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Although everyone here seems to have given up on finding anything good about the candidates, Ron Paul is the only one who can and will do anything.  I know everyone here is semi-knowledgeable about the "NWO" etc etc - all that crap.  Well, the Federal Reserve is definitely one of the main arms of that despicable system and its destruction (which Paul has recently put a bill through Congress for) will be the 1st step of many to a better world.  He is also down for getting out of NATO, the UN, the WTO (all of which are pretty Zionistic) - demolishing the IRS and the Department of Education.  The standardized school system has made America consistently dumber.  I've joined the Republican party in an attempt to become a delegate and convince the others to vote Ron Paul in the primaries.  No Republican that is for the war in Iraq is going to get elected no matter what, so Ron Paul would be the party's best shot (even though he is a Libertarian).

Like Skyalmian said, the obvious mainstream media blockade of Ron Paul makes it clear that "they" don't want him to win.  We do, so I say we stop whining and do something about it! smile … opic=102.0

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I'm sure he has good intentions to change the system, but like every single time before him, he'll be changed by the system. But I applaud you. Millsley. You're acting on your beliefs. Too bad anarchists don't have a viable candidate.

There will be two Ages. The first: The Age of Power. The next: The Age of Equality.

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Hold on guys don't show too much optimism for our future.  I don't think anything in this world is all or nothing.  Things have to be taken one step at a time.  I would have to disagree with anyone who expects us to wake up one day and be free of all oppression from governments and extradimensional entities.  Our freedom will come as a process, it will not just arrive one day.  That being said I think Ron Paul is the best step in the right direction the US could take.  Someone may have made this up but I have heard that Ron Paul is willing to give his life to take on TPTB, and therefore I will give him my support until he is out of the running.  Once he is gone from the presidential race the results of the election are inconsequential as any of the elected leaders will be a purebred puppet of TPTB.  While I agree with those who state that the world will not be saved by electing Ron Paul,  I think him simply raising the awareness of those willing to listen to his message is a positive step in the right direction.  And to all those defeatists out there, don't expect the world to get any better with such a negative attitude.

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Appreciate your reply Novice, I was thinking along those lines- your comment about the next leader by proxy, I actually did wonder if you felt that way.

And if things continue, we Americans will get a taste of what it feels like to be a second-rate nation, even though I disagree with any sentiment that might try to justify 'ranking' any nation in that manner. We all live on the same sphere dammit! smile

It has been covered here that Brown is your new PM, but not widely. And I can say safely that is of little consequence to most Americans, but WE know this is just a game we have played back and forth for so long, OK we are an extension of the British Empire, now we aren't.

I think Israel and the Vat(ican) pull the strings, at least for terrestrial powers, but I will not lay blame on the common Israeli or Catholic, as always we are talking about an unseen (or rarely seen)  fraction. I would like to see an accurate flowchart showing the chain of control.
Which would of course originate outside 3D.

I do feel Paul has somehow slipped through some crack and is truly a threat, He has been minimized, along with Gravel and a few others, I also believe it is because of the internet, this is really our first time seeing what kind of power is wielded by the sane majority. And I don't mean to infer that this makes it any more difficult for tptb to circumvent whatever it may grow into. We have seen polls skewed, attendees to his debates and forums underreported, and so on.

Will I vote?


Because I still want none of the above, and I cannot in good conscience play a game which is widely known as being just that, a game. One look at how the voter rolls are messed with is enough. It goes way beyond that, paperless voting machines, etc.  Save the gas. Just my take.

Happy to have been a part


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lyra wrote:


Something to keep in mind is that a lot of these supposed "breath of fresh air" candidates say a lot of things that sound good even to the semi-awake people, but they're still not truly cutting to the meat of the issues going on in this reality.  The BIG issues.   They can't though.  If they did they wouldn't last two seconds on the campaign trail.  wink  And I'm thinking that's the case with Ron, although I'll have to go back and track down some of his speeches and listen to more of what he's saying.  I've only heard part of one so far.   But see, candidates who merely slam Bush or the Repubs, or criticize the Iraq war or whatever, is not going to fly.   Even talking about the Federal Reserve, or the issues with the IRS/taxes and Social Security.....It's not enough. That's still surface level issues compared to the really scarey big deal stuff going on in this reality.   And no puppet out there is ever going to be allowed to make it even two steps if they were to dare delve into THAT territory.  So they can parade around whoever breath of fresh air they want to on those podiums and stages....but until somebody makes it past those two steps talking about the Big Deal Serious Issues of this reality and planet, then I'm not listening.  !

Of course you're right, there's no one who's going to last a day if they were to mention the things that you'd consider meaty. I think Ron and Dennis are so far out on the fringe as it is, if they went a step farther they'd easily be made into laughingstock for the electorate. Hypothetically, if either of them knew the whole PTB deal inside and out, and still somehow felt that the way to change the system was through the traditional electoral channels, they'd only be able to reveal their information in increments.

I also think that if they (Paul and Kucinich) continue to find success they could be in trouble in other ways. There used to be a guy who stood up to the entire Senate and who was the only one who voted 'no' to the Iraq war. He was still very electable in his home state but neither he nor his immediate family were able to finish his reelection campaign due to mortality issues.

