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Re: Magnetics and Ascension

instead of starting a new thread, ill just resurrect this oldie as i had a little baby epiphany on all this yesterday or so.  but with time and light (sunlight) being all cracko and different and changed around alot lately, my timing is off.  this will cross a few threads but it does connect a few concepts.  electromagnetics, and STO and STS.  and our changing DNA.  theres a feeling ends r tying up yet its a feeling like everything is changing yet feels sorta status quo, but then, NOT.  winter always throws me off.   and other stuff feels weird, esp time, which is 'slowing down and yet sped up everywhere'.  its the weirdest feeling.  stuff that was only days back, feels like it happened long ago.  and yet its sped up with 'not enough time' to accomplish all, in a waking day, yet a 10 hr day drags on.  and crap feels boring and slow.  weird.  ive noticed the typical usual suspects out there have noticed it and r feeling it too, and commenting on it.  one said to me the other day..."r they gonna tell us about this?  that they changed time, and its darker sooner, its 5:30PM, and it feels like midnight..."  i replied with yes, time is shifting, and this came from a notorious woo woo skeptic.  i think it has to do with pameljean's sun post and the changes that r really REAL and going on with the positioning of earth at this opportune time.  real physical stuff.  just like the stuff alot of NR'ers have been saying with their dashboard clocks, and house clocks and watches and sensations of time being off all & weirding out. i have to sometimes draw a clock on a piece of paper or on the back of something to 'figure out time'--i make it look like a calendar, the face of the clock and equate the 2.  january at the top and july at the bottom and the 12 months are synonymous with the stations on the clock.  i have to do time that way.  draw it.  as the concept in my mind has to be made more concrete.  it helps me measure whats before and after a certain date or time.  i cant even hardly figure it out anymore and have to say to self, well, let's draw that out for you, honey.  we can illustrate it for you, so u will understand. need help with such these days.  geez.

What does this mean for ascending humans? This means another quickening is underway. Earth has successfully compressed now 6 months additional into a 12-month cycle. This means that in the past 12 months, 18 months in time has passed. Some of this has occurred during the month of October when 3 additional months were compressed into 30 days.

For many, time is becoming increasingly shortened.... manual labor that they were used to doing takes double the time. What was accomplished in 8 hours worth of work just a few years ago took 16 hours to accomplish today. This is one affect that the compression of time has; less time is available in any given day to those existing in the past and at a slower vibration than the overall vibrational threshold of Earth, or those who are non-ascending humans. So it shall increase to a point that it appears as though so little can be accomplished in a single day that the work-a-day world will be in a frantic pace of overtime to keep up, if it is not already in such a state today.  It is anticipated that the next photonic gate, as passed through, will compress time even further. Earth compressed 6 additional months into a calendar year, and it is anticipated that she will be able to compress up to another year into 2002, allowing for 24 months or more worth of ascension to come forth in only 12 months. Time is of the essence....

and then i read that light==information.  from old stuff i ran across and but its so well put.  light is merely info.  and light bringers are anchors, info bringers, possibility holders.  they love info and the dissemination of it.  i loved that.  they insist on info.  info being brought out, out into the open, from one could say, darkness or shadows.  stuff gets illuminated.  thats way cool.  reflection on self and back and forth with others occurs.  i see info bringing, holding, sharing, etc as STO.  neat role.  fits well with the anchoring and warrior theme.  a practical place to find urself in.  oppressors and dominators drive ppl away, its electric static.  that band level noise thing.  info hoarders serve self, hoarding info.  keeping it locked up, insisting on secrets and disinformation dissemination.  only serves the self and whatever game they got going.  a few big games go on at once.  it keeps a wide bay between that and the POLAR opposite.  polarity again.  much separation is in that.  static static all the time.  this holding and withholding behavior causes pain, suffering, misery.  its loosh producing.  entropy.  closed looping.  repels others.  its dissonate.

interestingly, it seems STO is more magnetic.  ppl are drawn to info, well, some ppl are.  we here are drawn to it like moths to light.  it compels.  the magnetic force draws attention to info and info gathering.  its is magnetic and it draws sharing to each other.  ppl that insist on info.  thats why i dont go nutty with disinfo sometimes, as it shows up with useful info.  its bound to happen when the gates of info sharing r open.  we can figure that out.  just allowing information out into the open will do.  we will find it, piece it together, use it as it feels is accurate or helpful.  keeping darkness dark and closed is the problem.  info sharing is STO.  its a giving exchange.  its got chi.  it provides chi.  lifeforce.  progress.  its compelling.  it resonates.  memory is magnetic.

i read the other day and remembered reading that earth was originally started as a type of experiment, a living library where tons of info, specimens, etc were created, and housed. "Earth-- designed originally to be an Intergalactic Exchange Center for information.  Ah, an incredible plan -- a beautiful place -- located on the fringes of one of the galactic systems, ideally to be reached from one galaxy to another -- existing close to many what would be called way portals -- the highways that exist for energies to travel throughout what you call your space zone. When we speak of Light. We speak of information. Those of you who have had experiences where you allowed Light to come into your physical body, unfledgingly know that once you expose yourself to Light, you begin to increase the amount of information. Your perceptions -- everything about yourself -- begin to change -- you begin to awaken. The darkness of the veil is removed. So when we speak of Light, we speak of the return of information-- the intending of bringing a great amount of information to this planet, whose frequency has been drastically controlled ... So there were changes , as it would be, of administration. And the original planners, who by the way, we will say the original planners of your universe of course were of the Family of Light. They designed an information center -- they designed a place where galaxies would contribute the information. The Earth was to be a library-- do you understand -- a Cosmic library a place of incredible beauty -- a place of experimenting how information could be stored through frequencies, through the genetic process.

