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I don't even know where to start....

Basically, the sonsabitches continue to abduct me, regardless of the fact that I'm on to them.  So this is it?  Even when you become aware, you still get f*cked with and taken??  Why? Where's my free will?  Who's doing this? What could they possibly want from me? I am a very small fish in a big ocean; why are they messing with little old me? I am not a threat to them, am I?  Well, I guess I am in a very small way, maybe?

I've been keeping track for a while now.  I have many mysterious bruises that show up overnight and don't hurt. I've woken up with my clothes on inside out and backwards.  The worst so far is the last time they took me (or my etheric, or my soul).  It was on the 15th.  I had visited my mom out of town and came back late. The next morning, I found two huge bruises.  One was hidden to me. If I hadn't shaved my legs that day, I wouldn't have found it, or the really red 1/4 inch long ?cut? in the crease of my knee.  It's gone already. The bruises took a while longer to fade. I can still see them a little.  But that weird mark is gone. It looked like I had cut myself, but I didn't.  It shouldn't be healed already. 

So ever since that night, I've been really screwed up.  I keep running into things, dropping stuff, hitting my hand on things.  Just really clutzy-like.  That is not normal for me. I'm not a ballerina or anything, but I am not a clutz either.  So that's one thing.  But the worst part is that I can no longer muscle test.  They've done something to me.  They've blocked my ability to muscle test or dowse!!!  Now I'm pissed.  I wasn't even that upset about the bruises. But they went and cut me off from the only source of truth that I had. 

I know what happened.  See, they let me muscle test for as long as I wanted when I didn't know what the hell I was doing.  I would venture to say that the lady who taught it to me was sent by the neg team.  They probably enjoyed the show.  It was quite entertaining, I'm sure.  But now that I finally figured out what I was doing wrong, and fixed it, they don't seem to like it anymore.  I had managed to get it down pat. I was doing really good.  I was on the road to finding out a lot of information from my higher self. Then poof!  Get abducted, beaten up a little, implanted some more, and my polarity screwed with...all in one night!

Now nothing. I can't test at all. My connection has been cut.  My gut instinct is still there, but I often wonder if those are my feelings or some sent to me. I know that not all my thoughts are mine, so why assume that the feeling in my gut is mine?  I thought I could depend on that part. 

What do I do?  How can I fix this?  How is it possible that they can even do all of this?  Is there any way to fix your polarity?  I don't know if that's what's wrong or not.  How do you tell?

This has taken me forever to write, because my typing has also been affected since the 15th.  It goes with the clutziness.  How do I make this go away?????

Here's a pic of the bruise that was very easy for me to see on Sunday morning.  The other was on the back of my leg.  When I found it, it was really red/maroon.  Fresh, I guess.  It soon started to turn colors. It's almost gone today.

This particular bruise feels like there's something in it.  It's hard to explain. It feels bumpy.  New implant?

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Seeking--i felt terrible reading this new thing thats occurred up there.  YOU HAVE TO PUT A STOP TO THIS IMMEDIATELY.  theres about a hundred, or more ways to do this on this forum.  its time to PULL YOUR SWORD.  u must not fear, but instead, GET VERY RIGHTEOUSLY ANGRY.  U MUST wear armor, the armor of no fear and call the bastards out.  u must call them out.  u can do it in the shower with water pouring over you.  scream at them to come out and show themselves.  check out this prayer Blue uses or mentioned here and invoke it-- tweak it to fit ur needs and  beliefs.  but calling on Michael is a good one or use JC since they work together...

There is a very effective way to get this monkey off your back, whether it is attacking or dormant.

Go to a quiet place (or do it wherever you are)                              I SAY DO IT IN THE SHOWER!
1. Take a deep breath , from the bottom of your lungs and fill your chest
2. Start to exhale and keep going until you are gasping for breath. ( At which point breathe in (Step 1).
3. Repeat 3 times.
4. All through this process make this EXTREMELY powerful invocation;

"St. Michael the Archangel
Defend us in the day of battle                      SAY "ME"
Be our safeguard                                        SAY BE "MY" SAFEGUARD
Against the wickedness
and snares of the Devil.

May God rebuke him                           SAY "THEM"
We humbly pray                                 SAY  I  PRAY
CAST, INTO HELL                                SAY CAST-OFF ME
SATAN, AND ALL THE OTHER EVIL SPIRITS     SAY something like the workers in/of the dark
SEEKING THE RUIN OF SOULS."              or say seeking me in the night or whatever fits in here for u.