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Anyone who isn't voting, could you please do the non-Americans a favour and vote Ron Paul. You say it's all rigged, and maybe it is. But I've a good feeling about my man Mr Paul . He's consistent in his positions, he's educated and he's caused a storm through the internets because people can smell a good thing when it's around the corner. Ron Paul is that good thing. For all we know he could have been planning this for years, infiltrating congress, flying under the radar of tptb (who have already won appearently) then springing up like a messianic superhero to save the United States of America from disaster.  Now he's running for president, appears to be the best thing since sliced bread and I read people saying that they'll stay in bed come election day! What is this insanity? What's the worst that can happen if you tick the Ron Paul box or whatever systerm you have there. Will the NSA be hiding inside the computer ready to ambush anyone who votes for Ron Paul and send them to the Gulags?

Save the gas, lose weight get fit and run to the voting ballot with 'vote Ron Paul' ringing through your head.

It's a game, so what? Be a good sport and play along.

"Violence solves everything. If it's not solving your problems, you aren't using enough of it."

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Mahatma wrote:

Anyone who isn't voting, could you please do the non-Americans a favour and vote Ron Paul. You say it's all rigged, and maybe it is. But I've a good feeling about my man Mr Paul .

I'm afraid I can't.  I'm so adamant in my refusal to humor the illusion that I'm not registered to vote.  wink  Very glad I'm not either.  I'll never ever have to do jury duty and face having to "judge" somebody's guilt or innocence and, worst case scenario, have to deal with death penalties.

Mahatma wrote:

It's a game, so what? Be a good sport and play along.

No thanks.

Free free free!

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I have psychic vision that occurs when I focus on any image, it reveals to me anyone's "trueself".  When I look at Ron Pauls pictures I see a grey alien underneath his skin.  Not good.  But most candidates I've looked at I've seen aliens underneath thier skin.  They all have entity attachments I suppose that are ruling over them. 

I'm all for children under the age of 7 being president.  Old people are to stuck on their ways, and annoying. I think children should be ruling the world, not these SELFISH old people who think they deserve mad respect for living over the age of 40.

Anyway until the day children or women are able to become president, I won't vote at all.

ANYWAY....Ron Paul does seem different then most republicans.  He seems to think for hisself and desires FREE HEALTHCARE FOR ALL,  ABOLISHING INCOME TAX, AND other things I agree with.  He might make a good president or he might be the worst of all.


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Yes, wait... wait... wait... wait... and then "vote"!

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Free Health Care is a trap .... I would re-think that one .....

The mills of the Gods grind slow, but oh, how fine they grind.!

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Hi, first posting here. Just cannot resist, although this is not the subject that I intended to begin with.
I am following Ron Paul 's speeches and other actions for some months, and to me he seems genuine. I agree with you Khatru; he may hold back - may hold back a lot, as part of a strategy - of his true opinion. Something tells me that he reads most significant NWO sites (including NR), and/or knows stuff from his long life experience. As a successful obstetrician he probably have enough money to be unbribable. (sorry, if no word like this - English is my second language) . Maybe I am wrong, maybe he is just part of the deception, as Lyra wrote -

He is in danger, and probably fully aware of it. Can I suggest that we (or the spiritually more advanced ones among us)  would cast a protective white or pearl-colored sphere around him? You know - just in case...:-)

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emerald_glow wrote:

He is in danger, and probably fully aware of it. Can I suggest that we (or the spiritually more advanced ones among us)  would cast a protective white or pearl-colored sphere around him? You know - just in case...:-)

Please don't make requests like this and then try and label them "spiritually advanced".

One, even if Mr. Paul is genuine, he did not ask for such "protection".  If you had phrased your request differently, like "offering a protective sphere" instead of an outright "cast", then there could potentially be some merit in that... but only if such an offer were prefaced with a verification of spiritual authenticity that you were actually interacting with the soul of Mr. Paul (rather than some other entity) and that he was positively aligned.  But casting without first offering is a free will violation.

Two, on the chance that Mr. Paul is not genuine, then all your casting will do is serve as loosh for him, drained from you.

Your safest approach is simply the prayer approach, wherein instead of casting anything directly at Mr. Paul, you offer up your energetic contribution of protection for him instead to God/Source/All/One, to be applied at the appropriate time and place where it will be positively received.

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Hi, Kinsei
Nice to talk to you:-)
It is always interesting to read another opinion. I agree that offering protection is more appropriate here than casting, although never the words, but the intention that does the work. With the rest I disagree and maintain my point. It does not worth to go into a lengthy discussion, so on my side I closed this subject, and leave to everyone to do as they feel right.

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The ADL likes Ron Paul
ADL's July 10th entry

The Anti-Defamation League Salutes Congressman Ron Paul, a Truly Patriotic American
Congressman Ron Paul is the leading advocate for freedom in our nation’s capital. As a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Dr. Paul tirelessly works for limited constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, and return to sound monetary policies. He is known among his colleagues and his constituents for his consistent voting record. Dr. Paul never votes for legislation unless the proposed measure is expressly authorized by the Constitution. In the words of former Treasury Secretary William Simon, Dr. Paul is the “one exception to the Gang of 535” on Capitol Hill.
PLEASE NOTE: This is not a political endorsement, but rather recognition of a dedicated statesman.

Hufschmid says:

Why would the ADL praise this man? Why does he appear so often on the Alex Jones radio show?

We don't have to select between the lesser of the evils; we can refuse to vote for all of the corrupt political candidates.

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Very interesting...Is the feeling mutual?