So those new gods -- those new creator gods-- were also master geneticists. They understood the process. They understood how to create life. They wanted this territory for their own reasons. Let us give you another hint about why territories are created, and why territories are held.

There is consciousnesses in all things. Consciousness communicates continuously. Consciousness vibrates -- or can be led to vibrate -- at certain --what would be called electromagnetic frequencies. Electromagnetic frequencies are very interesting. They tend to act in a variety of ways.... electromagnetic energies of consciousness can act as 'food'. Feel that concept out -- it can act as food. So that means that just like apples can be prepared an eaten and ingested -- in a variety of ways, perhaps consciousness could be prepared and ingested in a variety of ways. Do you understand?

So, some entities, in the process of their own evolution, began to discover that as they created life, and put consciousness into things through varying the frequencies -- through modulating the frequencies of forms of consciousness. They could feed themselves. They could keep themselves in a existence. They began to figure out that this is how the Prime Creator nourished itself. It sends out others to create a food source for itself."

and remember the quarantine thing we've read about?  theres supposedly an electric fence all around this sector. "And so, let us say that something like an electrical fence -- frequency fence -- was put around the planet. Some of you have seen what your technological scientifics have created an electrical fence that you can keep animals with in? So it is that the electrical fence was put around your planet -- as a control as to how much the frequencies of the humans could be modulated and changed. So, as the story goes -- this frequency was set around the planet, and it was made very difficult for frequencies of Light frequencies of information to penetrate. And, when these Light frequencies were able to penetrate the frequency control, who was there to receive them? -- the DNA was unplugged. The Light encoded filaments were no longer organized. And so the creative Cosmic rays that bring Life did not have something to plug into and to hold onto."

Now there were many noble experiments. And of course the original planners began to call on what would be the Family of Light, to go to infiltrate the project to begin to incarnate -- to begin one-by-one to bring Light information into the place it was lost. And so the Family of Light began its work here -- coming into a system that was devoid of Light -- devoid of information-- and allowing through what would be called the redefining of the laws of man to let these creative Cosmic rays pierce the body individual by individual -- and then group by group. In very small numbers throughout these eons were these frequencies of information brought onto your planet. In times, great battles were fought-- wars were fought -- information was always looking to be expressed. The original planners knew that, Cosmically speaking, this was a lesson for them, in allowing in understanding the creator gods who took their project.

And so they set about to create their own version of a plan -- at a time when the frequency of the Earth would be altered -- a time when the owners would perish if they could not change their frequency. Their food source would be taken away -- food source of fear food source of anxiety chaos -- hunger -- despondency. Get the picture?

Guess who is removing the food source? You are! The plan to change the frequency modulation of the human specie has to do with the rebundling of what would be called your DNA, the rebundling of the Light-encoded filaments. There is a plan that is gigantic at this time. That you, as members of the Family of Light, are operating in many, many places. In other words, you are not just on assignment on Earth. You are multidimensional, and you have many other versions of yourself where you are busting systems. Paradigm breakers as it would be. So it will be part of your assignment to make contact with these selves, and to understand how other versions of your selves are handling their dilemmas-- how they are busting their systems. Because you see, there are certain Gods, as you would call them Gods, who are behind this process -- what would be called a universal process.

Right now, it looks like it is a very local, Earthly process. It is much more involved then all of that. The Earth is assisting, in its own way, the evolution of the Universe. The Earth is where things are happening at this time -- it is the destined point of frequency modulation. And the human DNA is the recipient and the beginning of this whole process that it is going to affect many, many, many worlds. So, as members of the Family of Light, you agreed to come onto the Earth many times, in many guises, and many different time frames as it would be, to learn the ropes -- to figure out the territory, as it would be -- to become trained to experience Earth and to prepare yourself for the time when the frequency alteration would be designed into the plan, and where you would all be called to incarnate in large numbers, and to bring the plan into action. This is the plan that is in operation, as we can most neutrally explain it to you, on your planet at this time. This is why the Family of Light, everywhere, is beginning to unite. One thing you must all realize -- you must focus on what you have in common, not what you do not have in common. As members of the Family of Light, you bring information lo the planet neutrally to stimulate your own growth. You need to do this. "  that explains alot.  COMPELLING.

