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Re: The Lady Speaks Again

[center]The Lady Speaks[/center]

It is a daunting undertaking to try to describe the indescribable, but I’ve stalled as long as I could, so I’ll give it my best shot. First a disclaimer, I’m just trying to tell you what I saw, heard or felt during my last 3 ayahuasca ceremonies. I’m just conveying information as best I can. You may or may not understand or agree with what I am about to say. I am the first to admit that there is a 99% chance that I am full of shit, and that everything I experienced was a total illusion brought about by some hallucinogenic tea. But it sure as hell seemed real at the time. I even took notes during the ceremonies as soon as I was physically able. I’ll refer to those notes and my crude drawings to stay as accurate to my recollection as possible.
It had been about 9 months since my last ayahuasca experiences in Columbia. If you read my post, you would understand that those experiences were quite difficult for me to say the least. In fact, they were almost my last. So it was with a large degree of trepidation that I returned to Brazil for my 5th workshop or my 12th ayahuasca encounter.
There hasn’t been a single day since the first time I drank ayahuasca that I haven’t thought about how it has affected my life in one way or another. The lessons are never forgotten. Ayahuasca for me is like hitting a reset button on being a human being, so I had been looking forward to the workshop for the past several months. According to my wife, Kaci I was long overdue. It was time to go back and visit The Lady. Coincidently, my friend Ralph Miller, who operates Heart of the Initiate, invited me down as his guest for a special session with a few friends. How could I refuse?

Sao Paulo
I flew into Sao Paulo to spend a couple of days with Ralph and meet some friends of his. Sao Paulo is simply a massive, crowded and smoggy 3rd world city. I’ve been to New York, but Sao Paulo was much more intimidating. The people I met were very nice, and the food was delicious. But there was something about the hugeness of it all, the life threatening, frenzied and congested traffic, or the way our taxi cab driver sped through red lights (so we wouldn’t get robbed) on our way back to the airport at 5:00am that made me just a little uncomfortable. I won’t miss Sao Paulo.
I was more than happy to be on the jet with Ralph and his Brazilian friend, jack-of all-trades and videographer, Rodrigo on our way to the next leg of our journey, Ilheus, Brazil. We spent the night in the costal town of Ilheus, so we could meet up with the rest of our group who were flying in later that day.

The Participants
Now I have to tell you the story about this group of very interesting people I was about to meet. First there was P.P from London. His family is from old English money and is part owner of a ski company. He and his friend, attended an ayahuasca workshop in March. He was so excited about it that he just had to bring his older brother C.P., down to check it out. So the brothers rented the whole place out and flew in about 8 of their closest friends and family for a private workshop. I was lucky enough to get invited along. Other notable members of the group included conspiracy writer, Matthew Delooze http://matthew-delooze.blogspot.com/ and his lovely wife Susie. There was also a Brazilian media personality. Even though I was in the midst of an eclectic and just very slightly eccentric group of English aristocracy, conspiracy theorists and TV/radio personalities, they were some of the nicest, most genuine people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. They were definitely the best group of ayahuasca workshop participants I had ever been with. I had (and still have) this uncanny feeling that it was no coincidence that we were all there together.
We all got to know each other that night at dinner. The next morning we on our way to the eco resort where the workshop was to be held, and after a 2 hour shuttle ride and a 2 hour canvas covered boat ride, we were finally there.

The Pousada
Although getting there was a major pain-in-the-ass it was worth the trip, because the eco-lodge where the workshops were held was absolutely beautiful. I’ll refer the reader to the Heart of the Initiate website http://www.heartoftheinitiate.com/works … dge-resort for details and photos, but I can’t imagine a nicer place to spend a week with a group of complete strangers. It was right on the beach in Bahia, Brazil. The rooms had air, fridge and hot water. There was a nice pool that overlooked the ocean with a connecting steam room. It was sweet.
We spent our first day getting settled in and resting from the long trip. That night we had the traditional Lakota Indian, talking stick ceremony. I couldn’t sleep that night in anticipation of our first ayahuasca ceremony the next night and passed the time writing in my journal and emailing Kaci (they had wireless internet). I would have given anything for a few glasses of chardonnay, but I made due with ½ an Ambien.

The First Ceremony
I was up at sunrise that day and did my best to calm the pre-ceremony butterflies by walking on the beach, swimming in the pool, steaming, and telling stories of previous aya adventures and misadventures and reassuring each other with small talk. I was very nervous all day which didn’t make the aya-virgins feel any better. I wrote in my journal, “No matter how many times one has drunk aya before, still just as nervous as those who haven’t- probably more.”

The first of three ayahuasca ceremonies started at 9:00pm on our second night. It was held on the property, right on the beach. We all carefully prepared our spots on mats around the fire, as if the meticulous preparation would somehow help us for what was to come. The waves crashing on the volcanic rock were already loud as the tide came in, and with the intensified effects of ayahuasca they got much louder.

There is always that feeling you get after you drink the first cup of ayahuasca. It’s kind of the same feeling you would get if you just got strapped into the highest roller coaster in the world, that there-is-no-turning-back-now feeling.

