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Ok, so I was watching the History Channel's program on the dark ages last night and was really irritated by their treatment of the subject. In their typical History Channel way they glossed over the most important question of the whole topic: How did civilisation go from enlightened to ignorant and back again?

Their explanation was that the invading barbarian tribes conquered Rome and all of its outposts, plunging the world into patches of struggling tribal groups that essentially had no way to regain the architecture or learning of the past because they were so busy trying to survive. Add the rise of the Christianity cult and the devastation of the plague to that as well.

I ain't buyin' it. The concept of the "Dark Ages" never sat right with me. Even when I was younger, I remember asking my mom-who was an Art History major- how it was possible that we went from enlightened civilisations that had amazing sculpture of the human body [i.e. hellenistic period], the Roman form of government-aquaducts etc. And then suddenly, years of stupidity, backwardness, illiteracy, and inability to craft a believable image of the human form!?

I mean, for example, from this:

to this??:

Did people just forget how to sculpt!? Where were all the artisans? Why did their knowledge evaporate? And why did the plague wipe out like half the entire world?! yikes One day it was just THERE, and it killed off everyone! The next day gone....When have we ever had an epidemic like that? Seriously disturbing and strange.

They showed a world map of how the plague spread across the globe. I swear, it looked like an image of some scientist using a dropper to introduce bacterial culture into a petri dish! There was a little black cloud that fell onto the map and then dispersed like black ink in water.

Then there's Anatoly Fomenko. A member of the Russian Academy of Science who's discovered all sorts of timeline inconsistencies with the "dark ages": … ch_Fomenko … mp;search=

I smell alien intervention mad How about you?

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Yes, I've wondered about that as well.  Hadn't thought of an alien connection though.

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Well, aliens could have aimed a comet or a meteor at the earth in the 6th century AD. … 000254.htm

Astronomers Unravel A Mystery Of The Dark Ages: Undergraduates' Work Blames Comet For 6th-century 'Nuclear Winter'

Science Daily — Scientists at Cardiff University, UK, believe they have discovered the cause of crop failures and summer frosts some 1,500 years ago a comet colliding with Earth.

The team has been studying evidence from tree rings, which suggests that the Earth underwent a series of very cold summers around 536-540 AD, indicating an effect rather like a nuclear winter.

The scientists in the School of Physics and Astronomy believe this was caused by a comet hitting the earth and exploding in the upper atmosphere. The debris from this giant explosion was such that it enveloped the earth in soot and ash, blocking out the sunlight and causing the very cold weather.

This effect is known as a plume and is similar to that which was seen when comet Shoemaker-Levy-9 hit Jupiter in 1995.

Historical references from this period - known as the Dark Ages are sparse, but what records there are, tell of crop failures and summer frosts.

The work was carried out by two Cardiff undergraduate students, Emma Rigby and Mel Symonds, as part of their student project work under the supervision of Dr Derek Ward-Thompson.

Their findings are reported in the February issue of Astronomy and Geophysics, the in-house magazine of the Royal Astronomical Society.

The surprising result of the new work is just how small a comet is needed to cause such dramatic effects. The scientists calculate that a comet not much more than half a kilometre across could cause a global nuclear winter effect. This is significantly smaller than was previously thought.

Dr. Ward-Thompson said: "One of the exciting aspects of this work is that we have re-classified the size of comet that represents a global threat. This work shows that even a comet of only half a kilometre in size could have global consequences. Previously nothing less than a kilometre across was counted as a global threat. If such an event happened again today, then once again a large fraction of the earth's population could face starvation."

The comet impact caused crop failures and wide-spread starvation among the sixth century population. The timing coincides with the Justinian Plague, widely believed to be the first appearance of the Black Death in Europe. It is possible that the plague was so rampant and took hold so quickly because the population was already weakened by starvation.

The exact nature and sequence of events in the mid-6th. century A.D. that gave rise to the period we refer to as the European ‘Dark Age’ is still a matter for speculation amongst historians and archæologists. Over the past 20 years or so, certain paleo-climatologists have begun comparing notes with archæologists and astronomers, and interestingly, in the absence of written records, many have begun to look a little more closely at mythology in their efforts to corroborate the findings of their researches. While much of this recent bout of inter-disciplinary brainstorming has focussed on the 6th.C. AD start of the European Dark Age, earlier dates are also of great interest to those embroiled in this veritable ‘paradigm shift’.

