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I read the thoth material years ago and something didn't sit right with it.  I felt like there was a "trick" in the material.....however, like so many other ancient works, you must use discernment and use only what resonates with you.    I believe that ancient texts and names are sound coded and are imbedded with other "codes" that are not immediately apparent and that you can unwittingly attach to their energy. Sound is vibration.  Much like prayer does when invoking higher beings.   I did notice when reading the material that there were parts of it that read like invocations.

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Re: Emerald tablets?

It seems that "Thoth" was also "Hermes Trimesgitus."  So what's in a name?  I've heard it said that any presence unwilling to divulge it's true name is not one to be trusted.  But that's not to say that they don't have some knowledge to impart, however veiled or skewed it may be.

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BTW ,for those who haven't already, <a href=""></a> is a great sight.  Enough reading to keep you pondering the great mysteries well into many a night.

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Re: Emerald tablets?

I have posted interlinked correspondences to this subject elsewhere on the forum before.
There are some difficult connections and the most striking one is that Thoth is part of or closely associated with the mythical council of nine which is tied to a thing called " The Halls of Amenti."
There is a cult sect of the Melchizidek order that is obsessed with Amenti.
The tablets speak of overcontrol forces that bind mankind with darkness and speak of a purpose to humanity that is not of their making or choice.
This girl claims to be a channel for Thoth.

Hmm, theres that darn number nine again.....along with some weird names to go with it.

I see a new sugar coated version of a type of mind science, but the jury is still out on this one.
A fair amount of instructions about geometries, names and visualizations.
Another type of materialization??


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I was looking through this older thread on the Emerald Tablets of Thoth and was reminded of a question I had from long ago.  It concerns the 8th Tablet:

In the form of man they amongst us,
but only to sight were they as are men.
Serpent-headed when the glamour was lifted
but appearing to man as men among men.
Crept they into the Councils,
taking forms that were like unto men.
Slaying by their arts
the chiefs of the kingdoms,
taking their form and ruling o'er man.
Only by magic could they be discovered.
Only by sound could their faces be seen.
Sought they from the Kingdom of shadows
to destroy man and rule in his place.

But, know ye, the Masters were mighty in magic,
able to lift the Veil from the face of the serpent,
able to send him back to his place.
Came they to man and taught him the secret,
the WORD that only a man can pronounce.
Swift then they lifted the Veil from the serpent
and cast him forth from the place among men.

Know ye, O my brother,
that fear is an obstacle great.
Be master of all in the brightness,
the shadow will soon disappear.
Hear ye and heed my wisdom,
the voice of LIGHT is clear.
Seek not the valley of shadow,
and LIGHT will only appear.

List ye, O man,
to the depth of my wisdom.
Speak I of knowledge hidden from man.
Far have I been
on my journey through SPACE-TIME,
even to the end of space of this cycle.
Aye, glimpsed the HOUNDS of the Barrier,
lying in wait for he who would pass them.
In that space where time exists not,
faintly I sensed the guardians of cycles.
Move they only through angles.
Free are they not of the curved dimensions.

When thou hath entered the form thou hast dwelt in,
use thou the cross and the circle combined.
Open thy mouth and use thou thy Voice.
Utter the WORD and thou shalt be free.
Only the one who of LIGHT has the fullest
can hope to pass by the guards of the way.
And then must he move
through strange curves and angles
that are formed in direction not know to man.

Neomatrix gave a link that started to address the question of this "word" but their discussion never went very far.  A word that only humans can pronounce that would lift the veils--fascinating stuff.  Any thoughts on who these masters were that came to us to teach us the word or, for that matter, what the word is?

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Re: Emerald tablets?

I have no idea what the word is there but practically speaking I don't think saying a word or knowing a word isn't going to lift the 'veils' (of illusion I'm assuming). If you're interested in the Green Tablets and what Thoth might be talking about you might want to read into 'The Kybalion' by Three Initiates.

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Re: Emerald tablets?


When thou hath entered the form thou hast dwelt in,
use thou the cross and the circle combined.
Open thy mouth and use thou thy Voice.
Utter the WORD and thou shalt be free.


