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Re: Magnetics and Ascension

Didn't read all of it so I'm not sure how related this is.  If it's not, at least you get a purty picture out of it.  smile

Thinking of DNA reminds me of the olden days when I first came across the Cs and heard about growing 12 strands of DNA.  And I wondered to myself, way way back there in 2002, how this whole thing would work.  It didn't make sense, to me, to have 2 strands twisting around 2 strands twisting around 2 strands, and so forth.  Kinda inefficient when I thought about it.  So the idea came to me that it would form a tube.  A tube that would allow energy and light to pass through and feed the nucleobases without seeping out.  And it would have all the nucleobases together in a complex web matrix, inside the tube, activating all the cool stuff I still can't do yet like float around.

So, you'll have to bear with me here because an artist I'm not.  Drawing vector based rectangles, however, I'm a pro.  Just a little imagination and you can visualize this idea that came to me way back then.

The first image shows a double helix without the twist.  Can't really draw a twist with the vector programs.  So just pretend those 2 backbone pieces are the twisting strands and the spiffy little rectangles in the middle are the nucleobases (as labelled).  And that's are double-helix without a twist.

Picture two shows the 12 strand version creating a tube formation with the internal web capturing energy and light.

Imagine the tube as a garden hose.  If the garden hose was sliced up you wouldn't get much water through.

Anyway, that's how I imagined it.  Just thought I'd share.

Picture 1

Picture 2

As for magnetics, I'm always reminded of angular momentum (spinning being one form of angular momentum).  And this little blurb here...


First we have to look at Iron, Nickel and Cobalt. What is the relation between these three elements being magnetic and also right together at the peak of the binding energy curve?
Secondly we must ask why does a change in mass give us energy? - OR - Why do we have Einstein's formula E=MC2?

(And we all know that Iron is in blood and moves around in circles.  More angular momentum.)

The answer is this:

Atomic elements have two binding choices: Bind together with other atoms and atomic elements or bind with the fixed stars.
Any CHANGE of this binding - in either direction - is energy.
Iron is at the peak of the energy curve because its atomic elements bind equally to the fixed stars as they do with each other.
Cobalt and nickel are also close to Iron in this equal binding spot.
Therefore it does not take too much additional energy to swing the spins of certain electrons in the d and f shells of iron to change its magnetic polarity.

Heavier elements to the right of iron on the binding energy curve have more binding with their respective constituents than they have to the fixed stars.
The lighter elements to the left of Iron have more binding to the fixed stars than they have with their respective components.
Therefore you can remove some of the binding with the fixed stars and transfer it to their individual components and get fusion energy.
By the same token you can remove some of the excess binding of the individual components of the heavier elements to the right of iron and give it back to the fixed stars and get energy.
Any binding change in either direction is also associated with a certain amount of energy.

Now you will get the answer as to why this is so and why E=MC2.
It's pretty simple really.
It's in the vector forces caused by angular momentum.
Oh yes, angular momentum gives us a vector force.
Ampere showed us that.

The spinning electron creates a powerful attractive and repelling force in the direction of its spin axis and this attractive force "locks on".
Well, the spinning quark does essentially the same thing but only to other quarks in the fixed stars
You must remember too that these attractive binding forces that "lock on" do not obey the inverse square law. . Each individual quark binding force to the fixed stars stays the same no matter the distance.

You will get tired of hearing me say this: Only the number of these binding events falls off with the square of the distance.
Want to know what MASS really is? MASS is nothing more than the down quarks in neutrons binding with other neutron down quarks in the fixed stars.

Incidentally while we are on the subject of quarks, the two up quarks in a proton (up does not signify spin up in an up quark) are spinning spin up-spin down at a higher frequency than the electron but at a harmonic of the electron's frequency and they are responsible for binding with a spin up and a spin down electron

I'm afraid there is no such thing as positive and negative charge, folks. . It's all frequencies and waves.
Back to our story
As I said, it's simple really.
Quarks binding with other quarks give you inertial mass.
And any change to this binding is energy.



Re: Magnetics and Ascension

http://www.efluxmedia.com/news_Scientis … 11155.html

Apparently Venus had dramatic climate change after a magnetic shift.

Re: Magnetics and Ascension

I'll just throw in a few random thoughts here.

DNA is your personal fingerprint / key.

Links you to your Akashic record.

As you go through life you acquire experiences, good and bad, these are stored in RNA (and the Akashic records).

RNA can modify DNA, therefore you change as you go through life.

If these RNA changes are not processed out properly then you age (and carry them forward to your next life).

Even if mass ascension  (2012 and all that) is not true then personal ascension is.

Too many changes stored in RNA/akasha make you unbalanced.

To ascend you have to be balanced at all levels, physical, emotional, mental, etc.

Magnetics can be utilised to process out everything that makes you unbalanced.

One way to manipulate magnetics is through radionics (other methods are available).

Akasha is consciousness.

I'll finish with a couple of links:


The planarium is a primitive flatworm, shaped like an arrowhead with two eyespots on its head. Popular for dissection and other experiments in high school biology classes because they are cheap, planaria exhibit amazing regenerative effects. Cut on in two along nearly any axis and you get two planaria. Cut the head in half to midway down the body, and a two-headed planarium will result. Planaria do have a nervous system, though, and they can be conditioned like other animals to respond in particular ways to stimulus, just as  Pavlov conditioned dogs
Planaria were first conditioned by R. Thompson and J.V. McConnell in 1955. When they cut conditioned planaria in two, they discovered that both regenerated halves retained their conditioning. This indicated the memory was not being stored in the brain, else the tail half would be unconditioned and the head half conditioned after the worm regenerated.

McConnell tested the hypothesis of a cellular memory base by feeding conditioned planaria to unconditioned ones. The conditioning was transferred along with the body of their fellow worms. From there, attempts to isolate the active element in the conditioning by digestion resulted in the indentification of RNA, the messenger molecule of DNA. Planaria who injested RNA from conditioned planaria became conditioned. This discovery resulted in a great many science-fiction stories including the one referenced in the previous citation. The idea that we might be able to learn through a purely chemical means was fascinating. William Gibson, in his series of cyberpunk novels and short stories routinely uses the idea both in passing and as an integral part of the plot.


