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I would certainly rather see the system evolve than collapse.  And I don't think there's any barrier to it other than humanity evolving.  Whatever lizards were responsible for plotting and covering up assassinations in the past surely will have their powers revoked within the next five years.  Or if we intend for it to be so then it will be, right?  The fact that this issue seems to be behind more assassinations than any other political issue is a bit intimidating but it also shows how important it is. 

Other than the possibly very real cartoonish villains lurking in the shadows I think the only major barriers to reform in this system are finding a way to successfully whittle the enormous complexity of it into sound bites and the stopping the lingering effectiveness of 'red-baiting' in places where it still works like the U.S.  Actually I doubt the red-baiting would even work if the arguments were fairly held up in the light of the media, so getting to that point is the real challenge.  I mean, assuming most of the quotes and facts in the above movie are real, I don't see how anyone could be against printing money directly from the Treasury instead of stupidly borrowing it and paying interest on it to the Fed bankers.  It's well documented that the whole thing was set up as a fraud but everyone in a position to do anything about it is either too scared, doesn't understand it well enough, or is somehow benefiting from it.  Back when we were still using precious metals for money I can sort of halfway see the argument for letting banks issue currency for metal deposits they supposedly had on hand.  If there was a run and everyone asked for their deposits at once then it would be the banks misrepresenting themselves and not the government.  But now that our dollars are backed by nothing except maybe possibly some scrap metal it seems completely and utterly insane.  Why should we collectively pay interest (both income tax and inflation) on new money being injected into the economy that is based on nothing but bookkeeping trickery??  Even changing nothing else, by just cutting out the middleman of the Fed we could have either no income tax or no inflation or much lower rates of both.

I guess the other counter-argument is that if politicians are allowed to print money directly they will spend it irresponsibly on pork.  Certainly that would be undesirable, but is it worse than having bankers do it and having them spend it on accumulating unlimited assets and power and keeping us enslaved??  Ten or 20 years ago they might have still been able to get away with calling it Communism to let the government print money but enough of the current population has been born since the height of the cold war than I honestly don't think it will work anymore.  We should really try and do something, and the upcoming legislation in the U.S. to change coinage composition (thanks to rising metal prices and China) could be a perfect opportunity.

I know this post is rambling and this subject matter isn't exactly popular here but I really do believe that this monetary chicanery is at the heart of this "system" we all speak of and fixing it really is the first step toward freedom if we are to attain it on any sort of physical/material level.  Other points of view besides waiting around for the ships or disasters to come are welcome. wink

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Re: So - has the economy finally had it?

this has been buggin me for a cpl a days and i thot u guys should see this.  after i read the business and money and economic threads lately and seeing the mortgage mess fall, and all that and the US dollar and amero junk discussed, and that ben fulford chinese illuminati stuff, i came across the latest from gary bonnell.  its all hooked up, like it always is.  and there is always a mystical bent to it all.  behind it.  the hidden, the covert, the OCCULT.  HYPERDIMENSIONAL is the word that describes.

he renamed his site and i will link u guys to it.                                                         
man, i love that guy and hes no chicken -- he tells it like it is and some of the stuff is badass, JUST like it IS.  now this is as it always is--crosslinked.  see how magic, evil, and intent affect money, economies, etc.  just like its was said in the george carlin rant that lyra transcribed in morningsun's misc thread.  goes together and each affects the other.  and the naievete factor, as always.  china is in this and who woulda thot--reincarnation.  now the deal is this--and what a mess this could be and may be yet.  china's officials say they are banning the reincarnation (god--just love the theocratic influences in this--they run everything--unreal) of the next dalai lama.  the Kundon.  so this may affect money and outcomes in that area.  so see this...and look at the sharp angled rep influences in here and how they think. 

Tibetan Buddhism has basically moved to India and Peru. China wants to name the spiritual head of the only tolerated mystical religion. China has done this with Catholicism, the only tolerated western religion, by naming bishops and cardinals.

The Panchen Lama traditionally finds and certifies the reincarnation of Kundon to Dalai Lama status. China cannot control this, so out it goes.