AMEN. (and so it is)                              or say what u feel here can invoke YOUR WILL to be free from their tinkering

"You should find that you will yawn repeatedly during the invocation, this is the monkey being forced out. If you are still yawning after the 3rd invocation, just carry on until cleared. Needs to be done on a daily basis. ( The feckers come back while you are asleep)."

i found this above looking at something else today but it may be useful for u.  u cannot allow them to hunt u.  like prey.  get real real pissed and bite back.  u have to be wholeheartedly ANGRY and in that protect urself.  ur surpressed anger has to come out.  use it against them by invoking ur own power and using the powers of known protectors.  whoever is a protector of u--USE them.  i have called out shit in the shower before.  somehow that works, warn them u will be coming after them, without fear.  with the water running over u.  cleansing and metaphorically symbolic and useful, in many ways with many meanings.  and its "condensed" in there and private.  scream out ur intent in there and mean it.  use what u said up there when u were describing how pissed and angry u are.  its about that anger u have and have been tamping down.  u cant talk about the past.  stay in the now, clear it in the now.  no talk of sickness and what theyve done to u.  that all goes together and needs to be over.  that is NOT ur armor.  stay in the now with focused intent.  put ice on the bruises anyway if theyre dissolving or not.  freeze them.

another thing u can do is something all weird too.  this came from an old woman who knew alot of great stuff.   take an egg, put them in that egg mentally.  focus ur intent to put "IT/them and the bad troubles and fear and occurrences u have been experiencing"  in the egg, theyre the new contents of the egg.  take it ur hands when doing this.  take however long it takes to put it ALL in that egg.  when ur ready, and all is in that egg, take it out back and throw it over ur left shoulder.  dont look back.  its a clearing measure.  it worked once for me many many years ago.  maybe not at this level, but u could try it and i know it sounds bizarre and mundane. 

DEMAND not to be screwed up anymore.  DEMAND it by the POWER OF YOUR WILL.  demand the klutzing stop.  ur off balance and its signifying that.  everything is symbolic and metaphorical.  so u can be on that level to stop it.  make it cease.  i just wanted you to know i saw u on here this AM and didnt like what i read at all.  u have a bunch of stuff going on and must be in mental turmoil.  at ur weak points.  thats whats happening.  to scare u.  u havent lost anything and u cant be separated from ur higher self and its contacts to u.  altho it may look like it.  REJECT SUCH SHIT.  stay pissed and strong and do what u have to do.  u cannot have doubt.  its making u doubt yourself, again, when u WERE GETTING STRONGER and MORE ASSURED.  TAKE THAT BACK   NOW.

GNOTHI SEAUTON "Know Thyself!"

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Re: Why don't they leave me alone?

look at this

see  "Running Water Countermeasures"  he found it by accident apparently and so did i

The Scientific Explanation
by Robert Bruce
(C)Copyright 2007

Running water repels and or dispels negative spirit entities. I learned this by accident and hard experience. Only recently did I discover the scientific 'why' of how this phenomenon works.

Running water has different physical properties to still water. Running water picks up electrical charges. The more active the water, the stronger this effect becomes. Click on the following links for more scientific explanation.

The physical forces generated by running water either repel the static EM forces of which negative spirit beings are partly composed, or they attract and 'ground' these forces, depending upon polarity. If this were not the case then running water countermeasures would not work, but they do. This is the only scientific explanation I have found that makes any sense.

In my research, I have found the volume and speed of running water to be important factors in how effective running water is for breaking negative entity attacks, and cleansing attachments. The greater the volume and agitation of the water being used, the stronger the effect it has on negative spirit entities.

I have had experiences, and had same reported to me by others, times where a neg has crossed a garden hose during a direct attack on persons. But, when crossing a water main pipe shortly after this, the neg was instantly broken away.

Areas like river rapids, waterfalls, and surf, generate large amounts of ozone, and given the large amount of agitated water, they obviously exert strong influences on static electromagnetic fields. These are also prime areas for weakening and removing negative spirit entity attachments.

Negative spirit entities are for all intents and purposes two dimensional beings, bound to the surface of the earth. They cannot cross running water unaided, not unless they hitch hike across with a living being, human or animal. This appears to shield the entity from the ground level running water field.

One would think that negative spirit beings could just fly over running water, or go around it, but repeated experience shows me that this is not the case.

Apart from the fact that negative entities are strongly affected by running water, the above also tells us that negs do not see or perceive the physical world as we do. If they did, they would simply move around a running water barrier, like say a garden hose resting on the ground gushing water. But, they do not. This tells us a lot about how negs perceive us.

Negative spirit beings, ghosts, etc, contain an electromagnetic charge. Various devices are used by parapsychologists to identify the presence of troublesome spirit entities.

Water spirits and air spirits can obviously fly over or cross running water. But these types of spirit beings are seldom troublesome. The most troublesome types are earth element spirits, and earth bound spirits and ghosts, to name but a few.

Crossing running water, a garden hose, underground main water pipe, river or stream, will remove a negative spirit while it is in the attacking stage. Once this gains hitch hiker status, it is protected from the energy of running water by the person or animal it is hitch hiking on. It is then more difficult to remove.

