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Re: So, what does your NR handle name mean anyway?

mine just shows my "cynical" side.  It's something I have always wanted on a t-shirt, ya know, just to celebrate the fact.:rolleyes:  I drew the flower specially for all of you smile

Siri Arc - I have been doodling 3 spirals in a triangle for last week now.  what's that about?

great stories all, thanks lyra

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Re: So, what does your NR handle name mean anyway?

I doubt there's anyone here who doesn't know what Ayahuasca is, however I must say I've wished for a long time I'd picked something else. I chose ayahuasca because when I first joined Noble Realms in 2004 I'd very recently returned from an ayahuasca workshop in Brazil so it was very much on my mind at the time.

About 10 years ago my handle for just about everything was Wildheart because my favourite band was a UK rock group called The Wildhearts. I'm not sure what I would use today.

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Re: So, what does your NR handle name mean anyway?

Mine is secret (having a veeeery mythical meaning tongue). I only told this to Ermolai & Kamala when we met in Lausanne. So when we have an NR meeting, you'll all learn the big secret! big_smile

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Re: So, what does your NR handle name mean anyway?

Mine is just me... smile  Guess I wasn't feeling particularly inventive the day I registered here.  Though I don't know; I am really happy with my name.  I hear a lot of people that don't like their names for one reason or another.  I've always been pretty cool with mine.

What does my name mean to me?  That seems to evolve as times goes on.  Marcus from Mars - God of War; I have been at war within myself for years and that only just seems to be changing as I realise what has been happening within me.  By extension into Greek mythology Marcus => Mars is also Ares - also God or War; but apparently very savage, a god that took delight in slaughter.  From a certain point of view that also would apply to me.  But also I am and always have been very self-conscious and timid - I never saw any of these things as positive traits.  However now I do - so I stick with my given name because it really does seem to fit.

I wonder how much our names or taken names (as in handles) actually affect who we turn out to be?  Or perhaps the reverse is true and the names we receive names based upon our potential nature.

Re: So, what does your NR handle name mean anyway?

Yup, my name, but written the way my mom used to call me when she had already called me one to many times.  Even though I knew that hearing my names combined together meant I was in  trouble for something, it was still comforting to me, just the way she said it.  She was the most influencial person in my life, my guru, my mother, my father, my friend, my teacher, my  example, my supporter...she believed in me.   Whoa boy, I feel her loss in every cell of physical, etherical, mental, emotional  and spiritual bodies.   She was the smartest being that I have ever encountered. 

I really need to go in and change it to the way I wrote it, but somehow it lost the !...should have been Pamelajean! pronounced by my mommy (which is what I called her until she died at the age of 68) as "Paamaalageeeen!"

Actually, I'll look into changing it to Paamaalageeeen!"...that's what it really sounded like.

Re: So, what does your NR handle name mean anyway?

Mine is supposed to be descriptive of my search for meaning in the cosmos, etc. and failure to land on any firm belief system (but without being too wishy-washy!)  I had a lukewarm protestant upbringing and once I started learning about science I came really close to labeling myself an "atheist".  Quantum mechanics and a few other things somehow kept me from it.  Now if I have to use one of those trite, conventional labels of mainstream society I'll usually cop to "agnostic", but I've studied and experienced enough to know there is more going on in the universe than what's covered by science and religion.  So it's become yet another instance of having "gone beyond" a term.

Re: So, what does your NR handle name mean anyway?

...pun on 'Montauk' Project, the later counterpart to the Philadelphia Experiment, as discussed in the books by Preston Nichols. Time travel, aliens, orgone, psychic projection of physical thoughtforms, scalar physics, mind control, crazy conspiracies... the darker stuff that I find interesting to research and 'talk' about. No connection between me and the actual project though. I was only three at the time and living in Germany.

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Re: So, what does your NR handle name mean anyway?

A Looooooong  time ago, age 14, had teachers who greeted us by us by saying "many eagles."  I guess it was not unlike saying "good evening", however the ramifications/meaning did not really "hit home" untill much later in life.

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Re: So, what does your NR handle name mean anyway?

Around 1997 I wanted a funny nick to play Quake1, and the movie
Monty Python's Life of Brian had the 'Bicus Dicus', in Portuguese it is
'Pictus Curtus' that sound like 'small dick' lol
Nothing more funny than that! lol
Later I cut the 'Curtus' and stay only with Pictus. lol
In +-2004 I started to have interest in photos/pictures/PhotoShop and
my nick also fits that.

Bye, Pictus


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Re: So, what does your NR handle name mean anyway?

i guess mine doesn't really need an explanation but i feel like typing one anyways big_smile

i came up with mine as an email address like 10 years ago - i liked it and it's stuck ... i also use oceanchild 'cause i don't know why - i like water - i'm attracted to the beaches and the oceans and lakes and love to swim and also i love to drink water when i'm thirsty 'cause it's so darn refreshing  ... and i think water is really magical and amazing - so many cool properties, and i'm sure there's millions, if not billions (maybe??) of others who feel the same as me ... errumm ... ya - oceanroar 'cause, well, i don't know - it can have different meanings, and i think it stirs up different things for different people maybe ... but i wasn't thinking about that when i came up with it - it just popped into my head ...

Re: So, what does your NR handle name mean anyway?

Well, obviously mine is self explanatory. My friends used to tease me about my gardening and yes, my hugging of trees. A good part of my childhood was spent sitting in the maple and apple trees in my yard. big_smile  By the way, if you are feeling low in energy, go hug a tree, its amazing how energized and grounded you feel afterwards. And if you listen carefully, the tree might whisper some wisdom in your ear.

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Re: So, what does your NR handle name mean anyway?

So far everybody's stories and life snippets have been pretty cool.  smile  Some names like Pictus' for example seemed pretty straightforward, but who knew about Bicus Dicus and Pictus Curtus!  big_smile   And here I just figured it was all about the Photoshop and digital pics. haha

Marcus I liked your musings about name meanings and how they fit into our personalities or potential down the line.  I did research into both the mythological and constellation meaning/significance of 'lyra' yesterday after reading your post and found out some interesting things.  The lyre is a musical instrument, I guess with Greek origins, originally supposedly fashioned out of strings on a turtle shell.  The day that I read that I'd had a dream before waking about saving a screaming terrorized turtle from the clutches of an evil spider.  !   Weird, I know.  So that was kind of a synch.  There were other minor, sort of interesting connections that came up after I did a little digging into the name thing, inspired by your post.

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Re: So, what does your NR handle name mean anyway?

Interesting about the name meanings.... here I chose a name that means "conscious mind," and a bit of my background on that.  I used to be under the sway of a charismatic but selfish teacher of questionable morals.  Anyway, one of her manipulation techniques was to say, "That's so conscious mind," to anything you said that disagreed with her.  I guess in a way I'm claiming it and saying, "Yeah, so what!?" 

On another level, I've been working on bringing all aspects of my being into the conscious level where I can see them.  I never thought of either of those things before.  Hmmm...

Incidentally, my real name, Shannon, is Irish and means "small wise one."  Well, at 4'11 I'm certainly small, but the jury's still out on the wise part.  wink

Re: So, what does your NR handle name mean anyway?

T-Ren - The Renegade/Teddy Renegade - partly for what I am by life choices - but mostly because of the style of weight/ athletic training I like. Coach John Davies is THE Renegade.The only other two names I have used are RenegadeRN (RN = nurse) and tmofa which is secret hehe.


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