The Lady
Since the very first time I have drank ayahuasca it has always affected me the same way. As the concentration increases and it starts to take effect, it’s like a series of switches are flipped on in my brain and my body that allows me to connect with this extremely powerful, feminine, mother-like entity. I call her The Lady, but you could just as well call her Mom or dare I say, God.
I know it sounds crazy, but that’s just how it is, and it is always the same. The Lady speaks to me in my own head voice, but it’s not me. As a matter-of-fact when I try to think too much it is almost impossible, like trudging through mud, and I get physically sick. I even questioned in my journal ahead of time, “Who is the Lady? Me? My imagination?”  She answered, “I’m Mother Earth, Father Sky and everything in between. As far as you’re concerned I’m the only God that exists. I’m part of you and you’re part of me. Just like your own child is part of you and you are part of him, but I am definitely not your imagination.”

So let’s just assume for the sake of argument that for whatever reason, genetics, fate, luck or whatever that when I drink ayahuasca I connect with The Lady, and she tells me things and shows me things. I hate to use the cliché, but it is a lot like Neo meeting with the Oracle in the Matrix movies.
Some people call it The University of Ayahuasca, because it is exactly like that. Class starts at 9:00pm sharp. There is a lecture and Power Point presentation on whatever topic is on your mind or in your heart. The lectures always pick up right where you left off, even if you had forgotten where you had left off, and this class was no exception.
First there was a review of all my previous ceremonies, just in case I had forgotten or doubted what I had seen or heard. “Everything I’ve told you up to now is still true,” said The Lady.

The Pyramids and the All Seeing Eye
I saw the pyramids again, just as I did in Columbia, but this time in a little more detail. Imagine two energetic structures shaped like a pyramid back-to-back or base-to-base, and you’re standing there at the base of the upper pyramid looking up towards the top. This is a 3-dimensional representation of the universe (or our part of it at least).
The best I can explain is, we as 3-D energetic beings on earth, would be located at the meridian of the two pyramids. There are different levels of increasing energetic vibrations as you get closer to the top of the pyramid, like levels of a pyramid shaped skyscraper occupied by higher dimensional beings or like higher energetic states of an electron, depending on how you look at it. The higher you go in the pyramid, the higher energetic state of the beings who occupy that particular dimension. The highest level is what we would think of as God. This is the most energetic state and encompasses all the energies of the lower states. Every being wants to move up towards the top, towards the light, to join God.
The top level, God is The Lady. She looks down upon on all of her domain. She sees all things, like a hologram. She is conscious of everything. That is what I believe to be the All Seeing Eye, represented by the symbol for the eye above the pyramid. I suppose some mystic saw the same thing long ago.
So when I drink ayahuasca, as incredible as it sounds, I’ve got a direct connection to the top. Don’t worry. I don’t believe it either.
I saw in my journey that my ancestors, my higher self, the Lokota shaman ancestors and angels all occupied different energetic levels or states. The angels, which are not beings with flapping wings like I imagined, but they are super-high energetic beings, very close to the top. They are very strong, powerful and ancient. Perhaps they are older than the oldest human being. I don’t even know if they are human. I guess those are lessons for future journeys.

The Upper Pyramid, Higher Self, Ancestors and Shaman
In previous ceremonies in Columbia, I was introduced to the concept of the higher self. The subject was touched upon once again.  I had a very clear vision of the Lakota ancestors, specifically the Lakota Shaman in ceremony, singing and chanting along with our shaman.  It was explained to me by The Lady that when the Lakota ancestors, especially the shamans, hear the songs, the drums and the music of our ceremonies, they gather (energetically) in ceremony in order to help us create a sacred and clear space, so that we may connect safely with the higher realms.
Similarly, it was explained that our higher energetic selves were also gathered in ceremony, so that they can connect with and guide us.  By helping us in the 3-D world with our ceremonies and our daily lives, we help them jump up energetically to the next higher state in this high-rise pyramid of energy. I guess this model works all the way up. Those beings of higher energetic states or levels are responsible for helping the beings in the lower energetic states, and I don't know this for sure but I suppose they are all responsible for helping us humans.  By helping us, we help them.
It was also explained that our ancestors in the higher dimensions tend to forget what it was like to experience the physical sensations of life on earth, since they no longer have bodies.  Once a being reaches a certain level, then he or she is given the choice to put a 3-D manifestation of himself or herself here on earth. Obviously that's a pretty big decision. Doing so allows them to experience or remember those physical sensations that they lack. The catch is they have to take everything that comes with being a human being here on earth.  Obviously for most of us, life is not all rainbows and puppy dogs.  That's where the helping and guiding comes in.
Think of your higher self as your big brother or sister, but it's actually you.
The other thing I remember is that not every being gets the choice.  Some just get stuck with a 3-D human for whom they are responsible. I'm not sure how it works. That part wasn't explained, but I think it's sort of a self selection process.  I suppose reincarnation comes in there somewhere.
After the ceremony I told the shaman, Warinei (Bear-a-nay) of my visions of pyramids and energy levels, and he corroborated some parts of my story. He has also seen the two pyramids, but he has also seen levels with animal spirits in addition to shamans and ancestors. In the Lakota tradition there are supposed to be 9 levels. He also described how the pyramids are stacked upon each other, like diamonds, but they also wrap around like strands of DNA to form the larger universe. He says the structure of universe is a quartz.