However, larger amounts of running water and prolonged exposure will still remove hitch hiking negative entities. To this end, standing onto top of many coils of garden hose, with water gushing through it, for several minutes or longer will drain negative spirits of energy and remove them.

Visualization Method: A visualization will greatly empower this process. While standing under a shower, or over running water, imagine brilliant light filling your head like a fluid and spreading down through your body. As you do this, also imagine discolored fluid leaking from your feet and draining away. Continue for several minutes, or for as long as necessary.

Shower Method: The above running water plus visualization method can also be done in the shower with good effect. Stand under a shower as soon as possible after interference begins, and perform the visualization.

The shower plus visualization method can be done very day for a few minutes while showering. This will help remove excess buildup of negative energy. A buildup of negative energy is a part of all neg invasions, particularly so when negs desire long term attachments with humans.

Based on the physical principles of how running water anti neg countermeasures work, it should be possible to build devices that repel negative spirit beings much more powerfully.

Strong magnets are also a great help for repelling negative spirit beings. See my article on magnets for protection.

Given that troublesome spirits and ghosts and earthbound spirits cannot cross running water...

Another Scientific Explanation:
The below is the response of a psychics professor when asked about running water properties.

A water molecule has an unusual property due to its shape.  The molecule does have an oxygen molecule at the center and a hydrogen molecule at each end, but not in a straight line.  The molecule has a 120 degree bend at the center.  The oxygen holds the electrons more tightly than do the hydrogen atoms.  The side with the oxygen is negatively charged.  The side with the hydrogen atoms is positively charged.  If the water is warm enough, some of the water molecules split into positive and negative ions:  H(+) and OH(-).

When the water is near a charged object, the opposite charges turn toward the object and the like charges turn away.  Oppositely charged ions move toward the object, and the like ions move away.  Electric force depends on distance.  The opposite charges, which feel attraction, are closer than the like charges, which feel repulsion.  The total attraction is stronger than the total repulsion.  Therefore, the water is drawn toward the charged object.

When the water stream has more positive charge on one side and more negative charge on the other, it produces an electric field around the stream that is shaped very much like the magnetic field of a bar magnet.  The field extends from the positive side of the stream around to the negative side.

The electric field produced by the charged object is what the water stream actually interacts with.  The object’s electric field transmits the force from the object to the water.  The presence of this field is what causes the charges to move around within the stream.  The field produced by the stream is what transmits force from the stream to the charged object.

here's some more stuff that may apply and it works too--

-- Disavow any promises, contracts, vows, oaths, spells, pacts, bindings, or agreements that I have ever made that are conflicting with my highest good, including vows that are adversely affecting me presently or will not serve my highest good in the future and in all concepts of time on all dimensions, in this life or any other life. Please assist me in disavowing these vows and agreements so they are no longer a restricting device on me. I ask that all restrictions be lifted and eliminated so that I can expand and align with my higher path and purpose.
--Sever and make null and void at root cause any promises, contracts, vows, oaths, spells, pacts, bindings, or agreements between me and all entities causing interference. These include all that may be secret, hidden, invisible, covert, unseen, unheard, unknown, unacknowledged, and undisclosed. Remove all operating systems and instructions, including backup systems and copies. Retain all learning experiences free of trauma. Conduct a full binding on all negative entities.
--Sever all vows and contracts that I have made, either knowingly or unknowingly, that have interfered with Universal love, light, and truth for any planetary system. Include contracts that are perceived to be irrevocable. Release me from all judgments, pain, and guilt associated with creating or participating in these agreements, transmuting the discord to love before releasing it.

USE your LOVE OF SELF and the CARE u have for yourself and YOUR SON to "TAKE BACK THE CALL"  sometimes its said one has "made the CALL" and thats when they come and harass, unbeknownst that u made the call, but maybe it happened with that screwed up chick that showed u the incorrect way to MT.  and the MT has called entities forth.  the MT has summoned entities.  SEND THEM BACK PACKING.  use this info for entities and not for ghosts as its talking about 2D.

GNOTHI SEAUTON "Know Thyself!"

Re: Why don't they leave me alone?

here is info on "The Call"  just use the info and apply accordingly.  all sources have info and u can use it as it applies.

GNOTHI SEAUTON "Know Thyself!"

Re: Why don't they leave me alone?

I agree with Zenden, it seems that one of the most effective way to get them to stop is to pray to someone like Christ, or Budha or whoever you believe in.  This is all speculation on my part but I think it has to be a prayer that is both sincere and positive, like you expect them to positively help you out.  I personally believe it is the emotion or belief that you are connecting with that is somehow a positive protector, but I am certainly not all knowing, maybe Jesus, Arc Angel Michael and Budha really do help you out.  Good luck to ye.