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Re: Emerald tablets?

Thank you Hildegarde.  I appreciate the reference to the Kybalion and will look it up.  And thank you, SiriArc.  The 555 subject is fascinating.

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Re: Emerald tablets?

Thanks everyone for the THOTH material shared...
"The space born"

I stumbled on the Tablets a few years ago and have looked them over well.
It's about time i heard more about him
Ellie at crystalinks seems to be crazy about him.
I'm going to look into Icke's stuff on him (though i am skeptical of Icke and his "belief's")
I've studied these Tablets translations a bit.
I like the poetic nature and seems to be an early Master of space and time. A kind of Buddha.

He was the "model" for Merlin apparently.
I have to admit i was taken by the Tablets right away and there seems to be some practical advise and some sage advice.
He was also known as Hermes (the thrice born)
If i'm not mistaken, in this incarnation; the Cassiopaen Transcripts have him as one who betrayed the Egyptians.

He was the great Teacher of language and science and math to Humanity.
Built the major pyramids
Probably also the one at the bottom of the ocean (bermuda triangle)
Undoubtedly of alien origin.
"When thou hath entered the form thou hast dwelt in,
use thou the cross and the circle combined.
Open thy mouth and use thou thy Voice.
Utter the WORD and thou shalt be free.
Only the one who of LIGHT has the fullest
can hope to pass by the guards of the way.
And then must he move
through strange curves and angles
that are formed in direction not know to man."

This is clearly instructions on how to travel into other dimensions
or travel faster than light to the distant origins
or both inward and outward... they are the same "through the looking glass"
Or when the right principles are known and applied
Cassiopaen material also talks about these principles (when a scientist questions them through Laura et al)
and the right understanding of scientific concepts and the laws of physics/nature

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Re: Emerald tablets?

The "Word" is the spiritual Self.  The spiritual Self is called many names but we in 'the west' are most familiar with the name Christ.  It says in scripture that Jesus was the incarnation of the "Word".    The "Word" is the universal Christ consciousness which is individualised in each of us as the Christ Self.  Jesus physically embodied his Christ Self to a very high degree and brought the ancient spiritual traditions [and terminology] back to life. 

It says in the book of John that "the WORD was made flesh and dwelt among us".   Also.. "in him was LIFE and the life was the light of men"  And the light was... "the true LiGHT which enlightens EVERY man [ifestation of God] who comes into the world"

These quoted statements do not refer exclusively to Jesus the man.  They reveal the "word" within all of us.  The immanuel.  See how the Sun/ Son shines in the above Egyptian pictorial in Feedbaxlows post?  The Sun depicts the exact same spiritual truth as my quotes from the 'book of John'.  Notice how there is a hand at the terminus of each ray of the Sun's light?   As above in the spiritual Self so below in the human heart.  It clearly depicts a oneness of IDENTITY between human beings and the universal GodSelf.  Some Egyptians were clearly not merely 'sun worshippers'.  Pharoah Iknahton restored monotheism from the wreckage of the false priest classes of the day and it clearly wasn't an external God.  The Oneness of God, depicted in the symbol of the Sun, was the ALL in all and Pharoah Iknahton knew it. 

David Icke presents Iknahton as just another tool of the black brotherhood but Iknahton opposed and defeated the false priests of the black brotherhood.  The priests of the day were teaching the people to worship many gods... all external of course.  The knowledge of the inner "word" was lost [by design of the false priests] and Iknahton, who had Self- realisation,  restored the knowledge.  As often happens when a soul of light opposes the purveyors of false religion, he and his family paid with their lives for doing so and were murdered. 

