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Re: The many mistakes of Michael Tsarion

I understand that many people think Im doing this because Im a stupid brainwashed Christian or something, you have to know I knew that was coming..but let me say for the record I have been a seeker of this kind of knowledge..the same kind tsarion fills 90% of his toolbox with, for many years, I have been into and out of all of it ( a lot of it anyway) at one time or another.., at times I have fallen hook line and sinker for stuff I have found later to be totally false...I know many people have been burned like that too...its impossible not to, dont lie you have too.. there is Soooo much disinfo around, as I am sure most of you are aware...

I think that the information in the video speaks for itself..i think there is a good reason to be concerned...Look, set aside my bad delivery and religious beliefs... although I make no apologies for them, I think that questioning this kind of stuff is paramount..most of you know it is...Its like the media...we used to be able to count on it to be the fourth branch of government to keep it honest...look what has happened now because we no longer have that. this lind of information needs to be freely questioned..the motives...the accuracy...the history....considering the "news" no longer provides news, and the kind of information that we can get our hands on on the net constitutes our daily paper...yeah you better believe we need to question it. Its all we got anymore guys and gals.

Im sure if you watch that video, and can make it past my terrible presentation you will say...'hey yeah thats totally f*cked up...is that true?...i should look and find out.'

I am not working for anyone and Im not blinded by dogma, I do get a lot of negativity and threats and so on..and it was a big decision to do it...but I know what its like to get burned. i figured were all in for a bad ride with the future if we cant stop em.. so I might as well walk right into it.

Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important.

—C.S. Lewis

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Off Topic / On-Topic

Don't usually get involved in threads and topics of this nature...but it is time to express the "nature" of change taking place in every thread and topic of life in the now!

It does not matter anymore if you are christian or muslim or pagan or protestant or baptist or...
What matters is that you have come or will come to a crossroads where you make a conscious decision to live and breath and think and act as the divine legacy of goodness you already are.

For me, everything in the now I read and see and live has to do with this crossroad of love and choice presenting itself...especially on sites like this one, where most have embraced the changes of goodness coming forth...and soon coming forth exponentially.

When questions and alternative views and opinions are presented regarding topics that brush the changes taking place...we simply look at the intent behind these questions and views and opinions.

Is it a sincere desire to learn, is it a desire to ruffle feathers, is it a desire to stir things up from an immaturity(age 8 or 88) level, is it a desire to 'hmmmm let's see what this does and where it goes', is it a desire to share the experience of the divine we all may experience???

The bottom line for me regarding Michael Tsarion is this:
The powers that be have a very long line and lineage of pre-planning and executing deceit with the intent to do harm and keep power in place, period. And this takes place in all factions of life...religious, political, economic and on and on...each and every faction is infected with fear and hate so that we do not see that we, ourselves, are the power of empowering.

As far as the internet and things like this presenting themselves:
I have met as many good people on the internet(about a 7+ year period for me) as I have in day to day life in front of me. Those people that I have met through this source are the exact same people(honest and loving) on the internet as they are off the internet...funny how that happens. In my opinion, the internet and these kinds of people are changing the world...helping the divine metamorphosis of life to empower Us, You and Me ...and Our Lives, Yours and Mine!

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This thread is f*cked

Re: The many mistakes of Michael Tsarion

Nyarlathotep wrote:

he did not contact me . . . comment on me, and say i'm a disinformationalist or a servant of the illuminati.

Did you just reveal something or am I reading too far into my imaginary wonderland once again? After reading this thread I somehow got the crazy notion that Nyanlathotep was Tsarion himself untill reading about post #23 so if someone could straighten me out, that would be great.

I am as is Void.

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I'm pretty sure Nyanlathetep is just defending Tsarion, and not actually the man, himself.

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"I am not working for anyone and Im not blinded by dogma, I do get a lot of negativity and threats and so on..and it was a big decision to do it...but I know what its like to get burned. i figured were all in for a bad ride with the future if we cant stop em.. so I might as well walk right into it."
I think you're working for your ego and any attention you can get, Gensix.  There is no bad publicity, right?  Or, perhaps it's jealousy.  Otherwise, why would you spend so much energy attacking a person whose ideas you don't share or agree with?  There are plenty of other teachers around.  Seek them out and find what resonates with you.

Gensix, any student of Michael Tsarion knows to do their homework.  He will tell you not to take what he says at face value.  Research it for yourself.  Was it you who referred to him as a New Age Guru? That is a laugh!  He is no guru.  He is here to help people who are ready to awaken to the truth of our 3D reality.  He has helped me so much to make sense out of the insanity of this world and the powers that be.  For me, everything falls into place.  And it's not a pretty picture.  His work is not for the beginning truth seeking student.  And if he uncharacteristically blew up at you, then you had it coming.


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Of course Michael Tsarion doesn't get everything right. that is human nature. He does check out on most things, and he makes a lot of sense. Anyone who speaks of the things he does will be ridiculed by some, there are many dis-info agents in these conspiracy forums, and they will never stop trying to hide or discredit the truth, no matter who says it. The NSA/CIA has been trying to do this for years. Check here if you doubt me...
http://www.wachadoo.com/forum/viewtopic … amp;t=1542 Above Top Secret forum is full of them, just read around in there, and you can clearly see it. And for the record, I am not an Illumanti, I am fighting against them on may levels.