The Lower Pyramid
So the earth and humans sit at the meridian of the upper and lower pyramids. Within the top pyramid reside the higher dimensions or the higher energetic beings with the highest energetic state being at the top.
There is also a lower pyramid, which is almost exactly the opposite.  I don't understand all of the concepts, because this is really not a place you want to visit under the effects of ayahuasca (or any other time, I suppose).  The lower you get in the bottom pyramid the lower the energetic state.  Kind of like an electron that loses its energy.  Think of it as drowning and sinking to the bottom of the deepest part of the ocean.  There is some light at the top; in fact you would be able to see all that is above you, all that you missed. At the bottom it is cold and pitch-black. I suppose this is what we imagine to be hell.  There are some beings that have been at the bottom for so long, they don’t even know there is a top.
I'm not sure how a being would ever end up on the lower pyramid.  That part wasn't explained, but I have a feeling that once again it is a self selection process and may take eons or massive destruction and pain to humanity or perhaps the earth.
Once a being is on the lower pyramid, there is no going back up. They just sink into the cold- blackness as they eventually disintegrate into nothingness, forever. I had a clear vision of the beings towards the top. They knew what they missed. They could see it all above them, and they could sense the blackness in the coldness below them. They knew they were drowning, and they fought savagely to stay on top as long as they could. To gain the energy to keep from sinking these beings feed off the pain, fear and suffering of humanity.  They are simply predators, and we’re the prey. They influence us in whatever way they can to produce the desired emotional response. They trick us, tempt us and mess with our minds. Collectively, I guess you could call them Satan. I always see these negative entities as snakes, but I suppose they could take any form, reptilians, aliens or demons perhaps.  I'm not talking about the teaching snakes like anacondas.  I'm talking about pit vipers and rattlesnakes of all colors and sizes.  So when I talk about the snakes; I'm really talking about these negative entities.

A Message From The Lady
Every ayahuasca journey for me since the very first time has been the same in one respect. I am always given a glimpse of things to come, and I am given a message by The Lady that I am instructed to bring back. The message is essentially that we human beings are on the verge of some sort of massive global shift. This shift will affect us all to our very core. I have seen it many times and in different ways. It’s going to hit us hard from all sides, earth and weather changes, social, political and financial upheaval among other things.
There will be signs in the sky as the barriers between our world and the next start to drop and also because of atmospheric phenomenon. In my journey I saw it as polishing the haze off a crystal ball. Everywhere people will be seeing God, UFO’s and whatever else their imagination can conjure up. People will be fighting over whose God or messiah it is they are seeing. Did I mention the snakes will be having a feeding frenzy?
There will be a rebalancing of a world that is on the verge of the breaking point, the point of no return. Things are going to get rough, real rough. It’s a cycle that repeats. It is a galactic alarm clock about to go off. It’s a rescue mission.
One time She said, “The world is going to turn upside down.” I’m not quite sure She meant that literally or figuratively.
I’ve been told in every journey to pass the word on. I’ve been reminded to quit doubting myself and to quit thinking I’m crazy or delusional. I’ve been told to tell you guys just what I’m telling you now.
The Mayans got it right, but they only got one thing, a date, 2012 (and maybe a concept of a great shift). Everything else is conjecture or made up. I’ll go more into this later.
We’re going to get a bump, actually a series of progressively larger bumps from The Lady Herself, from the core of the universe. Think of these bumps as vibrations, waves or ripples through the very fabric of the universe, through the spaces between the atoms.
In my last journey I saw the inside of the pyramid as a hologram of energetic bodies that resembled snake scales. There was a wave or a ripple that originated from the top that caused the holographic snake scales to shimmer in all directions. Everything in its wake will be affected. People and animals may act or feel strangely or even aggressively in response to this vibration.
Did you ever hear of the concept of sympathetic resonance? Be like a pool of still water that ripples in response to a vibration. You don’t have to actively raise your vibrations or anything, just match the incoming vibration by actively relaxing, quieting your mind and body. Relax into it. Meditate. Get out in nature.
The Lady told me to tell you guys (I’m paraphrasing my notes), “Have blind faith and trust. No matter what happens around you. No matter how crazy things get. Know that you will be ok. Be like little children who know their mom is looking out for them. Just know you’ll be ok.”
She repeated many times, “Blind faith and trust” will get you through the tough times.

A Shot in the Dark
One last thing, it was one of my last entries of the night. The signs are going on all around us now, but don’t notice them because we’re used to them or we’re just not paying attention. Watch the earth signs and the animals for clues to keep a pulse on things, but look for a singular event- like a shot in the dark. You’ll know it when it happens. It will be unmistakable, like a gunshot in the dead of night. You’ll know it in your bones. Don’t try to guess what it is or predict when it will happen. You’ll know. When that event happens that’s when things are really going to get started. That’s when it is time prepare in whatever way you feel is appropriate. Most importantly, that is when it is time to step back into the shadows, like a hunter. Don’t draw unnecessary attention to yourself. Lay low. Be like a hunter. Don’t attract the snakes. When they talked about the meek inheriting the earth, that’s what they meant, I think.

That’s all for now, and that was just the first ceremony. I know it sounds like a fairy tale. The theme of the second ceremony is Phoenix Rising. Stay tuned.

                    My drawing of the pyramids

Re: The Lady Speaks Again

Very cool. I'm enthralled at what you've written Ent Doc! I'll be waiting for your future entries.