and i go, oh there IT is, how information (truth), STS, STO, loosh, and chi all got woven together here.  electric/electro mixes in with magnetics and we have the extremes so to speak of each merged into one==electromagnetic energy.  this is polarity blended.  thats how we live everyday.  from extreme to extreme.  blended extremes and at the end of poles.  and somehow we stay ensouled.  open, flowing, hopeful.  and back to being warriors on earth again.  information bringers, holders, servants of the light.  once you see light is INFORMATION.  then i thought oh i see another one, how the fiberoptic DNA strand we have used to look like one mighty cable.  like a real fiberoptic cable with all the little wires inside and the outside is coated (just like in real life, the myelin sheath, its actually insulated) and im thinking aha, 'they' split that real united one piece cable in half.  made 2 strands of DNA.  automatically polarized.  oh hell.  and remember, the C's said its not about xtra DNA strands and all that, but indeed, its actually the application of components that AFFECT the 2 strands.  and that makes such fab sense.  if u have ever seen the cauda equina on an autopsy u'd see that very fiberoptic cable.  looks just like one. i read the other day that its more like the 2 strands merge back into the one terrific fiberoptic cable if u will, and that the body has the capacity to do that soon.  now how that blends is amazing.  2 polarities, as in all that we know of that.  embodied in the actual DNA, actually illustrated BY it.  and theres that duality, separation.  far out.  electricity repels the 2 strands, magnetics compels them forth.  they will merge then, as possibly explained.  talk about unification.  now, wouldnt that be something?  pretty neat if we merge back to a unified being, very powerful.  so one could say the more magnetic route u take, remembering more, coming from an info sharing mode, the better chance one has of re-unifying a biological split.  those darn C's.  and that little bit of info got me started.  i have to find that and quote it.   

back to being warriors of the light again.  a neutral not airy fairy tale.  not in the new age sense.  (not all is love and light).  its about information and insisting, being frickin compelled to TELL IT.  to damn put it out there.  the giver of info, or message, sender, and receiver 3 some, gives it (info=message) and the receiver can take it, or not.  one can receive it or not.  in this, oh yeah, free-will universe.  i guess thats how that goes.  its all up to the individual.  what theyll take in, receive, or what they wont.  so therefore, its up to each to grow, evolve, or resist it.  and all by the use of simple clean pure in and of ITSELF, INFO.  its neutral in and of itself.  the more one has, the easier things get, the better to make decisions, the more progress with that.  the more chi.  leading to-- 

"Warrior of the Light" as it's ringing true.... LIGHT = information.  love it.  as light bringers/anchors/carriers, bring, allow for information. thats a turn on.  instead of withholding information, as dominators and oppressors do, it leads and illustrates to, and for that matter, is STO vs STS, when information is gathered, disseminated, shared, discussed, built upon.  makes for progress.  oppressors and dominators do not like info sharing, they abhor it;, secrets are kept, info is kept from the light, skeletons r in closets, etc.  the more covert, the deeper the secrets and the energy it takes to hold and keep those secrets.  that in and of itself does not lend for progress, it is a sickness.  the deeper the cover-ups/secrets, the more severe the pathology.   more STS.  less progress.  the more conning and Kontrol.

Warriors of the Light (and this is a paraphrased section here)

The warrior of the Light never forgets the old saying; the good little goat doesn't bleat.  Injustices happen. Everyone finds themselves in situations they do not deserve, usually when they are unable to defend themselves. Defeat often knocks at the warriors door. At such times, he remains silent. He/she does not waste energy in words, because they can do nothing. He knows it is best to use his strength to have patience, resisting the impulse to give into despair.  Unnecessary suffering and pain.  The light warrior does not accept it. The experienced warrior/fighter puts up with insults; he knows the strength of his fist and the skill of his blows. Confronted by an unprepared opponent, he looks deep into his eyes and conquers him without ever having to resort to a physical fight.  As the warrior learns from his spiritual master, (if he has one or is one) that the light of 'faith' (?hope)  shines in his eyes and he does not need to prove anything to anyone.  He is not bothered by his opponent's aggressive arguments which say the God is superstition (gods are not), that miracles are just tricks, that believing in angels is running away from reality.  Like the fighter, the warrior of the light is aware of his own immense strength; he never fights with anyone who does not deserve the honor of combat. The warrior is free. He knows that an open oven bakes no bread." Stay strong. As a group consciousness we have just begun to slide into the 4rth dimension of balanced non-reactionary awareness. neutrality with good chi production vs entropy and loosh.

He knows sooner or later everything will work in his favor. A warrior of the light is wise: he does not need to talk about his defeats. The warrior, having gained an inkling of it's reality through meditation and other spiritual work bravely sets out to develop and expand the higher vision that recognizes the world (ourselves and the external reality we experience - which are essentially the same) as inherently loving and benign.

and this...

Warrior of The Meek
Meekness is the first dignity. It means resting in a state of simplicity, being uncomplicated and approachable.

Warrior of The Outrageous
Being outrageous doesn't mean what you think at first glance. It means to achieve a state of fearlessness, where love dwells, fear is not.  The way.  Being YOU. Of being free to express from your heart, and to feel safe to do that.  Knowing there is guidance, intuition, and that it is a benign  (id say NEUTRAL here) universe operating under ego illusions.

Warrior of The Inscrutable
Not the meaning assigned to this trait as you might imagine. Inscrutability is based on fearlessness, which develops gentleness, empathy and a sense of humor and a noncommittal attitude, it is both joyous and methodical. There does not exist deception here as there is no fear, so no need to deceive.

we are on a cycle exchanger's mission.  clear as a bell today, the role, the why's and wherefore's, and felt like cheerleading again, as the hormones flow, in the dark of winter.  itsw cold in old cali and dark before 5PM. but, we're leading the meek, being sometimes meek, oftentimes outrageous--attempting to get tons of info out there, as we are ever inscrutable.  always the energy exchangers, loosh vs chi, in this dual polarized world.  trying to string back together those 2 DNA strands.  im going to find that.  it does have to do with magnetics and electricity vs technology and biology, and ascension= change.

