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morningsun76 wrote:

I would not be at all surprised if years down the road when the construction of the NWO is complete, this dream comes true in some form.

While it certainly seems as if there is no let up and no way that the NWO won't win -- I wonder if by our own thoughts and words which affirm that it IS going be constructed and complete, that we don't add to that very energy.

What would happen IF people such as ourselves who continued to gain awareness constantly about what TBTB were planning and working towards, were to never affirm in words and thoughts that the NWO is inevitable and complete. 

By no means morningsun76 am I trying to admonish you but simply to pose the possibility that we not accept whole cloth this future NWO and rather than affirm their world, continue to affirm our own world.

I believe it is important to strive for the balance of awareness of what evils are around us while maintaining and creating our own beauty in thoughts and deed. 

This is different from the new age luv and light many of whom don't want to hear or see any evil.

Just a thought.
Christine B.

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Senior year in high school, about three years ago, and I am really pumped up about going to Cancun, Mexico with five other friends. We are staying in a nice hotel, and I go in there with a positive attitude. But things quickly take a turn for the worst...

I begin loosing sleep. The incessant partying turns me off, I begin to see just how indulgent humans really are while I am down there. I quit drinking and partying. My friends think I am totally insane: here I am in Cancun, Mexico and not enjoying the partying atmosphere.

One night, I have a dream.

There is a big assembly in my hometown of Nashville, TN. We are all downtown. I am with a girl to my left and we are listening to someone speak. About this time, there is a giagantic explosion in the sky, almost like the moon blowing up, and asteroids come crashing to the earth. Everyone scrambles and takes off, but for some reason, I remain where I am, motionless, almost in a trance. I am pleading for them to stay with me, but they do not. They run in fear.

Afterwards, I see the aftermath and destruction. The whole city is in ruins. Everywhere I look, I see people I know, and for some reason I am apologizing to them, but they are more concerned with the devastation of our city than making peace with one another.  This is when the dream ends...

Weird uh?

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About a week ago I dreamt that I was sitting outside on the patio during the day.  Must have been early afternoon.  All the sudden a big lazar type of beam shot from west to east about 10-15 feet off the ground.  The beam was about as thick as a baseball and looked like it was going to zap or destroy the garage, but it didn't.  This beam was very, very bright white (hot white), but did not seem to cause any destruction. The colors that I usually observe were much brighter than usual-almost as if a grey film were removed.

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I've had a lot of weird and unusual dreams since moving, but last night I had one pertaining to the hurricane down in Florida.  I had a dream where I was there, watching what was happening although not affected by it.   In my dream, it was right offshore at night time, so the winds were whipping everything around very intensly in the dark;  I saw that the hurricane had risen from a Category 2 to a Category 3;  I watched as it demolished mobile home parks, and saw people lying face down underneath rubble, injured;  I saw that oddly enough, the power was still on at that moment, which surprised me, but there were clearly lights on inside some buildings;   and lastly, I watched as tornados formed as a result of the hurricane, two tornados were in front of me, whirling by, ripping things up.     

I'm not sure if it's a "prophetic" dream or what, but interesting enough, this morning I went online to, and saw that Jeanne has now risen to a Category 3, with winds of 115 mph.   By the looks of things, with the eyewall currently scraping Grand Bahama Island, it looks like it'll be hitting South Florida tonight, just like my dream showed.   Probably will be tornados too, I'm sure.

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I took 9 milligrams of melatonin about a week ago, and had a nice night of dreaming.

I dreamed I was driving home with my father, looking for a street that would bring us out to a main road.  We pass a factory and trailer park which I didn't know were in my town.  We keep looking at streets, and finally see one called "Wish St." which we decide to take.  As we make the turn, we turn onto this high bridge over a tropical forest like setting, and see a Gorilla, and my mom enters the car at this point.

Somehow, I end up in this place which is like half my place of employment and half bar.  In the form of the place I work at, I find myself changing my clothes for some reason, and while this happens an old childhood friend's younger brother starts talking to me.  Around this time I look over to see either a book or video entitled "Simple Man" that I have to return. 