The television show, Transplanting Memories, recorded a variety of stories in which cellular memory altered lives.

In one amazing story, an eight-year-old girl who received the heart of a murdered 10-year-old, began having nightmares in which she relived the crime. Her dreams helped police solve the murder.

In another story, a shy, reserved woman has vivid dreams about the donor, even though she never met this person. She also develops a more assertive personality. A third heart recipient strangely picks up his donor's musical taste.

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Re: Magnetics and Ascension

I was fascinated by the phenomena of cellular memory in transplant recipients when i first heard about it.  Must be tough trying to adapt to 'foreign' consciousness just grafted on like that.  I think there is a better explanation than that memory originates or is specifically attached to RNA or DNA or anywhere cellular in a purely physical sense.  Not to deny the phenomena of an objective store of memory but is memory really recorded there in the physical tissue?

It seems to because of the experience of transplant patients.  But even a chair or a piece of jewellery seems to have memory.   They're impressed at some level by the subtle vibrations absorbed from the environment.  A sensitive person can read the record of human and other environMENTAL interactions which impress upon the object in question.  But this is happening beyond the physical in the etheric level of the object.  This may also be what is happening with regard to  transplanted organs.  The consciousness in the etheric double of the organ is influencing the new recipient. ie the akashic record of the organ, in the same way that inanimate objects have an akashic record.   This may be happening in both and may exclude altogether the notion of RNA or DNA acting as the repository of memories.  That is, a higher energy field is recording the 'memories', as Pellucidar reckoned, called 'akasha'.

My understanding is that the prime repository for our own memories which survive the disintegration of the physical body at death is the etheric body.  It survives death and in fact the same etheric body has survived every physical death we have ever experienced.  The etheric body exists at the highest material plane in existence and is the repository of the memory of all experieces of our soul in the material planes since our first ever incarnation.  Although the astral and mental bodies disintegrate back into their primal elements after each of our physical deaths the etheric body survives every incarnation with the memory intact.  It is deathless.  This allows for a continuity of life and consciousness for our soul's journey through time and space and through all octaves of matter. [the earth has higher material 'bodies' also, the highest being the etheric body or Akasha where memory is impressed.] 

Contrast the etheric memory body with the brain.  Whatever memories the brain can record last only as long as the brain lasts.  Most of the soul's memories stored in the etheric body are inaccessable to the brain and await the awakening of soul consciousness within us.  Then the brain can participate in the revelations of memory which the soul can access in the waking state.  The soul can access memory in the dream state too but the brain has a harder time capturing and retaining it.

In each incarnation it is our etheric body which impresses the astral and mental bodies with the momentums of the past so that even in the presence of the "nurture" of parents and environment,  the "nature" of the individual will express itself  also.  The etheric body, impressed with all memories since our first sojourn into the material planes, is not in the best of condition in most people.  Many traumatic memories of the past produce their subtle influences in our lives, so it is this body that needs to be transmuted and healed while we are incarnate.  The more it is purified the more chance we will resonate with the etheric plane at death and rise in our soul to etheric realms.  It is closest to the spiritual planes, although spirit can descend into all lower planes for the healing and rescue of souls caught in a lower vibration.

I don't believe any mechanical electro- magnetic devices can aid in a mechanical ascension.  Only by the soul weaving the 'wedding garment' [called the deathless solar body in some of the esoteric literature] can we prepare for the union of soul to spirit in the personal ascension.  The purification of the etheric body [the fire body] will heal the weight of the record of trauma which we all carry at a soul level and at all levels of our astral, mental and etheric bodies.  It takes work on our psychology as well as spiritual aspiration to rise in consciousness again.  At some stage in the healing process our soul is ready for an acceleration of the path of the resurrection and ascension.   Really we can 'ascend' day by day until eventually our soul is ready for the ascension into the I AM Presence.  Meanwhile there will be off days.  But if the general trajectory of soul is in the ascent then we can reach critical mass and a greater combustion of our path can happen.  It will happen at a different time for each person but it will lead to a great overcoming of lower forces.  Then the soul will be recieved into the higher light of our personal spiritual being, fused as one immortally and with no loss of identity but greater identity, greater freedom, greater faculties and invincible to all lower forces embodied or otherwise. 

Whether anyone ascends on 21 Dec 2012 or not it sure has raised the subject of a very real phenomena for each of us.  Each in our own time.  It's been done before by many other souls and we can do it too.  We should reach for it as a real possibility. God Bless.

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Re: Magnetics and Ascension

I found this great book called The Body Electric about a researcher who was interested in how salamanders regenerate their limbs (and he goes over some planarium experiments as well). Here were some cool bits.

He discovered it was due to a precisely timed positive/negative electrical response to the injury. Sewing up the injury actually disables their regeneration. He was even able to replicate full-limb regeneration in a toad that did not have the ability, and partial limb regeneration in rats!

Acupressure points emit millions of ohms resistance less than average spots on the body.

By accident, a boy who lost the tip of his finger never got his finger sewn up and when the doctor checked it days later the finger had begun partial regeneration and finished a few days later; it seems to only work on kids under twelve, for some odd reason.

He also discovered that when a hypnotist suggests reduced pain sensitivity in a certain area, the electrical current through the part changed from negative to positive.

A study in which they grounded a subject's bed while they slept resulted in less muscle pain, feeling more awake in the morning, and a few other beneficial side effects.

Russian teams have created a magnetic "helmet" of sorts with magnets at specific 90 degree angles to the brain that will instantly cause the wearer to lose consciousness and enter deep sleep.  After 3 hours of use the subject is fully rested.  I don't believe this is probably good on a long term because of circadian rhythms and all that but its uses could be expanded (surgery, powernaps, etc.)

I lent the book to my mom and she can't find it but I really recommend it.  The whole last chapter is about how we was discredited by his colleagues and the mainstream science community, all of his amazing experiments were being done in the 60s and 70s.  He was one of the scientists who attempted to get the US to make their EMF standards far more stringent.  Russia's EMF standards are almost 100x more strict than ours.  He even found that in communities around high-energy power lines there were more suicides and an increased crime rate.