"...But Nothing is Lost:" "Nothing lasts... nothing lasts. Everything is changing into something else. Nothing's wrong. Nothing is wrong. Everything is on track. William Blake said nothing is lost and I believe that we all move on." - Terrence McKenna - Shpongle - But Nothing Is Lost

Re: Why don't they leave me alone?

In Conjunction With What [size=16]The Z[/size] Has Noted:


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Check out the Lynn Grabhorn affirmations, maybe they will help you?    Also just my two cents, but prayer can truly work.   I've found that prayer that demands a specific outcome doesn't work so well, but if you pray to whatever deity/angel you feel closest to and with basically "here's the situation, I need your help, help in any way that you can" that leaves the door open for much more ways for you to receive help.

Re: Why don't they leave me alone?

Hi Seeking,   Very distressing .  All these symptoms all at once.  I had never heard you talking about this before.  Maybe it's never been so bad ?   I can only second Zenden's advice with the prayers to Archangel Michael and affirmations.

Whenever you call to the Godforce a spiritual being is sent to assist you.  The 'Universal One' responds to us through the agency of individual spiritual beings.   It is a fraternal love between us all that spans the ages and spans the material and spiritual planes.  That's an easy concept to understand because it is universal.  That is how life on earth is supposed to be after all.   All for One and One for all.   Zenden's prayer to the Archangel Michael is a pearler.  I know it well because i've given it myself a fair bit in the past.  The greater the attunement you have to a spiritual being [who is vibrationally one with your own higher Self ] the greater will be the empowerment of your spoken word.  The angels have the power to transfer the attributes of their own spiritual consciousness to you and to amplify your own positive attributes.  This transfer of spiritual energy happens over the arc of your faith and attention.

A lot of people will call to Jesus or Archangel Michael only when trouble arrives on the doorstep.  So most folks haven't built a momentum of attunement for times like this.  Also, there is a fair bit of doubt about the reality of these two spiritual beings [Michael and Jesus] and others.   So, for some, a sense of doubt and a lack of practice may have stood between their soul and these spiritual beings in the past.   If so for you Seeking TT,  i'm with zenden on the use of the 'Spoken Word' as the saving grace in this challenge.  If you've had any doubts about the value of affirmations and prayers then now might be the time to dispense with them and invoke the faith and good vibes of the angels.  These powerful beings have been charged with the mission of defending all souls who have the seed of light within. [the christ consciousness].   To some extent spiritual help comes to people of goodwill whether or not they ask for it, or are conscious of the source of it.  But a conscious relationship with the angels is much better than an unconscious one and well worth a try.

Other people have written about keeping your personal vibes up and maintaining calm as the natural antidote to negative energies.   So true, and great advice if you can do it under the stresses of the moment.  But one thing you can almost always do is speak the word of power.  Often times that action alone, if it is given with some measure of faith and surrender, can change your whole vibe.   And because the angels are on the inner planes, the effects of their ministrations are felt from the inside out.  In that sense, the angels are certainly not an 'external' source of help.  We are one at inner levels.

Nobody has to be perfect to recieve this divine assistance.  You just have to be ready to call on Archangel Michael, and  Jesus too if you will.   These beings have fulfilled their spiritual potential and have been rewarded with immortal individuality and 'all power'.  They are one with the universe yet they remain self- aware as sons of the great Spirit.  We are trying to arrive at the same state of consciousness as them, and when we do, our reward will be the same... Immortal individuality... Invulnerability to all lower forces, embodied or otherwise.  In the mean time i believe we need their assistance.   Obviously, some dark forces on earth have a greater momentum on the dark side than we have on the light side.  That is why we are relatively vulnerable and that is why the dark ones are not taken [in large numbers] from the earth.  Because not enough of us have matured as sons and daughters of God and consequently we have not been empowered to stand up to them.  That's why we need to develop spiritual attunement with the inner christ and the angels.

Without the resurrected consciousness of the inner christ we cannot really stand up to the dark forces.  Over the aeons we have become as shorn lambs.   We have been largely fleeced of our spiritual power.  That is why the 'game' has continued on earth for so long.  And that is why we need our spiritual friends in high places.   We need them to help us redress the balance of power because we battle against 'powers and prinipalities' both in and 'not of' this world.  Unless we accept the second coming, as the reappearance of the christ consciousness within ourselves, and unless we accept our divinely ordained protection in the person of that christ in ourselves and in Jesus, Michael and others, this ancient "battle of armageddon" will continue.   And any one of us can come under attack at any time.