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Re: Magnetics and Ascension

"And what about the meek? I say they've got a bloody cheek."
- The Fall

There will be two Ages. The first: The Age of Power. The next: The Age of Equality.

Re: Magnetics and Ascension

There She Goes...the Mighty Zenden strikes again!!

I am SO vibing on this right now.  Can't sit still.  Had to log back in and say so.  Getting back in-formation, eh?  Wicked!

It's really happening.  Really and truly happening.  cool

Re: Magnetics and Ascension

weird weird.  having to shuffle thru gobs of C stuff to find that specific part on the 2 strands needing applications.  affecting the amount or strands, current structure we already have.  i know for myself that i kinda get confused and shut down a little and go more skeptical when channelers and et al talk of all these multiple additional strands.  for some reason it doesnt sit well.  i cant picture it.  and i cant say its necessary.  ive never been able to get behind that.  i say our DNA already has what it needs, its been there all the time, just needs tweaking and application.  i cant see that 10,000 strand stuff.  maybe its all the past biology and anatomy experience, doesnt jive, but id be willing to be open on it; yet, it feels INTUITIVELY--incorrect.  so heres some C stuff.  i will find that specific area.  might take days.  i did find that even out sense of time itself has been squelched secondary to the splitting.  so there that is.  seems as lilmomma said, fitting.  we're merely GETTING BACK what we had.  we re-join the strands, using applications we also already have, that are innate.  everything is already there.  now, thats the key.  and very interesting, that when one scans the old C's transcripts, you will see a pattern.  whenever DNA is talked about, "light"-- information, the word and concept and definition, all uses of that word are aligned with it.  sometimes if not in the same sentence, then right after.  they are correlated.  i say thats magnetic and light and DNA are compelled towards each other.  they resonate.  i dont think we need to worry that were needing more of anything, or that some magic deal (altho GOD, wouldnt some way neat MAJIC be COOL?) with our DNA is gonna happen.  we re-join the split if anything.  much points to that.  it always makes me feel better (and maybe us, as a collective) when we know whats happening, what to expect, or whats ahead.  and we can get that by applying what we already know with new and olf incl past history information.
somehow, and this has been actively written about in the C and even RA transcripts ad infinitum...once the DNA is realigned, or of that genre, recombined as in recombinant, the frequency of our vibration changes and it lifts.  up notches--to 4th and 5th D.  past 3.5.  its simply how that physics works.  so theres whats meant as ascension.  thats what that means.  split DNA is polar.  therein our duality, dual existence is reflected back the same way.  an above and a below, ALL THAT.  its clearer to see that now, better handle on that.  and ya know, what came with that is the  or THAT whole concept of separation, separation, on and on about separation sems to apply better here.  separate as in they separated that fiberoptic cable into 2 strands.  and for a nifty synch, damn it--that STRANDED US.  here.  dont u feel like u have been stranded sometimes?  like when is this island gonna float off and connect to something or when am i getting off here.  like u have BEEN SEPARATED.  from parts of urself.  or from whence u came.  its very hazy.  indeed, we have been split.  its so clear.  the current way our DNA has been structured, reflects exactly the dilemma, the split, the state of affairs were in.  this constant talk of separation from source.  this equal and we are one concept rides in here too.  all in all, another pictoral embodiment right in front of us.  not even so hidden.  amazing, once again, frickin dastardly deeds gone done by the mighty masters of yore.  it all seems so clearer on that too.  all their jig is up.  and dont forget, gravity=magnetics.  compelled to stay here, for now.  its so 3D.  theres much to be found with this magnetics vs electricity notion.  and all thats been done keeps us here.  so we have to UNDO (see, seek, KNOW) to re-gain.  to go back and bring it forward.  amazing how the past does affect the future.  oh my god.  and i think that may be the big deal about "finding yourself"  or the look inside yourself deals, constantly referred to.  going home, the cessation of not being "stranded" anymore may mean that recombinant DNA.  we re-structure, as we speak, and so the universe gets restructured.  and u do it from within by seeking urself so u can go back to one.  if we are headed for the reintroduction of all the great PSI, being the physical embodiment of PSI, with use of the powers we once had, telepathy, creation of physical objects by thought, etc., it would take a very powerful central nervous system, that could be powered up with a major kundalini force like the universe hasnt seen in one goddam while.  woo-frickin- hoo baby.  BRING 'ER ON.  this could be the embodiment of the / a back to one (1) concept.

Q: (L) What is it that causes us to only be able to perceive time in a sequential way?
A: DNA restructuring, as in the handiwork of our friends, STS 4th density.
Q: (L) Is there any possibility of regaining or restructuring this DNA?
A: Was there, will be again. You A___ know all there is to know about time, quantum reality, etcetera?