Although I believe ascension is certainly a process of pure intention, I don't see why technology knowledge cannot be utilized to help.  The most beneficial thing I've found is brainwave entrainment - this allows any layperson to be able to practice accessing and know the difference between alternative brainstates that takes many people years of meditation.  I also believe that if there is technology that damages our EMF fields (which must be inextricably linked to our etheric bodies) then we can also use technology to strengthen them.  I have heard of placing a magnet with the north pole facing upwards on the forehead has positive effects while using a south pole magnet can make you extremely sick.  Or something like that... does anyone know anything about this?

Anyways, after reading that book, I have stopped wearing shoes most of the time which gives me an electrical ground and cancels out EMF noise from electronics.  I used to get migraines but they have disappeared since I adopted barefooting smile I plan on grounding my bed with some cheap products from www.lessemf.com after the holidays.

Here's the link on people with transplants of cellular memories

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Re: Magnetics and Ascension

Wow Millsley, thank you for that post. 
We need to be reminded of the things we can do to keep
our heads clear and shielded from the electro smog around us.
The Body Electric, eh?
That's worth a search.

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Re: Magnetics and Ascension

Yes good one Millsley.   I dont poo poo the field of electro- magnetics per se.   In fact anything in the field that is proven to enhance and protect our lives is ok with me.  We live under the influence of greater negative vibes than we used to especially through modern technology.  It's pretty ugly to realise that much of that negative EM influence is by design.  If we can counter it technologically, then fine but it's not going to be the ultimate protection in all places at all times.

I even think that it may be technologically possible [if not now then later] to raise the vibration of the body to a fair extent but only temporarily whilst under it's influence.  Some kind of device.  Taken to extremes it may even eventually lead to cyborgs able to slip in and out of the physical and astral planes via technological means. [If that is not what is already happening with unusual beings in UFOs.]  But barring that extreme,  what goes artificially UP in vibration must come DOWN in vibration by it's own karmic weight.  Those deep habitual grooves in the lower- self will again exert their influence and overcome any temporary change in brainwaves or the raising of the vibration of the body by technological means.  It is the spirit that is empowered to magnetise us UP in consciousness.  It is a magnet within us commanding our attention and drawing the iron filings of negativity out of the subconscious for transmutation.  There is no substitute for that process borne out of the relationship of soul to inner- spirit.   

So i think there is no hope that the soul could ascend into the I AM Presence [in spiritual planes] using technological devices.  The requirements for the ascension are the balance of a large amount of karma, the balance of the consciousness of love, wisdom and power and the fulfillment of the personal divine plan on earth.  No machine can accomplish these things because no physical machinery can do the work of spiritualising our consciousness and guiding our way.  If only.  It's a very attractive idea though especially since the real alternative involves a painfull process of soul surrender to spirit.  Uncovering the hidden momentums of negativity in the subconscious is not easy.   But it will always be the way of surrender to spirit... the spirit revealling the consciousness of unreality and the soul surrendering it to spirit for transmutation.... and ultimately the fusing of the soul to the I AM in the ascension flame.

Re: Magnetics and Ascension

In Conjunction With:

http://forum.noblerealms.org/viewtopic. … 46&p=3   #42

[size=16]Brain / Neuroplasticity[/size]


http://www.enchantedmind.com/html/scien … icity.html

To learn is to change.

Education is a process that changes

the learner.

~George Leonard~

11   23   11

Re: Magnetics and Ascension

I found this, thanks to you guys:


Haven't had the chance to dig in to the wealth of information here, but can't wait. There are great articles and an offering of his books (with excerpts). I'm excited to read "The Biology of Belief." This book is on my must-have list, for sure. (Check out the epilogue, which is posted here.)

While reading this amazing thread, I've regularly been getting that body-humming sensation as though I'm finding a doorway to a new level of understanding. You guys are the Masters, and I am the initiate, ready to learn something new... Thank you. smile


Look... Wonder... Remember... Know

Re: Magnetics and Ascension

Analagously, like the branches on a tree, the rivers of thought and light information keep showing up and weaving their way thru the ethers.  the Z3 tube idea is almost exactly what i have been feeling and seeing.  the idea of biology being more 'efficient' and progressing, in linear time, as we are, ourselves becoming more efficient, and succinct in our understandings.  what Z3 said also on the frequency quotient is a masterful conclusion.  vibration, frequency.  waves.  no good and bad with AC current, DC current, electricity and magnetics.  all is used.  that was a helpful pictoral representation of the "light tube"--garden hose.  really got behind that.  and the mention of the elements, iron, cobalt, et al (we have a thread on that we were working on last fall).  carbon, and other ppl's views on crystalline light bodies that ascension/channeled info talk about alot.  its confusing there, a supposed switch from carbon based biology to crystalline.   i have translated that into "molecular".  which incorporates light and information for me.  im not clear on that completely, or if thats on its way.  there is a sense of fit there.  the tube and the untwisting of the DNA, out of double helix form, into one light tube, keeps speaking.  fiberoptic cable fits.  and as belief makes it possibly happen.  the Lipton material explains further.  very insightful and so helpful to have illustrated that Z3.  i see so similar.  in the body, "electricity" and "magnetics" meet, merge.  and the nucleobases, the web within the tube.  sew themselves into or as, matter.  since here in 3D, its all about matter.  and how it displays itself.  how matter embodies itself.  particularly here, we are trying to get into the meat of the matter.  and how energy is incorporated. the great laws of the universe, speak to all this.  we are here in matter, form, in flesh, with a spiritual 'body.'  full of information.  embodied in the physical.  as nexus describes, perfectly, with his knowledge of the soul.  the soul, with all its knowledge.  watching, waiting, guiding, incorporated in a corporate body.  also of note, his knowledge of the great beings, who have EXPERIENCED what we are yet to do, completely, but have taken on the task, the WORD to do (?), to BE.   after going thru tons of biology material, finally saw and remembered from way back classes.  oh yeah.  the cell MOVES/works (as Lipton says, life as movement) by the use of ATOMIC energy.  remember that old ATP stuff?  all that stuff from high school and college on biology. maybe finally put to 'mental' / applied purpose use.  for greater understanding.  in Pellucidar's Seeds of Heaven link (read the whole thing there), the term "guerilla researchers" and laughed loudly.  thought--thats a good one.  atomic energy at the cellular level.  now were into quantum physics, and so on. in the long run.  probably have missed alot by not going over to our physics thread.