Remember the story of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane?  When the soldiers came to capture Jesus he said [something like] : " Think you not that i could summon 12 legions of angels?... "

Jesus could have escaped the penalty of the state.  He understood that the angels will obey the authority of the word of the inner christ but Jesus did not give the command.   Knowing his own spiritual attainment and power to raise the body, he let them do their worst and submitted to the abduction, show trial and crucifixion.  Seeking the Truth, the angels will obey the word of christ within you too.  It is lawfull for you to speak the word in order to maintain your personal safety.  Your real self is stirring awake and it appears to be threatening to somebody.  You know who else was a threat to the dark forces and has been through similar trials? and understands you completely?   Jesus went through his trials as written and others go through their trials in different ways.  For some reason, you're going through yours in this way.  It is flat out opposition to the ressurection of your soul from the mass consciousness.   Help is at hand but it must come from the spirit within yourself.  If you can possibly calm yourself this inner power can more forcefully summon spiritual help in the person of Archangel Michael or Jesus or any other real spiritual being.   The call compells the answer.  It is the law.  If you haven't been sure of that before, it might be time to put it to the test.

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This may be a silly question, but where does "St. Michael the Archangel" cast the negative entities/energies? Do they get sent back to the Infinite Creator/Universal Consciousness? I have read the story of Dr. William Baldwin (hypnotherapist?) who sent negative entities/energies back to the Creator. Just curious.


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Re: Why don't they leave me alone?

First of all, thank you all so much for your replies. You’re my angels smile  I am so grateful to have you in my life at this moment. More than you’ll ever know…

It seems I’ve come full circle, my friends.  I can’t reply to any of your posts without relating my thoughts and feelings.  It’s all intertwined—like a big quantum soup mess. It all ties in together. I don’t know how to coalesce my thoughts into something understandable by others. The rabbit hole is so friggin deep, that I’ve lost my way.

Since I’ve come here, I’ve learned a lot. But of course, the more I learn, the less I know—it seems. Between the research that I’ve done, the muscle testing experiences, and the remembering, I’ve unveiled many disturbing things. I can’t even talk about the compassionate advice given to me without going into this tangled nest. I don’t even know if what I’m about to write will make sense to anyone else.  I have a feeling it might, though.  I wanted to start a thread about all of this, but I guess this one will work, since it’s all in the same game.

True to my moniker, I have been an avid truth seeker.  Well, come to find out, the truth ain’t so pretty, there, Verne…

I’m pretty sure that we’re not even in Kansas…maybe we never were.

Okay, so this is going to be reaaallly long….First off, a little more detail bout me.

I’ve got this thing.  I think it might be like a familiar. In my muscle testing and dowsing thread, I went into some of the specifics of my situation, among other threads.  So, I’m told from shaman #1 in Oct. last year that I had a piggybacker left that he hadn’t gotten rid of during the initial entity clearing. He was going to go thru my family lineage next, but I’m doubtful he went that far, since our ‘falling out’.  So he calls my ‘friend’ a piggybacker. 

Fast forward to June this year. Shaman(ess) #2 tells me that the said supposed piggy is my twin.  She calls my twin Althea. My mind kept wanting to call her Athena. Maybe the lady interpreted the name wrong.  Regardless….

All the while, mind you, I’ve been asking for the truth. I sit out there in my ‘den’ and beg for the truth. Well, hello! Maybe I should be careful what I ask for…

So after seeing above shamaness, I came to the realization that maybe this twin soul sharing my body isn’t a good thing?  In the meantime, I’m reading James Bartley, Eve Lorgen, Blue Planet project, the Dulce material and other various streams of information, including the whole twin thing.  Oh, and I had perfected my muscle testing.  Or so I like to think! 

So I go back to the shamaness a couple weeks ago. At this point, I am forced to use my credit cards to see her and have a place to stay, and food, etc.  Still haven’t figured out a way to help humanity and make money at the same time…

Anywho, I had started to suspect that my birth was not normal. From the testing that I’ve done, I can honestly say that it was pretty screwed up.  The possibility that my mother’s twin pregnancy was on purpose is definitely there. I think I was an experiment. My muscle testing was very rigorous (see other thread). But I think I finally did get it right. So accordingly, my situation is thus:

Mom seems to be not normal. She was born in ‘43, when a lot of experiments were starting. She may or may not be my biological mother. I think she was taken shortly after she was born in the back seat of a car on a country road. See, now I’ve read way too much shit.  Maybe I’m just paranoid??  Delusional?  Crazy?  Oh well, at any rate, if there is such thing as cloning, my ma is one. I tested that she was replaced at birth, basically. I have no clue if any of this is true. Maybe I just have some really demented entity attachment that controlled my muscle testing?  I’m told that I’m clear of attachments like that.  So, I’m in denial. I know that these things are true, or close, but I really don’t want to think about them or accept them….

So my birth is a mystery. Mom won’t talk about it. She says she doesn’t remember it all, and besides, “some of it’s not your business”.  Okay…. So yeah. My mt is all I have (had).  I got really up close and personal with the truth during my testing. I think Ma’s ovum were genetically modified and then inserted during one of her abductions.  While conveniently being ‘raped’ around the same time. Who was he? I don’t think it matters.