"The universe is on fire with wonder, beauty, and ecstasy." - From the Undines to Humanity

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Re: The Lady Speaks Again

Ent Doc, first off...not only did you tell a magnificent story that literally left me on the edge of my seat, the information you've relayed rings very true to me, at least 99.9% wink

I read your previous posting a couple years ago, and now this. I do think it is amazing how your recent journey picked up from your last, and how the Lady reassures that all she said before was still true. Regarding 2012, i've heard from a variety of sources that that particular year isn't really something you should need to prepare for vibrationally. Instead it's something to ride with. The importance of being out in nature when it happens, I've also heard. What I havent heard before, until you said this, was that 2012 would be the end of it. I feel like we're in it now, and can't imagine what it's going to feel like the next following years when it comes to that ultimate point.

"He says the structure of universe is a quartz. "
wow...this really sent chills up my spine. Looking at your picture of the two-sided pyramid...is that the Earth in the middle? I always believed Earth to contain an octahedron, as well as other geometrics inside of it. Rarely are we given an explanation of them though. I can see how this two-sided pyramid fits into that structure.

Well that's it.

Thanks DOC, i appreciate you sharing your story, because it's ours as well.

Re: The Lady Speaks Again

Thanks for sharing that ENT Doc. Awesome write up! You do a great job of describing the indescribable! smile

Join me in Peru to celebrate December 21st 2012 - Visit: http://2012awakeningretreat.com/

Re: The Lady Speaks Again

Thanks for sharing that Doc! What an incredible journey it has been for you!

In man's analysis and understanding of himself, it is as well to know from whence he came as whither he is going.   Edgar Cayce

Beliefs are tools for social conditioning, rather than expressions of inner realization or inner truth.   unknown
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Re: The Lady Speaks Again

Yes, it does resonate.  Very much looking forward to part 2.

Re: The Lady Speaks Again

ive seen the inverted pyramid before, and in fact, have written about it.  the KT and others, have diagrams of it.  its the whole above as so below deal, and more.  i found it amazing that what was conveyed about humans and the earth vs higher counter part deal embodiment as something ive always suspected.  we WERE way high, and then we came back as us.  as ourselves, which means its a gift to be here, and now with 2012 a'comin.  we did this on purpose.  we chose it.  we of high status before and now have an earth body.  so we started out and worked our way back.  wow.  so we came down, and weve been UP before.  always thot so.  its the opposite of achievement as known traditionally.  start out as an amoeba and work ur way to enlightenment/the highest energetic vibrationary resonation is not necessarily the case.  conceptually.  its prob the opposite or a paradigmatic shift if u will.  once gods at that state and at that level of beingness and then chose to embody and come down.  i swear i remember ive been up there, and wanna go back.  striving to get back, go home.  confirmed wonderment in ur post, Doc.  the land of the snakes.  there that is again.  fear is there.  loved the shimmery scales pictoral.  way cool and i can see it, feel it.  still slow tho as changes go even tho trying to pay attention, feel it.  assess it.  will say, overall in that mode, that i feel more and more distant from "here."  like im way far away, barely here.  ive been leaving for a long time.  heavier than ever yet lighter than a feather.  i loved it that u picked up where u left off.  shes a great teacher.  she is god.  i adore her.  trust her.  she is the great mother.  in her arms.  wouldnt ya know.  the mama.  not the skydaddy.  thanks you so much.  tell us more.

GNOTHI SEAUTON "Know Thyself!"

Re: The Lady Speaks Again

"The Lady" is not God, it is the consciousness at the center of the galaxy--the mother. Technically, everything is God, therefore I conclude that the reason The Lady said she was God is because it is true on one level, and that on a lower level of understanding, she is our God. For example, it is the same as calling the spirit of the Earth, mother nature, a god.

The multiverse is a represenation of God --the formless, no-thing, pure awareness-- into form, and God is all there is. In the session above, ENT Doc mentions that the Reptilians or dark entities sink deeper and deeper, unable to get out of the second pyramid, eventually disappearing into "nothingness." This word, however, is misunderstood by the vast majority of the population, and only recently did I understand it's true meaning. It is simply a formlessness: no-thing. So no particular thing, no object, like an apple, or a person. What is left is God, or pure consciousness, or aliveness if you will. But back to my point, these dark entities don't end up ceasing to exist, rather their subjective point of view "dies" and reemerges as infinite pure consciousness, or God, in awareness of itself. Could it be that the top of both pyramids represent a doorway out of the dualistic multiverse illusion? That is to say, when you reach the top or the bottom of either the upper or lower pyramid, you reemerge to your ultimate state again, God in formlessness. So both paths lead to the same outcome.

The multiverse is a big, complex, infinitely genius computer game depicting separation. God is experiencing itself subjectively all at the same time.

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Re: The Lady Speaks Again

I'm still working on part 2. Sorry for the delay, but it is a bit harder than I thought. For those of you who are just hankering for another ayahuasca adventure story by a real writer, check out Matthew Delooze's blog.

I just want to remind everyone that I am just trying to tell a story of my encounter with the ayahuasca medicine. I do not make any claims to have the slightest understanding of the nature of the universe or God, actually it's quite the opposite. I'm sure if you are anything like me those concepts are very personal and may take a lifetime to understand.

ENT Doc wrote:

It is a daunting undertaking to try to describe the indescribable, but I’ve stalled as long as I could, so I’ll give it my best shot. First a disclaimer, I’m just trying to tell you what I saw, heard or felt during my last 3 ayahuasca ceremonies. I’m just conveying information as best I can. You may or may not understand or agree with what I am about to say. I am the first to admit that there is a 99% chance that I am full of shit, and that everything I experienced was a total illusion brought about by some hallucinogenic tea. But it sure as hell seemed real at the time.