and the term "Children of the Unfed Light" and thot--the UNFED light.  whats that mean?  (didnt know where to go on that, with loosh, and chi, and food production, and all the stuff on that).  wondered how, why and when that will explain itself.  as it started out , with light as information, in and of itself.  so i will just roll on and show what i found.  terms repeat.  concepts repeat and connect.  i wanted to show a few things i ran across that sort of illustrate that.  ran across a few ditties surreptiously.  it is important to note here, i think/feel, that SiriArc has shown us tons of stuff also on DNA and has written extensively.  much of the Sol Luckman info is incorporated. 

when reading nexus's post on another thread, i found something that jived.  this is only for consideration here. 

At the Creator level, the design of each soul, would look like DNA, only with twelve strands instead of two. The soul is actually a carbon copy of the original.  If you could see them, you would also see "energy beads" woven into the strands. These energy beads form your unique "spirito-genetic" makeup. The original blueprints are kept in what you might call a vault. This is the closest your language can come to the storage system.  Encoded in this pattern is the destiny of your soul-that is the path your soul must take through all its lifetimes to reintegrate with what you call God. Because each soul has its own path, it may incarnate on several different planets or only one. It may never incarnate, learning its lessons on the astral planes. There is no path that is better than another; however, your choices ultimately determine how difficult or easy it may be. Upon reintegration, the soul may reclaim the original blueprint as its own.  The soul retains the original pattern and, if the astral body is of a high enough frequency, can activate threads beyond the two in the astral body. Most of the masters needed to leave the human body in order to fully activate and anchor all twelve strands. Because most of the DNA strands are of a very high frequency and very delicate, only two could exist in these dense "animals beings.'  These two strands are what you often see pictured as DNA.  Ask each evening before retiring that the Backbone DNA strands be aligned and also ask this each day upon arising. This is called "SuperDNA" or S-DNA

threads are delicate and of a higher frequency?  so as ascension goes, and time changes, linearly, we meet back at the starting point, only improved?  from the original creator?  carbon copy?  blueprint is retained by the soul?  destenies?  so the creator does provide for parts of itself as itself, in one's INDIVIDUAL DNA and RNA.  so spiritual properties are embodied in the physical.  and when the physical is "done"--it reverts back.  the soul awaits, but has lived.  in a body.  its been blue-eyed, fat, thin, tall, short.  a great laughing Bulgarian peasant housewife with its roaring gutteral laugh (that was great!), or its been a multi armed and legged Indian child that looks like Shiva, yet is a mutant?  more like a biological egg that didnt split accurately into 2 fetuses.    or a child born with debilitating diseases that spends life in a wheelchair.  such is the experience of those souls.  as determined by?  all from the great basket, of biology and spirituality, embodied in matter.  flesh.  to learn.  just possibilities.  how its done on earth.  making correlations, digging.  the seeds of heaven material does mention RNA and individual destenies.  (dont even know what to do with the SSOA 10,000 or more DNA strand information/stuff).  started to think energy beads?  do they mean RNA?  and the nucleobases here?  maybe.  RNA does tell DNA what to do, individually.  and get this--RNA is single stranded.  i found the RNA search to be the most helpful when i went back to gather.  take a look at this:

http://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/chem … index.html

Not too long ago, most people considered RNA to be just a disposable copy of the really important nucleic acid, DNA. It is the double helix of DNA, after all, that shows up on magazine covers and television; DNA is the material of our genes and chromosomes, the stuff that determines our genetic inheritance. RNA – ribonucleic acid – is a copy of the DNA instructions that serves as a messenger to direct protein synthesis, which is then destroyed after it has fulfilled its function....in 1989, we made independent discoveries. We both found that RNA could fold into complex shapes and catalyze biochemical reactions, a function previously thought to be restricted to protein enzymes. Thus, RNA was sometimes an active participant in the chemistry of life, not just a passive messenger. An Explosion of Breakthroughs--within the past few years, RNA research has reached new heights. It's now clear that RNA catalysis has a much more central role in biology than many would have guessed. Furthermore, RNA often controls the expression of genes, another role that had been thought to be at least mostly the domain of proteins called "repressors" and "transcription factors."

not using the laptop but look at the image from that link.  and

One of the most important molecular "machines" in living cells is the ribosome. It translates the message encoded on the mRNA (messenger RNA) to synthesize specific proteins that do most of the work in biology. Proteins can be hormones like insulin or sex hormones; other proteins make muscles contract and hearts beat, and yet other proteins catalyze the digestion of food. Each mRNA encodes a specific protein. The ribosome is remarkable in that it can decode a limitless number of different mRNAs. Think of a videotape: the same tape player can "translate" any videotape into a movie. The tape player is like the ribosome, the tape is the mRNA and the movie is the protein product.  Then, in 2000, the atomic-level picture of the ribosome emerged.

RNA makes u who/what u are.  what u look like.  what sex u will be.  if u will be lactose intolerant, or not.  YOU are the movie.
and does it not look like were getting into sacred geometry here?  possibly.  really like that whole concept.  beautiful.  but i have read from the SSOA, that geometry was made into a mess by the Anu, and we can thank them for badass negative grids that ride the planet. and keep us trapped.  SSOA says grids aint so good, and that harm has come from willful negative use of such and what looks sacred is an illusion, from them, and only traps us.  in low dense frequency zones.  as in they took something innate in the universe and used it for their own STS.  as an overlay.  and montalk's new article on grids.  and pamelajean's connector lines/wires. ?  take a look at the second pic of that same page.  there's Z3's "jumbled wire" and maybe the individual 'energy beads" illustration. then they say and i laugh "This work may seem esoteric."  scientists talking to each other.