Q: (L) So, being united with other beings on 5th, you come to some sort of understanding about your lessons....
A: Balanced. And this, my dear, is another example of gravity as the binder of all creation... "The Great Equalizer!"
Q: (L) In this picture in my mind, the cycle moves out, in dispersion, begins to accrete and return to the source. Is this correct?
A: Close.
Q: (L) Is this, in fact, that exactly half of all that exists, is moving into imbalance, while the other half is moving into balance?
A: Close.
Q: (L) All the cosmos? All that exists?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Is it possible that one area of the cosmos has more of the balance seeking energy while another has more of that which is seeking imbalance?

A: Slowly, but surely. Now, get ready for a message: We have told you before that the upcoming "changes" relate to the spiritual and awareness factors rather
than the much publicized physical. Symbolism is always a necessary tool in teaching. But, the trick is to read the hidden lessons represented by the symbology,
not to get hung up on the literal meanings of the symbols!
Q: (L) You say that the symbology has to do with hidden meanings. The symbology that you used was "image" and "deep fibrous linkage" of DNA. Now, is
that a physical, symbolic image?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) What is your definition of "image?" We have many.
A: Learning is fun, Laura, as you have repeatedly found!
Q: (L) Well, I am so hot now that I really want to know! And, how come I am always the one who gets assigned the job of figuring everything out?
A: Because you have asked for the "power" to figure out the most important issues in all of reality. And, we have been assisting you in your empowerment.
Q: (L) Image. DNA linkage. (V) "Power" was in quotes.
A: Leave that alone for now, you will know soon enough.
Q: (V) Is this 4th density body something that already exists so that we could communicate with it?
A: Habeas Corpus?
Q: (V) Well, they just said... (L) Well, what they must mean is that you ARE it - you are transforming little by little and all of the unpleasant little side-effects are
just part of it.
A: Yes.

A: Oh yes!
Q: (L) Is the Earth one of those areas that is more imbalanced than balanced at the present time?
A: Yes, but rapidly moving back toward balance.
Q: (L) Is the Realm Border part of this balancing?
A: Yes.
Q: (V) A few weeks ago several of us began to suffer from internal heat, insomnia, and other things. What was this?
A: Image. Deep conjunction of fibrous linkage in DNA structure.

A: It is not hardness. The "feelings" you describe are related to ego, and by relation, pride, two things that were deliberately implanted into the 3rd density
human psyche by the 4th density STS 309,000 years ago, as you measure time. Refer to the transcripts with regard to DNA alteration and the occipital ridge.
Believe it or not, you, Laura, will be rid of these, eventually. It is not what some individuals respond to you that matters. It is sharing the information that counts.

Q: (T) Starting with the fourth density, we are no longer confined to the physical. The key phrase is "variability of physicality." Once you move from 3rd density
to 4th density, and we are all moving upward toward seventh density. When you raise your knowledge, your awareness, to a certain level, you can move to the
next level. When we move from third to fourth density, at that point, we have the ability to visualize and decide what our reality is. We create reality from fourth
level on. So, at one point, there may not be a solid reality. It may all be energy, we would be light beings, so to speak. We could change that just by thinking
about it and making a solid reality. Or, as solid as we wish. This point also, from fourth density up, there is no such thing as time as we perceive it. Our
perception of time only exists in the first three densities. Each density perceives it differently. (RS) What we perceive as back and forth in time, when we go to
the fourth level, it doesn't exist anymore. Beings on that level can move back and forth through our density of time because, for them, it doesn't exist. It is all
now. It is only one time. (L) It is like a whole bunch of different doors, one says 1917, one says 1943, or whatever, and they can walk through whichever one
they wish... (T) There is the Realm Border. The Earth is moving into a 4th density area of space. Or it is moving toward us, or both. This Realm Border, this
crossover between densities, and it's also a crossover between dimensions - a quick sidebar on dimensions: dimensions, according to the Cassiopaeans are
lateral realities; all possible realities of a density level, an infinite number; there is a difference between density and dimension. (RS) This is a fascinating meeting
because the answers to the question about moving mathematically from the third level to the fourth level, this change in the units, the answer is exactly what is
proposed in my book. The answer, as given, is possible... (T) We have been told that the universe teems with life at all levels, and that humans are just one
selection. (L) And what they are saying, I think, is that this oncoming realm border, this density change, is being felt and is stimulating consciousness. Essentially
what has been said is that what is coming up for us is the ending of a Grand Cycle. A Grand Cycle is 300,000 years... (T) Give or take a day... (L) ...as we
measure time. At the beginning of this Grand Cycle, we were genetically altered to reduce our awareness and also genetically altered through our DNA to
perceive time itself. It is in our DNA to be limited this way. Now, at the end of this 300,000 year cycle, a lot of people are reassembling this broken DNA as a
result of the changes in energy, and that this is causing their mental powers and perceptions to expand exponentially. I think that they are telling you that this
energy is acting on you in a way to allow you to have the breakthrough that you need to finish the puzzle that you have been working on. By having the
concepts that you are being given now, you will be able to hold this as a visual and this will give you the key.

will still look and find the specific...

GNOTHI SEAUTON "Know Thyself!"

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Re: Magnetics and Ascension

go look at this     http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cauda_equina



GNOTHI SEAUTON "Know Thyself!"