I have tested that my twin has been with me my whole life, thru thick and thin.  Great comfort.  And at times, it was. I can’t say whether the presence has been positive or negative. Maybe both?  I just know that my testing said that there was 2 souls in my body. The twin thing was a little hazy. My intuition says it’s not a standard twin pregnancy.  The fetus was absorbed by my body. And I’m guessing her soul merged as well? I don’t know how that works.  I tested that she (it) meant me harm.

I had told the shamaness that I thought she had been misled by my twin.  Perhaps she was, but doesn’t want to admit it? Whatever.  So I go back and she has me answering questions and stuff about why I let my twin “in” (for lack of a better word).  I’m like—Well, I didn’t even know she was there, so I can’t answer that.  She turned it around and told me to answer from the driver’s seat.  So I ‘turned in’ and found the answers she wanted. Was it me answering? 

So have you guys read James Bartley’s work?  How about Steve Gamble? I know you’ve probably all read WIH, too.  Damn, this is deep…processing, processing…

Okay, so I think my twin’s body would not have been human, had it been born.   I wanted the shaman to read the articles I brought along about reptilian entities, but she wasn’t doing that.  I don’t know what to think about all this.  But here is a thread I read on the woman’s warrior forum. I think it ties in somehow.   {crap...I can't find it now.  I didn't bookmark that site. It's a forum, members by invitation only. Anyone know what the site's name is? I linked to it from here, I know}

I hope that I am sooooooooo wrong about all of this. 

Okay, well, the shamaness has me go ‘walking away’ from my twin and all that.  She didn’t really have time to read the articles I brought, I guess. And I kept wanting to show her that specific one I linked to up there, but somehow couldn’t get that far.  She was being duped or I am.  The pain in the center of my back is related to my ‘twin’, of that I have no doubt.  All right, well, it still hurts.  I don’t feel as though my “twin’s” presence has left me. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know who it is or why it won’t leave.  But I have my theories, as mad as they are to the normal joe.

Nice, eh?

So that’s just a small part of the personal crap I’m dealing with right now.  My quest for the truth goes much deeper than myself, though.  Existence. Life. Reality. Who are we? Where did we come from? Who is god? Which one?  Ha ha.  Welcome to the jungle…   

Alright, well I’m going to stop for now, cuz I’m wearing down and must eat.  I have so much more to talk about…I really want to talk about this whole JC and Michael thing.  But of course, it can’t just be one thing.  It’s all tied in together.  The WIH, the ‘aliens’, the astral planes, the matrix….At this point, I need someone to tell me how wrong I am about all of the thoughts that I have about our existence (or non-existence).  This hole is so very dark and lonely….

Does anyone have a flashlight?

Maybe I should start a separate thread concerning this really deep well I’m hanging out in currently.  Perhaps I will…

For now, though, I have been trying the trick Montalk talked about in the implants thread, about building a protective shield. I ask/intend for my higher self to build this and then I expand it to encompass my house and property. Don’t know if it’s working or not….I do ask my non-physical guides to help build or reinforce this shield.  I’m horrible at visualization, so I have no idea if this is helpful. I noticed that the nights I remember to do that, I don’t get messed with. But I am on a “schedule”, probably, so maybe it’s just timing?

I’m really sorry if this hasn’t been coherent. I have so many thoughts and so little organization…

I just want my muscle testing to come back.  Oh, and zenden, I’ve been doing the water barrier trick.  I don’t think that’s what I’m dealing with here. Entity attachments are secondary at this point, I think.

I don’t think I have a choice in whether or not I’m being taken against my will or without my consent.

From what I’ve read, I think Lyra said that even she still gets abducted.  (Was that the implant thread?)  So maybe we can’t stop it, even if we ask for help?  I wish I knew the answers.

Thanks for listening, guys.  More tomorrow, providing I’m still in the physical…

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Re: Why don't they leave me alone?

Seeking:  I have had some recent revelations in my life.  They were certainly for me, and I am starting to believe that truth really is a subjective thing.  Some things really are true to some people and not to others.  True in the sense of how reality actually is for them in so far as it matters to that individual.  We are all of the one being I believe.  We are all on different paths, but in the end all paths lead to the same place.  My personal message had to deal with my own seeking.  I have been driven my entire life to search for the answers, at the cost of having a happy and fulfilling life by western standards.  Recently it has brought me very far in my quest as I have rediscovered a reality so amazing that has begun to rebirth that childhood wonder that the truths that my schooling had taught to me.  I became an atheist and it was easy to see how people can be such.  Our current methodology of dealing with things tends to rob them of all spiritual aspects.  It tends to remove the personality from the subject and instead replace it with a cold quantifiable result.  So I searched science for the answers, which lead me to aliens, which lead me to extra dimensional beings, which lead me to dimensions actually just being imagined things inside of some entity "God".   I was finally spurred to try an Ayahausca workshop in the hopes that I could see those things my studies had suggested were true but I had never seen.  Ayahausca made this learning process personal again for me.  Its not like it turned some magical switch on inside of me, it instead reminded me of a state of being we are in as children, were everything is magical, mystical and full of wonder.  This journey that I was on began to be more then just these intangible concepts of god, aliens, extradimensional beings, demons, Organic portals.  This journey was about me.  And for you the journey is about you. 