I go to my car, and as I'm about to drive away, a woman 25-30, who is like a nice elementary school teacher (just gives a really warm feeling to me) comes up and says something to me in a foreign romance-sounding language.  I jokingly tell her that I can't understand her because I'm not cultured, and she acts minimally amused, says something appeasing to me, and walks away.

I drive away to return my book/video, and remember I forgot something from the bar, but I don't drive back, I park my car and walk back.  I pass the woman again on my walk back and she's just walking along smiling.  Then I come back and the place is a bar, and I talk with this guy from work about somethign and we're laughing together.

My dreams are always like this too, they're completely random and seem meaningless, especially when all I think about during the day is God, the meaning of life, conspiracies etc.

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here's another - this one was SO vivid!! I mean like I thought it was real . . .

morning of Wednesday, December 12, 2001:

-=The Tower Escape=-

I was living at my home on W. Gray and was in acquaintance with a black homeless lady who must have been by to visit me at my home on occasion. She was somewhat tall, with very short hair and a little dirty. She had given me a picture of herself that looked as if it had come from glamour shots because she looked pretty and had on make up. She also looked healthy in the picture, unlike her real homeless counterpart. I remember her leaving my place one day, after having visited me, and standing on the corner of W. Gray and Montrose, trying to cross the street.                                                       
Next thing I know, I'm (at work?) in a very tall office building, on one of the top floors, and I am hiding from some corporate suits/high level executives. I am on the floor next to a large window, through which I can see out, and am also near a window in the floor which provides a view down through the floors of the building all the way to the bottom. I also can hear the suits talking amongst themselves (telepathy?); they are under me. I hear them talking about something (covert?) having to do with their business, which, I seem to have the feeling, has some kind of control or influence on the entire city or population of the area. Next, I try to escape, so I get to the elevator without being seen, and continue down to the exit. When I get to the bottom (or while in the elevator), I hear a communication from the maintenance/building core control center, of a man there telling the executive suits that the power has stopped in the core of the building (at the bottom center in the basement.) Apon hearing this, I take the elevator back up to the floor I was on before in order to find out about this dilema. I knew I could listen in on their conversation. When I did, I overheard them saying that this building is some thwnty-five thousand stories high. They were then trying to figure out what to do about the core being powerless. At this point, I looked down the window to the bottom of the building and realized that the building really was that high by looking out the window to the outside at all the other buildings around being not nearly as half as high as this one. Apon looking down through the windows to the bottom, I also came to another scary realization; that the core's powerlessness would very quickly result in the collapse of the entire building, since it's power is what kept the whole structure intact through some sort of power pulse that flowed through the structure. I now decide to escape a quickly as possible. At some point during all this, I remember seeing some young kids (teenagers) bearing automatic machine guns,with long barrels, shoolting at something/someone (me?) When I get to the elevator to escape, I have a friend (a guy) with me. We get into the elevator and very frantically hit the one button. The elevator starts down and stops on a floor, the door opens, and a kid (teenager) is there waiting. We frantically motion for the kid to quickly get on. He does and we hurredly hit the one button several more times.
The elevator must have stopped one or two more times in this fasion, acquiring more escapees as we went. At the bottom, my friend and I run out the front exit to be greeted by a kid with a long barreled machine gun (the same one from before) firing at us. We break out to the left, and head towards the parking lot, dodging fire from both the kid and a helicopter up above, now. I remember trying to run so fast that I felt like it was tiring because I wasen't moving as fast as I was trying to run. When we hit the parking lot, I yelled, "my bike!", and we ran over to my little motercycle and got on, started the engine and drove off as fast as we could. (It was more like a cross between a moped and a motorcycle because it never did go faster than a certain relatively slow speed.) As we rode off, the kid was shooting at us from behind.

