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Topic: Dreams

Hey everyone

I know a few of you guys have already shared some dreams here and there under different topics. I thought it might be a good idea to have an official dream thread where we can share any dreams we've had related to the issues discussed on the forum, such as the matrix, conspiracy, aliens and shifting consciousness. It'll be fun and interesting, plus I KNOW that almost everyone enjoys telling about their dreams. wink

I'm just going to mention a couple of recurring dreams I've had. Recurring dreams seem important, since if their recurring they're doing so for a reason. There's always a message or meaning in your subconscious about a recurring dream.

The first recurring dream I have is that of alien invasion... except, it's not invasion per se because I 'know' in the dream that the aliens have already been here for a long time (sound familiar?). These dreams started when I was a child and I have one like this once or twice every year. I never actually see the aliens though. What I see is their spacecraft in the sky. Hundreds of them, littering the evening sky. The ships are the most beautiful shapes, riddled with lights of all sorts of colors. What's incredible about this is that the feeling in the dream is always the same. It's a  feeling of intense awe and beauty but at the same time a very deep and intense fright. It's also 'obvious' to me in the dream that the crafts are watching my every move, and everyone else's too. They know everything everybody is doing on the planet.

This second dream is the most unexpected one I've ever had. It started off with me just walking along, minding my own business. In the distance, I hear horses galloping and... well that sound that horses make with their mouths. "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" I immediately thought. Suddenly, and I do mean suddenly, the entire world is under martial law. The thing was, NOBODY saw it coming. Everybody was going about their everyday business and then suddenly everyone was being rounded up to be put into detention camps. But then I looked around. No, not everybody was being put into camps, only the people who opposed the new leadership (dictatorship). As I was being handcuffed and led away, I noticed my 'friend' in the dream was unbound. He tells me to quickly promise allegiance to the new world order and they'll let me go. And the dream ends with me doing so. They untie me and I go along with them. sad It was a short but horrible dream and the ending confused me even more. I had another similar dream like this that combined the first type with the alien craft and the one I just told. I'll keep it short, but basically in that version the aliens themselves were going around killing everyone who either opposed them or was unuseful to them. The most disturbing part of that dream was that I 'knew' that the aliens were keeping me alive for some reason because I'm somehow important or useful to them. Another confusing ending. sad

Oh well, I hope some of you guys can share some dreams that aren't as depressing as mine...

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Re: Dreams

I think those are fascinating dreams.  It brings up issues of: When is it better to "go along" with the system, even if it means swearing allegiance to forces that you may not agree with? When is it better to overtly resist, even if if means immediate negative consequences?

Also, I think it is quite possible that they are "watching our every move" and to some extent reading many of our thoughts.  However, I think that at times we may appear baffling to them.  Imagine a soul that resonates at a high inclusive resonance.  Let's say that soul is a 4d-6d STO candidate.  Even to an upper level STS being (4d-5d), that STO candidate may appear unreadable.  They may be able to track what the body is doing and even specific mental activity, but the whole process may appear like a mystery.  This may make that STO candidate inherently unpredictable, and thus harder to control. 

I'm not saying that the "flying off the handle" sort of unpredictability is necessarily a good thing, just that there may be vast resources that we are able to use if we allow ourselves to properly tap into them.  Our potential ability to tap into these resources may appear baffling to any who are trying to track and control us.

I had a dream last night where I was given a gold ring.  It had no markings on it.  Since I was dreaming and was not aware that I was dreaming, I did not put together a possible "Lord of the Rings" connnection until I woke up.

In the dream, I put on the ring, left it on awhile, and then took it off.  It didn't feel quite right.  Then, I would put it back on again.  There were no powers associated with the ring that I was aware of.  I just remember that it was smooth and gold with no markings.

With regard to martial law, if it ever comes to that, and there is a clamp down on communications and the Internet and such things, I say that we just switch to telepathy to the extent that we want to communicate.  :-)

Re: Dreams


I have a lot to contribute to this topic, would anyone like to read my extremely symolic and strange dreams? I've got bunches.