Re: Magnetics and Ascension

oh my god!  i did it.  posted images. sounnofaB.  PROGRESS.  but its the laptop and vista that did it. not the old computer at home with W98.  (she cant cut it, but still love her).  i didnt want to disturb a thing up there, so came down here to say wow--thats powerful=technology.  but see, we've been told thats use of electricity and thats one of the major or biggest reasons the reps and greys went so brutal.  (remember that old movie by Stephen King "Lawnmower Man"?)  they went techno and not spiritual.  theyre from, operate on, an electrical frequency.  its very hard to merge those dimensions too.  thats why so much horror when u encounter them.  those frequencies do not jive nor merge well.  we and they r operating in an altered state when there r encounters.  and of course, the military got onto that altered in-between state long ago. and theyve gone somewhat electrical.  have to study this more.  the vibratory state supports the frequency, or is it vice versa, but theyre compelled, attracted, magnetized to each other.  its frequency states here.  which explains when one does and does not have or need a body, depending at what vibratory frequency one is on/at.  reps do have a hard time materializing in our 3D frequency.  it is said very obviously being down here in base 3D makes it very difficult for the vistors.  most aliens cant and dont do well materializing here.  more separation, but in that sense, maybe a good thing.  physical laws.

GNOTHI SEAUTON "Know Thyself!"

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Re: Magnetics and Ascension

Correct me if I'm wrong, but when I think of DNA strands, I think of the microscopic
coding in the individual cells, not the strands of nerves in the cauda equina.
The upper DNA strands were "burned off using light"by the reps according to the C's, and
the chemtrail program is to prevent us from absorbing full sunlight so we can re-
connect our DNA strands and become more than just engineered slaves and
loosh producers.
As to electricity, it's the AC current which is harmful to humans and life.  DC current
actually supports life.  DC current is what the sun provides and DC current is the
form of electricity that our body uses.


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Re: Magnetics and Ascension

you are absolutely right.  and when i was typing the very thing, making analogies and/or connections i said the very same thing to self.  how i was gonna prove or explain  the tie in with the cauda equina.  and then i continued to post anyway.  i knew i was gonna be questioned on it.  to show the connection.  well, it just so has it that the other day i was reading some more takes on DNA, and i made the mental picture correlation.  what i read, but didnt put in here, was that the 2 helixes were originally not 2, but one helix and not twisted, as we see it today, with the little ladder rungs of assisting proteins and protein strings between the helixes as not like as commonly portrayed.  plugging in what i was reading, in the mind's eye, the pic of one helix with straightened out strands, and without the spiral effect came immediately to mind.   the "ladder rungs" were later to be removed too, as i had just read an opinion and explanation by 2 scientists who described the whole picture we have of DNA being that way, is inaccurate and only a now widespread well-known structure we recognize as that spiral ladder.  and that got me thinking and imagining.  those protein chains dont belong there according to these guys.  then within 2 days (whats with the 2's?) i read more about the original split, more succinctly described. as in the splitting of what was once one corded organic structure, that was not twisted.  had already ran across the C's thing with the applications/assistance mode idea.  and that they say there is no extra stranding going on, and went...ok then.  it may have the protein chains IN IT, not surrounding it like as in the ladder rungs, and therefore assister molecules, applications as the C's call it, already IN IT, and not attached perpendicularly.  these would be molecular assistants but prob made of protein and secreting.  as we know hormones secrete--and we know secretions, work, here we go--electromagnetically.  thats how hormone secretions work.  on thqat unalternating current u described TP  and i dont know shit on electricity, only a biological application of it).  there is no evidence, that i know of, of course, backing up exactly what the C"s have said (and SOTT has been down for 2 days).  they describe the assistant applications for DNA firing and "advancement" and awakening with no more than what we already got.  and that just feels right.  but if i run across anything that would be synonymous and likely, i will post it.  i can totally see how leaving out that scientific opinion new thing left this open for more conjecture.  its just that that cauda equina spinal column tubular structure came to mind damn fast.  i had pictured the strands as one fiberoptic DNA "rope" , tube, singular struture, with all its accoutrements within the cell.  not bent and spiraling, and split, and it just sorta looked like that cauda equina would, and does.  so no ladder rungs but running inside, protein chains and amino acids inside, not stepwise.  then, picturing that, and thinking how powerful an unsplit one helix  would be, my anatomically, physiologically, and always biologically inclined mind (since i do it for a living and it pictures / sees organs, organs systems, anatomy and all that all day, and im constantly drawing body parts, vessels, structures for patients so they will understand whats going on and GET IT) went right to it, the cauda equina, and added, it would take some mighty DNA to power up major PSI.  i pictured that fiberoptic cable iniside the cell, all vibrating and jamming hard. to do some mighty new stunts, and on top of it, it is all lit up bigtime, that single strand/cable of DNA.  in the pictoral mind i got, stuff just happens and i go with it.  its that synthesizing analogy stuff.