I must have departed with my friend somewhere along the way after we escaped. I then drove my bike down an alley between two appartment buildings (of which, nearby, I knew my dad lived) and came to a movie projector/screen (movie player setup) near the end of the alley. It is my dads projector/movie screen, but I do not know how it got to be here in the alley.
I activate the system (by inserting a movie I already had, maybe?) and sit there on my bike, on the left side of the alley, and watch the whole entire movie. Unfortunately, I do not remember what the movie was about, though I do remember that I watched the whole thing. It may have been a movie about the way things will be in the future. At the end of the movie, I specifically remember the narrator stating something to the effect to, "use this information wisely/protect this information, for it won't be long before this too (movies) will be outlawed/banned." After watching the movie (possibly while I was waiting for it to rewind?) I casually walked out of the alley and near the street, where I see a police officer sitting in his car parked on the street on the near side. When I look at him, he motions for me to come over to the car. I walk over to the passenger side window and bend down. He says, "can I see your drivers liscence/ID?" I calmly pull out my wallet, presenting him with my drivers liscence and he looks it over. When he gives it back I say, "so, you doin' allright tonite?" He says, "yeah, allright." While I'm putting my liscence back into my wallet he notices the picture of my homeless friend and asks, "who's that?" I say, "oh, that's (so and so) from down off of W. Gray." He says he knows her and asks, "is she gay?" I reply, "I don't know. Humh. I don't think I want to know." In order to dash any misconceptions of his about the homeless girl and I, I show him my picture of Candice, saying, "here's my friend." As he tries to look at the picture, he shines his flashlight right on it, moving it all around to get a good look. The picture did not look like what Candice really looks like. It was her in the dream, but the face in the picture was different. She was sitting, facing foreward, with her knees up by her chin and smiling brightly with her face pointed straight ahead. --end

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My 7yr old son had a recent dream(nightmare in his terms). He dreamt he was near "one of those big grey towers", then described your typical cell tower. He said "there were lizards inside making bad sounds come out of the tower to hurt me. I was so scared." Bear in mind that I don't talk conspiracy talk with my kids. I found this really amazing. I always thought he had some higher abilities, sometimes he comes out with really profound stuff, not like your typical kid talk. I guess I got some 'splaining to do.

Re: Dreams

holy shipples that is amazing. reminds me of my friends grandson telling her that he knows he will come back if he dies because God told him. maybe kids really are being born with special abilities like I've been hearing . . .

really though, that is just amazing.

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Re: Dreams

I have a lot weird dreams, especially this last 1,5 years. As I wrote in some thread before, I'm writing them and also wanted the same from some of my friends.

My most interesting dreams are the ones that I'm aware that I'm sleeping, even see my own body, but can't move or wake. There is always something/somebody in the room, I'm afraid of it but it means no harm - made no harm till now. Zonabi wrote nearly the same experiences in another thread and I'm surprised to read it. In the last dream, I realized I saw this before and said to myself there is no reason to be afraid of. Then I said "hello" several times, felt a move in the room and woke up! I remember thinking "oh no, I woke up early"!

By the way, one more strange thing; one of my friends (who we always liken to Gwyneth Paltrow) went to Canada and she wrote me a very interesting dream of her 6 months ago. This was about giant soldiers invading New York. Well, I went to movie Sky Captain last week, G. Paltrow was starring and guess the opening scene?

Maybe she just entered to the mind of screenwriter of that film smile

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Here's a recurring dream that I had a lot as a kid,

I would find myself in a hallway (after having this dream a few times, the hallway would be familliar and I would think to myself, here we go again),  on either side of the hallway would be a set of three or four doors. I knew in my mind that behind each of those doors was a completely different dream scenario and that it was my task to pick one and enter the dream. Some of them would be pleasant some of them would be nightmares and it seemed to be random. Once I made my choice and opened one of the doors I would be sucked instantly into whatever reality was waiting behind the door and the door would be closed and I would have to deal with whatever I was faced with. Sometimes it would be a monster or other nightmare scenario sometimes a benign experience and sometimes a pleasurable one such as a flying dream or a sexual one, totally random. Mosty of the time I was never able to get back in the hallway from the dream once I entered into it as there was a huge vacum effect that occurred that sucked me into the dream and I would not have the strength to keep the door open, though I seem to remember one time I was able to. Also, I remember once being defiant and remaining in the hall without opening any doors but I cant remember the outcome of this.