I will not go into detail, but at this point I have answered to my current satisfaction "what is the meaning of life", "what is god", "what should I do with my life?".  Answering these questions gave me little satisfaction but did allow me to rest myself a little.  What is really helping me out recently is not wondering how should I be, but being.  We all live in our lives as a story, and our story can be as happy or sad, bland or magical, negative or positive, empty or fulfilling as we choose to make it.  I have lived most of my life trying to make myself successful in a character role given to me by my society.  A role that I don't really care for, and yet I still am playing even right now at this very moment.  It is time for me to define the story of my life.  I figure it will be an adventure, and I am going to write it as I go along rather then try and write the entire script now and spend the rest of my life acting it out.  How do I know now what is going to be important to me in 20 yrs. 

I am starting to lose the focus of my story so I have to cut to the chase.  This applies to you as I see it in that it seems you are looking for the external world to define who you are.  You want the world to tell you whether or not you have a twin soul, whether or not you are the child of an alien, or a cloning experiment.  Perhaps you should write your own story.  What do you believe is the truth to reality.  Maybe for a while it can be your own personal truth that helps you be happy with who you are and allows you write your own narrative and let you discover how to help people.

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Re: Why don't they leave me alone?

Being aware is what puts your freewill into active mode, but while sleeping you are unaware and therefore your freewill is off-line. Your guard is down and so they tiptoe their way into your realm and whisk you away. If you remember nothing of it, and none of the after-effects from the abduction absolutely prevent you from living your life, then it might as well not have happened as far as your freewill is concerned, which is why it does happen.

The more you become aware of what they are doing, the more their actions have consequences that enter into your consciousness and therefore run up against your freewill. In other words, being oblivious to it all gives them the freedom they need to do what they want. One obvious application is using a couple voice-activated tape recorders, or a motion-activated web-cam, to record your bedroom while you sleep. This creates a something that you can later examine consciously, and thus even though during sleep you are unaware, there is a future eye (your later waking self reviewing the recordings) watching over you, which interferes with physical abductions.

Other examples include being aware of when they are about to abduct you. There may be precursors in your case. Like lying down trying to drift off and getting flashes of grays or reptilians or whatever appearing involuntarily behind your closed eyelids. Ear tones or ear ringings are another precursor sometimes, as well as warning synchronistic numbers if you get those. If you know the timing of an impending abduction, that focuses your awareness on it, constricts its ability to manifest. If you use that awareness to take preventative action, even better. If your abductors are military, they will tend to take you around the same days of the week or month, so keep track of when your previous ones happened and if you find a pattern, you'll know when the next nights are. You can stay up that night and sleep during the day if necessary. Another trick is to get a pack of zip-ties and number them, then zip your wrist or ankle to a cord tied permanently to the bed so that if you are physical abducted they have to cut the zip tie, leaving too much evidence behind. Evidence = awareness. For you, bruises may be the max evidence permissible.

If one were rich and crazy enough, sleeping inside an electrified faraday cage watched by two motion-activated cameras on computers with redundant power supplies, that should stop both physical and soul abductions... but the day such a person lays down on the couch for a quick nap is when he gets snatched. I think the abductors, being outside of time or having remote viewing capabilities, can scan ahead and see promising points on the timeline to schedule an abduction.

Aside from awareness, your vibes and attitude also plays a big factor in how tangible abductions are. Predator and prey exist in the same realm and attract each other, so the more you vibrate at the level of prey the more you connect with the predator. Realizing you are being abducted comes with a natural response of fear, desperation, and hopelessness, but from there you can go one of two ways: give up and accept the situation and begin rationalizing it as a good thing (which is what alien abductors want) -- or do everything possible to fight your way out of their grip. Once you give up and rationalize abductions as positive, it's over... you just made a deal with the space mafia and belong to them until you break that contract.

Fighting abductions through awareness and preventative measures is easy. It's just a game of strategy and counter-intelligence. But fighting by changing your vibes, that is very difficult because your vibe is locked into place by your assumptions, your preferred way of reacting to things, your emotional temperament, and your ego attachments. To change your vibe, you would have to avoid defending your old ways of being based on your old experiences, and instead adopt a new mindset based on what you want your future experience to be.

