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Re: Myspace Surveillance Program

shukaido wrote:
Bhang wrote:

If you show them just how smart you are, they will box you in even tighter if you attempt resistance.

Interesting. I'll borrow a line from an old The The song, perhaps out context, when I write, "The path of least resistance leads to the garbage heap of dispair."

... always good to see a the the song being quoted! (that's from 'soul mining' isn't it?)

not too much to add to the thread, though i have noticed a tendency for people to become myspace junkies... friend collectors, which is just a bit wierd. i have a page... i really don't use it much... the people who try to friend me are usually bands or electronic artists (which is usually okay if the music is relevant to me) or 'click this link for my adult site' types (which just get binned).

i would see myspace as another dumbing down device for the herd... like the way tv has become. as bill hicks would say 'here's 57 channels of american gladiators, go back to sleep america'.

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Re: Myspace Surveillance Program

Well it's just a warning. I mean anyone who has done enough homework knows that all these things mentioned are very possible, nay, very probable. We should all keep in mind that the fastest known plane is the SR-71 which was decommissioned years ago. Point being thus: the technology that remains hidden from us is extraordinary.

If we consider the back engineering of alien craft by government entities and the explosion of technology since the 1940's, then the implications for surveillance is beyond what any of us have seen in any movie. (strange thoughts of a guy in the clouds watching every move I make) I mean really, let's just ponder for a moment: with the rash of claimed alien abductions throughout the 1980's (well over 1 million) it is impossible to discount the fact that someone is watching, waiting and gathering intel. What are all these implants being found in people? If the NWO is really some type of alien/reptilian plot, myspace is a perfect medium for allowing the sheeple to volunteer personal information. I mean that database have saved millions of hours of research for the feds. Don't think so? Just go surf on myspace, pick a person and start looking through the comments made by other visitors.

For the most part, that is: for a majority of myspace users,  I can figure out your location. I can deduce your sisters, brothers, mothers and fathers. I can find out who your best friend is and I know that you and your friends like to drink alcohol, you like to smoke weed, party and hang out at that club down town. I have current pictures of you and friends and can deduce your weekly schedule. I can learn likes and dislikes and build a psychological profile, all of which can be used against you by any person, not to mention by the law. (Or Scientologist - aaaahhhh!) 

Some will argue that they have nothing to hide and to you I say,  "fine", "so be it". Maybe you have nothing to hide but the intelligence agencies do. Murders and pedophiles do. Governments do. I doubt the people who are hardcore conformist have large "intelligence files" but fellows like me have a few extra pages with side notes and lots yellow sticky notes. As it stands, I do not need to volunteer any additional information/pictures/profiles other than the avatar that I have already created for myself. I have no doubt that feds know exactly who this "Bhang" character is and I knew that would happen before ever deciding to "go all activist" on the internet. I mean really - I could die from blogging. That was a risk I was willing to take because my conscious would not allow otherwise, yet to those who have not put themselves "out there" in internet land,  I send this warning: The military industrial complex, the new world order, the governments of the world, illuminati, would be foolish not to use the myspace network for intelligence purposes.  I do not even need hard evidence for this thread because it is (secret) yet apparent that myspace is an excellent place for snoops and eavesdroppers. Millions and millions of man hours all compiled into a database by volunteers. All searchable with a click of a button. Just fifty years ago that would sound like some fantasy magic trick. J. Edgar Hoover would have had a field day on myspace (not to mention buying something lacy from e-bay).


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Re: Myspace Surveillance Program

Well, in my opinion things have progressed far past real people sitting at computers and compiling data on the populace. We're way beyond that now people. We've entered the digital realm where invisible frequencies and robotics take care of much data compiling.

Think about the last time you called a major corporation or service like Apple, or the cable company or the phone company and got a "real person" ?   They don't need secretaries anymore because we're not in Kansas anymore.

Increasingly things are worked out by machines. On their own.

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Re: Myspace Surveillance Program

I don't use myspace not because I'm worried about surveillance, power-crazed govt. agencies, etc. etc.

But because it is a trend I utterly dislike. For two reasons; one because everyone else does it and I don't want to be a clone drone, two because there are freaks out there. It's kinda creepy how people just spill out their entire lives on these pages in 'broad daylight' so to speak, especially young people. Sometimes the freaks aren't always dirty old men, but can be anyone with usually an unpleasant agenda.

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Re: Myspace Surveillance Program

[size=28] See this link: http://www.wachadoo.com/forum/viewtopic … 3618#p3618[/size]

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