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Has anyone here read these? I'm trying to figure out the history behind them, in order to determine their authenticity. As far as I know they were translated by a monk in the medieval period but that's all I know. If anyone knows more about this please share.

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Those look interesting, and I'd like to read them. I've never heard of them except form Ellie's site.

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Hi Seeker,

Guess what I finally decided to find and read last night? The Emerald Tablets of Thoth.  A friend quoted some passages to me several weeks ago, and I had forgotten all about tracking it down until last night. Synchronicity smile

Here's an alternate version with green (emerald) theme:

Haven't finished reading yet... It's very hermetic though, along the lines of the Corpus Hermeticum and Emerald Tablets of Hermes .Some of it is clearly allegorical.

What is its history and origin? I don't know -- haven't had time to research that yet. I can't tell if it's a medieval manuscript or a document compiled by a modern mystic or new ager...seems to use some terminology and concepts discussed in the Ra material. From what I read so far, it definitely contains some good wisdom and insights.

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montalk-- Interesting coincidence. wink I'm only half-way way through them, but they're at least entertaining to read! Even though with all probability that they're not some ancient documents surviving Atlantis, they are full of wisdom and seem to match up with some channeled material.

I found this part of the first tablet particularly interesting:

Thoth wrote:

Over the world then broke the great waters,
drowning and sinking,
changing Earth's balance
until only the Temple of Light was left
standing on the great mountain on UNDAL
still rising out of the water;
some there were who were living,
saved from the rush of the fountains.

Called to me then the Master, saying:
Gather ye together my people.
Take them by the arts ye have learned of far across the waters,
until ye reach the land of the hairy barbarians,
dwelling in caves of the desert.
Follow there the plan that yet know of.

Gathered I then my people and
entered the great ship of the Master.
Upward we rose into the morning.
Dark beneath us lay the Temple.
Suddenly over it rose the waters.
Vanished from Earth,
until the time appointed,
was the great Temple.

Fast we fled toward the sun of the morning,
until beneath us lay the land of the children of KHEM.

He's apparently describing the great Flood here and a subsequent relocation to Egypt (Khem). This matches up with the Cassiopaean channel, which stated that the Flood caused the destruction of Atlantis, and the survivors went to three different areas, including Egypt. Also, the Ark went to Egypt after this, which would have probably still been in the possession of the Atlantean priests. And the author 'Thoth' happens to be an Atlantean priest. There are several other synchronicities like this with channeled sources which leads me to believe that: a) these documents really are ancient and date to the destruction of Atlantis OR b) the writer of these documents channeled the information from a discarnate entity OR c) the writer was in posession of ancient knowledge that few people could know without channeling.

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This has a bit of the flavor of the Earthsea Trilogy books by Ursula LeGuin. Oh, I was mad for her books in my teens. Her more adult novels are good, too. I see that Sci-Fi
channel has an Earthsea series coming up, too. Suddenly I feel the urge to read them again along with this Thoth stuff.

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I also like the Emerald Tablets and have read them more than once. I figured that for myself it is not so important what the source of it is but how it resonates in me. Validation can happen on many different levels and on one I simply ask my heart.

Anyways, if anybody finds out something about the history and the story behind them (other than what is outlined in the preface) I'd very much interested too.


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Here's something from D. Icke's site:

The oldest manuscript concerning the Gizeh complex is the 'Emerald Tablets of Thoth,' where Thoth writes about how he developed the 'underground' portion of Gizeh. He buried a craft there for the 'end times' for our benefit to defeat the enemies of humanity. (reptilian overlords?) This manuscript is purportedly 35,000 years old. Thoth is also been spelt as Toth, Thaute, Thute, and Thuti. There is a general consensus that Thoth (the Atlantean) is also Hermes, and according to Freemasonry he was also Enoch. In the ancient languages, according to many, Thuti is the closest spelling to the the correct pronunciation of this being's name. (ta-hoot-i) The Great Pyramid in the same ancient language was call Khuti (ka-hoot-i).

There have been two recent discoveries that may verify that accuracy of the Emerald Tablets, concerning the craft that Thoth buried. One was the oldest ship ever recovered. This huge boat has been re-assembled and restored. Could this have been the craft that Thoth buried, intended to be the saving of mankind from a large flood?

In 1976, an expedition into the Great Pyramid was made by David H. Lewis, and reported on in his book, 'Mysteries of the Pyramid.' Lewis discovered a grand library preserved underneath the pyramid, which he claimed was the library of the Cyclopeans. The Cyclopeans are generally considered as the Atlanteans, they were one and the same people. Lewis also discovered what he felt was a type of space craft or air ship under the pyramid. These expeditions by Lewis, verified the facts reported by the Roman geographer Strabo, 2000 years ago. Strabo claimed to have entered the pyramid on the North Slope, opposite the one we are familiar with. Lewis and his crew entered on the same slope, even admitting there were other doors in the passageway he found that he could not figure out a way to enter. It is very possible one of these was the Gattenbrink door which is in serious pyramid discussion currently. In his book, Lewis never mentions Strabo or Thoth. He may not have even known about their writings concerning the pyramid.

