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Now I don't say I subscribe to everything proposed in this theory but a convincing argument is made. But where is all the mass coming from? What about the water? But look at the way the continents fit together on all sides.

Conspiracy of Science - Earth is in fact growing

The Moon


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A lot of this is actually really compelling... thanks for posting the links.

Also more vids, on

Book wrote:

But where is all the mass coming from? What about the water?

I started to think about the link between water and consciousness, that maybe that was a clue.  But then on other planets and moons the 'new' material is not water; it's solid (and not just ice).  Hmm... 

Another line of thought is perhaps the mechanisms at work in the earth include a conversion of energy to matter.  That would seem to indicate that the earth has a higher intelligence than man (duh), since we haven't really figured out how to do this part yet with our little toys and alien technology.  (Or maybe we have, and I just don't know about it.)

In any case, definite food for thought...

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Re: Growing Earth Theory

I had a weird thought.

Light? E=mc(squared)

It turns out that is part of the theory.

But were does light come from? (other than the obvious of course. :-)

Questions on top of questions.

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This post kind of reminded me of something I came across this week.

Ultimately what we consider physical constants that define mass, electromagnetism, etc, aren't really constants, but just geometric attractors limited to our specific environment.  Our primitive notion of a static earth probably falls under that same category.

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Re: Growing Earth Theory

Notice how the printed image on a balloon all shrinks together
when the balloon is deflated?  And look at the reverse. 
And what is the reason for the volcanic rift that runs throughout
the oceans?  And what about that huge body of water that they've
found underneath China?
And... and... and...

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Re: Growing Earth Theory

Maybe it has to do with earth spin speed, water density and pressure, and the lessening gravitational pull as the earth grows.

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Pamelajean wrote:

I've wondered where all the water comes from since I was a child growing up in L.A. To think how many toilets are flushed and how many times a day, millions of dishes are washed, millions of people bath, millions of acres of landscaping everywhere watered everyday...times millions and millions of people.  A few inches of snow pack doesn't quite explain it.  I'll never figure it out.

Water Cycle.

For more info you can google water cycle or visit the link below: … cycle.html

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Pamelajean wrote:

Maybe I should have worded it differently since I do know where water comes from and the cycle.  There's something off about the physics of its use and return.

Sorry, didn't mean to get all smart on you.  smile Some people don't know about the cycle so perhaps it's for the best that it was brought up in the thread.

Anyhow, what exactly do you mean by the physics of the cycle being off?

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How could those old huge dinosaurs have lived in a 1 g gravity field being up against the old inverse squared law thing. i wonder if gravity on earth has not always been the same.

Its not like we are fractions of the whole but rather versions of the whole.

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Some flying dinos had a big wingspan with fragile bones that can not stand the today gravity
if they were alive today, also all the water we have, we are too close to the sun to have all
that water, so the water came from some other place and maybe the fossils too, Tiamat...
Funny how its name is related to sea...

Bye, Pictus


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Re: Growing Earth Theory

That's food for thought Pictus.  Tiamat... I think that planet played a role in our history, whatever that role was I'm not sure.  And whatever you want to call the planet... Tiamat / Phaeton / Marduk / Lucifer (!... Michael Tsarionism)...

On another note, the verse in the bible Genesis 1:6 would seem to imply that from that writer's perspective the 'water' was there before the 'sky'... and the 'sky' was created and it divided the water above and the water below.  It's perhaps nothing, but in any case I've always thought it to be strange how it defines the two locales of water:

Genesis 1:6-10 wrote:

6 And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.

7 And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.

8 And God called the firmament Heaven. And there was evening and there was morning, a second day.

9 And God said, Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so.

10 And God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters called he Seas: and God saw that it was good.

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hm.. So if you take the continents off a globe right now they all fit together and still leave room for a world wide ocean.  So if the planet is growing there never was water(ocean) in his hypothesis. Or perhaps came from underground as the planet grew to form oceans ? Interesting pictures.

fyi on LA and Southern Cal area water supply etc
or lets just borrow it from other states that don't need that much water.. … oriver.htm

My question is resources are used up from underground what is holding up the earth ? … loriv.html

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Pamelajean wrote:

fyi on LA and Southern Cal area water supply etc
or lets just borrow it from other states that don't need that much water

Yeah, I've seen the rivers and such that we "borrow" water from.  They don't look like they could supply a city of Barbies with water, little lone this metropolis.  Byw, which state would that be that doesn't need that doesn't need that much water?  I have friends all over the states (including Colorado) and lack of clean water seems to be an issue everwhere.

True.. the development and historic agreements to bring water from the Colorado River to California in many cases have left the states it runs through with dry areas.. However I'm guessing that is not the only cause for water shortage in some areas.

ON the amount water on planet earth... I watched a mainstream science program … eId=242366 this week that discussed theories on how earth has the water it does.. one idea is a from extra terrestrial .  Sources.. ie asteroids containing carbon dioxide falling to earth. There is no definitive answer to the amount of water on the planet at this time. Also the continental drift theory came from a meteorologist in 1912 not a geologist and until the 1960s it was not accepted or widely thought of that the continents had broken apart and spread.

Interesting in terms of human civilization, scientific theories and how being one of the herd in the scientific community could waste years down many garden paths.

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Re: Growing Earth Theory

Pamelajean wrote:

The odd thing is, time-keeping would have to expand with the earth so the expansion thing includes much more than just the earth.

Remember that evidence exists to suggest that one Earth year used to be 360 days.  Why else would ancient Judaic and other calendars establish a 360-day calendar if the actual year was 365.25 days?  Does it make any sense to put the seasons off by 5 1/4 days more with each passing year? … ar_360.htm

I don't buy the idea that the reason for these 360 day calendars is because it is for either 12 lunar cycles x 30 days each, or 12 zodiacs x 30 days each.  The lunar cycles are 29 days (+12 hrs +44mins), and the length of each zodiac constellation is inaccurate.  Maybe something changed a while back.

"The unknown does not incite fear, but dependence on the known does." - J. Krishnamurti

Re: Growing Earth Theory

The Earth was smaller millions of years ago, as mentioned by David Wilcock on Coast to Coast. He said maybe it was 55% smaller millions of years ago.
He said the oceans are only a few million years old whereas the Earth's crust is much much older. If we look at the crust as a jig-saw puzzle, then
he says we find it fits perfectly together. So another hypothesis is that the Earth was indeed smaller and has expanded, creating new ocean areas.

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