Some of my dreams feel so real at the time that they feel like 'border-line lucid'. I had a lucid dream only once when I was a young boy.

Everyone please post your dreams if they contain symbology and/or lucid dreams or alien content.

One of my most profound dreams of all times has got to be during my middle-school years (7th grade?) when I traded bodies with a classmate! The dream was very long but I only remember the end half very well. First I was me, then we switched bodies and we were ourselves, but inside each others bodies! This guy I traded bodies with was not my friend, but only a casual acquaintance from school. So I go throughout the dream inside this kids body and the whole time I'm thinking 'man I've got to find this guy so I can get my body back!' So during the dream I was actually searching for myself the whole time! When I didn't find me, I went back home to the neighborhood (it was exactly like my neighborhood in real life) and went down the street to my Indian friend Asit's house. Then I go around the side to the side garage entrance and go in and there I am standing there in the garage looking at me (this other kid in my body)! And I already know that all I gotta do to get my body back is run up and embrace myself, so when I do we instantly switch back into our own bodies. But when I get my own body back, it feels so great that all I can do is run down the street jumping up and down and yelling 'yeah!!! yeah!!!' I mean it felt indescribable. IT WAS LIKE A FOUNTAIN OF INFINATE JOY HAD ERUPTED INSIDE MY SOUL AND CAME FORTH WITH UNENDING EXTATIC HAPPINESS! Totally different from anything I had ever felt in waking life or a dream.

I've also felt other strange feelings during dreams. I've even dreampt I got high on drugs before.

Anyone care to comment/add?

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Re: Dreams

okay I'll just try to get this goin again

once I had a dream when I was about 5 or 6 where I was flying through this long grassy valley right down the center. So, then I thought 'wait, I can't fly, this must be a dream' and I began to wake up. But I didn't want to wake up so I tried [in the dream] to stay asleep by closing my eyes. I think I came out of the dream a bit before I started lucid dreaming myself flying on. Then I was like 'cool'

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Re: Dreams

Xenopope-- I've only ever had one lucid dream, but it was incredible. It was one of those experiences that really shook the basis of my belief system. Immediately after waking up the 'real' world seemed like just another dream world. Now I think that both worlds are real. It's just that this one has more rigidity and persistence.

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Re: Dreams

cool, so - share!

I think both worlds are real too.

but that depends on what you mean by real . . .

if real to you is synaptic impulses being sent to your brain, then, yes . . . haha from the Matrix . . .

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Re: Dreams

Here are some dreams I had over the past several days that showed me trouble would appear on and off the board:

Sep 19: baby wiping its poo over furniture, carpets, and walls.
Interpretation: someone highly immature would litter the forum
Outcome: Aaronfirebrand blew his top and cursed his way out of the forum

Sep 19: escaping underground base filled with zombies, going up in elevator to first floor but zombies there too.
Interpretation: zombies alert me to attacks by reanimated matrix agents, this dream indicates after the first attack, there is more to come
Outcome: not resolved yet

Sep 21: woman fell into muddy river, I helped pull her out
Interpretation: someone would need my assistance from a distressing situation
Outcome: a member of this forum needed my advice regarding being harassed by Aaronfirebrand.

Sep 21: being caught in a fight between people throwing rocks, I dragged the offenders into a tunnel and grabbed them by the throat
Interpretation: out of control bickering between some individuals on the forum requiring me to intervene
Outcome: most likely yet to come

Sep 21: at a university parking lot with tornado approaching, seeking shelter inside the nearest building and watching the tornado rip up the brick pavement
Interpretation: highly charged emotional event approaching...the rest I can't figure out
Outcome: on its way.