Thoth's intent of the Gizeh underground facility was to preserve Atlantean knowledge and technology, along with Earth's history. This is exactly what Lewis claims to have discovered. Thoth was evidently one of the gods, as far as humans were concerned. It would appear that he was immortal to them, in that he may have lived several ten thousands of years.

Archeologists, upon uncovering the city of Sais, have stated that this city was definately built by Thoth, bringing him into the earliest dynasty of Egypt. The Gizeh complex was a construction design and project lasting over 10,000 years, spearheaded by the god Thoth. Reading the 'Emerald Tablets of Thoth' you will not find Thoth presenting himself as a god, but almost like a friend. The evidence that he built part of the Gizeh complex and the city of Sais, would tend to bring him back down to mortal status.

In the Emerald Tablets, Thoth never claims to have built the top structure, we know as the Great Pyramid. However, researcher, Dr. Gene Scott, has publically claimed that Enoch built the pyramid, from his studies. Enoch and Thoth were the same being according to some historical Freemason authors. If not the same being, they were indeed part of the same lineage, same family, which would carry you into the Noah family and epoch.


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The Emerald Tablets were supposedly found by a Dr. Maurice Doreal in South America and translated in 1925. Apparently they are 36,000 years old and were written by Thoth, the god of the Egyptians, who originally came from Atlantis. I'm not too sure how accurate that claim is, and many think them to be a 13th century hoax, but these tablets are very interesting nonetheless. They describe a technique for astral projection, and also mention the reptilian entities at some point. They are also quite beautifully written.

More information about them here:

And an interesting discussion thread about them at:

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thx for the links. The ATS discussion is most helpful.


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Since the dawn of thought a Secret has been smitten with symbols, rituals and ceremony.
This Secret is a Truth in suffering because none is willing to reveal it, so here I do:

If you understand that you are a part of Everything and Everything is a part of you:
Then you will understand that nothing can Hate you and Everything should you thus Love.

The Universe is an Unfathomable Force, like your Mind, and in your frontal lobe you have the Key:
Your Third Eye, the pineal gland, which connects you with this Unfathomable Force of which you are a part

The Sun gives Energy to your Third Eye so give it plenty because the Sun symbolizes Energy and Health.
The Full Moon will aid the Great Power within because the Moon symbolizes Astral Travel and Imagination.
The Mind is connected to the collective mind; since all are One, so let it travel across the world like the wind.
Give the Mind healthy air and let it be creative.
Give your Body harmonious food and reconnect your Mind with the Unfathomable Force.
You will find it Pulsating Everywhere and in Everything.

The Great Power that lies within will never loose its potency even if you shall re-discover it late in life.
This is because you controlled it unknowingly as a child: the Imagination.
Reality tore you away from this Great Power when the Physical Body embraced puberty.

Separate your Body from your Mind, the Invisible from the Visible.
This takes Skill but only if you succeed can you fully regain your lost Great Power.

Then you can travel with your Mind away from Earth into the Universe and back again.
If your Skill is Great you will ‘truly’ be able to travel away from Earth, and into the Universe and back again.

Your Mind feeds of the Pulse of the Unfathomable Force.
Meditate and try and grab hold of this Pulse.

You will see that the True Existence is in the Mind and the Mind is stronger than the Body.
Perceive this and you will see this Truth:
That all is One of which you are a part, an Unfathomable Force, that created All and so did you.
This Force is in harmony with your Mind and there is no limit of what the Mind can do.

That which harbours the Creative Force that wrote these words is the same that gave life to the Great Power.
Humans call me Hermes, as if I physically existed on Earth or in the Beyond, but I am not he.
Instead I am the Mind.

The Mind that is part of Everything is thus part of the 3 Essentials of Existence:

The Body.
The Mind.
The Unfathomable Force.

When all 3 are in harmony Ecstasy is the Sum.
Know your Body, your Mind and the Force and that they are One.
When One the Third Eye shall shine forth from your head and See All.

This is all that needs to be said; therefore connect your Mind with the Rays of the Sun.

1 April 2005

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I came across the Emerald Tablets a few years ago, but never finished reading them because of the colossal ego that seemed to dominate the writing.

Gary Bonnell recently posted some information on Thoth on his message boards which I found to be very interesting.   His information comes from his interpretation of the Akashic Records. … f8373acde5

It is through Thoth that we have much of the Lemurian and Atlatian teachings, and Thoth developed a taste for being worshiped.