If anyone cares to stick around for my final installment you will be thrilled to know that everything, almost everything, I've said in part 1 goes right out the window.

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Re: The Lady Speaks Again

[center]The Lady Speaks: Second Ceremony[/center]

The Day After
With the first ceremony of the week under my belt I could relax a bit the following day. I had a feeling of increased alertness and energy, no doubt due to the lingering effects of the serotonin in my brain from the vine component of tea I had drunk the night before. I was up at daybreak and walked along the deserted beach to watch the sunrise out of the Atlantic Ocean and contemplate the lessons of the night before. I relaxed on one of the beach chairs and reread my notes that I hastily scrawled down towards the end of last night's ceremony. As usual I didn’t really believe what I had written, although I could remember almost every detail. I wished I could always have that sense and feeling of clarity and connection that I had during the journey, but as always, it sadly fades away. That's when the doubt starts to creep in, that “Did I just imagine the whole thing?” feeling. It never fails, not even right this second as I write these words.

Sharing (sucks)
Traditionally, the day following the ceremony we have what is called “Sharing”. Where everyone sits around in a circle and one-by-one tell about their journey. Most everyone is pretty excited to tell their stories. I look forward to hearing about everyone’s experiences, especially the neophytes. I listen for matches to what I’ve seen or heard to give me some sort of a feeling of corroboration, but I hate sharing my story. Mainly because I really feel like these people, essentially strangers, are going to think I’m either making the whole thing up or that I’m a raving lunatic when I start telling my crazy tales. I almost always try giving a very distilled and lucid version of what I experienced. I think I talked about the concept of our higher selves, and how they essentially kicked us to come to the workshop. I also talked about The Shift we are rapidly approaching. The Message from the Lady theme is kind of a running joke among the participants that know me well. They don’t understand it any more than I do, but they humor me by listening with interest. It’s actually kind of embarrassing. There is definitely something comforting about the anonymity of the internet.
The thing I like after the day after the first ceremony is the feeling of camaraderie among the crew. Like we all survived this major, life-changing ordeal together. No matter where we came from before this point, we have become a family of sorts.

Questions and Answers
I looked forward to a day of rest before the second ceremony. I spent most of the day alone just thinking and writing notes of clarification, insights and questions for the next ceremony in my little journal. A while back I got into the habit of writing questions in my journal in preparation for the ayahuasca ceremonies, sometimes weeks or months in advance. I write down practical questions about my life and my family or things that I have been wondering about like aliens, the nature of the universe, the future, and other abstract concepts like, “Who is The Lady?” I have come to realize that all of my questions are answered before I leave the workshop, every single one. Pretty cool!

What is the Phoenix?
I have got to acknowledge and thank Lyra for this one. I read her thread about Mary Summer Rain and the crazy-old Indian woman, No Eyes. http://forum.noblerealms.org/viewtopic.php?id=5423 I ordered and read the book Phoenix Rising. The title is self explanatory, and the book definitely piqued my interest because of the whole future-global shift-earth changes thing. Coincidently, I grew up in Phoenix. After reading about The Phoenix I was confused as to whether it was an Indian legend, a metaphor or something more concrete. Somewhere buried in the questions in my journal I asked, “What is the Phoenix?” I not only got answer, but I learned a valuable lesson. You should always be careful about what you ask.

The Second Ceremony: Layers of Protection, Phoenix Rising, 2012 and a Message of Hope.
The second ayahuasca ceremony is traditionally held in the daytime, starting at 3:00pm. I prefer the daytime ceremony because the experience is totally different, lighter yet more intense in some ways as the daylight transitions into night. I was much more relaxed going into this ceremony, which was a good thing because it was much stronger than the previous. This time we weren’t on the beach, but further back onto the property, under the porch where we take our meals. The reason being is that during the daytime there is likely to be people strolling along the beach from the nearby resorts. While under the influence of ayahuasca, it can be very startling to look into the eyes of someone who is not. I liked the closer quarters of most everyone camped close together under the porch. It seemed to contain the energy of the group. It just felt good and safe. I always try to be positioned as close to the shamans as possible. The main reason being that if things get too intense, then I can open my eyes and see that they are right there looking over the group. During the ceremonies the shamans singing, drumming and music guides us through the maze of the other worlds, keeps us focused, and gives me a great deal of comfort.
We were lucky to be under cover because it started to rain and continued to rain (out of season) on-and-off through the remainder of the week. I like the rain, especially during ceremonies. When I was in Columbia last December it rained then too. It was previously explained during one ceremony that the rain was sent to us to give protection and insulation as we connected to the higher realms. Rain during a ceremony is a good omen.
I only drank one cup that night, and that was more than enough. It somehow seemed to have an additive effect on the dose of ayahuasca already in my system from the night before last. It seemed to take effect much faster this time as well. So, I drank my cup, walked around a bit, smoked a cigarette to settle my stomach, and soon lay down on my mat as the tea took hold.
As always, like every time before, the switches opened, and the voice of The Lady became louder and louder as the fractal images danced in my head to the shaman’s music. The feeling of nausea overwhelmed me, but I didn’t vomit. I panicked as I realized that I was about to have a lower gastrointestinal emergency. I didn’t even know if I could make it to the bathroom in time. “Get to the bathroom and get it taken care of, so you can relax, focus and learn,” She said.
Somehow I made it there and back before the medicine had me full force. Just as I lay back down and closed my eyes the ayahuasca hit hard. The visions were intense, fractal shapes of all kinds at first. There were monsters, demons and snakes of all varieties in full attack mode from all sides. It’s like you have to get through this wave of fear to get to the good stuff on the other side. It sort of reminds me of those haunted house carnival rides. The snakes and demons will do anything they can to scare the living shit out you. I used the technique that Sara, the shaman’s apprentice had taught me long ago. “Blow them love,” She advised when dealing with the demons and snakes. So I blew them love, and they would pop or turn into little crying babies or some other ridiculously funny caricature. It really worked like a charm every time, as long as I remembered to do it.
But I really had to watch where I let my mind go because the mere passing thought of anything, good or bad, would build quickly as a construct of my imagination, and the last place I wanted to delve was into the dark corners of my mind. “This is going to be bad,” I thought to myself. I was scared. I had been through this before, too many times. These are the journeys that bring out the paralyzing fear and the respect for the medicine it deserves. “What the hell was I thinking? Why do I keep doing this to myself?” I thought once again, for the countless time.
“Relax. You need to stay focused and relaxed,” She admonished.
A frightening barrage of demons or a series of bad memories or regrets would pop into my head. “Forget it,” She would say, “That’s your mind letting this happen. Forgive yourself. You are doing this. She advised, “You’ve got to get through this part. Don’t let your mind stray. Think of your family. Think of your son.”
“Help me!” I pleaded. “We’re all helping you,” She said, and I instantly saw the shamans, my ancestors, my higher self, and even the angels, all wrapping themselves around me and the group, creating layers upon layers of protection. Eventually I was through the first wave. I was back in the pyramid, but the worst wasn’t over yet, not even close.