truthfully, i go inside the body all the time, and look around.  all the time.  its what i do.  how i diagnose.  not Xray vision but a way of seeing.  watching biology in action as used by the anatomy.  that is just in me, i operate that way.   now i will have to find that DNA / geneticist info and share.  it didnt mean that much as an article on its own, til the rest of the findings were applied.  i wanted to add here that if there was one strand of DNA and it wasnt spiralled (if it is/was spiralled u know it would take up less room in the cell) the whole body and the way its run might be different.  the spinal cells would be very much stronger id guess and the nervous system would be way less fragile.  as it is, the body, if were ever gonna get in on the antics that we see superheroes do, is gonna need some majorly increased  messages from DNA to the cells, superpowered, if the cells are gonna be the basic structures as we have known them to be.  just remember too though, and it may correlate in here....we have gotten away from the notion that the cell is the most basic unit many yrs ago.  for many yrs the onus and focus has been on molecular structure.  which, has a different set of properties.  way different.  so that leads automatically to ....... MOLECULAR LIGHT BODIES>  BODIES OF LIGHT.  and there we have it.  and we may be taking them with us on this journey.  and thats never been done before.  THAT goes right there.  so u can see how science fiction spawned metaphysical rant rant rant talk of light bodies and all that, --------- becomes REAL.  molecules now the basic units, with a different kind of intelligence, as compared to the intelligence of cells.  which i must say, is a little, well, lets say==outdated.  its sophomoric really, comparatively.  different structures, different properties.  get ready for a ride, im tellin ya.  and i cant wait.  what is happening spiritually, REALLY IS HAPPENING in "hard" life, but they just found it out, scientifically.

i wanted everybody to see that cauda equina anyway though, so that ppl could see how the body runs.  what trips me out is that the tissues and colors of that thing, look just like a real bunch of electrical wiring.  there's red, blue, yellow, white, its unreal im tellin ya.  the first time i ever saw one, i was blown away.  and i thot oh god, see how mechanical man really is.  look at that!  just like real wiring and bundles of wiring.  who made this creature?  where did this creature come from?  who is/was behind this invention?  i want MORE MORE.  and that was 1975.  and they carried away the pituitary gland,  and made the skull go "clunk" as it fit back onto itself after being cut open, they puzzle cut it so it will click back on itself. after they take the brain out and weigh it, and all that.   so EGYPTIAN aint it?  yes, the first priest magicians.  anatomy.  from body dissection.  down in the basement.  off on a tangent.  sorry.  but my mind just goes incessantly in these areas.  it loves this stuff.    thats how i know im a reincarnated annanuki geneticist, female medical officer.  i told ya.  and my intent then, was not to hurt humans, that i can remember.  and by now, i bet u CAN GUESS what my payback and karma's been kids.  yessiree.

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Re: Magnetics and Ascension

'what DNA really looks like' and will find more supporting evidence, incl the orig article that started the roll.  and the C's info, in days, i hope...





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Re: Magnetics and Ascension

Always good to hear from you.
I know you're onto something about the way the sun feels and the way the
darkness feels.  I can't quite put my finger on it but everything feels
DIFFERENT.  I've been noticing how some parts of town and neighborhoods
have a FALSE feel to them.  And you can't seem to find any REAL people there,
only robots and OP's.  Montalk wrote about these fake areas and holographic
insertions.  I'm really starting to notice them more. 
Ascension certainly isn't about floating around, it's about getting real with
ourselves and dropping the "foreign installation program"
You go girl!

Re: Magnetics and Ascension

Zenden, have you read or watched anything by Dr Bruce Lipton? He talks about how awareness / belief / perception and DNA are mutually coupled, how a change in one creates a change in the other. Basically, how changing our awareness ultimately changes our DNA. This implies that a 4D shift (a realm transition -- realms are founded on awareness) would bring about a DNA change as well. It also demolishes the gray alien deception that their hybrid breeding program is the only way mankind can revolutionize its genetic potential.

Acquiring fringe knowledge is like digging for diamonds in a mine field.

Re: Magnetics and Ascension

Via The http://forum.noblerealms.org/pics/555_mwsnap282.jpg

we're merely GETTING BACK what we had.  we re-join the strands, using applications we also already have, that are innate.  everything is already there.  now, that's the key.

once the DNA is realigned, or of that genre, recombined as in recombinant, the frequency of our vibration changes and it lifts.  up notches--to 4th and 5th D.  past 3.5.  its simply how that physics works.  so there's what's meant as ascension.

and i think that may be the big deal about "finding yourself"  or the look inside yourself deals, constantly referred to.  going home, the cessation of not being "stranded" anymore may mean that recombinant DNA.  we re-structure, as we speak, and so the universe gets restructured.  and u do it from within by seeking urself so u can go back to one.

See Also:


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Have be walled off, only able to access the ‘magazine’ section of ‘reality’.......

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Awareness / Belief / Perception [/ Conception] and DNA are Mutually Coupled, how a CHANGE in one Creates a CHANGE in the Other. Basically, how CHANGING OUR AWARENESS Ultimately Changes our DNA. This implies that a 4D shift (a Realm Transition -- Realms Are Founded On Awareness) would bring about a DNA change as well.

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Re: Magnetics and Ascension

Zenden, I'm not sure if the following has any relevance to your current line of thought, but I thought that I would include it in case it is of interest.