Sep 22: outside a senator's house with cops patrolling - a bomb threat leads to the the bomb squad throwing a black container of explosives away from the house (my way) before it goes off. I run and hide behind building as it explodes like a nuclear device. Sends plume into sky and reveals two suns
Interpretation: I'm gonna have a fun week coming up...not. But the situation will eventually resolve with the birth of "something wonderful." Makes sense...hyper-D attacks always precede major leaps in learning and progress and are attempts to deter such jumps.
Outcome: on its way.

Sep 22: dreams about Florida Hurricane, nukes, and the upcoming event being a real "whopper"...(same themes I had in two previous dreams)
Interpretation: refers to both an actual hurricane that may hit Florida again, and symbolically some challenging days ahead as far as hyperdimensional manipulation goes (it's all connected)
Outcome: we'll see.


I've noticed that times of strangeness correlate with moon phases and astrological events. Probably has to do with thinning of the veil around such times. Take note that Sep 21st was Fall Equinox and Half Moon, Sep 22 was moon Perigee, and Sep 28th is Full Moon. That makes for a busy week.

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Re: Dreams


Been away from the forum for a while. Connection problems at home.
Just wanted to thank you for your investment in this site and your perseverence through times of turmoil. 

All the best in your outside life.

Re: Dreams

You're welcome, Perceval. I'm glad NR has become stronger over time despite the occasional disruptions. Thanks to the participating members we've established a pretty strong keynote of positivity and quality on the forum. The future looks bright!

Acquiring fringe knowledge is like digging for diamonds in a mine field.

Re: Dreams

montalk-- Seems like you've been having a whole lot of meaningful dreams lately. My dreams over the past couple weeks have all been about seemingly meaningless, trivial things. Who knows, they could have meanings, but I'm not very good at subtle hints. wink

However, I had a very interesting dream last night. I actually dreamt I was someone else! This is the first time I ever experienced this, and I'm not sure how common it is with other people. (Anybody else have this?) I dreamt that I was a redhead girl, about my same age. I'm male by the way, so that makes it weirder. I had the same family -- I was talking to my parents in the dream. And I was still 'me' -- that is, I thought I was always this girl and that this was how things were. When I woke up I felt an overwhelming intimate connection to this girl that I was in the dream. I "knew" that she was a part of me. I'm not sure what this meant but I think this was a 'me' from another timeline or dimension. The dream had a very distinct positive, uplifting feeling about it that I've learned to pay attention to in the past because those types of dreams always resulted in revelations of truth later on.

Re: Dreams

ya I dreamt I was someone else in the dream I posted above - it's the only time I can remember dreaming I was someone else. Here's another one - it's from 2001

