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I was just reading the thread in this section, "a Question about Aliens," and thought I'd ask a question of my own. Not quite sure if this one should be in the Spiritual and Metaphysics section, but here goes, anyway.

I was visiting a good friend of mine this weekend who has just started channeling a group of entities through what she calls automatic writing. Here's a brief bit of background about my friend: She's very much a New Age love 'n' light type of person, very trusting that non-physical beings are all positive and helpful. She gets defensive when someone (me) tries to encourage her to be discerning about the information she hears from any source, or suggests that what seems positive on its surface might be cloaking a darker agenda. I've seen her be taken in and manipulated by an astrologer who was indeed very dark just beneath the surface, and after the shock of that betrayal (I'll spare you the gory details), my friend still participates in the astrologer's meditations and such.

In about the last six months, however, my friend has become associated with a few others besides myself who talk about the Illuminati and other fringe knowledge. It's interesting to watch her try to explain away what we tell her as just us being fear-based and negative.

So I visit her this weekend and she presents me with her new channeling. By the way, this has never happened to her before. I don't doubt that her intentions are good, but I have some doubts about the whole episode in general. First of all, she says she was guided to do automatic writing. Perhaps, but it looked to me like her normal handwriting. Second, most of what "they" said through or to her echoed her own beliefs, which she has expounded to me quite often. Third, these beings would not give her their identity, saying that they had only just now gathered specifically to talk to her. They would only say they were galactic beings from many different places. Now maybe this isn't unusual, but I don't know; hence my posting here.

Now here's the thing that really worried me. Right in the first paragraph or so of the transmission, "they" said, "...we have gathered to watch you at this exciting point in your evolution, and we are delighted to partake of your essence as you begin your ascension." (my emphasis) This part completely freaked me out. WTF?? So I very gently asked her to ask them, next time they approached her, to clarify what they meant by "partake of your essence." She promised to do so, but hurried to interpret this as "them" feeling joyful that we've come so far. I DON"T THINK SO.

Now I love my friend, and I don't want to see her become prey again. I know I can't force my opinions on her (she knows what they are, anyway), and it's not up to me to "save" her. And maybe I'm being overly paranoid, but my gut tells me I'm not. I'm waiting for the "explanation" to come, and if it's all double-speak, as I expect it will be, I will definitely tell her to run from them.

Thoughts, anyone? I would appreciate a few voices of reason here.

Thanks! smile


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Re: Advice about Channeling?

Channeling is very dangerous.  A body can be possessed by an entity, usually a negative sort (demon), permanently and ridding the body's etheric field of such entities can only be done thru casting out by a very highly God grounded person (strong faith in 'Christ').  If your friend has performed channeling before, which would indicate that she has, being unaware of it, she is under full control of one or more entities from 4D/spirit world. 

Talking sence to your friend about ceasing to perform 'channeling' will probably have no effect, because she sort of gave the entities a pin number to work thru her at any time without further inquiry for permission.  If you observe your friend's behaviour closely you will most likely see different 'personalities' working thru her on a very subtle level.

Peace, PhiConcept.

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Re: Advice about Channeling?

I found this today, too. This helps. Thanks, Montalk. smile

Also, thanks, PhiConcept. I appreciate your input, though I'm not personally a Christian. I agree that it's dangerous to open yourself to any and all influences with no type of discernment.

This was my friend's first attempt at this sort of thing. While she might be naive and a bit too trusting, I don't know if I'd say she was possessed by a demon. And as far as I can tell, she's not displaying differences in her personality.

I just want to help her steer clear of that sort of thing if I can.


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