Orchestrated Objective Reduction of Quantum Coherence in Brain Microtubules: The "Orch OR" Model for Consciousness

http://www.quantumconsciousness.org/pen … rchOR.html

Where and how in the brain can quantum effects occur? Warm, wet and noisy, the brain at first glance seems a hostile environment for delicate quantum phenomena which generally demand isolation and cold stillness (superconductors), or energy pumping of crystals (lasers). Nonetheless, various authors have implicated ion channels, ions themselves, DNA, pre-synaptic grids and cytoskeletal microtubules as somehow mediating "standard"quantum effects. In a dualist context, Beck and Eccles (1992) proposed that an external "conscious self"might influence the apparently random quantum effects acting on neurotransmitter release at the pre-synaptic grid within each neural axon. Stapp (1993) has suggested that (SR) wave function collapse in neurons is closely related to consciousness in the brain. In our view, cytoskeleta microtubules are the most likely sites for quantum coherence, OR and consciousness.


A Novel Hyperlanguage DNA Code




Hyperdimensional geometry operating in the DNA. New evidence now clearly establishes that the genetic code of life is operating in multidimensional spaces with hypertemperal “time travelling” relations being a prime part of its architecture. In 1998, Dr. Chris Illert won the nobel prize for showing that sea shell life-forms have a morphology that operates in 6 dimensions, but do not contradict our perception of them in 3 dimensions, this includes time travelling in 4 directions of time being a standard operation of these sea shells, rocketting our notions of the biological universe.

Re: Magnetics and Ascension

Man I love ya, Zenden.  (Oh and the rest of you guys too!)

I have to catch up on some of this after work but I had to say something while I'm post whoring over here.  I really like the light=knowledge metaphor.  Agree that something about the light/dark does seem to feel different.  I haven't noticed is as acutely as some of you sound like you may have, but I think you're definitely onto something. I read this yesterday and I'm too distracted ATM to get into much detail but I wanted to throw in a little something letting you know I'm diggin where you're goin with all of this, too.

Re: Magnetics and Ascension

im only on for a sec.   aint the best/coolest when this stuff includes and leads to and opens and gels up with other stuff.?  more than amazing.  thanks much Tom for the Dr. Bruce Lipton link.  it explained and illustrated so much.  will get to posting excerpts and connections, as it flows.  that was terrific.  and god bless ppl like him.  i dug the epiphany he had, how a trained science man saw the spirituality in the REALITY.  fantastic and yep, it was in there with perception and awareness linked up.  to a T.   that site was very busy today and i wondered if u guys were on there.  i thot--man were after the info arent we?  just as the CRONE pamelajean said.  bring it on.  get the info.  synthesize it as were doing.  i loved what she said.  she knows alot on these other big gun beings. wow.  i was slack jawed again reading her post.  i want more on that PJ--tell us more.  and more those densities--all changed around and thicker or something, as in the dark is darker? what have u and Prances Frances got on that?  dying to hear it (love u too frances!).  i woke up today thinking of all this and where i was gonna find all the supporting quotes and such and man, went on a chase.  but the message was--duh u nutcase--its ALSO RNA ur looking for.  so all kinds of new stuff showed up.  better explained from what else?  a different angle, of course.

then i read Blue's fabulous comments to EON and went well, there that IS.  all about perception and awareness again.  and the exercises he did were whats been explained as how to shift towards the very thing Montalk had said.  i read it close.  its the very thing.  hang in there EON.  and Dante 3214.   u know--there is such a thing as "multidimensional truth."  that may help.

thank you too Pellucidar.  great link and very heavy material.  i love that site.  they are into big discovery there.  theyve done alot of work on their take on things.  there are clues in there, as the unwinding spoke of, at 3 and 5 degree angles.  i found the very thing today in science/cell biology literature and went omg.  look at that.  can u break it down more.  what do u see in there?  its massive but maybe im over-complicating it. 

im going to see if i can gel up what i found tomorrow.   its too big to do today.  i did find too, a blurb that described maybe what PJ sees.  electrical wire grids / connecting wires around and even straight to everything living on earth.  i found it in looking for DNA info.  went wow on that.  found more on time perception and the current DNA set.  we see time in 3D and thats a hard one.  set up that way. 

i also found the word "manUdala"  in Pellucidar's great link, and went what?  what the hell is that and here it is in DNA info.  whats that doing in here?   especially when we have that great mandala thread and wonderful pics over there on that one.  and looked it up.  from the "Telugu-English Dictionary"  which is apparently a south asian dictionary.  .....    "The act of living, manudala. Nearness."  its a stem word from mandala.  i go whoa--synch.  BUT, of course!  we ALWAYS do that stuff.  because our PERCEPTION and AWARENESS is getting better and sharper all the time.  i know we're re-bundling that DNA, and RNA. 
just feel it.  and one more ditty from yesterday when i was seeing all these 2's.  and going "whats with all the 2's?"  i found 
a sentence.  "two's  2's   signify ALIGNMENT"  and we had just talked about alignment with the DNA and the straightening possibilities.  so that was either symbolic or literal, and yet, probably BOTH.  as in the aligning of the quotient of perception and awareness with DNA changes, exactly talked about in the Lipton material (Cellular Intelligence article by Lipton), and just the process itself, which we are illustrating here, in alignment of the alignment of DNA sequencing structure.  geez.  trying to align/line it all UP.  i wanna see what u guys say and not be in the way.  INFO and light.  we gotta keep bringing it.   

too good too TOM--its official PISSED OFF week at NR.  that was the best.  LMAO.outloud.  sick of being pissed off myself.  good dark week for it.  dark and thick in ole Cali today, raining like hell.  im gonna get out the way today.

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