Not to be overly mysterious, and there are ways to keep a Soul from incarnating. With the ancient Shoalin traditions being kept current by hand-picked adepts and the resources explained in manuscripts dating back to Lemurian times, I am certain that there are very powerful priest and high magicians in the Chinese government’s employ. Because of the natural inner conflict created when an individual reaches certain expansion and does not radiate expansive joy for all to use, the influence of those types is limited. It would take extraordinary means, and with enough of them, they could control such things. But it is easier to simply control the religion and the people who practice its traditions.

Kundon is a very powerful Dyadic Soul who will not struggle against those wishing to suppress him, but will instead use the energy of control directed toward him to expand his consciousness beyond their intentions. In this sense he can be in the hearts of his people in a very real and intimate manner. Another thing: there are secret chambers in Tibet that house most of the areas pre Buddhist manuscripts and artifacts of which the Chinese government is completely unaware. The mysticism of Tibet will endure and its traditions will be kept intact for posterity and future epochs..

Wow! I just got several immediate responses to my last post regarding the Chinese government employing magical priests that have extraordinary powers. They do. The USA employed super psychics in the 50s to “spy” on the Russians. Our government even went so far as using the “black arts” to disrupted the lives of government officials through psychic attacks.

I would like to digress for a moment: America’s age – 230 years. The USA is a Christian nation, built on the ideals of Christian morality and individuals freedoms guaranteed by our constitutional democracy. It does not matter what has happened for the past twenty years, our founding leaders all had very high standards. Small example: they, the congress and We the People, all wanted George Washington to become king. He stated the standard upon which he and his men had fought was the idea that no man should be a royal head of state, that whoever governs should be elected to the office of president.

China’s age – over 15,000 years. China has never been a democracy. It has had military rulers, emperors, dictators, tyrants that have ruled by decree and absolute power. The leadership in China will employ whatever means necessary to achieve its goals – complete control over the State, its people and their combined futures - period. The Chinese government does not care about any individual, culture or nation. It is not concerned about its place in the world, or how others view its policies or methods. It foresees itself as ruling the world, or a god portion of it in the very near future.

Our corporate greed has given China all it needs to meet its goals – the technology and filed expertise need to implement its plans. China does not care about strategic alliances or partnerships. Within the next three years it will have the largest arsenal in the world. China could bankrupt our nation in a very short period of time – a month. It has threatened this if we continue to complain about its lack of manufacturing standards. China is the greatest threat to humankind since the destabilization of the Middle East by England in the 1930-40s.

China would have no reluctance to crush a religion if that religion threatened the Chinese government. It has tolerated the Dalai Lama and his devotees because they do not threaten cultural stability. They are simply waiting for the Dalai Lama and Panchen Lama to die of natural causes – why fix something that is currently working.

Just as with the USA, the government of the Chinese people reflects who they are: they will do anything for money and power – in that order. We the People tend to believe that other nations have high standards and agendas. Wrong.

They will fight until the second coming of Jesus, and/or, the real messiah, the deliverer, has finally appeared to the Jews, and/or Mahdi has taken form and will lead Islam.  They will all lose.

Not every monarch or ruler in China was tyrannical. China now is a far cry from its past knowing.

The chi practices of China were born with the warriors whose weapons were outlawed and confiscated. They found a silent energy within their bodies that could be projected outward to confuse and defeat intruders. This expanded their etheric bodies and their consciousness to include realms other than earth. They then found soul consciousness and a command over matter.

then they discuss on gary's forum how theyre going to build a road right thru the tibetan's lands to MT. Everest for the Olympics--"A highway to Mt Everest. Holy bee’s wax. I had the opportunity to sit next to a finance minister of Malaysia on one of my trips back from Tokyo. He gave a very chilling account of what might be ahead for the region as China wakes from her centuries old slumber. Not a pretty sight for all involved."

and then he goes on to talk of the triadic souls and the dyadic influence, and why we came here...

Knowing who you are as a powerful and committed individual to the greater knowing behind all considerations, I am reading your comment….Occasionally, ("If the forces building against us are beyond deflecting ...") I have been run over without even a glance backward.…as being a part of the past for this is a statement of victim hood.