Although the DNA of our chromosomes is famously double-stranded, only one strand of the DNA is typically copied into RNA, so the resulting RNA is normally a single strand. Because it has no partner strand, it folds back onto itself to form a variety of intricate shapes.

they go on to talk of introns and "folding" structures and more on 'mechanical analysis' of these microscopic biological entities.   and u know, scientists et al, have found more information about all of this studying viruses and bacteria.  i have always thot viruses were alien driven-delivered.  i think viruses are inserts.  and one of the biggest alien parastic alien inserts we got.  but thats another (correlated, connected) story that i'd hate to go into here.  god, i might have to make 2 huge posts today to show the rest.  then back to the C's, where i tried to find some original quotes.  dont know if i did, but here goes....

A: Are you ready?  DNA core is as yet undiscovered enzyme
   relating to carbon.  Light waves were used to cancel the
   first ten factors of DNA by burning them off.  At that
   point, a number of physical changes took place including
   knot at top of spine.  Each of these is equally reflected
   in the ethereal.

This is what you have said.  This resulted in a number of effects: the
breaking up of the DNA, the burning off of the first ten factors of
DNA, the separation of the hemispheres of the brain...           i think THAT WAS IT=FACTORS

Q: (L) Of course. (A) What is the function of DNA, other than coding protein production?
A: Conductor of electricity.
Q: (L) Is that the only other function?
A: Well, as you know, electrical energy can have nearly endless applications. Examples...
radio waves, neurotransceiver for thought pattern programs facilitated through
electromagnetic wave transmission, etc. Method used for creation and maintenance of
program illusions, such as the perception of linear time as reality.
Q: (L) Is that it?
A: Send that.

Q: (A) Are there some particular DNA sequences that facilitate transmission between
A: Addition of strands.
Q: (L) How do you get added strands?
A: You don't get, you receive.
Q: (L) Where are they received from?
A: Interaction with upcoming wave, if vibration is aligned.
Q: (L) How do you know if this is happening?
A: Psychophysiological changes manifest.

Q: (A) Is DNA acting as a superconductor?
A: Yes!!!
Q: (A) [regarding wave] But what vibrates? Energy? Aether?
A: Energy and aether are directly symbiotic.
Q: (A) And when it vibrates, then in which dimension?
A: The density 3 and 4 at transition junction.
Q: (A) If not in linear time, then in what?
A: Cyclical "time."
Q: (A) What measures the distance between one crest and another?
A: Ending/beginning of cycle.

Q: (L) Well, excuse me for trying to help here! (A) Is DNA superconducting?
A: Variably.
Q: (A) What is electricity?
A: In what sense?
Q: (A) What is elementary charge?
A: Elementary means basic construct, whether directly from the natural "state," or
Q: (A) What type of entity?
A: Purely substantive, as in a binder.

A: Are you ready? DNA core is as yet undiscovered enzyme relating to carbon. Light
waves were used to cancel the first ten factors of DNA by burning them off. At that point, a
number of physical changes took place including knot at top of spine. Each of these is
equally reflected in the ethereal.
Q: (T) You are all the family of light?
A: Yes. Exactly. You have been "doing your homework".
Q: (T) I'm trying to. Now, another force in what we term as the past, defeated you and used
the power of the light in order to alter us in different ways, is this correct?
A: Yes. Now understand this: It is all part of natural grand cycle.
Q: (L) If this is all a part of a natural grand cycle, and correct me if I am wrong here, it
almost seems as if you guys, the "good guys", and the other "bad" guys, that you just really
kind of go at it just for fun, is that true?
A: No.

Q: (L) But you say it is a natural thing or part of a natural grand cycle. Is this natural grand
cycle just part of the interaction between light and darkness which just simply must be?
A: Yes. We are at "front line" of universe's natural system of balance. That is where one
rises to before reaching total union of "The One". 6th level.
Q: (L) Do you like being at 6th level?
A: Do you like being at 3rd level?
Q: (L) Frankly no, I don't. (T) If you answer the question by asking the question, and we
know that we are striving to reach higher, does this mean there are more levels above 6th
A: Yes. One.
Q: (L) Is that union with the one?
A: Yes.

will submit this now so i dont lose it and move on

GNOTHI SEAUTON "Know Thyself!"

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Re: Magnetics and Ascension

i didnt make it as clear as i wouldve liked to but to clarify, DNA and RNA make the individual what it is.  RNA is the messenger.  the 3 some again.  one HAS to have the sender, the message, the receiver.  and the C's said factors.  that is intrinsic in here.  and THAT's what got me.  NOT STRANDS burned off or removed, or whatever the hell, but FACTORS. and i go oh my god.  that was the key here--to all of it.  and a reverse search, for the WORD.  the term.  FACTORS.  i mustve looked thru hundreds of sessions to find it.  so the same old strands are there, 2 as we think we know it.  its the factors affecting the strands.  then, my mind kept seeing the tube, less twisted, more aligned, less all wound up and less ladder style, with the rungs straightened, and inside.  exactly as Z3 sees and drew it for us.  and he reminded us of the atomic energy the cells use.  and how electromagnetics is embodied in the cell.  it uses ionic and atomic movement.  and all along the cell is a baby intricate little MASTERFUL organ that has little atomic charges going on all day, automatically, doing its job.  theres even mention in there of the split or dual brain and i keep thinking thats more polarity again.  and how weve not been able to get 'away' from that.  what  is just is.  down here in the world of matter.

