed shock that non-raving lunatics might take the idea of UFOs seriously. OK i exaggerate, but check out the tone: … isclosure/

and now, i found actual bits can be seen here, after dragging dropping and sitting through commercials:

browser title: UFO panel shares close encounters.

i'd sure like to see the whole thing... watching the extract now...

...and not much in that ABC bit, just some bits of testimony stitched together.

Love is the law, love under will.
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Re: Larry King prepares Nation for "Disclosure"

"Heal the lizzies"?

If only that was possible!

In fact those "aliens" feed on this energy such a person would send trying to "heal" them.


Re: Larry King prepares Nation for "Disclosure"

Not the type of healing as if you're sending them energy - It's like when they are weak and frail you give them food to show that you are not the enemy and that is healing. It's pretty much influencing them by showing them the door when they need it.

Re: Larry King prepares Nation for "Disclosure"

I don't think they will obey you...

Re: Larry King prepares Nation for "Disclosure"

aNDRE dILOn wrote:

Shirley Maclaine scares me. Something doesn't seem right about her - to me.

"It's all about feelings. It's all about what goes on in the spirit of your head"

Shriley Maclaine, From Larry King video

CbsWork says he was her personal Psychic, and later he found out that she was working for dark forces.

from Fritz Springmeier's Disney chapter of Bloodlines of the Illuminati:

Warren [Beatty]'s sister is the famous (or infamous) Shirley Maclaine. Shirley "MacClaine" is not what she appears. Her father was a professor who was a CIA asset. She was used by the CIA as a sex slave. She became popular with the studios because she went to bed with the correct people. Her talents were used to get her as an intelligence slave into places that an obvious intelligence agent couldn’t go. She was married to a man in the NSA for nearly 20 years. Her adopted name Maclaine (reportedly her mother’s maiden name) is a pun on McLain,, VA where the CIA programmed her. She was used by the CIA in an operation in Australia, where the CIA used her as a sex slave to compromise Andrew Peacock, an Australian MP,, so that they could establish the Nugen-Hand bank for their dirty money laundering etc. She is friends with satanist Stephen Nance who has provided her with some of her teachings. Lowell McGovern writes her material. The CIA has programmed many of their New Age slaves to adore Shirley MacLaine. An example of this is Christa Tilton, one of their mind-controlled slaves, who revealed in an interview how she considered herself a born-again Christian who had spent most of her life in Oklahoma, but had mysteriously been drawn to Shirley MacLaine. During her life she has gotten repeated "psychic urgings"--that is strong urges to do things and go places, which she doesn’t understand where these urgings came from. After hypnosis, Christa drew pictures of the doctor who programmed her. Christa has had a federal agent monitor her constantly. Her husband has seen this agent, who has shown up on her door step and made calls to her. She names the agent John Wallis (most likely a cover name). This agent has a complete knowledge of her life, and government agents have taken photos of her during her supposedly "alien abduction" experiences. Christa is just one of hundreds of victims who have been programmed to adore Shirley MacLaine. (Christa is mentioned here because she is one case that this author is familiar with.)

and from another article by Fritz on the Rothschilds:

Remember the Beatty family was an early railroad family with business ties to the Payseur
family. Bartholomew F. Moore, who was the private attorney for years to President Abraham Lincoln, was a blood relative of the Beatty family. It was Bart Fingers Moore who co-authored the 14th amendment for the conspiracy. The Beatty family continually resurfaces when doing research on the conspiracy. Shirley MacLaine, the famous New Age
leader/author is from the Beatty family. She credits her start to Edgar Cayce by the way, who in turn was interested in Blavatsky. Blavatsky was a student of the Mason Anton Mesmer, who introduced the world to hypnotism. Hypnotism had been secretly practiced by the Mystery Religions for thousands of years before Mesmer taught Blavatsky and others about it. Charles Beatty Alexander, who is an Illuminati ,, prince"/Pilgrim Society member is an example of a Beatty in recent times who was within the elite.


Re: Larry King prepares Nation for "Disclosure"

Thanks Tim