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Has anyone here used supplements to induce lucid dreams? I've recently heard positive feedback about this. Just curious if anyone here has any experience with it.

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i dont really know much from experience, but ive had a little bit of fun.  i drank a potent(disgusting) tea from salvia divorinum a few years back, and had crazy dreams.  i had 3 or 4 "false wake ups" before i actually woke up.  wierd visions too.  but that was before i knew about projection/lucidity.  i was still scared shitless of sleep paralysis. 

also, i used to take valerian tea to help with sleep.  but valerian doesnt really make you sleep, it just relaxes you a little.  and the more you take, it seems to make your mind active.  i drank too much one morning trying to get back to sleep, and i had all those  familar sensations before "exit".  but i didnt make it out.

a few herbs ive never tried, but look promising:

Calea zacatechichi
Entada rheedii

thats it i guess.  i believe both are legal.  i would like to try the calea. 

check out erowid experience vaults.

if anyone has any experience with any "dream" herbs, id like to hear about it.

also, you can prgram your subconcious to go lucid if you do a few exercises like looking at your hands a few times a day(so that you can find them in your dreams) and taking walks while paying VERY close attention to your surroundings.  if you take the same walk everyday, eventually you'll notice when something is off if you are walking in a dream.

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used to use melatonin taken during day cycle to supplement... I now cannot find melatonin that's not adulterated with vaelrian or escolzia (making me break weird, uncomfortable sweats if  taken in day cycle, and leading to normal sleep in night cycle).

Salvia has been placed on illegal substances list here in Italy, I'm afraid. Never had a chance to try ingestion of it, nor "tabernacling", and smoking it is just too short to be much good.

Fragmentary messages, near-impossible to catch and retain, and really impossible to get into a calm, meditative state what with quick bong-sucking, lung-busting retention of smoke, avoiding spilling it all, etc.   bleah.

I would really have liked to try ingestion after having found my bearings smoking it.  If it's anything like the difference between smoking and ingesting cannabis i'm sure it could be a quite useful "astral rocket booster". the problem is reconquering the same states without herb later.

I'll have a look at erowid, had honestly forgotten about it's existance! there has to be something left the system hasn't crushed around here....

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I've tried:




...But I find more success in using intention to lucid-dream.  Melatonin makes me groggy, which makes the wake-back-to-bed technique harder to do.  Calea relaxes me deeply, but I don't like smoking, and while it relaxes me physically, it stimulates me mentally.  Mugwort tinctures taste nasty.

All in all, it's difficult to say whether these supplements really helped me lucid-dream or not.  At the same time I was taking them I was also during reality-checks, wake-back-to-bed sleeping, running energy and meditation, autosuggestion and intention techniques.  I was having a lot of lucid dreams at the time.

Having been a consistent lucid-dreamer for the last eight years, though, I'd recommend the good ole fashioned way of honing your dream memory and learning how to surf the flow between waking and sleeping so that you either enter a lucid dream consciously or fall asleep and have one due to the effect of suggestion.  ...And, hey, it's cheaper.

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From my experience, the more times you wake up, then go back to sleep, the more lucid you become in your dream state. For example: whenever I am in a dream and it is either being manipulated in some way or I need to protect myself and am not able to, I wake myself up. I don't know how I do this, but I have always been able to. Maybe because I don't take anything to help me sleep makes this easier. Anyway, I believe it's best not to complicate things by using substances and just to keep it simple. I also pray before I go to sleep that I will become lucid if it is necessary so either God is helping me or I am training my subconscious. Whichever it is, it works. I've been having a lot of nightmares lately so I view it as more of a self-protective measure than anything else, but sometimes it's really fun.

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