Knowing individuals cannot be victimized, it is impossible. Why would anyone choose to be a victim of any influence or circumstance? That type of mental and emotional slavery is ridiculous to an extraordinary degree. Even if the incident is a true accident of fate, the choice to be victimized is still the Soul’s to make. We Triads are without master here in the physical realm. We are the most powerful beings here on Earth, within the Earth’s etheric body or the astral realms. The story of Job in the Old Testament is an allegorical portrayal of this knowing. The two greatest forces that could be imagined – Almighty God and ever-present Evil could cause all manner of conditions to befall Job and it was his to experience however he so chose. At anytime Job could have trumped Almighty God’s or Lucifer’s manifestations if he would have known his birthright within the scheme of things – created in the image of the First Moment – Creator God. No lesser gods – Yahweh or Lucifer – can cause any harm to an unwilling Triad. Creator god liberated Triads as a direct reflection of Itself to observe Its unfolding First Vision and to radiate Its comfort (pure joy) into unfolding dimensional reality. It has liberated us without any limitations whatsoever.

Triads are Eternal Constants that know of their beginning moment, the First Moment. Triad Souls are not aware of the Final State of the First Vision. The Final State is encoded in the stringlets of energy that are evolving as the unfolding vision. Triad Souls have an Urge to know that Final State as its eternal companion. Triad Souls lose themselves in matter in an effort to see that Final State. Dyad Souls know the Final State and actively keep this from Triads to ensure that Triads continue to incarnate into matter to observe the unfolding First Vision. Triads, as the witnesses to the unfolding of the First Vision, are Creator God’s emissaries that It might know the First Vision with unlimited intimacy.

so we came to see this unfold and we were sorta guaranteed to do it.  to see some sort of final state.   to bring back joy.  thats what they hate so they control the money and then one controls the joy, the ecstasy, the bliss of living.  they just hate that.  joy.  how pitiful.  dont want anybodsy to have a good time of it.  keep it all dumbed and locked down and in states of chaos and pain.  control it all.  if everybody had money or what they needed, there would be oh so less suffereing.  but we cant have that on earth.  nope.  and another little ditty.  do u remember that the C's talked of the 666 being the VISA card long long ago (just mentioned in another post/thread from only days ago).  they said this way way back.  so here we have the slumbering giant awakening and the portals being open in the vernal fall equinox, more super highways (prob goes with Mary Summer Rain predictions too--as the world is way smaller and geography and trade oughtta be number one newer elementary school subjects and prob arent).  so we have chinese magicians focused on stopping the reincarnation by etheric means and what that protends.  so theres so much to it.  and look at the meaning of that and we study this stuff.  amazing.  how theocrats here and there influence.  i say its the NINE still at it and theyre a big player in this goulash.  man oh man.  but yet some of us are here to do something about it, and i think just by our presence, since u can see how huge this is and how can little people do anything about such a system?  maybe the end of a loop.  a cycle.  observing the goings on and knowing and not participating in "badness" on purpose.  just knowing such and not throwing energy to it.

and i will end on this.  tried to make connections there.  funny but many many yrs ago the C's said that mother teresa wasnt what she was cracked up to be.  and had other thots.  and lo and behold the news just carried a story on friday of her memoirs released days ago.  that she saw evil all around and wondered, and pondered and begged the skies for an answer to it, to explain it and that way way down deep she doubted and she doubted BIGTIME that there was anything to god, to worshipping such and that how could there be terrible suffering and all.  she said she didnt believe, in the end.  but prayed and hoped and tried hard to understand.   uh-huh.  it rules the world and we watch.  and plan.

and as economies evolve, one way or the other, and shit gets darker, and religions control, and dominance and slavery and money keep on frolicking, and crats stop certain soul essences from reincarnating...hmmmm, we see how all affects each other.  and who the players are.  the dragon in the east awakes.  it goes to africa after this and she awakes and we see the middle east at it, and all gives the chills.  old stuff from hal lindsay even speaks, from the 70's and there we have it.  all is prophecy, yet????   the show goes on.  and we have to be in it without fear.  almost impossible but thats the task.

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