not directly related but i gotta get it in here before forgetting.  connected to the brain.  the Lipton material (which i will get to start quoting from sometime later in this thread along with some seeds of heaven stuff) mentions stress and memory.  and after reading how some of us on here have trouble remembering (pastlives, childhoods, etc), i ran across some info on that, just briefly.   when there is tremendous stress, occurring from LIVING, and all that comes with it.  the hindbrain will take over, and do the most functioning automatically from there (and u know where the rep brain was inserted; occiput, top of spine, rear brain where the autonomic nervous system runs), automatically, automaton.  rather than the forebrain, frontal cortex where memories are stored and kept.  less oxygenation there.  less O2 under stress.  makes it harder to remember under stress, stressful conditions.  i know for myself, when the career bullshit rearranged, the stress decreased tremendously.  and with the ok--ill call it surrender here, for just a damn minute (dont like the word) the acceptance of self arose, the memories came peeling in.  like gates had been opened wider.  and it flowed and i was aghast at the stuff that showed up.  when the stress decreased, as i continued to remove self from the waking matrix world more and more, the frequencies i thought on CHANGED.  id say, major turning point.  didnt know where the next dimes would come from to keep filling the kitty.  didnt care.  bought books on abundance.  never read 'em.  worried alot.  was pissed at self for spending money and buying books, when worried about money being shorter than liked.  looked for a mentor.  gave up on that.  decided to educate and mentor the self.  what was majorly important--big big BIG, was decreased RAGE.  that helped alot.  took about 7 yrs.  remembered how the whole body remakes and sheds and rebuilds, about every 7 yrs. like the peeling of an onion.  i found a computer software program on the net by "an ex accountant who turned spiritual guy"  (do we have a thread on that?) that showed u every seven yrs and what could explain what had gone on.  in esoteric terms.  and went.  well well well.  it was right on.  almost oracular. about the same time, with forgiving myself and the lover, and purposefully trying very hard not to live in "enemy camp"  all the time, as in living with the enemy, self and loved ones in a relationship, even ur own dead parents.  things, STRESS got alot better.  sorry, rant tangent.  from feeling bad when i read on here about our younger members suffering whilst living.  back to the knitting.

How would unequal fidelity of replication of the two strands of a single DNA molecule withstand selective evolutionary
pressure? Particularly in the case of bacteria, if one strand acted as a more faithful keeper of evolutionary memory, the
other would provide for more mutations for adaptation.

that got me thinking.  evolutionary memory.  maybe--as found research on bacterial DNA, as this came from a science paper. maybe, just maybe, one stranded DNA in humans would be "a more faithful keeper" --maybe back to the original blueprint, if only one-stranded.  and a better structure for mutant adaptation.  and i go.  i betcha.  i bet.  i bet were headed BACK.  as we go forward.  more updated one stranding.  way more efficient and adaptable.  back to where we were.  ur gonna see Introns in here, binding.  alignment.  the best stuff.  now, to wrap UP and synthesize.  more C's.

Q: Here is a comment from one of our listmembers: "Our reality depends on what we
believe to be true. What we believe depends on our perception. Our perception depends on
what we look for. What we look for depends on our thoughts. What we think depends on
our state of wisdom. Our wisdom depends on our state of awareness. Our awareness
depends on our intuition. Our intuition depends on maturity of soul. The maturity of soul
depends on the image we represent of the one infinite mind. All images are holograms of
this mind. We are duplicates of the original." Is this an accurate way of representing our
A: Close. It is one chain of relations, though not all. The dependent relationships are far
more complicated.
Q: Now, let me get to MY questions! You once said that the core of DNA is an as yet
undiscovered enzyme related to carbon. Is that correct?
A: Yes.
Q: Here in this book it says: "Evidence is accumulating that only a relatively small portion
of the DNA sequence is for so-called structural genes. Structural genes lead to the
production of protein. There are an estimated 50,000 structural genes with an average sized
of approximately 5,000 base pairs, which then accounts for only 250 million of the
estimated 3 billion base pairs. What is the rest of the DNA for? Some of the DNA is
so-called repetitive sequences, repeated thousands of times. The function is unknown. The
ALU, repeat, for instance, contains over 300,000 copies of the same 300 base pair
sequence. Certainly this DNA is not junk and plays some important role in the gene
regulation chromosomal architecture or chromosomal replication. Until 1977, it was
thought that genes were single sequences of DNA that are coded into RNA and then into
protein. However, further study has shown greater complexity. It is now known that there
are pieces of DNA within a gene that are not translated into protein. These intervening
sequences, or INTRONS, are somewhat of a mystery, but appear to be a very common
phenomenon." Now, is this thing they are talking about, these INTRONS, are these the core
that you were talking about?
A: In part.
Q: What about this ALU repeat with over 300,000 copies of the same base pair sequence.
What is it?
A: Tribal unit.
Q: What is a tribal unit?
A: Sectionalized zone of significant marker compounds.
Q: What does this code for?
A: Physiological/spiritual union profile.
Q: Could you define "tribal" for me?
A: You define.
Q: What does the rest of the DNA code for that is not coding for structural genes. What else
can it be doing?
A: Truncated flow.
Q: Truncated flow of what?
A: Liquids.
Q: Liquids from where to where?

A: What is your sense?
Q: Well, what liquids?
A: Time for your input.
Q: Do some of these...
A: No. Not alright: we asked you a question!
Q: Okay. Truncated flow of liquids. I'm not even sure what that means. (A) Maybe
something was flowing and something cut it off and stopped it and it cannot be developed.
It means that something was cut. (L) Does truncated flow mean a flow of liquid that has
been stopped?
A: Yes. Because of design alteration!
Q: Is this liquid that has been truncated a chemical transmitter?
A: Yes.
Q: And would this chemical transmitter, if it were allowed to flow, cause significant
alterations in other segments of the DNA?
A: Yes.
Q: So, there is a segment of code that is in there, that is deliberately inserted, to truncate
this flow of liquid, which is a chemical transmitter, or neuropeptide, which would unlock
significant portions of our DNA?
A: Close Biogenetic engineering.

Q: Okay, can you tell us what this specific liquid or transmitter was truncated?
A: Think of the most efficient conductor of chemical compounds for low wave frequency
Q: (A) Well, gold is one... (L) Acetylcholine?
A: No.
Q: (L) Water?
A: No.
Q: Saline?
A: Closer. It is a naturally bonding combination.

Q: Was my insight that I had one night that, at some point in time something may happen that
will turn genes on in our bodies that will cause us to physically transform, an accurate
perception of what could happen at the time of transition to 4th density?
A: For the most part, yes.
Q: Are there any limitations to what our physical bodies can transform to if instructed by
the DNA? Could we literally grow taller, rejuvenate, change our physical appearance,
capabilities, or whatever, if instructed by the DNA?
A: Receivership capability.
Q: What is receivership capability?

