Topic: A jet or *what*??

Hi. I'm from a small town in europe and there are a lot of those contrail-leaving jets in the skies above my town. They started appearing in such great numbers two years back.

A week ago I went into a bakery shop to get some bread, like I do every day at around 11am. It was almost high noon, a beautiful summer day and the sky was extremely clear - there were no clouds to be seen.

When I got out of the air-conditioned bakery and back onto the parking lot in front of it the heat wave struck me and I looked skyward to see the sun...

I saw another one of those jets flying in the sky in front and above me. It was leaving two long, thick contrails behind it... They were fresh, thick, full, with no distortions all their length from the end part right to the tiny speck of a plane - like they were just laid. The things were very long, I had to swivel my head for about 30 or 40 degrees to trace them across the sky.

As I was walking while watching the thing I only had a clear view for 10 seconds or so. Then I passed by some trees at the edge of the parking lot, there were 5 or 6 of them and their branches obscured the plane, although I did want to watch it some more.

Well, when I walked clear of those trees, and to my absolute astonishment:

A large part at both the beginning and the end of the contrails were now thin and smoky and spread across a wide part of the sky, like they were laid down minimally ten minutes ago...

... and the "jet" itself was completely, absolutely *gone* *without* *a* *trace*!!!

You couldn't see it in any direction at all in the wild blue yonder - and it simply had to, HAD TO still be visible right there above my town - it couldn't have had possibly left visual range, judging from how extremely slowly it was moving while I was watching it less then 10 seconds ago before that!

Re: A jet or *what*??

The atmosphere at that altitude was probably very dry. The moisture from the contrail would have evaporated quite quickly also, which is why it would appear to 'disappear'.

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