Ayahuasca hits in increasing waves of intensity as the concentration increases in the body and the brain. It builds to a crescendo, like going up to the top of a wavy roller coaster and back down again. There is a sense of where you are and whether you are going up or back down in the journey. I was definitely on the way up, not even close to the top, and I was already scared. The Lady would reassure me, “Just get through this, hang on a little longer, and it will calm down again,” on this hallucinogenically-enhanced roller coaster ride.

As I’ve mentioned there are recurrent themes in my ayahuasca adventures. On a journey long ago I had my first encounter with the snakes. I’ll do my best to describe the feeling. Imagine you are a little rabbit or hamster inside a Plexiglas ball, and someone throws you into the middle of a rattlesnake pit filled with thousands of hissing and striking venomous snakes, all trying to get at you. The only thing that separates you from the snakes is a see-through shell of hardened plastic. Well that’s the feeling I had once again.
As the ayahuasca kicked in, the barriers dropped. I could see them, and they could see me. More accurately, they could smell me. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one in a similar circumstance. Think of the plastic shell as our etheric or soul, and that’s the only thing that separates us from the snakes. The stronger the etheric, the more protection it offers. The bad part is, the snakes are there all the time, always influencing us humans, some more than others. It is just under the influence of ayahuasca that I was able to clearly perceive the gigantic-technicolor rattlesnakes and vipers, and I think that they are better able to see or smell me and the rest as well.
That’s where the shaman ancestors, our ancestors, our higher selves, the animal spirits and the angels came in. They joined energetically to form layers of protection to keep me and the rest of the journeyers in a safe, sacred, and secure snake-free environment, so that we may better connect with the higher realms. The higher or deeper the connection, the more effort it took on their part. Also, since predators like snakes smell fear, the more fear present, the more energy it took our ancestral guides and helpers to keep them from contaminating our minds and plaguing our journey.
It was explained to me that I needed to relax, let go of my fear and trust. “The more you fear, the more energy it takes to keep the snakes out,” She explained. I did everything in my power to honor the shamans and the ancestors by relaxing and letting go of my fears. I didn’t want to make their jobs any harder, but it was no easy task.
At some point it was explained that in addition to the Lakota shaman ancestors and other benevolent beings who helped the entire group, we were each assisted individually by our own ancestors, higher self, spirit animals and other helpers.
It was also explained that certain individuals, who lived in fear, with a stronger connection to the darker realms tended to attract the snakes both in daily life, but especially under the influence of ayahuasca. I was given a warning to give to the shamans, who were also conducting aya ceremonies at times in Ecuador, to stay on their guard and never get complacent when in ceremony with such individuals as it can be a potentially very dangerous situation. Later, they listened to my warning. They seemed to understand.