I've always been curious about this.


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czyx wrote:

This disgusted and horrified me. The people of this place had accepted evil, almost playfully so. They looked down on all of history as though they were somehow outside of it. They simultaneously identified themselves as Nazis and pacifists and democrats and anarchists and everything else in one contradictory mess, thinking this was the height of wisdom and morality. It seemed to me the controlling powers had conditioned the masses to accept this way of thinking so that they could never know where they stood, and thus never revolt. The people were made to admit that there was no truth, that there was no right way, and that everything was equal. Worst of all was the feeling that they really didn't need much coercion to believe it.

As an aside, when I was reading this I got a flash of that mural in the Denver airport discussed in a previous thread.


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Morning of Saturday, October 9th 2004

Last night I had a dream involving a strange 'knowing' about reptilians. I was in a public place and I remember some people running around inside this building. One of the people was afraid because he knew the truth about what happens to people who find out about reptilians. If one learns about the reptilian presence but didn't try to change it, then they would be allowed to stay on the planet surface. But if one found out and was against reptilians, then they would be taken to the 'inner earth'!

I had never had a dream about reptilians that I can remember.

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Xeno, that's an interesting dream...maybe things like that actually happen. Why just kill someone when they can be taken underground and eaten or used as slaves? I know that for alternative science researchers, if they get too close to the truth they're given the option of shutting up or working for govt black projects under secrecy. This doesn't sound like a symbolic dream at all, but an informative one.

Last night I also had a "knowing dream" - I was in Burger King looking at frowny people all around, myself being frowny and worried that no matter what I did, the MCS would know in advance and set things up to screw me over --  but then a "knowing" told me that if I moved to a different emotional/awareness frequency beyond the range of the MCS, I could no longer tracked and I'd therefore be free. So I upped my attitude and began seeing how all people were One, which made everything brighten up and allowed me to walk out the door with confidence.

Acquiring fringe knowledge is like digging for diamonds in a mine field.

Re: Dreams

Last night I dreamed that I was accused of some sort of financial fraud. Apparently I had made a mistake on some form, and Big Brother decided I was a criminal intent on stealing forty dollars from some system I did not even know existed, let alone try to steal from! I kept insisting on my innocence but they kept shuttling me from office to office for some kind of paperwork, forcing me to sign stuff or else be thrown in jail. I finally became so disoriented and tired that they wore me out to the point where I couldn't sign anything was that relentless. I woke up before anything was resolved, but feeling ready to go to jail as there didn't seem to be any way of satisfying these people that I was not guilty. Apparently my attitude was deemed a thought crime..immoral, out of the system, etc. It was a very real-seeming and frightening dream. I did not manage to raise my vibe before waking up, though. I did not see all people as one when I awoke. So I'll have to see what happens tonight because I'm sure I'll take up where I left off in this dream.

Re: Dreams

Hey montalk, that sounds like an amazing dream. How did you actually begin to 'up your attitude' in the dream? Did you just 'will' it to happen?

Here's another dream I had a while back where I tried something like that.

I was outside in an [enclosed?] large valley area with many people (families) who were of a different awareness than normal people you see everyday. They were from the future or had a higher conciousness or something. There was an area in the middle at the foot of the valley where a bunch of kids were [playing/learning?].
A GIANT BROWN DEATH CLOUD descends on the valley from the far end and everyone starts running around trying to escape but there's nowhere to run.
So I tried to adjust my aura to gold and fly straight up to escape the death cloud as it descended into the valley but the valley was too steep. There was no way out.
Over the middle ridge I get into the corner of the entire enclosed valley. I'm stuck in this corner with some kids and there's a wall of crushed people behind me. I turn and look at the wall and there is fruit (banannas, etc.) stuck in the wall.
Next thing I remember I'm somewhere else participating in (seemingly) another dream altogether.
- end

That was the only dream I can remember where I tried to adjust my aura.

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