The "Lost Word" is referred to in some traditions, including Freemasonry, because the conscious connection to the inner spiritual Self has been severed in most human beings.  It is therefore "lost" and due to this loss our souls are left "naked" in the material plane...  [to a greater or lesser degree depending on how far each individual soul has departed from the inner Spirit]

We have used our freewill to create an external pseudo- self which obscures the inner christ Self and so the "word" has been "lost" to our conscious awareness.   Our souls are now [to some degree] wrapped in the shroud of the psuedo- self instead of being clothed in the raiment of spiritual Selfhood.   The old testament refers to this unfortunate state of affairs in the story of Adam and Eve.  God says to Adam after he has partaken of the fruit of knowledge [of relative good and evil].... "Adam, where art thou?" [in consciousness].   And also... "Adam who told you you were naked?"  ie... 'Your nakedness of soul is not the result of my WORD which, if you had remained faithful to, would not have resuled in your soul's nakedness... ie. the [conscious] loss of my inner WORD.'

All of us are Adam and Eve, archetype man and woman  [reason and intuitive feeling].  All of us have disobeyed the inner guide and proceeded [from the garden of divine consciousness] to create a false external- self.  By and by that shroud of external selfhood has more fully obscured the inner light.  Today, all the states of human consciousness of fear, doubt and all the schisms in lower- selfhood are the result of our soul's "nakedness" because the inner Word has been lost.   But all the fractured states of lower consciousness can be restored to wholeness through the inner WORD.   The inner garment of spiritual consciousness can be woven again by the soul and spiritual oneness "as above[in spirit] so below[in matter]" can be restored again.   

"When thou hast entered the form thou hast dwelt in [incarnated]
"Use the cross and the circle combined [use the material and spiritual faculties combined]
"Open thy mouth and use thou thy voice 
"Utter the WORD and thou shalt be free 
                                                                [ this does not refer to any one particular word spoken only once, but to the perseverance in the use of the science of the spoken word, SOUND.  This faithfull practice activates the flow of the inner WORD from spirit into matter.  It bathes the soul in spiritual light and transmutes the dark energies of the pseudo- self which burden the soul.  This is STILL the key.]

"Only the one who of LIGHT has the fullest - [realisation of the inner WORD]

"can hope to pass by the guards of the way  [the elements of lower- self identity and those
                                                                        nefarious beings who fully embody the same. 
                                                                        These stand at the threshold of divine Self
                                                                        awareness to oppose the ascent of an aspiring soul]

"And then must he move through strange curves and angles [of all internal and external "out of
                                                                                                  alignnment" states of consciousness]

"that are formed in direction not known to [ignorant] man. 
                                                                                         [the begining of wisdom is to know
                                                                                          from whence we have fallen and to
                                                                                          where we have 'landed' in consciousness.
                                                                                          Knowing both, we can know the direction
                                                                                          of the return to oneness with the inner WORD]

Re: Emerald tablets?

That was a great post Nexus.  I really appreciated that.  Especially from the seventh paragraph to the end.  I read recently, an article which described the elliptical orbits of the planets around the Sun:  each orbit describes a body or layer, note that Pluto aka Hades is associated with the realm of the dead.  When we look in the mirror at our body we are seeing something transient, impermanent, something that will die, experience dissolution and return to the elements. 

At this time we should be striving to find our way from our outer layers to our central Self.

Good judgement comes from experience; experience comes from bad judgement.
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Re: Emerald tablets?

Antaeus said    " At this time we should be striving to find our way from the outer layers to the central Self."

True.  And that basic premise has been framed in many different ways in various cultures and historical periods.  The more enlightened among humanity have always presented the Cosmo- Science in different forms, east and west.  The essential truths are woven into those forms in ways which are difficult to destroy.  But unfortunately those forms are relatively easy to distort for the purposes of control by 'authorities'.   That is why progressive revelation must and does continue in new forms through all time.   It always has and 'always' will.   It's also why it is so easy to not recognise the truth [and therefore the truth bearer] when it appears because people have usually become set in their misinterpretations of prior revelations so it usually goes against the popular perception.   

I don't know much about them but i believe the greek 'gods' are esoteric representations of the planets,  their moons and other cosmic forces at various levels.   The Hindu's and their 'gods' are representations of cosmic forces and states of consciousness.  Christianity is likewise filled with allegory.   But the same inner truths appear in all if we know how to look.
Thanks Antaeus.