By changing your vibes, you fall out-of-synch with the abductors and they cannot "reach" you as deeply or easily as before. To do this, you would have to become more emotionally stable and mentally focused. Desperation must become calm confidence. Frustration must become humor. Fear must turn into a feeling of power and authority issuing forth from your spiritual center. Mental obsession with being a victim must turn into a focused determination to turn the tables and undermine their attempts. And despite all this, moving forward with what makes you happy in life must not be impeded, otherwise they win.

If their abductions are designed to screw you up in life (most commonly by exploiting your tendencies toward anger, depression, laziness, loss of faith, etc... to nudge you into self-sabotage, done through post-hypnotic programming during an abduction) then the less you act on these programmed impulses, the less of a payback they get for their investment and the less they have to go on next time. Over time this further reduces what they can get away with and try. So self-control, self-observation, being mindful of folly and irrational thoughts, and staying centered, calm, and focused ... that is very important, but difficult.

Anyway, that and what everyone else here has said about breaking contracts / creating shields / requesting protection, is all I know about handling abductions. At the very least I recommend the voice-activated tape-recorder (or digital voice recorder) because although it's not perfect, having absolutely nothing recording or watching while you sleep is leaving the gates wide open.

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Re: Why don't they leave me alone?

SeekingTT, first I am so sorry you are in such distress in your life, questing for answers and finding that which makes it worse.    I spent a time which is not necessarily over consulting shamans and psychics, and the results weren't the best for me.   Because they were correct about some things it was easy and comforting to assume they were correct about all they said, but this was not true and led me on wild goose chases for the things I took on faith.   With the benefit of hindsight I've realized that such people even with great gifts are still ordinary flawed humans...subject to mistakes, prejudices, and putting overlays of their own philosophies and bias.    So whatever anyone has told you or you have read, please test it against your experience and what you know to be true.     The other thing that I've learned that might help too is sometimes more than one thing is true at a time.   It's like you can look at the sun and depending on whether you look with your eyes or with a telescope and what wavelength you are filtering for it can be different colors, look different.    And yet each image is just as valid.   I suspect all reality is like that.    So in one version or "view" of your reality it is one way, but it is possible that it could be another way and still be true and that another perspective would serve you better.    I don't know how much we mere humans get to choose, but I'd say choose where you can for the path of your greatest well-being.

Re: Why don't they leave me alone?

STT, you mentioned your visualizing not being too strong, so here's a mediation I've always found great for strengthening that ability.   It'll really help you add oooomph to your shields.

1. first imagine you are sitting on a cliff edge high on a mountaintop, secure and looking out into clear blue space
2. visualize a yellow cube, choose the shade, the texture, imagine flying around it if you want, stay with it till the image is strong
3. now visualize a white sphere on top of the cube, same thing have fun with it, keep both objects clear in mind
4. now add a red cone on top of the sphere, again choosing texture and exact shade.  Now  it may start getting tricky to keep
   all three objects clearly in mind at the same time, just think of it as adding weights on a barbell it gets harder each step but
   gets easier as you practice
5. now add a green solid sald bowl shaped thing on top of the cone
6. last a sparkling clear jewel on the top, with the goal of keeping the entire visualization with details all five objects clear in your mind.

I got this one from a book by Friends of the Western Buddhist Order and even though I didn't stick with them I love this meditation and it definitely helps sharpen up the visualization skills and can be kind of fun too.    For example you can imagine the yellow square is made of gold bricks, the white sphere a gigantic pingpong ball, the red cone covered in fine crushed velvet, the green thing like one of those overpriced custom glass bowls, and the jewel a glittering gigantic diamond.   This meditation can easily take thirty minutes or more if you really get into it.   It can probably be adapted to any five things you like too.

Re: Why don't they leave me alone?

STT, I can't really add more to the good advice given, but we are sending you positive vibrations of love and peace.

What I can do (I hope) is provide the link you wanted ..

STT wrote:

But here is a thread I read on the woman’s warrior forum. I think it ties in somehow.   {crap...I can't find it now.  I didn't bookmark that site. It's a forum, members by invitation only. Anyone know what the site's name is? I linked to it from here, I know}

I know I get a lot of peace from the advice in Eckhardt Tolles  'Power of Now' book, by ignoring the past and the future and centering down in the present moment, the eternal NOW. I am not saying to totally ignore what is happening to you, but what you need right now is peace, so you can build your strength back up, and live to fight another day. I would also ask you to consider dropping the muscle testing just for now, you can always come back to it later.

Keep repeating to yourself, that this is just an illusion (albeit a very strong illusion in your case). It has to be illusion- we are All One, and you are an aspect of God, connected to All That Is. The illusion is that you are separated from Source. But You are not.