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Topic: Drats, anybody have this happened to them?

I posted, then my computer got fried.  A strange guy came to the door to work on our landline phone lines, (which we don't have anymore).  Then the weird sillouhette (sorry, can't remember how to spell it right) of small animals showed up the size of a bunny or a cat.  They are like shadows.  I saw them a lot a couple of years ago, an internet friend did something and I didn't see them around our house or anywhere for 2 years.  I saw them in a city two counties west of here since my computer got frazzled.

I know other people see them ( and boy was I happy to find out I'm not the only one!).  I was relieved when I quit seeing them.  Taking a cue from some of the postings, I am documenting in this manner, and refusing to be afraid. 

Another thing I've learned especially from this site, is to put my critical thinking cap on.  Yes, people have computer problems.  Yes, telephone people will work on your house, and yes, head injuries can cause the shadow animals.  And like my husband said when he had to go to anthrax related powder in people's cars after the Anthrax attack, what's so special about you that you think someone would put anthrax all over the inside of your car.  It's a critical thinking thing.  What is so special about me, that I would get weird unwanted attention?

So, it's either a very unusual coincidence, or the post I was working on (what I saw after the hurricanes that was very weird) wasn't making somebody happy, or it's just an overactive imagination.

Anyway, if it's really real in this world and I'm being inundated with nonsense, then hah!:lol: on the nonsense makers.  And if not, well, then I guess I'm really on the overactive imagination side (think crazy in the cabeza) tongue.

Thanks for giving me the space to just put this out there.  Bummer using the library to post this.  Maybe my computer will magically fix itself now. LOL

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I've seen shadow things but nothing too wild.  Hope you get your puter fixed soon.  Glad you're making the effort by going to the library to post.

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The first time I ever did mushrooms, we smoked them. (Not advisable - mushrooms can be deadly) We thought it wasn't working until we settled into bed. It was dark and I was lying on my back. A small orange glow emitted from the radio clock next to us. As I stared at the ceiling, I began to notice these shadows streaking across the ceiling. My friend asked me if I saw it. I was blown away he was seeing this too, two, three, four little shadow folks- not just a trip. These shadows came across the ceiling and then stood at the foot of the bed. We both saw them. Little shadow people - it appeared like they had Hershey kisses for heads - but it was all shadow- we could see through them. I told my buddy to shut the window because that was how they were coming in from. After he shut the window no more shadows came in and the ones that were disappeared. Some will say it was the drugs yet I have reservations that it was all just chemical.



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No, Ideascubed, you're not crazy. The house I grew up in was infested by these things, and I saw them periodically. I still don't know what they wanted, but I always got a dark, malevolent feeling from them. Creepy. Occasionally I could hear them whispering in hall outside my room, just low enough so that I couldn't make out what they were saying. yikes


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Ideascubed, what did you see after the hurricanes?

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Re: Drats, anybody have this happened to them?

Sorry, it has taken so long to get back to this.  My computer was hacked, my accounts hijacked, so not fun.  What happened after the hurricanes, well first, after Frances, some odd things.  You have to realize that generally speaking after hurricanes the atmosphere is unstable, and rain happens on and off for a couple of weeks.  As we were bugging out two days after Frances, (so did not want to experience anymore of post-apocalyptic hurricane lifestyle), I saw the planes taking off from the local area without any markings and I'm assuming it was for chemtrails, but they were flying lower than usual.

After Wilma, it was even odder.  First, the low flying helicopter along the local highway, right before Wilma struck.  Then, after Wilma, I had about 100 trees in my backyard, ready for planting when something got it.  I was told  it was a laser hit, but I don't know.  What was weird was that right down the middle of all these trees, they were destroyed.  Imagine, part of the outside to the left and right was green, and everything in the middle was burnt, or brown and dying.  Then the FEMA trailer experience.  Oh, I forgot to mention that during Wilma, we got hit by a tornado and it tore the roof off.  In the Fema trailer, my cell phone made the speakers experience feedback, on or  off.  Weird, huh?  But then, I mentioned it to a friend in the keys, and he found that it happened to him, too, but with radios, and other kinds of speakers.  He posted the experience, and it stopped.  There were other things that I can't remember right off the bat.  I just wanted to post a little bit because time is running out, obviously. 

Posting the ealier about the shadow things, by giving it a name, it stopped.  It was only the once since the hurricanes about the shadow things.  I have found that it is true, exposure of the nasty tricks, makes them stop.  Thanks for the info everybody, I appreciate it.