The Phoenix
I had completely forgotten that I had earlier asked, “What is the Phoenix?” in my journal. Now was the time for an answer. I think it started with The Lady reminding me that I had asked such a question. It was explained that the Phoenix is an energetic spirit, a spirit of a giant bird. It is a real thing, but we can’t imagine such a thing exists because we think in only 3 dimensions. The Phoenix sleeps within the earth for thousands of years, much like a butterfly in a cocoon. It is sort of like a bird in an egg and the whole earth is the egg, except it is more like a cocoon than an egg, because The Phoenix emerges fully developed, yet transformed from its previous self. “What makes it wake up?” I asked. The Lady’s answer surprised me, “It gets sick.” It was explained that The Phoenix responded to toxins in the earth. Like toxins building up in an amniotic sac. It also felt the pain of the earth, pressure, noise and increasing vibrations. Over thousands of years the poisons build up inside the Phoenix’s cocoon, and it gets sick, really sick. I was allowed to feel a minute fraction of that sickness and it was horrible and suffocating. The Phoenix gets sick, and that’s what wakes it up. It wants to break out of its toxic cocoon and get out into the fresh air. As it does so, the earth responds by severe changes in the weather and geophysical events, volcanoes, earthquakes and hurricanes and such. It kind of made sense intuitively why they say The Phoenix rises from the ashes. That concept is a little disconcerting now that I think about it.
It was explained that it is a cycle that is perfectly timed, and that the earth and its inhabitants will be affected from the inside-out and the outside-in (geomagnetic storms, sunspots, gamma ray bursts) as this cycle completes itself. I was allowed to see and hear a very little of the devastation and suffering that will follow, but I couldn’t take much of it. Thankfully the sickness and the visions started to fade by this point.
I was instructed The Phoenix was not only a legend but also a real thing. I wrote in my journal, “Not a metaphor.”

As I mentioned the effects of ayahuasca comes in waves, like a wavy bell curve, and thankfully we were over the top on the downhill slope. I don’t think I could have taken much more. I was made to understand that the vibrational energy in the upcoming years will be much like the effects of ayahuasca. The vibrations will affect both the earth and its inhabitants. It will come in waves, larger and larger waves until they peak in 2012. Then they will subside again, and things will calm down. I asked, knowing there are some discrepancies in the calendars, “Is 2012 an accurate date?” The answer was essentially, “Yes, but by then it won’t matter. Just know that by then, you’ll have reached the peak and things will start to calm down.”
That was reassuring, but what gets me now as I write this, is things don’t seem all that bad, at least not in my part of the world. I mean how much worse can things get in the next 5 years or so? I’m reminded of previous journeys in which I saw things getting exponentially worse, like we didn’t even know what hit us. That’s when we really need to hang on.

The music and drumming stopped signifying a break in the action. I looked up and saw that most of the group was still resting quietly on their mats. I spotted Matthew out under the cabana by the pool. He was up as usual keeping a watchful eye on the ocean and the rest of us. I didn’t want to bug him, but I was in the mood to talk to someone, so I stumbled over to see how he was doing. It was obvious that he was having a very strong journey as well. I mumbled something about being over the top, over the worst of it, and he understood immediately what I was talking about. He felt it too I guess.

Message of Hope
It was dusk by this point. I walked around a bit and watched the waves come in as day turned to night. Eventually I made my way back over to my mat for the final part of the journey as the effects of the ayahuasca started to wear off. The visions were gone by this point, but I could still hear The Lady very well. It would always make me a bit sad as Her voice started to fade in my head.
She gave me a few last minute lessons and instructions. “Re-read your notes. Everything I’ve said before is still true.” As Her voice faded out, She reminded me that no matter how hard things get to have blind faith and trust, and that my family and I would be ok. “Blind faith and trust will get you through the hard times.” I believe that applies to all of us.
I remembered McKenna’s Time Wave Zero theory. http://youtube.com/watch?v=w-prt5d6m6s That seemed to fit my visions very well, so I noted it in my journal.

So that’s it for the second journey. It was a rough one. Once again, I’d like to thank Lyra for the reference to Phoenix Rising. I think I understand it better now. My third and final journey was, as promised, very nice and healing. You’ll be delighted to know, just as I was, that much of what I’ve said, not everything, goes right out the window. In the third and final installment I experienced a very nice healing, a tiger spirit, and a different perspective of the universe, The Lady (and The Man) and as always, more about the changes to come. Stay tuned for more aya adventures.

[center]Journal Notes from Second Journey[/center]

Re: The Lady Speaks Again

"while under the influence of ayahuasca, it can be very startling to look into the eyes of someone who is not"

Can you elaborate on this Doc?

Startling for the partaker, or the passerby, or both? Do you mean like a polarity of perception? Very curious about that comment...                             


Happy to have been a part

Re: The Lady Speaks Again

ape-x wrote:

"while under the influence of ayahuasca, it can be very startling to look into the eyes of someone who is not"

That was a comment the shaman made. I assume it applies to both people, but much worse for the person who had drank the ayahuasca because sensations and perceptions are amplified and somewhat distorted. The non-drinker would just think you were crazy or high on something. I think you're right about the polarity mismatch.

Re: The Lady Speaks Again

I excerpted this from the Matthew Delooze Blog that ENT DOC linked to.  Below Mathew is describing part of his experience at the Heart of Iniate Workshop in Brazil that ENT DOC is talking about.  I guess ENT Doc was there with him? 

Matthew Delooze wrote:

I went to my mattress and tried to make sense of what had happened I shut my eyes for only the second time in three ceremonies. The same male face (Head) (like superman’s dad) from the first ceremony appeared again.

He plainly ‘said’ or I understood him to say; ‘It’s nearly done but when it is say so’. I was shown a ‘hole’ between this world and a sort of paradise world. In-between this world and the paradise world I was shown a world of imprisonment and misery and I was shown that the rulers in that world of fear like to keep this world in the same image of that world.

This in-between world keeps the human race as prisoners and keeps us in the lowest form of trance possible making a true escape impossible.