A: Change to broader receivership capability.
Q: (A) That means that you can receive more of something.
A: Close.
Q: (A) It means how good is your receiver.
A: Yes.
Q: (L) What is your receiver? The physical body?
A: Mind through central nervous system connection to higher levels.
Q: So, that is the whole issue of gaining knowledge and developing control over your body.
If your mind and CNS are tuned to higher levels of consciousness, that has significance in
terms of your receivership capability?
A: Close.

Q: Well, I did. Just give me a little bitty hint... a three word clue... Something to calm me
down. Something to make me sleep well at night and that will let me know that all is right
with the world...
Q: That's the clue?
A: Yes.
Q: Was that an abbreviation or a word?
A: Seek and ye shall find.
Q: (A) RAM. Random Access Memory.
A: Yes.

and i go, my God.  im cooked.  im done.  put a fork in it.  eat it.  digest it.  ponder it.  seek and ye shall find.  what to seek for? the inklings.  the inklings of the soul.  to KNOW.  to gather information to gather knowledge.  and they say more, and my soul is yelling.  what have u more to see?  what else?

A: Vigilance is your shield, complacency is your vulnerability.

and finally u cant BELieve this.  of all things.  at the very top of the very last place i was snooping around at yesterday, gathering information.  at/from    http://www.humanresonance.org  and it wont copy or paste so i will type it out.

"Light is Knowledge.
         That is the knowledge which is at the core of all existence.
                     And being at the core of all existence it provides protection from every form of negativity in existence."
                                                                                                                               -the Cassiopaeans

GNOTHI SEAUTON "Know Thyself!"

Re: Magnetics and Ascension

Rock on Zenden!  Like DNA is like totally tubular dood.  smile

I'm glad that makes sense to you.  I envision the dna to be like fiber optic cable in a sense (in it's completed form).

Re: Magnetics and Ascension

So after reading Pellucidar's link for quantumconsciousness, and Zenden's genius synthesizing of the science and the C's materials, here's my humble understanding:

Neurons are where the action of consciousness happens. This is by way of the little microtubules inside them which carry and interpret information (light--thank you, Zenden). These little tubes have a kind of crystalline, almost skeletal protein structure--a "soft-wiring," if you will. Now the information comes in by way of a wave action, and the tubes interpret that as needed to form the system, thought, world-view, etc. (wildly simplifying and paraphrasing here) The wave of information is vast and instantaneous, so the tubes reach a certain capacity and choose to collapse, thus preventing multiple universes/dimensions from existing at the same moment, in the same brain pathway. Before the collapse, many possibilities exist.

This doesn't mean that the thought or the choice of the tubes is fixed, though. The tubes are constantly communicating with each other and adjusting interpretations, and new wave-collapses occur all the time, which create new patterns: this is how we learn new things.

One thing I find extremely interesting right here is that information is carried inside the tubes. Whatever the external impetus may be that triggers the "download of the wave," the wave/info is inside, to be accepted or rejected or adjusted for growth. It's inside us.

That the authors of the paper, Drs. Hameroff and Penrose, termed the flow of information in the tubes a wave action was a huge synch for me. The C's speak so often of the Wave that's coming that will change everything and lead us to ascension... Could this be what they're talking about? Please bear with me a moment.

Knowledge/information/light on that scale would necessitate us upgrading or adapting our capacity to perceive it in the first place--to shift our perception/vibration/wiring. That's where the little tubes come in again. They would be interpreting so fast that they would make a "quantum leap" to accommodate the wave, thus creating entirely new patterns to carry all that consciousness. That would affect everything, every process in our bodies--even firing up dormant strands of DNA.

So could the Wave of the C's actually be an event that originates within us, instead of some great galactic confluence "out there"? After all, we each have the universe within us. All the information, knowledge and light we need is inside us all the time, waiting to be accessed.  Maybe the Wave is simply the next natural step in our individual evolution. And if one of us can do it, then all of us can at the most appropriate time for each.

And how do we get ready for it? Keeping learning, seeking; give our little tubes more and more opportunities to make newer, more flexible patterns.

Let the Light shine!


