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Topic: St Michaels Mount Cornwall.

Not far from the Lizard peninsula and in ma-ra-zion (Marazion) where Serpentine Stone is found. The Dragon ley lines.

The ley lines crossing at St Michaels Mount


The Mount

I visit this place twice a year when on holiday in cornwall, the Mount really does feel like a special place. Its very similar to Le Mont St Michael in Normandy France.

Le Mont St Michael

Its not like we are fractions of the whole but rather versions of the whole.

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Re: St Michaels Mount Cornwall.



This is interesting Waites fool tarot card seems to symbolise the Michael- Mary Line in England.


Figure 7 shows The Fool � card 0 (zero) � from the popular Rider-Waite Tarot deck.
    The reader may have already noticed the almost synchronous similarities between this card and the map of the Michael-Mary Axis (Figure 5.) The designer of the Rider-Waite Tarot was Arthur Edward Waite (1857-1942) � thought to be one of the most important compilers and interpreters of the Western Occult Tradition. In 1881, Waite became a member of the Golden Dawn. Regarded as a great scholar of divination, Waite decided to invent a new deck of Tarot cards based on his own personal esoteric studies. He commissioned graphic artist, Pamela Colman Smith to produce the artworks to his design. The result is so full of symbolic meaning that the Rider-Waite Tarot is now considered to be one of the greatest esoteric accomplishments. One has to ask: from all his research into the esoteric traditions, did A. E. Waite re-discover the ancient knowledge pertaining to this particular Ley-line axis that extends from one end of England to the other? And if so, did he encode the secret knowledge of this Ley-line in the Fool card?  It would seem that the precipice that the Fool is walking towards could easily be interpreted to be the rocky cliffs of Land�s End in Cornwall, England. 
    Amongst other things, which we will come to later, the stick or staff that the Fool holds over his right shoulder seems to symbolise the Ley-line that runs from Land�s End in Cornwall to Hopton in East Anglia and is almost at the same angle. This interpretation is accentuated further by the image of the Sun which is positioned at the top end of the staff. This image reveals that the rising of the Sun takes place in Hopton, East Anglia and exactly on that Ley-line every year at dawn on Beltane, May 1st. If we look closely we can see that the Fool�s arm, which is holding the stick, and the red feather that extends from his head, both make an �S� shape. This is a clever allusion to the serpentine energies that flow 'in' and 'out' along the line in a winding, spiralling �S� shape � again we see this in the Caduceus and wave phenomena.  If none of the above was intended by Waite when he designed the cards, then this is surely a remarkable synchronicity. And if so, then this shows that at a deep level, our own consciousness has already made these connections. These connections will then re-surface in all sorts of ways � and this particular card is a good example.

If you stand on on St Michaels mount looking at the sunrise on may 1st you will be looking right down the Michael -Mary ley line as the fool card indicates with the staff and note the same angle of the staff and ley line.

http://www.freewebs.com/garyosborn/dime … orways.htm

Its not like we are fractions of the whole but rather versions of the whole.

Re: St Michaels Mount Cornwall.

he he he - have a look at this metatronic grid.


If you look to the left of the Michael-Mary line (shown in green as the hemptaha line) , guess where it leads to ?


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Re: St Michaels Mount Cornwall.

that 's fantastic Blue!!! look at that bethelehem thing.  ive read on that lately.  where?  will have to dig up.  prob from same or similar sites on the elf into, tuatha pll, etc.   also, lots of conjecture who JC really was, and what ppl were saying when they talked of bethelehem so long ago, not the one necessarily from the far/middle east.  i wish i would save these things. so i know where to go and look, and show.  i keep thinking, thats so far-out, and maybe u guys wouldnt wanna see it, but we've come this far.  we got this far, and we see so many links, connections, etc.

the templars were into that, and knew of that, as did others.  its covert.  those ley lines are something else.  ive read alot both ways on them.  some ppl say theyre completely bogus, meaningless oincidences; others say theyre PULSE points so to speak, that grid concept. i dunno.  there's so much on latitude and longitude, as it is.  all that's REAL and meaningful.  why arent ley lines? same, yet even better principle.  in real reality, principles apply, nomatter what, right?  yep.  its a pinpointing apparently, by precision at/underneath the lines.

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