Beginning in the year A.D. 536, and continuing through until A.D. 545, the dendrochronology record reveals a dramatic ‘narrowest-rings event’ that is corroborated by some of the findings of the Greenland Ice Sheet Projects. There, a significant absense of any tell-tale volcanic ‘acid spike’ in the ice-cores record suggests an altogether different cause - dustloading of the stratosphere by minute particles of dust and other cometary debris.

Climatologists and astronomers concur that this event bears all the hallmarks of a 'cosmic winter’ scenario - when dust in the stratosphere blots out the Sun, lowering the global temperature, hindering plant growth and in so doing undermining agricultural societies.

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Here is a website with fascinating evidence of cataclysm in the 530s AD:


...although it presents it as being caused by the Krakatoa volcano exploding, more likey the volcano exploded due to some bigger trigger like a comet/meteor impact.

For those interested in C research, there's this:

Q: (L) Well, one of these periods in history was around 1054. This is
a very interesting time. It just so happens that there are no
European records of this supernova which was recorded by the
Chinese, Japanese, and perhaps even the Koreans. Yet, there are
no European records. What happened to the European records?
A: Europe was in a "recovery mode" at the "time."
Q: (L) Recovery from what?
A: Loss of civilized structure due to overhead cometary explosion in
564 AD.
Q: (C) There were certain historical facts you picked up, so that
doesn't make sense to me. (L) On the other hand it might, because
there is some stuff from Gregory of Tours that is real bizarre.
What effect did this have on the civilized structure? Was it a direct
effect in terms of material, or did it have effects on people causing
them to behave in an uncivilized and barbaric way?
A: Well, the burning fragmentary shower ignited much of the land
areas in what you now refer to as Western Europe. This had the
results you can imagine, causing the resulting societal breakdown
you now refer to as "The Dark Ages."
Q: (L) Well, it damn sure was dark. There is almost a thousand
years that nobody knows anything about!
A: Check Irish or Celtic, and French or Gallic records of the era for
clues. There were temporary "islands of survival," lasting just long
enough for the written word to eke out.

Q: (L) The Nordic Covenant is an offshoot of the Arthurian Covenant
or vice versa?
A: King Arthur story based on an offshoot of Nordic Covenant Root.
Q: (L) Okay, now you say that the Nordic Covenant can be positive
or negative. Would the Arthurian Cycle be of the Positive Offshoot?
A: Both.
Q: (L) What period of time did this Sorcerer's Coven...
A: During the "Dark Ages."

Q: (L) So, what we have to work with is what we have to work with.
And, I guess that's as close as we can get. It isn't a whole heck of a
lot. How many people were in this Covenant?
A: Look for answers, trees will lead you to it.
Q: (L) What literary source could I go to find the least distorted or
corrupted information?
A: Trees.
Q: (L) How long has this Nordic Covenant been in existence?
A: Look for it.

From the link above:

"Now tree-ring data, published by Professor Mike Baillie of Queens University of Belfast, has brought catastrophes almost into modern times. The tree rings show that in the mid 530s -- just about the time civilisation on Earth suffered a sharp setback -- there was a sudden decline in the rate of tree growth which lasted about 15 years. Clearly, something dramatic had happened.

Acquiring fringe knowledge is like digging for diamonds in a mine field.

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I like the idea of a meteorite being responsible for severe weather anomalies that weakened the population. The official explanation just doesn't feel right to me and I wondered if anyone else felt the same.

Its for certain that major facts about human history have been supressed. I caught another documentary on the history channel when I was home sick one day about Egyptologists in the 19th century. A brilliant young egyptologist who, with the backing of the church, and the academies of France and England was sent to Egypt to decipher newly discovered tombs came across some amazing discoveries.

When he returned to Europe, he was eager to release his findings, some of which were apparently quite astonishing. Unfortunately the church intercepted and forbade him from going public with them! The documentary actually said that the Archbishop, or whomever, told him that if he released this information it would mean the end of the church's power!! This was on the History channel [!!] but conveniently aired during the day when most people were at work. I had never heard of this guy before and sadly don't remember his name, but it just goes to show.

I hope that part of the awakening will bring to light some of our true history.

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The human race is like the stock market up and down they go. You have their own self-destruction, cosmic destruction and of course our ET buddies always lurking.