I was also shown that the powerful crew that had been put together had managed to drill a symbolic hole right through the negative band of energy (in-between world) showing me that collective spiritual energy can create physical invisible energy. I was shown that representatives from the paradise world beyond the in-between world were now present in this world as human beings and were breaking out of the trance state they were put under by the in-between world, just like everyone is put in trance.

I had a very similar experience to what Matthew is describing here about heaven.  When I was on Aya I was sitting on the Pool deck at the   resort and I was in what I would describe as a heavenly place.  But I hadn't gone anywhere.  What I kind of realized is that heaven is not really a place.  It is a state of mind.  That is my perception of it anyway.  You go to this heavenly place not like you would travel to some place in this universe, but you go to this heaven in your mind. 

Matthew also mentions the nefarious "they" that seem to always pop up here at Noble realms.  I believe I may have seen a certain group of them every time my third eye opens.  It seems that they are always there when I start to open my third eye and I connect them mentally with a hypnotist or magician as I perceive a frantic action to distract me so they can hypnotize me back into the illusion.   

Matthew Delooze wrote:

So what can I really tell you about ayahuasca? I have always said long before I went near ayahuasca, and it is recorded, that I believe the masses are dumbed down and we are forced to spiritually surrender ourselves to a deceptive force lifetime after lifetime. To put it in simple terms our third eye is removed. Yes a removal of our third eye (our intuition) takes place leaving us at the mercy of the deceptive force that caused the loss of sight in the first place. Can ayahuasca medicine replace that third eye if only for a few hours?

Matthew Delooze wrote:

Ayahuasca has confirmed to me that this world is an illusion created by mass thought. Sadly I believe the collective thoughts of the human race have been hijacked by a very deceptive force and we live lives that the hijackers want us to live. I believe we can change this world by changing mass thought and if the majority of minds can wake up to what is really going on then a massive spiritual shift is possible and we will reconnect with the paradise world that I have been shown and seen. There will be no prison warders and the world will not be a prison anymore. If this shift happens you will not be forced to surrender your spirit and live on your knees in misery in this world ever again.

Here is another point I agree with Matthew on.  I think that there is a lot of validity to the concept that You Create Your Own Reality.  Our combined perception creates this reality.  So therefore if we change how we perceive reality and the way we think things work, then we can affect the way reality actually is. 

ENT DOC:  Your description of your Ayahausca experience is amazing.  I only wish that I could express my thoughts and understandings half as well as you have in the two posts of your accounts on this thread.  While I was reading I kind of drifted into an altered state that is similar to being on Aya without the Hallucinations.  I was feeling that energy that seems to come through and the heightened state of consciousness, and I seemed to being seeing beyond the veil and understanding that we are eternal and this is an illusion.  I got quite frightened as I usually do when this happens.  I think it is just too much energy for me to handle.  You may know that feeling you get when you are in the "grip" of madness as Peter and Ralph were calling it when I was there.  That feeling were you afraid if you go any further you will lose your mind, and your consciousness will diffuse into the infinite sea of energy, effectively ending your existence.  This was the way I was perceiving it anyway. 

ENT Doc wrote:

As usual I didn’t really believe what I had written, although I could remember almost every detail. I wished I could always have that sense and feeling of clarity and connection that I had during the journey, but as always, it sadly fades away. Then the doubt starts to creep in, that “Did I just imagine the whole thing?” feeling. It never fails, not even right this second as I write these words.

I know exactly what you mean here.  I was absolutely amazed at how quickly I "forgot" my experience.  I made sure to bring a pen and a journal with me on the second journey and I wrote down everything I could as soon as I was capable enough to do so.  There is definitely a feeling of doubt whether or not I really did experience the things that I thought I remembered having experienced.  I realized that you can remember your thoughts from the experience just not the experience, so I made sure to narrate the experience too myself as to what I was experiencing.  So while I don't remember the actual experience, I do remember what I told myself was happening.  It might be because what you are experiencing is not being experienced through the body, so the brain never records it because the brain never experiences it, it is your soul that is perceiving these things outside of the body.  I also think that a lot of stuff that you forget is forgotten because you no longer have the ability to understand what you experienced.  It definitely a different state of being, and perhaps you cannot access memories or things that were created in a different state then you are in.   That would explain how you almost instantly remember everything you forgot from the last journey, and "Continue where the last journey left off". 

ENT Doc wrote:

The Phoenix sleeps within the earth for thousands of years, much like a butterfly in a cocoon. It is sort of like a bird in an egg and the whole earth is the egg, except it is more like a cocoon than an egg, because The Phoenix emerges fully developed, yet transformed from its previous self.

This is very interesting. I did some mental journeying once, without the aid of any entheogens, and asked "Why am I here".  I saw what appeared to be the the earth inside of what I understood to be an amniotic sac.  I understood this to mean I was here to see the birth of a new earth.

"...But Nothing is Lost:" "Nothing lasts... nothing lasts. Everything is changing into something else. Nothing's wrong. Nothing is wrong. Everything is on track. William Blake said nothing is lost and I believe that we all move on." - Terrence McKenna - Shpongle - But Nothing Is Lost

Re: The Lady Speaks Again



"Why am I here".  I saw what appeared to be the earth inside of what I understood to be an amniotic sac.  I understood this to mean I was here to see the birth of a new earth.




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Re: The Lady Speaks Again

Thank you, Ent Doc! And Capitan and SiriArc, too.

There is so much to learn, so much to witness. Your beautiful experiences make the process very rich for all of us.

Can't wait for the next installment. smile


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