Look... Wonder... Remember... Know

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Re: Magnetics and Ascension

Falvion--what a TREMENDOUS find!!! correlation, addition, connection.  i believe u HAVE it with the light information consciousness quantum theory inside the tubules.  i have not seen the crysto-skeleton partition, but that IS wild and real as u showed it.  will have to get further into that crystal tubule take.  ur take on the WAVE is so right on.  this is it, in a word.  IT.  it comes.  it comes from within and without.  and all of it as u brilliantly put into words here, with great understanding, to show us, is a reminder of those terrific scenes in movies, like "Men In Black II", wherein, the little dog had the collar on with the ampule in it, that was a world in a world, a universe in a universe.  at the end of the movie.  or thereabouts.  little tiny teeny weeny universes in universes, galaxies, that exist in quark format, but are massive.  as the way space constructs are described by science men.  maybe SiriArc can find a pic or pictus can or u guys that know where pics of that stuff are and could post to illustrate.  thats what im getting at.  how the tiniest of atomic explosions move the cell, as we know.  now at the level of the neurons, again are messengers and messages. that are captured, or not.  this is taught dryly in cellular biology and psych classes, but we have broken it down here, and like Lipton (and others) have done, is to "humanize" the cell as it would behave and FEEL like that of a human.  with behavior that is understandable, necessary, and FUN.  u know, those darn C's always say--learning is fun.  and aint it?  man oh man.  the most fun on here, doing all this.  the neurons receive messages thru the synapses.  the synapse is the "space" if u will, between neurons.  the message is either received or rejected for application.  in schiz's for example many many neurons are receiving all kinds of distorted messages, too often, and the synapses are full of electrical signals, all amped up, and the synapses become over cooked, over stimulated which results in very sketchy behaviors, thot patterns, hallucinations; audio, visual, olfactory etc, and they are as real as hell.  their cells have the ability to do that.  their neurons are way cooked and overstimulated.  (so telling schiz's that what they see, hear, smell, isnt real is untrue, uninformed and cruel IMO.  and doesnt help them. can u imagine what it be like to have that?  good and bad, difficult to say the least.  their filters are a mess).   in other types of cells, the messages 'knock' on the cell membrane.  the membrane lets them in or not.  depending on what it sees as danger, or as protecting, needed, etc.  what kills me, is that nevertheless, the messages if not entered into the cell, to go further in and do what u described (once IN the cell), the messages are retained.  with nerve cells being slightly different in structure (and its all about that, had a brilliant MD teach me once that if one knows the structure and anatomy of every organ/organ system ur working with, of course, at the cellular level, one can diagnose any disease rapidly and effectively.  fell in love with that immediately, and ppl that teach that way, as they are MASTERS) the messages are chemically altered by serotonin and acetycholine, and epinephrine.  and more.  what kills tho is that the messages are retained, and this is unreal, ON the cell membrane.  and they if not used and entered, the messages themselves leave scars, marks, on the cell membrane.  and they gather, and eventually the cell's membrane(s) become cluttered up and all stymied.  the surface area of the cell decreases then, less room for more messages.  causes destruction, inefficiency.  aging.  so a bunch of unreceived messages bog down the system at its most crucial points of action, and systems fail.  whole organ systems can fail from/at a cellular level.  a brilliant biologist and nutritionist Jeff Bland has taught me alot.  he says the whole aging paradigm is based on this.  illicitly received messages.  and there is proof, that 95-97% of cellular energy goes for guess what?  not what ppl think, but for cellular SIGNALLING.  it can make u or break u.   so RECEIVEABILITY IS KEY.  this is the take home here.
neuron, other cells (receiver)               message       sender(universe, other neurons, cells consciousness, awareness)   

we must be ready to ride the wave.  JUST as u said and the C's have said.  im on board with u and for u to have illustrated that is KEY here also.  its exactly what i have been wanting to say, illustrate.  thank u so wonderfully for that.

this thread and what weve come up with to post, certainly does explain cellular memory with transplanted organs.  as nexus and Millsley have both pointed out.  memory is retained.  messages are retained, right on the cell.  those same cells are put into another's body as nexus and Millesley have shown us.  IMO, thats as clear as day.  when the C's said RAM up there in that section and u know, that section IS one whole section, in that order, i about pooped.  when the C's said RAM, and u look at the words there, and break down every word in that individually.  theres a continued and ongoing message there.   RANDOM  ACCESS MEMORY.  it explains it all.  and if im not too inaccurate, this is what happens on computer harddrives.  lots of gumped up info left on the HD but it just cant be accessed.  i think.  terms/ concepts cross realms, borders, boundaries and i think/feel ---so do we.  to me, thats ascension and our task, to cross realms, borders, boundaries, alive and well and 'pumpin.  carrying information.  light information.  knowledge.  im beginning to think WE ARE THE INFORMATION.

to follow up a little and add from yesterday, i was thinking and gathering more.  just to mention the S-DNA  ?? super-DNA term from above.  dunno.  dont know if accurate.  do feel however, there was a bit of a line up with when the C's say "superconductors" and factors.  i believe theyve got it.  that is the important part.  its the way those factors work that can impede the orig DNA and the newer (maybe) DNA we are, i think, unfolding.  or folding back onto itself.  as one.  or BINDING as one.  i feel confident on this.  there is an unknown up there in their binding quote when they talked of 'liquids'.  i will work on that.  there is something with the one strand and not the 2.  i cant explain THAT happening scientifically.  this is where maybe YCYOR here.  if i think i can and will, ands am binding 2 into one, to get back to "one" then maybe i am, we are.   maybe were supposed to do that.  and when it struck me the other day to find that word 'FACTORS' i saw it as a message i wanted to share.  all in the guerilla researching u know.  keeping that ever growing anecdotal note list with many deletions, corrections as ongoing.  as topics are covered, unfolded, folded and binded to each other, and worked on again and again.

i want to say also, somehow as in the MIB reflection and connection to the tiny universe inside a universe thing, is that indeed, space folds.  and ships do go thru the ethers, dimensions, realms, space by folding space.  they use magnetic alterations to fold space and travel thru it.  to get across those unreal miles and distances, borders in the wink of an eye.  its a micro macro thing and we too embody it.  the same principles.  we are going to have to be, arrange for--superconduction, as receivers, to get this wave crested and applied, for change.  and thats very key.  we know who we are.  i dont think its much more complicated than that.  anybody can do it, everybody can "do" it.  as weve said, its the BE it thing.  we never said we were special, the chosen ones, or any of that.  we merely see this.  we feel it.  we have come TO it.  as its been delivered.  we have received the "message" i guess one could say.  we just had the mission recognition triggered.  to be receivers with big receivership capacities, and FACTORS.  i think, many times, that receivership has been seen by us collectively, if ur on the ride with this, as our responsibility.  i think thats how many of us see the mission.  the mission ppl recognize the mission.  its been a tuning of the capacitors.  and its caused all kinds of stuff to happen.  seeing and feeling things, getting seen and felt BY things, visited, and so on.    its a hypothesis, but i could say that thats why many of us, ppl in general all over Do see numbers, repeating numbers (like the 11:11, 222, 444, 141, 144, and other sequence stuff), figure out the meanings of names, intriqued by mandalas, see grids, wires, and time, and even weather and chemtrails like they do.  these are triggers.  these are tuning 'instruments', keys that turn locks.  these instruments, equations, scenarios deliver messages.  ur receivership determines specific meanings and u go deeper and meaningfully thru it.  its been rough, exciting, weird, and so on.  i think receivership capacity does it.  and the more one tunes, the more awareness, and the more it keeps on a' comin.

GNOTHI SEAUTON "Know Thyself!"

Re: Magnetics and Ascension

Brain cells transmit signals "up or down" depending on the stimulation

This seems to suggest that it changes the overall pattern of the brain, sort of like how certain vibrations make the different musical notes... an eternal symphony in your head smile