Thoth developed the early Amun (priestly class in ancient Egypt) approach to ritual attunement to Creator God by teaching certain Divine formulas for awakening higher human consciousness to that of cosmic awareness or Soul consciousness. Thoth, like Patanjali, was one of the few to remain fully awakened after the shift from the unity cycle of the Atlatian culture into this current cycle of separation. Because of this Thoth could openly and freely demonstrate all unity abilities. Those who could not hold the vibration of unity began to worship Thoth as a god simply because he had not lost his full knowing. In the Akashic Records it indicates that Thoth exists outside of time within thirty-three parallel universes and eleven dimensions simultaneously. Buddha and Jesus, Kuthumi and Serapis Bey, to mention just a few, live in the same neighborhood.

Over several thousands of years of devotion, Thoth began to use the devotional energy being freely directed his way from this dimension as a means to manifest in realms adjacent to this one. He has come to rely on that steam of energy and has taken many different spiritual and religious "identities" over the ages to keep a fresh crop of devotional flow heading his way. He uses willing individuals as gateways for this flow and has thus appeared as many of the religious saints and deities of all the Earth’s cultures. In essence, he overshadows a human, giving them minor versions of his greater knowing abilities so that they might attract and hold followers to him. Thoth is only one of many timeless beings who have done the same thing over the ages.

Thoth, like all timeless beings, only wishes to work with humans that readily and freely support their causes and agendas. In this sense, these timelless beings work with those humans who are in alignment and harmonic attunement to their knowing way (this is as opposed to a human working with the Holy Spirit). Conflict free devotees are a very good source of pure energy. This is truly a symbiotic partnering: this empowers those who are devotional by expanding their immediate view of Creation – the idea of standing on the shoulders of giants to get the grandest view – and gives a clean stream of energy to the deity. In my knowing, the temporary loss of sovereignty is a very big price to pay and, thankfully, it is only a loss until the sleeper awakens, to borrow a phrase from the movie, Dune. This relationship is also detrimental to Thoth, in that, he has become reliant on humans to form the core energy of his offerings in other realms. Imagine the moment when all the sleepers awaken.

This is counter to the Knowing Way teachings of self-realization. The reason the Knowing Way is being made known to all is to awaken humans to their birth right as First State Beings…equal in all ways to all beings. A great many people will come to a greater knowing of life through the misgivings being generated by the spiritual folly of Christians, Muslims and Jews as they clamor to have their gods as the only gods. This will also happen when the followers of Thoth, with his many faces, begin to understand the deeper nature of their choices. Ignorance is only bliss to those who have no stomach for knowing.

As we release the deep levels of conflict that keep us looping through certain behaviors, those beings, entities and deities who would want to influence us through repetitive thoughts and actions quickly lose interest in us. As we gain sovereignty over our journey and ask for clarity in all our relationships, those who would otherwise confuse us must, by virtue of our Soul’s place within the hierarchical structure, show themselves for who they are. When we no longer want the stories we define ourselves through, when the back stories match our desire for harmony and balance, only those who radiate joy will grab our attention. In this state, we move with rapid momentum toward liberation.

I guess the whole worship thing explains why I was so turned off by the Emerald Tablets - if they are legit - and is another reminder to not give your power away.

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I came across the Tablets long ago. . they didn't quite sit right with me either.  Very cryptic, and not much practical value.  You have to know a great deal of symbolism to unlock the messages, and even then it doesn't really tell you much.

What was strange was an experience I had with a friend who was doing channeling back a few years ago.  We were just sitting there talking and in pops Thoth!  Thoth then proceeds to tell me that we were good friends back in Atlantis and that we had a falling out over some philosophical issue. 

I will admit that I did have a great deal of anger come up towards this individual, whomever he was. . . and he seemed to be feeling a great deal of sadness. .

It is not for us to understand love, but simply to make space for it.

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Mystic Girl I think you have misunderstood the message of the Tablet that teaces us to become confident of our own lives turning us from dead stones into living!

United we sleep, divided we dream!

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I just started reading the Thoth materials, specifically the link Montalk posted above.  I'm not sure what Tenetnosce and others above mean as far as not vibing right and being cryptic?  Admittedly I'm not far into the reading yet, but so-far it sits just fine with me.  I get positive feelings and I haven't read anything yet that completely turned me off -- although I haven't yet found anything exactly "groundbreaking" either.

I'm actually surprised it hasnt offended me yet, though -- as I've always had an uneasy feeling about the Eye of Ra and anything related.  And for some reason I have a negative impression of the name "thoth" although I can't recall why.

Anyway, it seems to be just saying mainly to "follow the light, be the light"!  Let me know if I'm missing anything, or what I might look for as I read further?  Thanks!

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I've never been able to get through it, because it just doesn't grab my attention for whatever reason.  The story doesn't "feel" real.