Topic: Large bet that market will crash by 9/21

I read a thread on rumormillnews which was confirmed by a stock trading forum. Some person or group has placed an option (I'm not sure of the exact term) to the tune of $700 million betting that the market will tank 30% or more by 9/21. This sounds a lot like the kind of short selling that went on prior to 911, except back then it was just airline stocks this time it's the entire market. Any thoughts?

Re: Large bet that market will crash by 9/21

The bookie always wins.

Re: Large bet that market will crash by 9/21

So, the House has rigged it to fall on or before the autumn equinox?  What a kick-ass pagan celebration that will be for those celebrating!  I wonder what they will be celebrating?  I wonder if some of them will soon find out they're wrong.

The spooky market is not done spooking people yet I'm sure.  If it fits into a greater picture it wouldn't be the first time, but it will be the first time when a large enough portion of humanity has access to enough information to know what the hell is going on and not let it go on that way.  Happy autumn everyone.