--The Concert Incident--

I'm at a Tool concert. Apparently, I'm with some friends of mine, although I don't know who they were. I'm on the front of the left side of the balcony in an open venue about the size of Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. I'm watching Tool play along with the rest of the crowd. My friends (or the people I came with) are nearby my person to the right of me. I can remember Tool giving a good show. At one point, I look down into the crowd to the very front an clearly see a line of poeple sitting near the stage.  Amazingly, I can recognize a few of the people, one of which I remember as being Jason Lawrence, the others quite possibly being his wife and roomates.  After a few songs comes an intermission, Tool leaves the stage, and another band takes the stage for a sort of "half time" show.  This new band puts on a sort of mock performance doing a kind of skit act including dialogue of a comical nature.  After the skit act, they begin to please the audience by playing death metal which still has just a hint of comical "parody" type nature to it. It seemed like they were halfway trying to create a sort of cliche death metal music and make it exactly like what non-death-listeners would think death music would be like. Apparently the crowd didn't notice the "parody" or "cliche" nature to the music because shortly they began to mosh. Soon thereafter, the whole mass of people below me (on the ground level), from the stage to the back, were moshing quite dangerously. Kids were throwing themselves into each other like they were enjoying it. I thought this peculiar, the mosh pit usually being contained within the center of the front end of a crowd directly in front of the stage. Then, the entire crowd did something very strange. Apparently, the band did something that the crowd moshing relates to. (Similar to when a concert goer knows the lyrics to a song and sings along.) Maybe the band gave a signal that the crowd already knew or started playing a special part in the song, because the crowd moshing seemed to know exactly what to do at this point. The crowd stopped moshing and stood, briefly, in perfect masses with perfect edges for the walkway to protrude exactly down the side of the huge square block of bodies they had created. Nearly every person was exactly in their place, one beside another, with the whole mass forming a huge perfect square of people adamantly watching the stage where the band continued to play. As I watched this from the balcony, I thought it very strange, realizing it to be quite unusual  for a concert of this type. Then, all of a sudden, the entire crowd began to move counter clockwise in a big sircle staying exactly formed in the perfect square of people, as if it was absolutely natural to do so. Apon reaching a certain rotation, the circling continued only now with an added formation change, slowly, from the perfect square to a perfectly symmetrical cross that was the same length and width on all ends. This perfect cross resembles the shape of a medical cross or addition sign (+), and had perfect edges and corners to the precision of a single person consisting of the tip of one of the corners, and continued to rotate in a counter clockwise direction while the band played death metal. I can remember having the feeling that these people who were in this crowd were obeying the band's commands in the same manner that a Nazi crowd would obey Hitler. Meanwhile, up in the balcony where I was, the people were getting very ranbunctious. To the right of where I was there were some kids fooling around doing some crazy things that they shouldn't be doing. One guy has a fire or lighter or something and another guy gives him a long rope. The guy with the lighter sets the rope on fire and it turns out the rope is made of some kind of highly flamable plastic. The rope flares up and catches the lighter guy's face on fire. Someone takes the flaming rope from him to try to put it out, meanwhile this guy's face is on fire. People nearby start to notice and I begin to realize this is going to be something serious and that everyone is going to have to get out of here quick to avoid getting into trouble. I look at the guy on fire; he is standing with his back facing the stage, and people have backed away and given him a five to six foot area to occupy. He is looking up, with his right leg slightly in front of the other, his arms down back behind him, looking up at an angle with a large hole in his face and flames protruding thereforth. His face is glowing red hot and there is a luminescence surrounding his entire head. Now people are turning to run in terror, screaming. I realize I'd better go somewhere fast to avoid persecution from the authorities when they come. Now the entire crowd on the balcony is evacuating to the open-roofed stairs on the side. After a few moments, I follow, but I have a plan. Apparently, my plan is to stay around after the crowds leave to possibly see the rest of the Tool show. I proceed down the stairs to the mid-stairs-balcony section where many people are rushing to get out. I now notice the authorities herding captive fans out in lines down by the entrance/exit. The authorities look like specialized S.W.A.T. team officers. They are wearing helmets with visors and are using a specialized type of crowd control weapon. The weapon is some sort of electrode controller that fits on the head and has a wire to connect to other controller head devices allowing the officers to control and direct lines of people easily. It is in this manner that people are being let out of the facility. Knowing that I cannot allow myself to realize such a fate, and in an attempt to escape, I go back up the stairs to the place where I was before. On the balcony again, I see other officers leading fans out in bondage up near the front of the stage. Having attained my position on the balcony, I think myself to be safe from such a fate, but very soon there's an officer coming up the stairs with an electrode controller in hand. He may have said something to me to the effect of, "stop", or, "this is for your own good; we'll get you out." He tried to present to me the controlling device, and I firmly declined, saying something to the effect of, "no, get that thing away from me", or, "you'll never get that thing on me - ever." He may have rebutted with some response, but I made it very clear that this fate was not for me and that I will leave on my own without the device. He conceded, and followed me down the stairs to the mid-stairs-balcony section where I remember wondering what stopped him from taking me by force (having noticed my surroundings of masses of people being controlled by electronic devices and myself being allowed to proceed unharmed.)

