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Topic: William Henry and the Stargate Gods

I think that William Henry's work will REALLY surprise you if you have not seen it before...
I wanted to let you all know about William Henry and his amazing studies if you have not heard of him yet.

His work is probably the most interesting that I have ever come across to date.

One thing that he talks about is how in the past there was a tool that looked like an ankh that 'performed miracles' - has alot of evidence from ancient cultures and it ties in really well, one example is the device that jesus carried (I forget what the bible says it is - a cane?)

The main part though is that the serpent's etc. that were so common in ancient drawings is that it was actually wormhole travel - The 'gods' who commonly depicted as human snakes or reptiles were coming through artificial wormhole portals on the planet to visit the people here. When vieiwing this - try and think how the ancients thought - they didn't have all the crazy images we have today to visualize and explain things with, they used animals and natural phenomena, so it all makes ALOT of sense.

His website: www.williamhenry.net

Here is a short presentation by him that covers alot of the area's that he is working on. http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid= … ry%22+2012

Here is another of his presentations: http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid= … ion%3Along

You can also look for his other video on google videos (only 1st part is there) "Blue Apples"

I also recommend reading his articles, they are almost more in depth than his videos, http://site.williamhenry.net/index.php? … 569579de44

I will comment on them again when I get a chance to read them for a second time, its been a while now.

However I do have one question,  does anyone know where I can find a better picture of the human drawing so that I can read the words around it? From the 2nd last page of this article: http://williamhenry.net/documents/arks_ … _piece.pdf

I look forward to hearing what you all have to say about William's studies.

Re: William Henry and the Stargate Gods

I've been checking out his site occasionally. There are some interesting ideas presented, counter intuitive even in the
alterna-world. I plan to look into it more at some point. I'll check out your links when I can.