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Re: Dreams

I had this dream in May of 2003. In the dream I was about ten years old, but somehow it was the future. I was standing in the atrium of a large public building with my younger brother. Other people were standing around or walking past. Suddenly my brother grabbed my arm and pointed upwards. In a frightened voice he said, "Look at the stars!" I looked up, but there were no stars. There were only electric lights embedded in a glass ceiling. As I watched the lights, an unusual thing began to happen.

What I can only describe as "holographic tiles" appeared among the lights. There were clusters of these tiles, spinning around each other. I intuitively knew that they were part of an automated civic display. The continually revolving tiles maintained their orientation to the viewer so the designs on their faces were always visible, until they passed behind each other. The pattern of their movement was that of electrons around the nucleus of an atom. It seemed there were about six of these tiles per cluster.

Out of the corners of my eyes I saw more clusters descending, each one with the same six designs. These designs were bold propaganda images. I became very afraid as I took them in, because one design was the Nazi swastika, and another was a skull. I can’t recall the other designs, but I do remember they were much more benign. I realized I was seeing the "flag" of the place: an animated holographic representation of all the old flags of men. The animation of the flags was a statement on their equality in the new order of things. Nazism was being given equal footing with all the other governments and peoples represented in the clusters. The reason they were animated in such a way was so that no ideology could appear in a dominant or prestigious position for very long. The animated hologram was the "answer" to the lineup of flags in front of the UN where a country’s rank and power might be discerned from the position of its flag.

This disgusted and horrified me. The people of this place had accepted evil, almost playfully so. They looked down on all of history as though they were somehow outside of it. They simultaneously identified themselves as Nazis and pacifists and democrats and anarchists and everything else in one contradictory mess, thinking this was the height of wisdom and morality. It seemed to me the controlling powers had conditioned the masses to accept this way of thinking so that they could never know where they stood, and thus never revolt. The people were made to admit that there was no truth, that there was no right way, and that everything was equal. Worst of all was the feeling that they really didn't need much coercion to believe it.

At this point in the dream I forced myself to wake up, and then I went over the dream many times to secure it in my memory before going to sleep again.


Re: Dreams

ever have those moments in your day where you suddenly remember a whole part of a dream you had? that's cool! it's happened to me a couple times lately. I'm sitting there at the computer, then BAM! I'm like holy shipples! I remember all this new stuff! and what's weird is if I try I can make myself remember more in that moment or let it fade . . .

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Re: Dreams

Xenopope wrote:

ever have those moments in your day where you suddenly remember a whole part of a dream you had? that's cool! it's happened to me a couple times lately. I'm sitting there at the computer, then BAM! I'm like holy shipples! I remember all this new stuff! and what's weird is if I try I can make myself remember more in that moment or let it fade . . .

Yes!!!!   This happens to me all the time!  What's freaky about it (to me) is that it brings attention to the fact that I apparently have a TON of dreams in the middle of the night......but 99% of which I don't remember.    !!!    Then all of a sudden.......WEEKS later......when I'm going about my day, boom, I remember a snippet of a dream from weeks (or even MONTHS!) earlier which in turn triggers a memory of the entire dream sequence.    And all the scenes flash in my mind like a movie.

And the cherry on the whole thing......it feels identical to an actual real life memory.   Although I somehow remember / realize that it was actually a dream.   But there's no real difference in the way the dream sequence feels versus something I "really" did in the "real world."     It truly makes you realize that our waking lives are not that much different from the world of dreamtime illusion. 

Another thing is that the feeling I have when this happens is that it's extremely cool, it creates a really neat feeling.   It's never negative, or negative dream sequence memories.

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Re: Dreams

lyra wrote:

Yes!!!!   This happens to me all the time!  What's freaky about it (to me) is that it brings attention to the fact that I apparently have a TON of dreams in the middle of the night......but 99% of which I don't remember.    !!!

Makes you wonder exactly how much more of yourself you've forgotten about, eh? ;-)